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Dirt Black

February 16, 2016
By RuLeu, Clive, Iowa
RuLeu, Clive, Iowa
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Evalouise has seven friends. She and her friends are the only people living in the forest, until a rotten girl moves in. Evalouise isn't the only one that doesn’t like her because her friends don’t like her either. She wants to take action and do something horrible. If Evalouise reacts, she has to go on a dangerous and risky mission. If Evalouise reacts, will her relationship with her friends change? Will she be put into prison? How much trouble could she get into? Will Evalouise's life be changed forever? Evalouise has to think hard before she reacts. Because if she does, she might learn a life changing lesson… the hard way.
  Evalouise has never had anybody dislike her. Everybody has always loved her, until a rotten brat comes in to live in the forest with Evalouise and her seven friends.

Ruby M.

Dirt Black

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