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The Lonely Puppet Show

October 22, 2015
By Annadoglover1, Arlington, Texas
Annadoglover1, Arlington, Texas
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A young boy gets lost at an amusment park. As he tries to find his parents he is soon distracted by a puppet show that is about to start. A young hostess introduces the show as if multiple people were watching, she then begin to tell a story. The story is about a young nun who lets a young soldier and his slave take shelter in her church. She soon becomes friends with the solider and the salve and happily helps them get ready for their journey. The Nun reveals her terrible past to the slave boy and in return her tells her about how his toung was removed by his master. In love and rage The Nun prays to God to help the slave boy but is instead greeted by the devil. The devil tricks the nun into making a deal with him, she must kill the soldier so the slave can get his tounge back. After the deed is done the slave confesses that he was just useing the girl to get his tounge back and gain his freedom. In rage the nun kills the slave and takes her life in a desprate attempt for God's forgiveness. The show ends, the puppets are "dead" the devil is smileing and the hostess leaves the stage. The little boy is horrified and begin to sob loudly. His parents soon find the boy crying alone on a bench, they take him home to try and calm him down.


The Lonely Puppet Show

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