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Short Warnings

December 15, 2014
By Callie Thorpe, San Diego, California
Callie Thorpe, San Diego, California
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Allison is a young girl, she loves many things including her family and friends. She enjoys being with her friends and hanging out with her friend Jared. Jared helps Allison out a lot and Jared does the same for her. The town that Allison lives in is very quiet and rule- following.

Allison's town does not hold many secrets, or so she thinks. The only thing mysterious about her town is that there is a wall surrounding the whole town. No way in, no way out. No one ever bothers to try to escape because they do not care. Though, the ruler, Adamson, may have unspoken plans for this town. What is his plan? How will it effect everyone?

Callie T.

Short Warnings

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