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August 8, 2014
By Stevie.Bobberstine, anoka, Minnesota
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Stevie.Bobberstine, Anoka, Minnesota
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Favorite Quote:
"Blood fills my mouth. Fire sears my veins. I choke back a howl. The silver knife slips -the choice is mine. I am death or life. I am salvation or destruction. Angel or demon.
I am grace. I plunge in the knife.This is my sacrifice- I am the monster."

Author's note: I have been working on this on and off for three years now so please ignore poor grammer and comment and I'll try to fix it if it id possibal, Thanks :)

“What a shame. I bet you would’ve been an beautiful Immortal. It’s too bad I have to kill you, Violet.” he said. He had me cornered. Any direction I could move in I knew I would get hurt, but I had to get out of there or I would die without a fight, and that’s so not going to happen. I grabbed my pocket knife from my back pocket and held the cold silver in my hot hands, letting it relax my bouncing nerves. I know what I must do to give myself (hopefully) enough time to run.

“You truly are amazing. I don’t understand why you still love him when you feel like he ignores you. I wish to see your love for him, and your life, slowly fade from your eyes. Look at me, Violet.” His voice was deep and luring. He was so close I could feel his warm breath caress my chin. I was tempted to look at him but I knew if I did he would be proud. He would think that he got what he wanted and that I wouldn’t give him a fight, and boy was he wrong, and with a whole lot of guts I told him.

“You don’t deserve happiness.” And I took my blade and slid it across his neck, feeling little veins snap at the swipe of my knife, and his warm blood begin to drip onto my blade and hand. It took me a minute to remember to run and not gawk in fear at what I’ve done. I pushed past him and ran. A few minutes later I heard him yell at me.
“If you stop running now, I’ll kill you quicker.” The voice was rough but I knew it was his, barely. It’s funny that he thought he could convince me to stop running from the one thing trying to kill me. While I was beginning to slow down from my sprint I heard something fall from behind me and felt my back pocket lighten, guessing it was my phone. I kept moving on, trying to open each door I passed. Once I reached the last door I gave it a hard tug and to my drying hope it opened. I bolted into the room and quietly slammed the door shut, and looked for the windows. When from somewhere in the room I heard a noise that froze me in my place.

“Well, well, well, Violet. You finally found me. I was starting to think you got out and we would have to repeat this all over again, and that would only trouble you more.” I turned around to run to the closed door, but instead of a door I was staring a neck decorated with a thin pink line surrounded by dried brown blood.

“ You are one daring little girl, aren’t you? This was a complete surprise to me!” He pointed to his new scar “This is one surprise I can return.” He said with a devilish grin. He began to corner me again so I started to search my back pockets for my knife, but i only found my phone which only meant...
I looked up to see his devilish grin looking down at me. In his hand was my only defense I had (that was effective against him), my black pocket knife. He began to laugh walking closer to me until I was stuck against the wall. He leaned in close to me and whispered in my ear.
“So you can’t be so fast, little girl.” and with that he took my blade and jabbed it into my thigh, gave it a little twist and with (what I think) all of his strength he ripped it out, and in a millisecond he did the same in my other thigh with a searing pain eating away at my legs. I slowly sank to the ground holding in all of my tears and screams in. He followed me down looking disappointed. When we got to the floor he grabbed my arm and brought it up to his lips, kissed it and snapped it like a twig in his powerful hands. I couldn’t hold in the tears and screams of pain any longer and let them all out in a big jumbled mess.
“I knew that would do the trick” he smiled “I just didn’t think it would’ve came to that. Well I’m going to get my knife collection don’t go any where.” He winked at me and in a blink of an eye he was gone, but he forgot my knife right by my leg. I cautiously picked up the deep red colored blade; I was scared by how much of my blood was on it. I stuck it in my sleeve of the broken arm to make it less noticeable.

“Oh good. You didn’t move at all.” He whispered in my ear, making me jump. He picked up one of the knives and told me: “This is my most favorite knife and I know it just right to kill you with.” he paused “Oh, don’t look so sad. Sure, it’ll only be fun for me, but you can at least know that Zach never truly loved you.” I felt pure anger swarm under like raging hornets my skin.

“You don’t know Zach! Leave him out of this, you monster! What did I do to you to make you torture me? I want answers! I deserve answers!” My outburst of anger didn’t help the rage bubbling out of me. He was smiling like I just agreed to go out with him or something, which only made me more mad.

“Oh dear dear Violet, you have know idea, do you? Everything bad that’s happened to you since you met Zach is because of him. And I have to kill you because you love him and I was ordered to kill anyone with a personal relationship with him. Like I said, he causes you and your family trouble.” He said it with sympathy he reached out to touch my shoulder but I stopped him short with my knife and cut several fingers to the bone. He yanked them back and held them close to his chest, and screamed at me.

“You just made the worst mistake of your life. You little b- (brat)” My phone went off and without looking I knew who it was. I tried to act like I had no idea, but I couldn’t hide how much I needed him.

“Oh my, let me get that for you dear. I’ll be right back.” He snatched my phone from the floor next to me and left the room with amazing speed. I didn’t care if I was meant to die right now, I just knew I had to at least make an effort to get close to the door. I looked down at my thighs. It was hopeless, unless everything that people said about immortals was true, that their blood could heal anything. I took the my knife that still dripped blood of both human and immortal and held it right above my thighs. Each drop stung more than the first, but I let the drops fill the cuts. I was starting to see a difference in my right thigh; it seemed to be shrinking. I knew I had to leave soon, even if I had to hobble my way free. Once I got up I was able to move across the room, and opened the door. I held it open with my body leaning in the door frame. One, Two, Three. I counted to my self on three I pushed myself forward and hobbled/ran to the front door, my only hope of survival. About halfway down the hall black started to invade my vision until there was no color or anything left. I couldn’t stop myself from falling to the cold unwelcoming ground, but just before my head and the ground met I could feel strong arms catch me just in time. I had just enough energy and strength to open my eyes to see silvery grey eyes looking down at me with a rush of worry, love and relief right before the world turned black.

“This must be it.” I told myself. I was outside of one of the biggest houses I’ve ever seen. I couldn't believe I was really going to do this. I was outside of Zach Hunter’s house. Zach is the new thing the gossipers are talking about. They all think “He is sooo cute and why does she get to work with him? I have better grades than her, or at least i think so...” It’s interesting to find out that most of the people that went to the same elementary school as me would know my name, but of course the Invisibility of being an ok kid clearly shielded me well. But now I'm the second best new gossip piece, all because of him. Today in first hour Mr. James announced to the class that we would have a new student in our class and that the person with one of the best grades in the class will get to be his tutor. I would’ve never of guessed that I was the person who had to help him, and to add to that he’s in all of my classes. Lucky me! And I have to help him in everyone of them. Thankfully he seems like a quiet type of guy, or at least I hope so. Anyways a guy that everybody likes after one look and a girl that is hardly noticed will leave a very interesting outcome.
I slowly got out of my mom’s minivan with my enormous backpack stuffed full of textbooks and made my way to the one place I didn't want to be. Strangely, the closer I got to the big oak doors the more anxious I got. When I got to the doors my worries vanished. I reached out for the door knocker, when out of nowhere a fast moving black blob ran for my feet. So naturally I squealed and jumped out of the way, only after to find out that is was a black kitten. Once the little cat stopped charging i got a better look at her. She had big emerald green eyes and a little red collar around her little neck, and attached to the thin ribbon like collar was a shining silver name tag that read “Bella”. She looked up at me and began to purr and weave around my legs. I bent down to pet her, but she had a different plan; when I was low enough for her to jump she hopped up onto my lap and started to lick my face, which tickled of course, so I giggled.
“Ehmm?” said a voice from above me, scaring me half to death. I turned around to see Zach looking down on me.
“Oh hi” I said in a rushed voice. I quickly got up, annoying the little cat.
“I see you’ve met Bella. I'm surprised to see her like someone that fast.”
“Well cats have always seemed to hang around me” which is completely true. Once i was at my little step sister’s. We were at horseback riding and a random barn cat came out of nowhere. Rachel, their mom, took a picture and sent it to my dad on her phone it was so strange. At least it kept me warm in the freezing barn.
“Well Violet, would you like to come in? It is pretty cold out.” he said with kindness.

“Ya thanks” he stood to the side and held the big oak door open for me. “Wow! Your house is amazing!” I exclaimed open mouthed. I wasn’t lying at all. It looked like one of the houses in one of my mom’s magazines.
“Thanks. I never actually spend time here and no one ever comes over so it never gets used.” I didn’t know what to say. He seemed relieved and sad at the same time to break the silence that was beginning to suffocate me.
“So, you ready to get started? I brought all of my books” I lifted my heavy backpack that was busting at the seam with text books.
“Uhh ya I have my stuff in the kitchen, and I can take your bag if it’s too heavy.” he
“Ya thanks” I said with a bit too much enthusiasm. I let him take the thousand pound bag from my arms into his strong-looking open arms.
“ Follow me.” I did as he said, and as we entered the kitchen I tried my best to keep my mouth closed. It was just as amazing as the front room. I wondered if his entire house was like this.
I went to his house twice that week to help him with his classes. On Friday that week he surprised me and showed up at my house. I was so confused. My little brothers, Darren and Ben, and I were about to go to my dad’s for the weekend and I told Zach that about two hours before. And yet, here he was on my doorstep.
“Hey, Zach! I didn't expect you to be here. I told you I had to go to my dad’s this weekend.” I said in a what are you doing here type voice.
“Ya, I know. I was hoping you would still be here. I was wondering if you have a date for the halloween dance on Monday night?” He said the last part really fast, like he was nervous for reasons I would not understand.
“Umm... ya. I don’t think Jamie would care” I said. Jamie is my best friend
in the whole world and we were planning to go together because no one asked either of us. I could feel heat rising up in little bubbles under my cool skin. I definitely couldn't ignore how I felt about him any more.
“Ok cool. Umm... I’ll text you later, ‘kay?” His face was lit up in joy.
“Ok. Bye.” I said trying to smile a little less, if it was even possible at the moment of pure happiness.
“Who was that, Velat?” Darren asked. Darren was my first little sibling, when he says my name he slurs it. He can say my actual name but I get really mad we he does.
He has golden blond hair that is usually spiked up and a video game shirt and jeans
on - his usual everyday outfit.
“Oh, just a friend.” I said happily as I ran to tell my mom, then, most importantly, Jamie.

Turns out Jamie knew about Zach asking me because Jayson told her when he was asking her to the party. I didn't really care that she knew already. but it irked me that she was all like whatever about it.
On monday, everywhere I would sit Zach would find me and plop down right next to me, sometimes he would put his arm around me and just held me there for the hour. At the end of the last hour I jumped up, grabbed all of my junk, said goodbye to Zach and ran for the door. I yanked open my locker and dumped my stuff into my bag before slamming it shut to see Jamie bouncing like a rabbit.
“Let’s go!!” She yelled at me and grabbed my free hand and dragged me to my mom’s black mini van.
“ So I’m guessing were getting ready at my house.” I said while unlocking the car. When we were halfway to Jamies house, I got a text from Zach saying that he’ll pick me up at seven along with Jayson to get Jamie. I sent him my signature smiley face and an ‘ok see you then’.
At ten to seven me and Jamie were doing final touch ups with our makeup and hair.
Jamie looked amazing, she had her golden hair up in a high ponytail and curled big chunks of her hair so they flowed down her neck. Her dress was a bright teal that was darkened by black lace that complemented her stormy blue eyes, which were lightly covered with silver eyeshadow. And for a final touch she had two inch black heels.
Me on the other hand, I didn’t think that the dress look good, it did it was beautiful, I just didn't think it looked good on me. It was a long white dress with thick black straps to hold it up, even though it wasn’t necessary, because it was skin tight on the torso which was covered in silvery leaves and slowly lessened going down on to the skirt. My long brown hair was curled in different sizes. My eyes had a faint touch of earthy brown, and thick eye liner to make them pop under my mask, the fun part about the dance was that your date had to pick the mask for their date to wear without knowing what their dates dress looked like so I was excited to see what Zach had picked out for me.
At exactly at seven the doorbell rang signaling the Zach And Jayson were here. Me and Jamie hurriedly finished last touches, while I silently hoped Zach picked me out a good mask.
I heard the front door open with a squeak open, and my mom welcome the guys in. I looked at Jamie who looked like she was going to faint right next to me. I grabbed her shoulders and looked right into her eyes and said “Don’t be a nervous wreck for Jayson. You look amazing, you should feel that way.” I gave her shoulders a light squeeze.
She gave me a little nod then added “That goes for you too, keep your head up and be proud of how you look tonight.”and without letting me respond she started walking down the stairs leaving me alone to start having a nervous breakdown of uncontrollable shaking. ‘If she can do it so can I’ I started chanting in my head. I made my way to the small staircase that connected the main floor to where the bedrooms are. I grabbed the railing to keep myself from falling flat on my face, I looked up to see if anyone was watching me, and sure enough my hazel eyes met the stormy grey eyes that never ended, and my worries melted away. After a couple of pictures, we were off to what could be the greatest night in my life.

Zach had driven his dads car which we rode in style the beautiful mustang was a light grey. We kept our ride entertaining and enjoyable by talking about Minne Sodas should only be sold here, in Minnesota, it was really stupid but it was still loads of fun.Once we had gotten situated at our table we had chosen, Jamie and Jayson Went out on to the dance floor to dance to pinks song ‘Raise Your Glass’ I was a bit surprised they were playing an older song. Zach looked and at me and had asked something but i couldn’t understand what he was say, so I simply looked at him with questioning eyes and added over the music you could feel in your bones, “What? im sorry I can't hear you!” I tried to yell over the blaring pop singer.

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