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June 4, 2014
By LLAAProductions BRONZE, pasco, Washington
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LLAAProductions BRONZE, Pasco, Washington
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Have you ever noticed that everything seems to go in a circle? We go through routine after routine every day of our lives. It’s like we’re actors rehearsing for an oncoming play. Actors reciting lines that are already written out for us. We’re characters with already fated existence. We never have time to forget or to do what we want; we have to stay on line word for word, we can never cross it without major consequences. We have to work hard to get it all right, to perfect our act, until the curtain finally falls and we are free.
Everything I hear or see seems to all be scripted. When we speak, the words draw out:
You: “Hey.”

It’s always the same because life is a play.

Chapter one
Me: “No. No. NO. NO!!! Are you insane Xavier!?”
Xavier: “Possibly Chaos. My therapist thinks so, but I’m not that sure I can trust her.”
Me: “Isn’t the reason you’re in therapy because you have trust issues! Wait that’s not the point, get your ass inside and away from the window!”
Xavier: “Oh come on! Live a little Chaos! You know you’re putting your name to shame again, right?”
My name is Chaos Alexzander Skoroochi and I am currently trying to stop my friend from jumping from the 3rd floor of our old middle school. This actually isn’t the first time. He somehow managed to jump off the roof of my house when we were eight. A week later, off the elementary play set. I always blame the fact that he would do this for his insane trail of bad ideas. This kid is literally insane.
Xavier and I have been best friends since the first day he moved in next door. I was five and I really didn’t have friends, so when a family with a kid my age moved in next door my parents immediately started playing friend match maker. When I met him he was normal, he fell off a couple roofs and everything went haywire. I’m basically his parent. I have to tell him to stop things he shouldn’t be doing, all the time.

It’s ironic how I’m the strict since my name is Chaos. My parents were really into mythological names around the time of my birth. But who cares it helps with my “identity issue”, which is not an issue!
I have been having a falling out with my parents for years now about my sexuality. They say I have to stay with that boy, girl thing people call true love. But I don’t see it that way. I actually don’t even see myself as one gender to be exact, and Xavier has completely accepted that. Xavier and I are best buds until the end. Not even me moving half way across the world to Korea when we were 9 stopped our friendship. We like to believe we’re the strongest people in the world because of this. Physically, were both pretty lanky or at least I am. Xavier was pretty built. I told him I came for my usual visit back here in Kansas, but in reality I wanted to get away from the pressure my parents were putting me through, so I’m staying with my aunt.
Xavier grabbed both my hands literally yanking me from my internal monologue.
Xavier: “Put your hands on my waist we can reenact the Titanic. I call being Rose.”
Me: “Okay, one, I wouldn’t want to be Jack, that b**** leaves him to freeze to death. Two, I’d make a better Rose. Three, That’s not the point you idiot get back inside!”
Xavier: “Fine, fine, I will. Come on, you know you need to chill. I just wanted to have some fun.”
He climbed back up the railing that blocks off window access, the blockade was actually put up because of Xavier. He stumbled trying to get back inside and ended up upside down on the ground with a big THUMP! He got up putting all his weight on my shoulder, causing me to tilt over a little, until he was standing up straight and stable again. He almost wacked me with his elbow, as he turned around down the hall ahead of me. I followed pursuit.
Xavier was pretty tall, about 5’11, almost six foot. He had a growth spurt around eighth grade when I was gone. I still don’t think he’s grown used to how big his limbs are. He fumbles and accidently hits people most of the time. I remember the last time I came to visit we went to a show and he nearly knocked out everyone in the mosh pit.
Xavier: “Soooooo. What’s the plan captain?”
Me: “I don’t know. I think we should at least try to catch up into each other’s lives before you go suicidal Tarzan on me.”
He suddenly turned around to face me, disregarding what I said. I ended up crashing right into his chest hitting my nose, causing a sharp pain to spread around the center of my face. I looked up at him and he looked like he had an idea. One of his eyebrows was arched up high and he had his pointer finger out in the air. This was going to be bad, why did I even think today would be good?
Xavier: “Eureka! I have an idea!”
I groaned knowing that that idea would possibly be the death of me. I have always had it in my head that my death would be caused by whatever mischief Xavier brings, and it may just be today.
Me: “What exactly is this idea? We are not murdering anyone.”
Xavier: “Oh come on! I brought up that idea once and now you’ll never let it go.”
Me: “You wanted to have a blood sacrifice on Halloween so we could raise the dead. We were eight!”
Xavier: “Sorry I didn’t know blood sacrifices had an age restriction. I just wanted to talk to some dead people.”
Me: “And this all came to you when you bought that book from some ‘magical’ bum?”
Xavier: “Yes!”
I stared at him with no expression. This boy is insane. He normally buys weird things like books and fortune telling rocks from strangers, him being mighty excited about his idea he has in store is terrifying. Today may be the day that he finally kills me. My one request is to have an awesome Viking death.
Xavier: “Now come on, it’s a normal teen activity and it involves Rave Lights.”
Me: “Hmmm Rave Lights? You’ve intrigued me, continue.”
Rave Lights wasn’t some sort of light fixture, it’s a band me and Xavier have been in love with since we found it when we were eight. They are really punk rock and I don’t give a s***; it was pretty mature for a couple of eight year olds, but their lyrics were and still are poems meant to make us wonder about life. We saw them once before I left to Korea. They were amazing, they sounded just like they did on their CD’s. I even had my 20 dollar skirt I bought earlier complimented on by the lead singer, Crieg Olsen. They were our musical gods, though there weren’t many followers. Not that many people knew about Rave Lights. They probably got turned off by the name.
Me: “So where in Kansas are they playing?”
Xavier: “At the Broken Nest. Bring your fake I.D. I need to go before my dad gets home. Farewell my friend of destruction!”
I watched him fly down the staircase and out the main doors of the school. I checked my phone. Its 4:30, he better run if he’s going to make it before his dad. His dad was pretty strict since Xavier got suspended four times for his antics and was on the verge of expulsion. I should probably be heading home to my aunt’s house, myself.
When I got to my aunt’s house it was already 6. I headed straight upstairs and didn’t even wait for my aunt to finish saying “welcome back!” I entered the guest room and flopped down on my temporary bed. I’m pretty tired, I must be jetlagged still. I couldn’t sleep. I was surprisingly excited to go see Rave Lights tomorrow. I was so giddy I could have sworn it was my first show. After an hour of staring up and the blank canvas above me, I drifted off to sleep.

Chapter 2

Waking up the next day was no problem for me. Why you may ask? Well I am friends with Xavier. Instead of having one of those mornings where the birds are chirping and won’t shut up, I received an ear splitting screech, which caused me to fall out of bed, landing on my face.

I spazzed out on the hard wooden floor , still not registering what happened, hitting my head on my night stand in the process. Wide eyed I rolled onto my back trying to find where the horrible wretched sound came from, only to find Xavier hovering above me…with an air horn in his hand. My blood began to boil, this man wants to die.

Me: ”What the hell man!” He stepped back and offered me his hand, I pushed it away.

Me: ”What the hell do you think you are doing!” I snatched the air horn out of his hand and threw it towards the opposite end of my room causing it to go off again.

Me: ”God!”

During my fit of rage Xavier stood there like an idiot. I stared him down, waiting for him to say something, when he didn’t I began to talk again.

Me: ”So? What do you need? What is so important that an air horn is needed to wake me up? There better be freaking cyborg, alien, ninja zombies attacking the world!”

Xavier: ”Uh no, that’s not it, but that would be pretty sick man. The reason is that I have been here for half an hour, maybe more, and your lazy ass can’t get out of bed.”

Me: ”Have you ever heard of nudging a person to wake them up?”

Xavier: ”You obviously don’t know yourself, because nudging you receives nothing. You sleep like a freaking log!”

Me: ”Okay, okay, so what time is it anyway?”

Xavier: ”Five.”

Me: ”What! It’s already five? I slept in that late?” I looked up towards my night stand, instead of finding my clock on my nightstand I found it in Xavier’s hands.

Me: ”When the? Dude let me see what time it is.”
Xavier shook his head, hiding the clock behind his back. It instantly clicked.

Me: ”Xavier please tell me you didn’t wake me up at five in the morning.”

Xavier: ”I didn’t wake you up at five in the morning. It’s technically 5:20 now.” Oh dear higher power this man wants to die.

I lunged for his legs; they were easy access since I was still sitting on the floor. He tripped and fell to the ground. I crawled on top of him and before he conceal his face I brought my open palm down onto his forehead. Slap!

Me: ”You idiot! I could be sleeping.”

Xavier: ”Yeah and mumbling about some guy you like.” I looked down at him petrified. Did I really say something in my sleep?

Me: ”Whatever,” I climbed off of him and stood up, walking over to my door where I kept my sweaters. Grabbing one and putting it on I turned around facing Xavier.

Me: ”So what’s the big deal man? It’s five in the morning and I’m awake, I see many problems with that. Plus the concert doesn’t start until eight. What you got planned in that dumb head of yours?”

Xavier: ”Ah now were at the good part, revealing my evil plot. Too bad you can’t know it yet though.”

Me: ”What? Why not? If I’m being dragged into one of your ideas then I at least want to know what I’m getting myself into.”

Xavier: ”Ah, ah, ah, curiosity killed the cat my friend, now come on get dressed we’ve got things to do.” He started digging through my drawers, throwing clothes left and right.

Me: ”Hey glorified idiot, stop making a mess.”

Xavier: ”What? Can’t hear you! Too busy being intelligent.”

Me: ”Pftt, yeah right.”

I walked over to him carrying a pile of clothes he threw out. Before I could reach him he threw a T-shirt and jeans at my face, hitting me dead center.

Xavier: ”Okay wear that, exactly that, you’re going to be a man today. You got that Chaos?”

Me: ”Yeah, yeah, yeah, get out so I can change.”

Xavier: ”So modest.”

Me: ”Scat Pervert!” I threw him out of my room, closing the door on his face. I changed quickly getting caught in my shirt at least once before I opened the door and headed towards the bathroom down the hall. Xavier must have gone downstairs, because for some reason I could hear pots and pans banging together. He doesn’t know how to cook, I need to hurry and brush my teeth before he burns down my aunt’s house.

My aunt and uncle go to work really early but it’s a Monday, their day off, they’re probably out enjoying each other’s company somewhere. I enter my bathroom instantly slipping on the cold tiled floor.

Me: ”Ah!” I fell on my butt; I could hear Xavier laughing from down stairs.

Me: ”Shut up idiot!”

Xavier: ”Really starting wonder who the idiot is!” He yelled back towards the stairs. Whatever.

Once I finished up I went down stairs to see the after math of Xavier’s cooking. He didn’t cook, thank god. There were pots and pans covering most of the island and every drawer and cupboard was opened. It was a battle ground. Xavier sat at the table looking up sheepishly from his bowl of cereal. God what am I going to do with this kid?

Me: ”Okay, you’ve already managed to make a big mess of my house, what else is on the agenda?” Xavier wiped his mouth of the remaining amount of milk he downed, and wiped his mouth with his sleeve. He strode past me as he got up and left the dish in the sink. Luckily on days off my aunt and uncle don’t come home until late, I can clean everything up by then.

Xavier: ”Can’t tell you. Put on a coat it’s pretty chilly outside, we’re going now.” I grabbed a coat from the hanger near the doorway.

Xavier: ”Today’s going to be legendary my friend.”

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