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Runaway Heart

November 5, 2013
By shootingstarx BRONZE, N/A, Illinois
shootingstarx BRONZE, N/A, Illinois
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Imagine living your life in fear. In pain. You're at the point to where you can trust no one. Your bedroom, which has become your sanctuary, is no longer safe for you to hide. This is how Annabelle feels. Due to a turbulence, she has become an orphan at the age of six. She was an only child with no other nearby relatives willing to take care of her. The government had no choice but to send her off to Alaska to live with her cousin. For many years her cousin has suffered a drag addiction. He has gone many years worth a withdraw, causing his mind to no longer work. He takes his anger on Annabelle, beating her, starving her, and trapping her. To him she is no longer family, but a slave, a prisoner. And to her, he is no longer family. He doesn't even deserve a name. He is and always will be referred to her as 'it'. Now at the age of 17, Annabelle grew tired of 'its' games. She sets out a plan to runaway. Runaway and never look back. But she has no idea what the real world has to hold for her. Annabelle has to use her wits from 'its' games to survive. Having a timed clock in her head, and a photographic memory, Annabelle does whatever it takes to earn the life she always wanted

Abby S.

Runaway Heart

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