March 4, 2013
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A mother's love is like the ocean it's pure and wide.
Life is like a painting one wrong move and it's hard to bring it back to normal.
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It was most likely to have been a boy and his family. Yes, a young boy who was about my age but I was too chicken to actually go and find out.
My mother said that we had new neighbours but I never guessed it was him. I knocked on the door kind of wishing I wasn't here.
What should I say to them? HI? That is it. What would they be like? Who were they? Okay the door's opening, just say something.
It was the guy I saw.
"Hi, I live next door and my mother asked if you would like to come to dinner at our house on Friday "I said
"You or your mother?” He asked
"Um, my mother wanted you to come to dinner."I said
"That means you didn't beg her to invite me for dinner?” Asked the guy
"No, she told me to invite you and I have nothing to do about it."I said
"Oh that means your mother asked me to come to dinner. “ Said the guy
"Yes, why do you think it was me?"I asked
"I'm sorry it's just that a lot of girls like me. “ Said the guy
"Well, I don't think you'll have to worry about me liking you because you just blew your first impression."I said walking away with a smile
"By the way I'm Kyle. “ Said the guy
"Stella!"I said walking away
"Thanks for the invitation." said Kyle
"No prob!”I said waving still walking towards my house.
I went to my room and opened my window. Fresh air would be the best thing right now. I look at the road and how still it was today.
"Oh hi.” Said a voice from outside.
I looked front. It was Kyle.
"Will I ever be able to have some peace?"I thought but I said "Hi to you too."
"I really want to be alone so can you go please?"I asked
"Let's see“. Said Kyle "No."
"I came here first."I said
"I came to my window first. “ Said Kyle
I laughed.
"You can't be beaten in an argument can you?" I asked
"Yeah quite used to it now.” said Kyle "So what time do you go to school?"
"I really want to have some peace. If you won't go then I will."I said getting ready to walk away.
"You look cute when you're angry. “ Said Kyle
"Thanks but I'm still going."I said closing the window with a smile
I went to my laptop and started to write a story.
I don't know how the ideas came and where from but they came from somewhere and my fingers typed the words that flowed into my mind like a river.
I walked to school alone that day. At least that's what I wanted to do but Kyle had been keeping a watch out for me and he joined me right in time.
"Going to school?” He asked
"No I'm going shopping."I said quite annoyed
"Really, shall I join?” Asked Kyle
"No objection."I said with a smile
It was nice to have company but the company of a friend was the best company to have.
"So how does it feel to go shopping with me?” Asked Kyle
"Very funny, Kyle."I say annoyed again.
"I love to see you annoyed. You look so cute. “Said Kyle
"Really?"I asked
"Mhhm.” Said Kyle with a smile
"Well that won't make me like you but thanks."I said with a laugh
Kyle makes me laugh, annoys me and makes me shout at him all the way to school.
"I have to go now."I said to Kyle.
"Wait a sec.I is new here. Can’t you show me around?” Asked Kyle
"Sure, what are your classes?"I asked
"Biology,Physics,Chemistry,Literature,Maths,Music,Social studies,Human Biology,English,Art,French.” Said Kyle
"Great! I do those subjects too but I do Drama instead of Social Studies."I said
"Then I'll switch to Drama. That would be nice wouldn't it?” Asked Kyle
"Okay then you can come to Drama with me and tell Mr.Bayhard that you're not going to stay for social studies."I said
"Great then let's go!” Said Kyle
We sat together in all the classes. Kyle wouldn't budge an inch from my side.
In the break we go and sit in the cafeteria to eat our lunch.
"So what's next?” Asked Kyle after we finished eating our lunch and walk in the school garden.
"Um, according to my schedule, we have Maths next. That means we have Mr. Brandon."I said
"Does your schedule have a time which tells when we can have a chat together?” Asked Kyle
I laughed."Yes and it says now is a good time."I said
"Well, my schedule asks if we can talk after school while walking home. “ Said Kyle with a silly smile
"Silly."I said
"Does that mean yes?” Asked Kyle
"Yeah sure."I said
The bell rang. "Come on. We’ll be late for maths and you don't want that!" I said holding Kyle's hand and running to the next class.
Being in year ten wasn't something easy to do. Twelve subjects to study. Eight subjects to choose to do for the final exams and all the studying needs a lot of hard work.
"Today we're going to learn Graphs and their equations“. Said Mr Brandon
"Great! I have no idea on how to write the equations. They’re super hard."I said looking helplessly at Kyle
"I'll teach you. “ Said Kyle
"Really? Great!"I said happily
"Great? Miss Stella?” Asked Mr. Brandon
"Um.” I said
"You can write I will never speak to myself in class fifty times while you sit in detention. “ Said Mr. Brandon
"But.” I started
"No buts."Said Mr. Brandon
"Great!"I said
"Indeed it is, Miss Stella. Indeed it is. “Said Mr. Brandon
"Don't worry.” whispered Kyle
"Yes, Mr. Kyle she doesn't have to worry cause you're going to accompany her in detention and detention will go on for two hours.” said Mr. Brandon and he looked around.
"Does anyone else want detention?"Asked Mr. Brandon
No one said a word. "Good. Let’s get back to the lesson now.” said Mr. Brandon
The lesson went on and detention came.
I went to detention a little annoyed with myself for shouting in class and getting into detention.
Kyle joined me in about five minutes.
"You had to say something to get yourself into detention, didn’t you?"I asked
"Yeah, I did that on purpose.” said Kyle
"You're stupid, you know. Very stupid."I said laughing
"I told you I won't leave your side.” said Kyle with a smile
Detention seemed to drag on for hours and my hand ached with pain.
"Don't your hands ache?"I asked Kyle
"Yeah but I guess friends should be there for each other in pain and in joy.” said Kyle with a comforting smile
"Thanks."I said.
I felt like hugging him right there and then but that would have been inappropriate.
We finished detention and started to take our bags to go home.
"Where do you two think you're going?"Asked Mr. Brandon
"Um, home sir."I said
"Yes, sir Home.” said Kyle
"Home indeed. Hope you two will remember not to talk in my class next time.” said Mr. Brandon
"My Golden Rule, sir."Said Kyle
"Good bye and have a good day, sir."I said with a smile
"Hurry home now, silly kids. “Said Mr. Brandon
"Mr. Brandon’s a great guy, you know?"Asked Kyle
"Yeah, he just gets pissed when someone interrupts him."I said in agreement.
"Destination Home?” Asked Kyle
"Where else?"I asked
"Home it is then. “Said Kyle
Then I remembered that Kyle said he had to tell me something.
"Didn't you ask me for an appointment after school?"I asked him
"For what?” He asked
"To talk, remember? About something."I said
"Oh yeah.Ready to listen?” He asked
"If it won't hurt my ears, sure."I said
"Well I wanted to say that you were the best girl and friend I met since I got here and I hope that you will be with me forever as a very best friend.” said Kyle
"Oh that's so sweet."I said
"Really?” Asked Kyle
"Absolutely!"I said
"Hug?” Asked Kyle
"NO WAY!"I said pushing him aside
We laughed all the way home and I was really happy today.
"So this is where I say goodbye and goodnight to you and go into my house."I said when we reached my house.
"Yeah and in movies, if the boy can keep staring at the girl for just enough time, he gets a kiss. “Said Kyle
"Dream on, Kyle. Dream on.” I said with a smile
"You know I'm joking right?"Asked Kyle
"Yes but I hope you really are."I said
"Don't worry I'm totally joking.” said Kyle
"Sure I know. Good night."I said closing the door laughing.
"Good night, Stella."Said Kyle with a smile
"Late today?” Asked my mother
"Yes mother had to stay for detention because I said 'Great' in Mr.Brandons class."I said to my mother
"Detention? What in the world did you do?"Asked my mother
"Said Great in class."I said
"Why did you say great?"Asked my mother
"Because Kyle said he would teach me graph equations."I said
"Oh Stella, you get yourself into all kinds of silly troubles. “Said my mother
"I know."I said with a silly smile
"Go get a wash, finish your homework and come down for dinner. “Said my mother
"Yes madam."I said marching to my room.
When I finished my wash and homework, I went down to have dinner.
"What's on the menu today?"I asked since I saw a wonderful dinner table.
"Whoa, is the king coming to dinner today?"I asked
"No, our neighbours are coming for dinner. “Said my mother
"What Kyle's coming for dinner?"I asked
"Yes, you invited them yourself, remember?"Asked my mother
"I told them to come today didn't I? Oh dear, I’ve got to get ready."I said
I rushed upstairs to get ready for dinner. I was already ready but when Kyle and his parents were going to come for dinner, I had to be extra ready.
I got into my beautiful cream colour t-shirt with care bears printed on it and my beautiful blue jeans.
My mother knocked on my door and I opened the door.
"Is my little princess ready?"She asked
"Yes mother."I said getting up
"Wow, you look amazing!"Said my mother
"Thanks."I said
I when downstairs and opened the door. I saw Kyle in an, well really nice outfit. He looked like a baby.
"Thanks for coming. “Said my mother.
"Thanks for inviting us. “Said Kyle's mother
Everyone smiled with each other.
"You look, um, Great!"Said Kyle
"Thanks. You’re not bad yourself."I said
"Now you're lying. “Said Kyle
"Honestly Kyle, you look great too. I mean you look cute. Kind of like a little baby."I said
"Thanks. “He said
"For saying you're cute?"I asked
"No, for saying I look like a baby. “Said Kyle
We laughed.
Dinner was wonderful and our stomachs were full once dinner was finished.
"See you tomorrow then. “Said Kyle when they got ready to go.
"See you."I said closing the door halfway and watching them turn and go into their house. Kyle waved when he saw I and I waved back then I closed the door.
"Seems like some ones heart has been stolen“. Said my elder brother
"Steve just keeps quiet, there’s nothing like that!” I said to my brother
Steve gave a sly smile. I snarled.
"If you say so, sis.If you say so. “ Said Steve walking away.
"Well I am telling the truth."I shouted
"Sure, you are. “ Said Steve
I sighed. It was no good talking with my brother. He thought what he wanted to think, and did what he wanted to do. Never listened to anyone.
I as a matter of a fact couldn't do that.
That's one thing I like about Steve.
I go to my room and lie on the bed to sleep. I wish I could fall asleep as soon as I lie on the bed but I can't.
Somehow, I can't understand how I'm going to keep my friendship with Kyle just a friendship because I think I'm starting to feel I love him.
What can I ever do?
"So are you ready for another day of work?” Asked Kyle when he came to our house that day to walk with me to school.
"Hmm, I think I'm ready but I don't really like to have a lot of work. “ Said Stella
"Who does like work, Stella? Who does?” asked Kyle
"I guess no one likes work, Kyle.” said Stella
"That's what. “ Said Kyle
"The world would be so easy if we had no work, wouldn’t it?” Asked Stella
"But there would be no use in that kind of a life, would it?” asked Kyle
"Yes and the world are oh so wonderful but some people mess it all up and even the good ones can't enjoy it." I said
"Well if everyone was alike then the world would be boring wouldn't it?” Asked Kyle
"Can anyone win an argument with you?"I asked
"No, it’s a talent I have. “ Said Kyle
I laughed. "I can't understand why I even talk to you."I said
"Probably because I'm the most handsome guy you ever met. “ Said Kyle putting a hand on his head and pretending to faint with pride.
"Oh please."I said "As if there weren't any other men in the world!"
"What's that supposed to mean?” Asked Kyle
"You would be handsome if there were no more men on earth!"I said laughing
"Am I that bad looking?” Asked Kyle
"No I was just joking but you're not amazingly handsome, either.” I said
"So that's why you don't like me. “ Said Kyle in disappointment
"Don't be silly, Kyle.If I didn't like you, would I ever talk with you?” I asked
"That means you like me?” Asked Kyle
"Yes, you don't have to be handsome or rich for me to like you. I like you for who you are inside not what you look like."I said
"That means you will always be my freind?” Asked Kyle
"Of course.” I said
"What made you think I won't?"I asked
"I thought I annoyed you and so you didn't like me. “ Said Kyle
"Are you nuts?"I asked "I like you just the way you are even if you're annoying at times."
"Nuts? Where?” asked Kyle looking left and right
"Silly!"I said shaking my head.
Kyle laughed. I laughed too. Somehow Kyle made me feel happy and I liked him just the way he was.
Kyle promised to take me to the carnival and then he's going to walk me home.
"So what do you say? Yes?” asked Kyle
"Hmm, sure.” I said

"Mom, I’m going out with Kyle on Saturday."I said
"Where are you two going?” Asked my mother
"We're going to go to the carnival and then Kyle's going to walk me back home."I said
"So you two are getting along well now, huh?” asked my mother
"Yes, quite well.” I said "Can we go on saturday, mother?"
"Yes. As long as you come home before 10.” said my mother
"I promise."I said with a smile
So that Saturday, Kyle and I went to the carnival and had loads of fun.
Kyle walked me all the way home.
"I had a great time today, Kyle.Thanks.” I said trying to break the silence we had maintained since the beginning of our walk home.
"Thanks. I had a great time too. “Said Kyle but he was still silent
"What is wrong with you, Kyle?"I asked "You've been quiet since the time we started to walk home!"
"I... I.. just. “Started Kyle
"You just what?” I asked
"I can't bear the fact that this night has to end. “ Said Kyle
"Oh Kyle now you're being a baby. You know everything has to end at some point in life."I said
"Yes but you don't understand. “ Said Kyle
"Of course I don’t understand. How can me when you don't tell me. Is anything bothering you?"I asked
"Except for the fact that my parents and I are moving, no, there’s nothing bothering me. “ said Kyle
At first I didn't understand what he said and I almost asked "Well then why are you so glum?" but then his words hit me.
"You're moving?"I asked
Kyle nodded.
"You didn't even tell me."I said
"Well I told you now.” said Kyle
"So was this trip to the carnival something like a farewell party?” I asked "Really Kyle, you should have told me earlier."
"No this isn't because I'm moving. I really wanted to do something big to make you happy. I wanted to see your smile as much as I could before I left.” said Kyle

*Please note that the rest of the story will be in first person.
“Thank you. I really appreciate what you do for me.” I said
“Come on let’s go eat something or your mother would say I sent you home hungry.” said Kyle with a smile
I smiled too and after eating dinner, we went home.
I hated to leave Kyle that night but I had to go and saying I loved Kyle with all my heart would not be an good excuse to stay by his side for the rest of the night, let alone the rest of my life without knowing whether or not he likes me or getting parental approval.
Kyle walked me home and we stood in front of my house door and none of us could think of anything to say but stare at each other and memorize every detail in the little time that we spent together before Kyle left.
“I have to go now.” I said
“Can you not wait with me a while so that I may be able to memorize your image in my heart?” Asked Kyle
“I Kyle I wish you wouldn’t make it so hard for me to let you go.” I said
“So why let me go then, Stella?” Asked Kyle
“What are you talking about Kyle?” I asked
“Can’t you come with me?” Asked Kyle
“How can I Kyle? I simply can’t leave my family here and go with you. If I do, I’ll be very selfish. You understand that don’t you?” I asked
“I do.” said Kyle but something in his voice told me that it wasn’t true.
I said goodnight to Kyle and went inside the house.
I went to my room, took a shower and went downstairs for dinner and drank a cup of chilled Milo.
“Rough day?” Asked Steve
“Yeah, Kyle just told me he’s leaving.” I said
“What? He’s leaving?” Asked Steve
“Yeah.” I said
“Any idea why?” Asked Steve
“No, I didn’t ask.” I said
“You’ll miss him won’t you?” Asked Steve
“Of course.” I said
Steve nodded
Kyle’s flight was at 7am the next day and I wanted to be there.
My parents, Steve, and I got into a taxi and started our journey to the airport to say farewell to Kyle and his parents.
I didn’t cry when Kyle was in a distance that we could see but as soon as he had gone, I cried my heart out.
“When did I come to my bed?” I asked when I awoke the next morning.
“You cried so much last night that you fell asleep tired of crying.” said Steve “You’re breaking down, sis. I mean it.”
“No, I’m not. You know I always cry like that when someone I love leaves me but I’m strong. I can manage.” I said
“I know but I’m always scared that you won’t be able to manage.” Said Steve
I smiled. “That’s probably brotherly love.” I said
“I know.” said Steve with a smile
“Do you really?” I asked
“Yeah, I guess” Said Steve scratching his head.
I laughed.
“There’s my sister. Now come on down, mother made breakfast, we won’t eat without you and I’m starving!” Said Steve
“Okay let’s go down.” I said
I love my brother a lot. Not because he is my brother but because he was always there for her.
Steve patted my head and walked downstairs.
I slowly walked down after him.
I felt dizzy. Breakfast refreshed me.
That night, I took my laptop and went online Kidzworld.
‘Kyle is online! Great! ‘I thought
Me: Hi
Kyle: Hi
Me: Been I week since you left, so how’s school there?
Kyle: Great! The girls here are so hot!
Me: I really? Try to find me good girl friend.
Kyle: I come on me! I was just joking; you didn’t take it seriously did you?
Me: Seriously? No! I was joking too.
Kyle: I’m glad you’re joking. The girls here maybe hot but not loveable.
Me: Oh
Kyle: I rather go for girls like you.
Me: Huh?
Kyle: Oh did that get typed? I thought I was just thinking that!
Okay. What is he coming to? Better change the subject.
Me: So how’s your parents?
Kyle: You’re changing the subject.
Me: The subject was you and your parents are connected to you and therefore connected to the subject.
Kyle: Good point, you just won your case.
Me: Laugh 
Kyle: But seriously Stella. The girls here aren’t as good as you.
Me: Meaning?
Kyle: Meaning I miss you.
Me: I miss you too.
Kyle: I just wish you came here with me.
Me: You know I couldn’t.
Kyle: You could have tried but it’s in the past. Good night
Me: You’re going to sleep?
Kyle: Yeah it’s a big day tomorrow.
Me: Okay. Good night, sleep tight and May god bless you.
Kyle: Good night, sleep tight, God bless. Miss you Stella and you’re always in my heart.
Me: You’re in mine too.
Kyle: I know. Quite a bond huh?
Me: Didn’t you say tomorrow is going to be a big day? Aren’t you going to go to sleep?
Kyle: Oh yes.
Me: Good Night
Kyle: Good night.
I missed Kyle but I wasn’t going to cry over it.

3 Years Later……..
“Celebrating your happiness with Kyle?” Asked Steve
“Mhhm, just need to check if he’s online. He should be since today’s Saturday.” I said
Luckily for me, Kyle was online.
“Yes! He’s online!” I said happily
“Now I see how much he is to you.” said Steve and saying so he left my room.
I overheard my mother, father, and Steve speaking outside my room.
“She trusts Kyle so much. He’s almost everything to her.” said Steve
“I just hope her dreams won’t be destroyed.” said my father.
“She trusts Kyle. I think he’s a good child. But we can never tell the future and I’m worried about her.” said my mother
“If Kyle hurts her in any way she will break down. “ Said Steve
“Let’s just hope and pray for the best.” said my father
I knew they loved and cared for me and I knew that their fear was reasonable.
I love my family and they love me, it’s a bond that’s unbreakable.
I went back to my chat with Kyle.
ME: I GRADUATED! Going to university next month.
Kyle: My congratulations. Our graduation ceremony is tomorrow.
Me: Great, wish you luck.
Kyle: Thanks. I’ve got a surprise for you.
Me:Oooh what is it?
Kyle: Won’t tell yet.
Me: When?
Kyle: I’ll be coming back there in four more years and I coming as a man who has accomplished a lot.
Me: You’ve certainly changed.
Kyle: 
Me: I have to go now, my mother’s calling me.
Kyle: Being a good girl?
Me: I always was a good girl.
Kyle: Good night then.
Me: Good night.
I exited the chat room and went to sleep.

Graduated university with flying colors.
Waiting for Kyle to come back but each day seems to take the day of his arrival further away from me.
I start to chat with Kyle to find out when he’s coming.
ME: So when are you coming?
Kyle: Probably next year.
Me: Next Year?
Kyle: Yeah
Me: You got a girlfriend there or something? Cause your parents told me you would be coming next week! 
Kyle: You talked to my parents? 
Me: Nope, my mother called them and she got to know.
Kyle: Well, I’m coming next year. I’ll tell my parents about it! Please just keep out of it, okay?
Me: Huh? Are you okay Kyle?
Kyle: Yes, I’m okay! I just want you to keep out of my life!
Me:Hey listen Kyle, I’ve been waiting for you to come since 7 years and two months, and I do not want you telling me to keep out of it! Besides I have better work than to worry about you, your parents were the ones who told you were coming. I NEVER ASKED THEM!

But Kyle never saw my last message cause he had disconnected the chat by then.
I was very hurt, maybe a little angry. I felt like I could cry.
How could Kyle be so mean?
I buried my face in my pillow and cried.
“Stella? Dinner’s ready.” Said my mother “Stella?”
My mother opened the door and came in. “Why are you crying sweetie?” asked my mother stroking my head.
“Oh mother.” I said keeping my head on my mother’s lap.
“What happened dear?” She asked
I turned my laptop, so that the screen faced her.
My mother slowly read the screen. “Oh Darling, what happened to you two?” Asked my mother
“I don’t know, mom. I wish this never happened. Make this pain go away please!” I cried
“Oh my little baby.” Said my mother hugging me tightly.
I think I cried myself to sleep that night and was in no mood to eat anything.
But I did eat of course. No Kyle can make me fall!
The next day when I went to down for breakfast, we got phone call.
I answered. “Hello?” I said
“Stella dear, we’re so sorry for what Kyle said yesterday. We really are. He’s coming home tomorrow. Said Kyle’s mother
My heart sank in a sea of tears that I stored inside because it hurt too much to let them flow out.
“I’ll try to meet him.” I said
“Ok dear.” said Kyle’s mother
She understood me, she always did. She was always a kind lady.
I hung up and went for breakfast.
That night I wondered whether or not Kyle would visit me tomorrow.
The next day, I was alone at home.
My parents had gone to a meeting. Steve had gone to the library and I was watching TV.
The bell rang. It was the postman.
“A registered letter, madam.” Said the postman
I signed the paper and took the letter and opened it.
It said ‘Dearest Stella
It’s been long since I’ve seen you and we’ve had some quarrels between us.
I’m coming home on the 15th and I want to meet you. Come to the bench near the river at noon, we’ll talk while having lunch.
Your friend, Kyle
“Idiot, first he scolds me then he wants to talk.” I said
I folded the letter and went back to watching TV.
The next day I went to the bench near the river.
I told my mother that Kyle was going to meet me and that we were going to have lunch together.
“Be careful.” She said
I nodded.
I went to the bench and waited for Kyle.
“Waiting for me?” asked a voice from behind.
I turned around. I made up my mind not to get excited when I see him.
But I couldn’t.
“Kyle! I’m so happy to see you.” I said with a big smile
“Yes, same here.” said Kyle
“Oh.” I said disappointed that he wasn’t very excited.
“Don’t look so glum. I’m very happy to see you too! Come on let’s go for lunch.” said Kyle taking my hand and walking away from the bench.
We went to a restaurant and sat in a table that Kyle had reserved earlier.
“Remember this table? “ Asked Kyle
“Mhhm, we used to eat here on Saturdays.” I said with a smile.

We ate our lunch and walked in the restaurant garden.
“Stella, I told you to come here because I wanted to tell you something very special.” Said Kyle
“I’m listening.” I said
“Stella, I’m getting married.” said Kyle
I couldn’t believe what I heard.
“What! To who?” I asked
“To Angelia.” Said Kyle
“Angelia?” I asked
“Yes, a girl from university.” said Kyle
“Did you have to do what I told you in the chat?” I asked
“Stella, I love her.” said Kyle
My heart sank and I wanted to shout ‘But I love you!’ Still that would only make things worse and if Kyle really loves Angelia and she loves him then I won’t ruin it.
“Then congratulations and congratulate Angelia for me.” I said
“Thanks, Stella.” said Kyle
“Sure, that’s what friends are for.” I said
After Kyle walked me home, I said goodbye, went inside, and ran straight up to my room.
My mother came up behind me.
“Whatever is the matter, Stella?” Asked my mother
My heart was in great pain. I knew it was there, I was overwhelmed by sadness. The waves of my salty tears that refused to flow out seemed to be banging on my heart and my heart was heavy from too many tears. I couldn’t bear it any longer.
“KYLE’S GETTING MARRIED!” I cried out at last and all the tears gushed out like a big tsunami.
“What? Oh dear, don’t cry. Be grateful that you still have your friendship.” said my mother
“I know you’re trying to comfort me but I want these tears to gush outs please let me be alone for some time.” I said silently
My mother went out. Steve was outside and they began to talk.
“I told you she’ll break down if he hurt her feelings.” said Steve
“He doesn’t know she loves him, Steve.” Said my mother
“HE doesn’t know?” asked Steve “Then why didn’t she tell him?”
Steve opened the door and came into my room.
“Stop crying Stella. Kyle will come here. I’m going to tell him how much you love him.” said Steve
I ran after him, Steve ran right into Kyle’s house and up to Kyle’s room and I ran behind him.
“See she’s been crying a river since you told her the news.” Said Steve
Kyle stared at Steve, speechless.
Steve turned around and he saw me. “Ah here she is.” he said
“Let’s go Steve, please.” I said
“He should know.” said Steve
“It’s my problem, Steve. I know you love me but let’s just go home now.” I said
Steve nodded and we went out of Kyle’s room, down the stairs and to the front door.
“You sure?” Steve asked me
“Yes.” I said
Steve went out and I went too but Kyle caught my hand. “Tell me what’s going on.” he said
“A brother just showed how much he loved his sister.” I said
“Excuse me?” asked Kyle
“We’ll talk later.” I said
“No, we talk now but alone. Tell Steve to go home.” Said Kyle
“We’ll go talk at the bench near the river. I’ll be there in 30 minutes” I said
Kyle nodded.
I went home and told my parents about it.
“Stella, can you go alone?” Asked Steve
“Sure. I love you so much Steve. You’re the best brother ever!” I said
I met Kyle.
“So what is this about you loving me?” asked Kyle
“It’s exactly what you heard. I love you but that doesn’t matter now. You love Angelia. Take care of her.” I said
“You love me? But I thought you loved that tall muscular guy back at school. Everybody said so.” said Kyle
“Everybody except for me.” I said
“Why didn’t you tell me?” asked Kyle
“Since when did girls do that?” I asked
“Angelia brought a proposal and since I thought you didn’t like me, I said yes.” said Kyle
“You don’t love her?” I asked
“I used to love you but when my friend told you liked the other guy; I pushed my love away and tried to be a friend. So when the proposal came, I didn’t think twice. I had a relationship with her till I came here, I fell in love and now we’re getting married.” said Kyle
“Oh.” I said
Kyle took hold of my shoulders. “You’ll find someone better.” Said Kyle
I smiled. “You don’t love me anymore but I still do. Your love only lasted for about a year but mine lasted for more than 7 years! It’s not that easy to forget just because everyone says so.” I said
“I’m sorry.” said Kyle
“It’s okay.” I said “As long as you’re happy, I’m happy.”

Thought I said as long as Kyle was happy, I would be happy; it’s not that easy to forget him.
I’m trying my best to divert my attention and thoughts to some other subject that may be of use to my life.
Being a doctor, I thought I should concentrate more on my patients.
“So how are you today, Mrs. Sylvester?” I asked
Mrs. Sylvester was a nice old lady who had a hearing problem. She was very nice and a really jolly person.
“A cow is coming my way?” Asked Mrs. Sylvester “Oh please my dear, chase him away.”
I smiled. “No, Mrs. Sylvester, I was wondering how you are.” I said a little loudly
“Oh you must forgive me dear, I can’t hear well.” said Mrs. Sylvester
“Well I can solve that.” I said and I put a hearing aid device on her ear.
“Bless my soul, I heard birds singing.” said Mrs. Sylvester
“And do you hear me?” I asked
“Yes, nice and clear.” said Mrs. Sylvester
“Well then you can go, Mrs. Sylvester.” I said
“Payments?” Asked Mrs. Sylvester
“Oh that device was just a sample. Consider it a gift from me to you.” I said
“Can I visit you sometime later?” Asked Mrs. Sylvester
“Of course.” I said “Come here anytime.”
That day I felt very happy with myself. I made someone happy and did a great service.
I remembered a saying I loved when I was a child. ‘One good turn deserves another.’
“So how was work?” Asked my mother when I went home that day
“Great.” I said “But I see it as an opportunity to help and make people happy more than as a job.”
“You’ll do anything to help someone and make them happy. That’s why you end up hurting yourself.” said my mother
I smiled “At least someone ends up happy.” I said “Even if it isn’t me.”
My mother smiled. I went upstairs. Took a wash, had dinner, and went to sleep.
The next day, Mrs. Sylvester visited me again.
“Good morning, Mrs. Sylvester how can I help you?” I asked
“Oh Good morning dear. This device is amazing; I thought I’ll never hear your soft sweet voice again.” She said with a sweet smile “I wanted to see you so I told my grandson to come with me.”
I smiled “I’m Stella, pleased to meet you.” I said shaking hands with Mrs. Sylvester’s grandson
“I’m Drake.” said Drake smiling
Drake had brown hair, blue eyes, had no beard or mustache, had light brown skin, and was about 6 feet tall. (I have black long hair which is straight and the top with curls at the bottom, I have olive color eyes, light pink skin, and I am about 5.6 feet tall.)
“Um, we can go to my office and talk until I get a patient.” I said
So we went to our office. We talked for a long time and then Mrs. Sylvester said that she had to go and asked for my address so that next time she could come to my house.
“See you later, Stella dear.” said Mrs. Sylvester
“See you later, Mrs. Sylvester.” I said with a smile
After Mrs. Sylvester left, I went back to the lab to test some blood from some of my patients.
The next day, Drake came to visit me again and this time he had some kind of sickness.
“What can I do for you?” I asked him
“Um, I have this headache and it seems to get worse when I stay for a long time in the Sun.” said Drake
“Well then you can take this medicine from the counter at the front and if the headache doesn’t end then come back to me.” I said
Drake thanked me and went out.
Then the week after that, Drake came again but this time he had a stomach ache.
By the way he told me about his stomach ache; it seemed to me that he was faking it.
I told him to eat well and to take some rest.
The next week, he came again but this time he said fever.
I touched his forehead and I knew it was only a lie for he had no fever.
“Listen Drake, I really appreciate the fact that you’re constantly visiting me but pretending to be sick isn’t a very nice way to do it. I’m a doctor and I want everyone to be safe, happy, and healthy so I help them when they are in need. When you fool around like this, you’re wasting my time as well as the time of the people who really need me.” I said calmly but I was very irritated
Drake looked down for a while. I took his coat for him.
“I’m sorry but you have to go now, my patients need me.” I said giving him his coat
He took the coat and I opened the door for him. He went to the door and looked back at me.
Then he went out. I treated my patients and after my hours of duty was finished; I got ready to go home. I came out of my room and went to the counter where Jenny was to ask her if she wanted go home with me.
“No dear, Jake said he would take me. He has some tests to do in the Lab.” said Jenny.
Jake was her boyfriend and he worked in the lab.
“Okay then good night, Jenny. See you tomorrow.” I said
“Goody Good night girl.” said Jenny with her Chinese.
She didn’t always speak in her accent but when she did, she did it well.
I smiled and started to walk away from the counter and towards the front door.
“Oh, Stella! “ Said Jenny
I walked back to her.
“I forgot to tell you, there’s someone called Drake waiting for you sitting in the front. He’s cute. He your boyfriend?” asked Jenny
“No, he’s Mrs.Sylvesters grandson.” I said
“Oh.” Said Jenny
“Bye Stella, see you tomorrow.” said Jake coming to take Jenny home.
“Bye Jake, see you tomorrow.” I said with a smile
I went to the front and Drake was sitting there waiting for me.
“Go home Drake.” I said going out of the front door
Drake got up and came after me.
When we had walked a little distance away from the hospital, Drake caught up with me.
“Stella, don’t be like this.” said Drake
“Like what?” I asked
“Don’t be so angry with me.” said Drake
“You make a joke out of what I do and you took away the valuable time I had to treat the people who really need me.” I said “And you tell me not to be angry with you.”
“You only think about them, what about me?” Asked Drake and he stopped.
I stopped looked at him and I asked “What about you Drake?”
I started to walk away. Drake quickly held my hand and stopped me
“I also need you.” He said
I shook my hand free from his grip.
“You don’t have fever, you don’t have a stomach ache, and you’re not sick Drake!” I said angrily
“Does someone need to be sick to need you?” Asked Drake
“No but I don’t think you’re in the category of those who need all the time.” I said
“Well you thought wrong. I do need you.” said Drake and he walked away
No one had ever come after me like that before and he seemed to be crazy over me.
But I didn’t want to think about Drake.
The next day Drake came to visit me again.
“Stella, don’t chase me away. I came to ask you a time when we can talk.” said Drake
“Okay, we can talk after my duty hours today. We can talk near the river, there are benches there. My duty finishes at 10pm, we can talk until 10.30.” I said
“Okay thanks, Stella.” Said Drake
“Sure, but remember this isn’t a date.” I said
“Sure.” said Drake and he walked out of my office.
I didn’t want to talk with Drake but that was the only way that I could stop his visits.
I would tell him that I didn’t like him.
So at 10pm, Drake was sitting at the front waiting for me.
“You work right on time.” said Drake
I smiled. “Shall we go?” I asked
“Sure.” said Drake
We went to the benches. Drake sat down but I stared at the river thinking about the fun Kyle and I had talking here.
“This is a very special place to you isn’t it?” Drake suddenly asked me
“How do you know?” I asked
“The way you were looking at the river, it was almost as if you were drowning in memories.
“Yes, this is a very special place to me. I used to come here with my best friend.” I said
“A guy?” Asked Drake
“Yes.” I said
“And you two no longer come here?” Asked Drake
“No.” I said
“You loved him?” Asked Drake
“Yes.” I said “How did you know?”
“From the tears and the look in your eyes.” said Drake “You must of loved him a lot.”
“Yes, I did.” I said
“But he never understood your love?” Asked Drake
“No. Really Drake how do you know all this?” I asked
“Let’s just say I know how you feel. “ Said Drake
“You’ve been in this situation?” I asked
“No, but a friend once loved a girl who didn’t love him back and he would always sit in the corner of our room thinking about her. If it wasn’t for a girl in the university, he would still be grieving. “Said Drake
“What’s your friends’ name?” I asked
“Kyle.” said Drake
The name hit my heart like an arrow piercing through my flesh.
“But I did love him.” I said and the words escaped from my mouth so quickly, I couldn’t stop myself.
“Is he the guy you talked about?” asked Drake
“Yes. I never knew he loved me, I always loved him. We chatted with each other from the day he went to university.” I told Drake everything about Kyle and Me.
“Well I’m really sorry for you two. If Kyle had just asked you whether or not you loved him, this would have never happened.” said Drake
“Don’t blame him. I should of told him when I could.” I said
I looked at my watch. “I have to go home now; it’ll be eleven in two more minutes!” I said
“Shall I walk you?” asked Drake
“Sure.” I said
Drake walked me all the way home.
“Stella, I won’t force you but I really do like you and that is more than a friend. I have fallen in love with you; you do understand me don’t you?” Asked Drake
I nodded.
“Then will you give me the chance to be your boyfriend and love you forever?” Asked Drake
“Drake, let’s just be friends for now. Okay?” I asked “Then if I think I can really love you, I’ll say yes to you.”
“Friends it is then.” said Drake
“Good night, Drake.” I said
“Good night, Stella.” Said Drake and he walked away.
I also turned to go then suddenly Drake came running to me and hugged me.
I was struck with surprise.
“What was that for?” I asked
“That was because I was happy that we’re friends.” said Drake
I smiled. “Good night.” I said
“Good night.” said Drake and he walked away
I went to the house and watched Drake walk away. A smile spread across my face without my knowledge.
Drake turned back and waved at me. I smiled and waved back.
I made up my mind to love him. It’s better to love someone who loves you instead of someone who you love but who couldn’t understand you.
Kyle could never understand me but Drake seemed to be reading my mind.
But I never told Drake that I loved him, I wanted to get to know him better.
Drake always tried to keep me happy. The next day when Drake came to pick me up, I saw that he looked very tired. I touched his forehead. It was burning hot.
He had a fever of 120 degrees Celsius!
“Drake why did you come to pick me up with such a fever? You should have stayed at home.” I said
“But if I stayed at home, who would pick you up?” asked Drake
“Please don’t do anything like this.” I said when I had gone home. “I’ll stay at home but please don’t come to pick me up when you’re sick. You’ll kill yourself.”
“No, go to work, the patients need you.” said Drake
“But you need me too.” I said
“Don’t worry about me, Stella.I’m fine.” said Drake
“How can you be fine when you’re having a fever?” I asked “Stay at our house tonight, till you recover. I can take care of you.”
I took Drake into the hospital and told him to sleep in the bed in my office. I told my parents that Drake was sick and that I would take care of him.
He called Mrs. Sylvester and told her that he was staying in the hospital till his fever went down.
I went and kept a wet piece of cloth on his forehead.
“Get well soon, Drake.” I said
Days passed and Drake started to recover.
One day I went into his room and found him asleep.
I stroked his head and whispered “Don’t do anything stupid Drake. I love you and don’t want to see you hurt.”
After that I got up to walk away.
Drake caught my hand. “Did you really mean it?” he asked
“Idiot, weren’t you asleep?” I asked
“No, I was listening.” said Drake
“Yes, I meant every word I said.” I said
Drake smiled.
“Now sleep.” I said
Drake closed his eyes and I went out of the room.
After Drake recovered and he went back to his house and so did I.
There I met Kyle.
“Who did I see you hugging, the day before you went to stay at the hospital?” asked Kyle
“Drake. He said he wanted to talk with me, I said okay and when we cam home, he said that he was so happy and so he hugged me.” I said as if it didn’t bother me at all.
“Oh you seem to find it all very easy to say.” said Kyle
“Well yes, it happened easy so I told it easy.” I said
“You know, I really doubt whether you really loved me like you said you did. Cause I’ve been your friend for so long and you have never hugged me!” said Kyle
I was annoyed. “HUG YOU! You weren’t even around for me to hug you! Besides its Drake who hugged me, I didn’t hug him.” I said angrily
“Well you could of stopped him!” shouted Kyle
“Hey Kyle, just listen to this! The fact that I loved you was true but it’s in the past now.” I said
SO WHO’S WRONG HERE? YOU TELL ME.” I said equally angrily
Kyle was quiet.
“And listen to this as well, Kyle. You fell in love and you’re going to get married, I never said anything about it. You’ve got a girl. SO LEAVE ME ALONE! PLEASE, JUST LET ME GET ON WITH MY LIFE!
YOU NEVER LOVED ME OR CARED ABOUT ME, SO DON’T TALK NOW!” I said pushing Kyle away with hand and I walked away.
Kyle caught my hand. “Really Stella, I was ready to take you but you said you couldn’t come there with Me.” said Kyle
“You told me something that I couldn’t do.” I said
“Well, you can’t say that I didn’t give you a chance. If you had worked according to my conditions, this would have never happened.” said Kyle
“There are no conditions in love, Kyle. If you were really in love you would know that.” I said taking my hand away from him and walking back to my house.
I saw Kyle still standing in his garden trying to understand what had happened.
I closed the door.
I understood everything perfectly, a little too perfectly to be exact.
Drake and I became official lovers and we told my parents about it, Drake only had his grandmother, so we told her as well.
On my birthday, Drake proposed. It wasn’t a romantic proposal like the proposals the guys in the novels, CLARA, THE VOICES and ALWAYS BE THERE FOR YOU make but it was good enough for me. (Those novels are written by Ama Saumyadeepa; don’t you just love those romantic stories?)
I said yes and we got married after two months.


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