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"Scars, Secrets, Cuts

August 6, 2012
By C3steaksauce, MONTGOMERY, Texas
C3steaksauce, MONTGOMERY, Texas
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The truth is nothing, what you believe to be true is everything.


With the 2012 presidential election coming up Michael Rose would do just about anything to win, and that anything even goes as far as to shut out his only daughter Emma. Emma is an 18 year old valedictorian of New York’s finest private school and although her father wants her to follow in his political footsteps, she wants to be an artist and musician. Her home life is sketchy and she resides in self infliction, mostly cutting. She tries hard to not fall for a 17 year old boy who goes to her school. He has a scholarship, because of his incredibly musical skill and Emma admires that. This musical is a tale of forbidden love, horrific tragedy, and how music and can save and destroy lives.


"Scars, Secrets, Cuts

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