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Escape... From the Plague

June 13, 2012
By Pokelona SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
Pokelona SILVER, Shoreline, Washington
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Hope and Plague are twins, born from Fate and Destiny on Joyous Island located in the middle of the Equator and Prime Meridian. Plague defies his parents, following the Devil's orders (Because he took away his soul when he was born) and creating the plague, or the Black Death. Hope tries to fight back, with the help of God, but fails, bringing us to Katherine Carter. Living in the current era of 1345, her family and her soon to be Husband's family are at church together when an insane man bursts in and gives them a foreboding message, screaming the end of the world due to a disease (that he currently has, giving it to several people who aid him). Katherine and her family narrowly escape by boat only to find themselves in a bigger predicament...


Escape... From the Plague

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