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The Kidnapping

May 8, 2019
By TALIA5, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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TALIA5, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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In the snowy afternoon of 1776, I was excited to see my family for christmas break. In a long hour of walking, I reached my village.  When I got to my village home I got really excited to see my daughter Morgan. When I got into the house she got really excited to see me too. I was really tired so I went right to bed that night.


In the middle of the night I heard a loud BOOM! I also heard screaming from Morgan’s room. I went to see what it was and when I looked in her room she was gone. I panicked so I went to the living room and I saw that the front door was wide opened. I went to my parents room to see if they know what happened to Morgan and where she went.


When I got to my parents room they got really scared and when I told them about Morgan they started crying. They said they will help me look for her. We went outside and we saw a lot of footprints in the snow. When I started walking towards the footprints to see where they lead, I saw a little pocket knife in the snow that had the initials J.P and said British on it.I took the pocket knife so I can find out who’s initials it is and I can find who took Morgan. I walked back in the house and I saw a ransom note.


This ransom note stated, “ Dear Tom Hall, I know that you are a wealthy man, so I kidnapped your daughter. If you want her back you have to pay twenty five hundred dollars. But, you have to come under forty eight hours. Meet me at the warehouse. From, an anonymous British soldier.”

I decided to tell my parents what happened and I went to go look for her. As I went outside I followed the footprints to see where they lead but then they stopped. I kept walking and as I started to walk I saw horse prints in the snow. I started to walk for a while and I saw tents. I saw a tall black figure with a small black figure running away. I think the small one was Morgan!


I stole one of their horses without them knowing so I can go and follow where the British Soldier is taking her. I finally catch up to them and I stabbed the soldier in the back with the pocket knife I found. When Morgan saw me she was so excited but she was also really scared. I started walking with Morgan as a whole bunch of British soldiers approached. One of them said, “What are you doing with our horse?” I said “ I was trying to find my daughter.” I asked him what his name was and he said it was Jonathan Prairie. Then I realized that I think the pocket knife I found was his!


I asked him if he dropped a pocket knife and he said he did. He demanded me to give it back but I said not unless I don’t have to pay twenty five hundred dollars to get Morgan back. He said fine and gave Morgan back. After that, Morgan and I walked back home. It took a little while though.When we got back my parents came over and gave us both a big hug. They were really scared because they didn't think that they would give Morgan back.


After that, we walked home and went to sleep. Then next day, It was Christmas! Morgan came to my room to wake me up for Christmas. I finally woke up and went to the living room and I gave Morgan her present. Morgan opened it and she loved it! It was a toy train. She was so happy so she gave me a hug. After that we ate dinner and then went to bed. The next day I had to go to battle. As I was fighting I started to think of Morgan. I missed her so much. I wasn’t paying attention to the battle because I was thinking of Morgan and then it happened. A bullet right into my back. I fell onto the ground while my eyes start to blur out.


The next day, I woke up in my bed and my mom was sitting right next to me. I asked her what happened and she said I got shot in the back. They told me that I wasn't aloud to fight again until a year. When I heard that I got really upset.


One year later . . . I come back to battle in the battle of Saratoga I captured Cornwallis. After that we had a celebration party because we won the war. Everyone was so proud. Even Morgan was proud. She ran over to me and said, “I love you three thousand.”

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