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the patriot Bazel

May 7, 2019
By DilenPatel_123, Bristol, Pennsylvania
DilenPatel_123, Bristol, Pennsylvania
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Day 1

“Get the crap out of here Bazel and never come back.”That what I hear when I came out and tell my mom and dad that I'm a patriot. I got kick bad from that my butt still hurt out well now I'm homeless yep a 19-year-old kid with no job and support the American. I don't know where to start here but I can say why my mom and dad are loyalists. They are loyalists because of my sister, she is gone, we don't know what happens to her, but she was a protest like an Imam. She wants to go fight in the war, but she has been a girl I can't look up to her, but well she did this project and came back my mom and dad got upset and mad and palm it on the Americans. see they are British but don't like there so they came here and now because of my sister being missing they now hate the Americans.

Day 5

It has been 5 days that I was kicked out of my family house I go back to get my letters and one of them came from George Washington I was shocked a man like him sending me a letter I open it like a crazy monkey. The letter said I have been enlisted to the army. I don't how I feel about this I do support the war, but I don't know I went to go out and fight and maybe get killed. wait but there more you can get food and live there for a little and if you die you will die for our land. That hit me that what our sister said the last thing I ever hear from her I have to go I need two fight for my land. later That day I was told we might break free no more British no more tax this is great I really hope we do.

Day 6

I think about it and yep, I going to join the army, but this will take a while see I don't know if I'm fit to do this. I don’t know how to fight, I never shot a gun in my life and I have to do that. It like a baby trying to walk when it just got born. well, I have to go and do this I will think and then I will be done.

Day 20

It has been a while, well I'm here, yep I'm on the war I also made a friend named Daniel he pretty cool dude so the war, it taking good care of me, well I much need to have to go Lexington and Concord to go and fight a big war. Daniel fights most of the war all ready like bunker hill “we lost that war, but the British lost more people so we kind of won” he told. Well, he goes on how he killed them sometimes even use a knife right inside of them. I really think people like him can make us win this war not people running away and go right home.

Day 90

We… we lost her dead body everywhere I… I can't. I have to go I need to run away, I can't fight in this war, it made me why my sister wants to be in this mess this war. Daniel saves me from a run he said run is not the answer god I hope he right. Later we went back and take the body, one of them was a 10-year-old kid oh my god this can't be The kid is alive, he just injures. DANIEL HE STILL ALIVE ANYONE HE AN ALIVE I yelled very loud so loud I lost my voices for a second. People did come and push my way one of them was Daniel try to save don't know what happens after but really this kid needs to be some help. I think I should run and tell the world what goes on I can't this is too hard for me.

Day 91

Daniel is keeping from running away with it as he knows me very well already.he keeping happy by giving me the Benjamin Franklin newspaper he over at the British took over there but that war it stuck in my head. We lost, but I was the reason why I killed no guys how we need to wins this war if we keep doing this we are going nowhere. Later we all got our food, but I can't eat anyway the food is bad and daniel eat me if I don't want to eat it. The army group imam has to move New York and fight there, but this time I will hit my shot and win this war.


We move by walking is a long walk my feet are about to be cut off that how much it hurt. Daniel will be actioning weird every time his hair is a mess he will run and change I think he a spy, but not yet he can't be I think I just going crazy.

Day 120

We made it the city look beautiful like Philly just more like a war ground the British are here we will not lose this fight. I came up and shot I watch slowly the ball out of gun seeing the gunpowder in actions moving then HIT. The guy got hit right in the head, I feel like we got this then boom a shot hit right in my shoulder it hit out  I am going to die I'm going to die, but I got and start moving back but I did not know my army did to we lost again. George made a speech about how the war is not over and we can still win this bah bah bah bah. This man can never stop talking, he knows we can't win so why he giving our hopes up.

Day 164

I'm getting healed up, Daniel is all worried for me, I know I got shot but the shot didn't end me. Now I just really want to go back home, it's getting crazy but we are. Next war Philly my home if we lose this I will just run away from this trash of a war. I don't want to see my city fall plus that our places we sign the declaration of independence and where Congress is we can't lose this now  

Day 234

Walking walking, walking but then stop we got to stop because of the winter go damn we can't stop the cold call. My hands are getting frostbite meanwhile this guy from french name Lafayette is training us then we go out and we do the same thing. I can't I'm too cold can't move Daniels trying to keep me warm but it isn't working I am going die from this cold that how I'm going to die.

Day 334

We made and I'm not dead the cold went away and light, of heat, come down it never feels so go well I'm back where it all started if we lost this then I can't I just really can't. I walk up to the line of fire and I'm getting ready, then see Daniel is running up and poof her down blood it was like a river going down. NOOOOOO I said being upset and mad, then I see the top of his head it like it's coming out. I pulled it was long hair, then I look at his faces one more time it's my sister. She said something it was not clear, but it was “Say to our mom and Dad that I love them” All I hear after that was run run run for your life go back home so I did. I could see George all upset at me because he was just looking at me and I read his lip and it said stop, please. I did not alter that I made it home and also heard we lost again and told my parents the sad news.they said sorry and gave me open arms. We both cried and very sadly

Day 435    

I talk to my mom and dad they were very sorry and gave me a lot of food some of them are favorite anyway I left the war does not mean it's over. I want to help but I can't because the British win over Philly we can get killed just help. My mom and dad when I was gone made a bunker so we go in there and stay there. I talk about my story when I was gone, I can see water coming down their eyes even when got to my sister part.

Day 440

Hearing the news of the British leaving Philly made me happy I got out and saw George walk pass by  I want up to talk to him, he said you the kid who ran away from the battle for Philly your kid. I didn't know what to say he said in a bad way so I just said yes. Why you ran we could have had them now they won, but leaving we still lose the war and now super low on men. I was scared I said then why you join he said. Because of a yeah don't talk to me ever. I was heartbroken what he said then he turns around said sorry, but you kind mess up there. Then walk start to independence hall. Alfer I told my mom and dad say they don't worry about it. I did not listen to them so I have a plan.

Day 441

I walk right in the independence hall and told George I'm back in the war he looks at me like an angel from the sky and said son do you like to be a spy. I would love to so they send me down to Yorktown in 10 days

Day 467

I made it the British are getting ready to fight I walk in and ask to join the war. They said no I said why then they reply to late, we can't sign anyone up to the field now and why a little boy like you will fight the Americans you're just trash. I was mad when I walk out I can hear a little sound sad and it goes, if we have to give up I'm not giving my gun up to that trash George. I ran where our camp is then I told him. The things I said will not help but George has an  Idea I don't know, but we have to get ready

Day 470

READY SET FIRE said that the words I was at the front line aim then fire when he said we keep shooting I look around and see not just ours but the French oh we will win this a guy next to me. I reply by saying JUST KEEP SHOOTING THEN WE CAN WIN IT. I hit so many people I think I got 100 of them. Then we hear nothing, I look up and they are giving up really the best army in the work is giving up. You see a huge line form, but you can't see the British general, but you see the officer instead of going up to George.he said I'm not taking your gun if you're a lower rank than me go to my lower officer and give him the gun I will be waiting for you general. This looks like a play going on, this can't is real.

Day 561

The world is no the same the congress I sign the treaty of Paris we are free my sister dream came true, we are free no more British yes later I got back home everyone is partying I even saw George and Benjamin Franklin party they really do party hard. the hard work they did even my sister, she will party up there in the sky.


the patriot Bazel

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