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The Truth Sis

January 31, 2019
By Wynter101, Gresham, Oregon
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Wynter101, Gresham, Oregon
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Sterling, Crash and I have grown up together. We’re all Apatosauruses and we have stayed together and been best pals for as long as I could remember. Today we went to play at our lagoon which is what we do almost everyday. I love the lagoon, it’s so beautiful.  The sky is pink all day long until it’s night time. The water is crystal blue and the sand is white, silky and warm. We chased each other around and rolled in the warm, soft sand. We laughed all day long. We had a contest to see who could get the highest leaf from the tree when we were hungry. Crash won, he’s the tallest. We splashed each other in the water. We had fun all day until the sky turned from pink to purple. Than we all went  back to our forest to sleep.

I woke up to Sterling nudging me. ¨Stellar, Stellar wake up!” It was the middle of the night. She wanted to go on a walk to the lagoon because she couldn't sleep. Sheś so beautiful. Sterling has been my best friend forever even before Crash and I became friends. She was the first out of them to come up and talk to me. She knew I was shy. We walked to the lagoon and sat down on  the white sand that was now luke warm because the sun went away. We watch the dark purple, sky forever. We watched the stars move and the colors of the sky change from purple to pink.

I woke up on the beach from it being uncomfortably cold and windy. Sterling had her head on my shoulder. She was still sleeping. It was never this cold and it was not the season for wind so this was a very odd way to start my morning. I woke Sterling up. “Why is it so cold?”

She asked with worry. “I’m not sure…” I answered her. We went to wake Crash up but he was already awake.

“You guys! The weather is crazy!”

I said, “we are aware, Crash.”

He continues with, “My dad and mom once told me if the weather drastically changes it’s most likely we’re in danger!” I told him not to worry or think negative like that and that we’ll be okay.

For the next two days it only got worse. Our warm forest had gotten colder and colder. It began to rain and Crash, Sterling and I left our forest and the lagoon to find a dry place to stay. We walked for hours to find a cave. We passed the forest into the plain grass fields that were once perfect green and living that was now drowning in water and had become muddy. We finally arrived to the closest thing that would have a cave, Mount Bellatrix. This mountain looked beautiful but can be dangerous. The pterosaurs lived here and they like their space. They also are carnivores. I didn’t think they would wanna eat us but it can still be dangerous.  

We began climbing the Bellatrix. It was pretty scary because it was raining and slippery but we were doing fine. “Look!” Sterling shouted. She was looking towards the lagoon. All types of species including dinos were walking to the lagoon. There were four huge things I've never seen before in the sky, hovering in the sky above the sand. It was out of this world. A red ray came out from it, lifting up animals into this.

“What is it doing!?!?! Eating species?” Crash yelled.

“Maybe we should help them or get a closer look at what’s happening?” Sterling said.

Sterling was the smartest out of the group so both us boys agreed that we would travel all the way back home to the lagoon to check it out. We began to travel back home when the rain turned frozen and white. We had never seen something like this before. I became scared and worried at this point but we kept walking. We arrived at the forest that was now a huge muddy mess, and almost completely vacant. We all just took a moment to take in what had been happening. Everything had changed within three days. How were we going to live with it being so cold? Where was everyone? Why did the weather change? What are those things in our sky?

We left the forest to finally get a closer look at those things in the sky. We got to the lagoon and hid behind some boulders. They were shaped like ovals and it was made by something I couldn’t even explain. I never had seen anything like it. All the animals were going inside of it without a fight? I didn’t understand what was happening. Sterling, out of nowhere, ran up to it and got lifted inside by the red beam. “NO!” Crash and I both yelled at once. We had to go up now we couldn't just leave her.

Crash and I both, without questioning it, followed after Sterling. We were lifted up into the sky and into this thing. Once we got inside we saw Sterling. She ran up to us and said, “Oh my goodness I didn’t think you guys would let me go so I just went.  I’m sorry but look it’s warm and safe in here.” She was right. This place could be our new home. There was a small area filled with all the trees we ate. It was warm, there was a little water hole. It almost looked a lot like our home except smaller and we were inside something and it was darker.

“You all are probably wondering what is happening. Your home is changing and becoming dangerous to live in. My team and I are not from this world but came to save you before the earth freezes over for good and all your species become extinct. Time is repeating itself because once upon a time our ancestors lived on this planet and the geographic and weather was different and perfect for them but started to drastically change so they left planet earth before it was too late,” said a black box.

“I told you we would be okay Crash.”

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