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Ego Gaius ( I am gladiator)

December 13, 2018
By 21riversm21, Boston, Massachusetts
21riversm21, Boston, Massachusetts
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Alexios Balbina is the son of the most famous gladiator of all time Flamma, but his father was killed in battle by a man named Mythos Pompeius when he was just a boy, and has been waiting to get his revenge. Throughout the story he meets with his father in his dreams and trains as the fight nears in two days time. He trains harder than he ever has before fueled by grief and anger. The day of the fight he wakes up and rides straight to the arena, wearing his fathers armor. Soon the gates are rising to the arena, and the sky darkened with rain and clouds. Will he get his revenge or will the anger cloud his mind?

Michael R.

Ego Gaius ( I am gladiator)

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