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Connection to the PAst

December 4, 2018
By kadinwolfe237, Danville, California
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kadinwolfe237, Danville, California
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Author's note:

This peice is my first historical narative


Space Travel


As he walked down the street Looking at all the buildings that had been built over the past year he thinks ¨ Wow this is Amazing¨. He keeps thinking of how fast these building were put up and how nicely made they were, but John Locke had another thought on his mind as he took his daily walk around the factory. He started to think about the car and how it became the best thing invented at one point, thinking of how it was put together and how it caused people to come together. THe thought of this brought up that there would need to be a government to have all these people in line so nothing wrong happens to the people. As he thought he could think of a way for people to be happy with a government. The only thing that he could think of that the people would think is happy is to have no government have the ability to do what they want but if you do something wrong something happens to you. On his walk he also thought of the possibility of revolutionizing the area around him and how he thought of that was to start to build up not out.

¨ Hello sir¨

¨Hello Rousseau  what a beautiful day it is today¨. As Locke walks back into the factory he has built up from the ground

¨ Yes it is sir, are you coming back from your walk today¨.

¨Yes  i am and i've been thinking, how do you feel with me being your boss. Also be truthful.¨

¨Well you are a good boss and i believe you have a nice way of running the company¨.

“Thanks Rousseau, I also have something important for you to do”.

“ Boss I’ve  got some news for you”.

“What is it Rousseau”.

΅The children at the other factories, they work like slaves.¨

Locke sits there in disbelief as he hears this his jaw drops and just can't imagine the pain that the kids are going through and how hard they are working. “What else! What did there living conditions look like! Quick tell me NOW!”

“Well they live it terrible places. Live in run down buildings with no water or food, and they can barely afford the food they need.¨ Rousseau starts to sit slowly in a chair next to the desk, and let out a long sigh of relief.

¨ What are you doing?¨ said John Locke

Relaxing after that

“ There is no time to relax while we know that those children are out there working like slaves¨. As he started to walk around his office to think of ways that he could help this problem. THe only thing that he didn't realize is that his factories had the same problems and he didn't even know. He decided to take a visit to the rest of his factories.

¨Oh my god what have I done.¨ he said as he walked into the first factory of many that he owned. ¨ Why did i miss this i've been blind this who time as i let these factories just run themselves. But the level of kids that work here are just as bad as the ones at the other factories.¨ he walks around to all the kids and asks them what they live like and what there pay is. He go the same answer from  ever child there

¨ We live in a run down building, and I get paid almost nothing.¨

This put a tear to John Locke's eyes as his factories have turned into the one thing that he didn't what them to turn into.  He visited the rest of the factories and they had become places with children as slaves. He then promised himself that the factories would be checked every month to get this problem out of them.

¨Finally i get to meet with the owner of all these factories.¨

¨And you can hopefully change their minds about the children and give them more money so they can live like normal people.¨ Said Rousseau as he walked into the room with John Locke.

¨Well that didn't go as planned¨. Said Locke as they ran out of the room as a can flies pasted his head because one of the owners got mad at him because he did want to get told on how he should run  his factories.

¨ Ya that wasn't supposed to happen¨. Said Rousseau with a weasy gape of breath.

A month later in Locke's main quarters he had found the paper for the morning and it looked like the factories that had been locking kids up and not paying them very much were getting attacked one by one and starting to burn down. HE finally put two and two together that all the kids that had been asking to work with him were very experience and the new kids the factories were getting were not. The kids had found a way out of the last job they had and found that the that he had been hiring kids and giving them a good pay and a good place to work unlike they would.

“ This is amazing all the kids are realizing that there are better places to be and a better way to live”. When he was about to say that there were the most successful factories in the united states he had just gotten a message from his messenger.

“ All of your factories have been burned down”.

“ What do you know what happened”.

“ No”, said the messenger as he was leaving.

Locke got to thinking and he figured that he had made a push so great that the other factory owners were going out of business. So he thought and thought and decided to shut down his factories before anyone else got hurt but he kept his voice up and started a movement to all workers and their families.

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