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The Bureaucracy Effect

November 16, 2018
By ZatOtherGuy, Brunswick, Ohio
ZatOtherGuy, Brunswick, Ohio
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Arthur Bailey joined the elite Indian Civil Service to find fame and glory in the British Raj and is willing to do anything to reach that goal.  When he finally steps off the boat into India, however, Arthur is greeted not by the sight of opportunity but rather by terrifying diseases, annoying insects, and, worse of all, extreme weather and temperatures.

Now, Arthur is willing to do anything just to be reassigned to anywhere else besides India, seeking to acquire the favor of his incompetent commanding officer. He finally sees his chance when he is told to make a local prince comply with a new law, something that should be a fairly simple matter.  Of course, it is far more complicated and convoluted than it appears or needs to be. If Arthur ever wants to go someplace colder, he must try to maneuver the labyrinthine processes of government and somehow not lose his patience.

Zachary W.

The Bureaucracy Effect

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jaxRbhs said...
on Nov. 27 2018 at 12:52 pm
jaxRbhs, Brunswick, Ohio
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Loved this short story! Great humor and yet it mirrors reality more often than not! Thanks for sharing Zach!