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For The Love Of Hope

November 1, 2018
By ZoeyHopeWilford, Chicago, Illinois
ZoeyHopeWilford, Chicago, Illinois
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Hope has more questions than she has answers.

It's safe to say that love is not something Hope has felt much in her life. With her mother dead and her (supposed) father too busy to notice, Hope keeps to herself. She's alone in the world except for her friend John, whom she met when she was just a child. She doesn't know who he really is, what he really wants, or why he sometimes calls Hope by her mother's name, but she does know that he is not of this world. After all, she's the only one who can see him. With the French Revolution drawing near in Hope's country, and along with all the other dangers such as riots, drugs, and murder, France is far from a safe place. So with that, in her mid-teens, Hope travels with her father to his home country: America, the land of the free, opportunity, and violent prejudice against immigrants like Hope. She goes to law school, takes acting classes (secretly aspiring to be an actress — a dream she'd never tell her father), and weaves through a society completely against her. That's when she meets a boy named Philip. Neither can seem to resist each other, and neither would admit it because everything about their relationship would be looked down upon. Philip's father and Hope's father are rivals, so they should be too, right? In the end, she'll have to answer questions she would rather leave unanswered. Does her father hate her? Are the Americans right about immigrants? Why does John seem jealous of Philip? And will she ever be with Philip?

Hope has more questions than she has answers, so maybe it's time to get those answers.


For The Love Of Hope

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