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May 29, 2018
By Abigail56 SILVER, East Kingston, New Hampshire
Abigail56 SILVER, East Kingston, New Hampshire
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Favorite Quote:
"In three words, I can sum up all that I have learned about life

It goes on..."

-Robert Frost-


Ellen has been an avid artist for as long as she can remember, coloring her world with paint, filling her life with her passion. However, when her father leaves her and her mother and Baltimore for work as the Great Depression hits its hardest points, she finds her world changing drastically.

Sam is the son of a banker. Every day, he rides his red bike around his town of Baltimore, and sees the same world he lives in every day. As the world is changing while the Great Depression births its ultimate storms, he finds his world changing drastically. 

Individually, they suffer.

Together, they are the people of the Depression.



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