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Adventure in Trenton

December 7, 2017
By SuYuuCynthia, SHenzhen, New York
SuYuuCynthia, SHenzhen, New York
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The night is extremely cold, so cold that people seldom comes out in that chilly weather. However, there was two young children trembling in the air. They were in two down jackets. The boy was in blue while the girl was in white. The children didn’t have complicated collars on their coats as usual people and they are in light sport shoes instead of stogies.
  “Actually, where are we?” The boy asked with fear. Everything is dark and faded. “Oh my god…I don’t know…” The girl was even younger and can’t help crying out. “There was no river near our house… That’s strange and so…? Where are we?”
  There was a wide river laid before them.


Adventure in Trenton

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