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The Land of the Free

March 18, 2016
By rainbowkitty842, San Antonio, Texas
rainbowkitty842, San Antonio, Texas
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always stay true to yourself even in the hard times


1775, i had been searching for months and now ive gotten myself in a dense forest . i kept heading straight hoping that ill find a town soon .i was trying my best to avoid being caught by the Britsh soldiers and i knew i had to find someplace that had food and fast . then i finally heard  voices of people yelling. i was happy and afraid at the same time . i finally found a city but the people there probably woudlnt want a kid like me in such a place . as i turned around to head some place else i bumped into something large and fell back into the large bushes were i was hiding . I looked up to see what i bumped into ... a Britsh soldier .....


The Land of the Free

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