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Dry In Chicago

August 31, 2015
By SkylarSilvera BRONZE, Woodacre, California
SkylarSilvera BRONZE, Woodacre, California
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"Dry" is about a recovering alcoholic name Thomas Devlin living in Chicago during 1925, also known as the Prohibition era. 

Thomas lived a hard life with a father who also, was a severe alcoholic and abused Thomas and his mother for the majority of his life. He was a gifted writer in college, which is where he met his true love, Clara. After marrying his true love, he followed his fater's legacy and became accostumed to drinking day and night. He abused and threatened every relationshipe he had.

After commiting a mysterious crime, he was placed into the Joliet Correctional Facility and stayed there for 30 years. He suffered terrible withdrawl symptoms and health issues from the years of drinking, and heart ache from not a single letter from his wife. Finally, after years in solitude, he was released into the new era of Chicago, also known as the Prohibition. 

Thomas struggles to find his wife Clara, and discovers a few secrets about his life that he missed along the way. 


Dry In Chicago

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