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April 6, 2015
By Wesley1, San Diego, California
Wesley1, San Diego, California
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Alexis is taken in at infancy to the Spartan military academy, The Order of the Pegasus, as part of a program that the Order's head, Master Prometheus, had organized to train women for the military. Alexis shows exponential fighting skills, winning every duel she is assigned to. But her emotions evolve as she learns to cope with requirements she doesn't enjoy and to control her anger. She will also earn many friends through her training in the Order of the Pegasus, including the reckless girl Chloe and the smart and daring boy Aeson.


The turning point in Alexis' life arrives when Persia invades Greece, and she is given command of women of the Army of the Pegasus in a counteroffensive to Persia. 

Wesley C.


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