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Zu Offenbaren

February 26, 2015
By Theodore Bass, Nyack, New York
Theodore Bass, Nyack, New York
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A writer by the name of Montgomery Gerren who has recently become more and more unsuccessful in France, travels to Munich, Germany seeking inspiration. At first, he is very content with his experience in Germany, so he starts writing about everything he has seen.


A few days later, he comes across two people worrying about the headline of the newspaper that has arrived at the building he is staying in. He asks what is troubling them, and says that there couldn't possibly be anything to worry about in Munich. The couple is taken aback, and questions him on his knowledge of the recent Nazi takeover of Germany. As Montgomery has traveled from France, he and other Europeans have not heard about the Nazis yet. They soon inform him about the Nazi Party's inhumane crimes, and they later inform him that they are Jews hiding in Munich. Montgomery very quickly rewrites the story to now be about the Nazi prescence in Germany


When Montgomery tries to travel back to France, he is stopped when the Nazi that was assigned to check through his luggage finds the book that he wrote. The Nazis that he was confronted with inform him that he will be condemned to Germany and that his temporary residence in Munich will be relocated to a street that acts as a halfway point to prisons and concentration camps. They also inform him that the other residents of the building he stayed in will also be relocated to the same street.


After several days Montgomery and the two Jewish Germans that he met with earlier try to escape. They are captured and witheld in small cells on the street. Montgomery is then given the choice to either shoot one of the Jews to gain his own freedom, or be taken to the concentration camp, Dachau.

Theodore B.

Zu Offenbaren

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