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Life of a Pirate

May 13, 2014
By Stephen Crisco, Olney, Illinois
Stephen Crisco, Olney, Illinois
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I walked in the town, looking for a good shop to spend my coins at, since I might like something in the town, such as a new weapon, either sword or gun, but no shop showed promise of selling a good weapon. People looked at me with fear, since they knew I was a pirate, and they know that pirates are very ruthless with no care when it comes to pillaging anything. I tried to ignore the people as I kept walking on, then I felt a blunt force hit my head and I was out like a candle. When I woke up, I was in a building all tied up with no windows or opening to see light. The door across the barren room began to open, squeaking on the floor, as a man came to me with a plate and some food on it, the man looked at me with pure hate as I noticed he had a bag of coins around his neck, then I realized that he stole my coins and kept me in this small barren room.

Stephen C.

Life of a Pirate

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