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March 26, 2012
By CeeCee4120 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
CeeCee4120 BRONZE, Phoenix, Arizona
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Things have a way of solving themselves. Just sit back and watch the show. :)


Selene Dragonire has the perfect life. Great boyfriend, awesome best friend, popular at school, and captain of a softball team that is on its way to state. But everything is ruined when her parent announce that they are moving to the small town of Neah Bay, Washington. That's a drastic change for a girl who is used to the city life of Phoenix, Arizona. There, she meets the mysterious Alexander Gibson. He tells her about a world that no one knows about, and she's the missing part of that world. Alexander helps her through the journey that will show her who she truly is. Everything is fine until the Darks come in the picture. Selene quickly finds out that she must fight for what is hers, maybe even die.

Cecilia M.


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