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The Elementals

March 18, 2012
By Emo_Princess, Clearfield, Utah
Emo_Princess, Clearfield, Utah
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Mishka Demon Rains and her twin sister Wophilia Angel Rains are living with their parent. One day Slade comes and kills them he then captures Mishka but luckily Wophilia gets away. She runs and ends up being found by a guy named Aqua lad. Mishka’s first task as Slades apprentice is to help destroy the teen titans. But she ends up becoming their friend and they help her get out. After a month neither of the sisters knows whether or not the other is alive. The teen titans end up needing back up against a villain so they call Aqua lad. He then comes and brings Wophilia with him. Mishka recognizes her voice and the end up beating the villain using their powers and it turns out they each like someone and their both on the team. Mishka makes it her mission to bring Wophilia and the dude she like together.


The Elementals

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