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Don't Forget Me

November 16, 2011
By 4everyoung15 BRONZE, Moreno Valley, California
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"When life knocks you down on your knees, just remember you are in the perfect position for praying"- Unknown

Author's note: I love Hetalai and agree more fans should post their fan fictions here! I was inspired by thinking of an idea for a new fan fic for and I tried to come up with a girl country that isn't independent nowadays! I started drawing and thus Sicily was born. I made the research to be historically accurate!! It is re-posted! For quicker updates it is on but It's called Independence there.

The author's comments:
Yes, Sicily has never been independent in history. It tried in the 13th century but failed. I made Sicily alot like Italy because it is dependent like him, has Italian influence, and is the closest neighbor to Italy! It is reposted! For quicker updates it is on but It's called Independence there. Enjoy!


The letter starts like this as the rain over Romano's house threatens to pour into a red and yellow room. At the desk in the farthest corner of the room sits a woman in her late teens or early twenties in appearance. Her eyes are closed, as they are mostly. Her hand trembles as she figures what to write next. Her dark brown hair falls to her waist curling at the ends. At the top of her head, there is a pretty curl identical to Romano's himself. With her pale white hands, the woman crumples the paper and throws it in the trash accompanying many over crumpled sheets of paper overthrowing the trash can.

"It's no use," the woman says with an Italian accent, "He will hate me. But he has to understand…I've been locked up in this house for so long and forced to call myself Italian…I am not…But no one will believe me ever if I don't do this…"

The woman places another sheet of paper gently on her desk and she dips her pen in some ink. She then places the pen on her chin to think, not realizing she was drawing on her face as she did this.

I'm sorry Romano, but I can't put this up for longer. I want to be alone, independent. I know you have given me everything ever since we were unified….but I was alright by myself before. I had the help Grandpa Rome, and Grandma Ancient Greece. I also had Greece, and now that I write this I remember I haven't spoken to him for a couple of centuries. Please understand Romano, I am grown now, and I want to see the world and make friends. The only person I ever see is you, and don't take it wrong big brother, you are very good company…That is, when you aren't cursing at me. I promise I'll visit, but I think I can handle myself now. I hope one day you'll forgive me for doing this. Just remember that even though you aren't my real brother I will always see you as my Fratello Romano…

I love you forever...

The girl lets out a sob as she writes this last sentence to her letter.

Why can't I do this? She thinks,

I've thought this over for too long, I have to be able to do this…

I will do this…


The girl gives a determined look and places the letter gently on her bed. She then opens her window (after she almost trips over her bed). As she looks down at the tall two story house, she gulps and looks over for any signs of activity. It's three in the morning; she knew Romano would be asleep right now. The fall would be huge, but the girl was determined to fulfill her desire of being free.

If I do this, she thinks,

I can be my own country.

I'll be able to do what I wish without having to consent with Romano...

The dark haired woman cautiously finds her way down from her room. She grips the window sill as the violent winds blow her hair in all sorts of directions. She attempts to not yelp or not make any sort of sign of her departure that early. The last thing she wanted was to be caught and not be able get the opportunity to escape again. It was now or never. The pale girl reaches to close her window from the outside, but when she successfully shut it she loses balance and fumbles to the soggy and wet grass below. She yelps in surprise and when she hits the ground, a sharp and profound pain radiates from her head to her spine. She places her china white hand of her forehead and observes it. Her blood seemed shiny and bright against her pale hand. She sighs as she starts to stand. Once on her feet, she turns her head toward the house she was just in minutes ago.

Romano, she thinks, I'm sorry...

As she finishes her thoughts, a light suddenly turns on within the house freezing this girl's blood colder than the rain stabbing her skin.

"Sicily?" the voice calls.

At the sound of her name, Sicily gasps and decides to run away after all. She runs as fast as her feet could carry her even though she is wearing heels at the moment with a dress from centuries ago. The rain soaks this handmade dress making it a dark wine color rather than its canary red appearance. She watches as she runs, how soaked her dress has become; she then remembers without wanting to how exactly she got her lovely and precious dress.


"Sicily!" Romano calls as he seems to search for something, "Sicily! It isn't funny! Get over here now!"

An older looking child version of Sicily squeezes tightly in her hiding place within the grandfather clock hoping Romano wouldn't find her. She grips her dirty, white dress as the pendulum in front of her moves in tempo and rhythm to her heartbeat. Subconsciously, Sicily holds her breath and closes her eyes shut praying in her head to not be found ever by big brother Romano.

I did something bad, Sicily thinks,

My fratello Romano will be very mad he'll curse at me...

Exactly the way he curses at hermano Spain...

I don't want to be kicked out like Spain always is!

But I can't show myself to him ever…

...but the again how will I ever be able to live without Romano...


I'm sorry...

Sicily opens one eye and notices Romano is right in front of her, but he doesn't know that. Instead, he is looking around frantically as if searching for something. His expression isn't mad or violent, rather more worried and fearful.

"Sicily!" Romano exclaims, "COME OUT NOW!"

A strange feeling fills Sicily's soul as she watches Romano panic. She knew there and then where he was, however, Romano didn't. Sicily felt as if she knew something he didn't; as if she was to one looking after him rather than Romano looking after young and naive Sicily. It was as if she had become that God Romano praises at the place called church. Or those Arab civilians that took over her country a long time ago. As the grandfather c***'s pendulum waves in front of her, she watches as Romano becomes even more worried by the second.

"I- I need to tell Spain!" Romano realizes, "Oh! But that bastard will only want to play with my curl! But if i tell him Sicily's missing!"

Romano stops talking when he hears a soft creaking noise from behind him. He turns around to find Sicily jump out of the grandfather clock with a huge smile forming on her face.

"Fratello!" Sicily exclaims as she opens her arms to hug Romano.

"Don't you fratello me!" Romano scolds. Sicily stops running to him and looks down ashamed.

"Predone," Sicily whispers with broken voice.

Tears form at the edges of her eyes making Romano regret yelling at her.

"Fratello," Sicily says crying, "I'm sorry..."

"Wait-" Romano says blushing.

"I didn't mean to crush all the tomatoes you had in the backyard! They were just so squishy! I ran out of red paint and I wanted something! They looked delicious too!"


"Oh," Sicily says realizing she has probably already written her own death sentence, "Please don't kick me out of the house like you kick out Spain! I don't ever wanna live on the streets all alone and abandoned! Please! I like being here!"

"Shut up!" Romano exclaims, "it's al-"

"Please don't curse at me either! I really don't like it! It makes me feel sad and anyway I don't want you be mad at me! I don't want to live with a person who hates me it'll be really depressing an extremely awkward too! Please I don't want you to hate me-"

"Enough!" Romano exclaims covering Sicily's mouth as he sighs in relief, "Just like our idiot brother Veneziano..."

"Please..." Sicily begs with Romano's hand still on her mouth, "I don't want you to hate me. I want you to love me forever..."

Romano blushes at Sicily's last phrase and looks away clearing his throat as he removes his hand from her mouth, "I-I don't hate you," he says.

"You don't?" Sicily asks smiling goofily.

"Ugh, no" Romano mutters.

"What?" Sicily asks, "I can't hear you fratello."


"No I'm not!" Sicily giggles, "So... You won't curse at me?"

"Of course not!" Romano says rudely, "I've told you already you stupid girl!"

Sicily is offended when Romano calls her stupid and looks away trying to mask her sadness. Romano, noticing he offended her, then nervously tries to say something to make up for his offense.

"Wait- that didn't count!" Romano tries saying, "And-well-you-well-"

"Am I really stupid?"

"Of course-" Romano says stopping short to try changing the subject, "Imma making pasta!"

"I'm not hungry," Sicily says not looking Romano in the eyes.

Romano gives up and becomes extremely infuriated.


Romano puts his hands on his face and shakes his head. Sicily observes as Romano becomes deep in thought and worries over his expression of failure that she's never seen before.

"Romano," she says hugging him around the waist, "I'm sorry!"

Romano looks down at his little adopted sister and closes his eyes, "It's not you..." he says, "It's me..."

"But fratello!" Sicily says, "I made you worry a while ago..."

"WHAT?" Romano cries, "Who-who said I was worried?"

"Then why were you looking for me like a maniac?" Sicily asks in wonder.

"I WASN'T-" Romano starts as he blushes, "OH- never mind... There is no need to apologize... Now let me go!"

"But brother..." Sicily says, "Why were you worried?"

"I wasn't worried!" Romano says, "I was just-curious..."


Romano sighs as Sicily grips him tighter. She realizes how safe and warm she feels next to her lovely big brother. She rests her head on him and sighs profoundly making him blush harder.


"Don't worry big brother," Sicily sighs peacefully on her brother, "I promise I will never worry you like that again..."

Romano looks down at Sicily looking extremely adorable with her dark brown hair caressing her flushed face. Her eyes, that didn't technically open much, seemed to be peaceful in his presence. This realization made Romano slowly give in. His arms hesitantly wrap around Sicily and hug her back warmly.

Romano, Sicily thinks in surprise,

What- what are you doing?

You-you have never held me like this before...

Wait- you have never held me at all...

Do you really think of me like that?

Like a little sister?

Even though you call me names and threaten to send me to his brother Italy who can't even take care of himself...

"Big brother..." Sicily sighs not letting go of Romano.

Romano looks down at Sicily's white dress and sighs in disappointment.

"Look what you did to your new dress!" he exclaims suddenly breaking their embrace and taking her dress in his hands, "You stained it with tomatoes!"

"Well..." Sicily says, "I like that color..."

"So careless," Romano says, "Now what! I'll have to buy you a new dress huh?"

"You don't have to!" Sicily says, "I'll wash it!"

"Don't say stupid things!" Romano says letting go of Sicily's dress, "I have a dress you can borrow!"

"You do?" Sicily asks with a silly looking smile.

"Yeah! Just don't expect there to be a second time!" Romano exclaims.

"Si!" Sicily says cutely.

Romano then leads Sicily to a dark room with strange artifacts. From an old wardrobe, he pulls out a canary red dress obviously too big for her.

"Ugh," Romano says facing Sicily, "Well you'll grow into it."

Sicily gasps in wonder at the sight of the dress and immediately starts taking off her dress to wear the new one.

"DON'T START UNDRESSING NOW!" Romano exclaims flushing red and shielding his eyes.

"Why not?" Sicily asks in her undergarments, "You are my brother."

"Well- just- ugh!" Romano fumbles as he hands Sicily the canary red dress.

Sicily smiles hugely as she puts it over her head and tries to get it on. Her arm goes where her head should be and the dress is big enough that her she manages to fit her head through the arm hole.

"I did it!" Sicily cheers, "but it does feel kinda awkward.

Romano blushes an impossible shade of red as a smile starts breaking on his face. Soon enough, he can't contain his laughter. He bangs the wardrobe as he laughs hysterically at the way Sicily looks.

"Big brother?" Sicily asks with the dress lopsided and her limbs awkwardly dangling, "What's wrong?" she asks worried.

Romano turns to face Sicily trying to contain his laughter. Sicily looks at him in concern for a second, and soon a wide smile spreads on her face followed by an adorable chiming of laughter.

"Brother," she says approaching him, "Do I look nice?"

"Hardly," Romano manages to say trying to not laugh.

"What?" Sicily asks, "Then I look bad?"

"Of course not!" Romano snickers as he kneels to Sicily's level, "Let me help you."

Romano helps Sicily's head go back inside the dress as he searched to correct the arms. Inside the dress Sicily starts to squirm around.

"Would you stay still?" Romano demands.

"Romano!" Sicily says with fear, "Where are you?"

"I'm right here!" Romano shouts, "What makes you think I left!"

"Are you sure?" Sicily asks feeling for him. She grabs tightly onto his arms and makes sure he doesn't leave.

"Why would I leave?" Romano says blushing slightly.

"Okay…" Sicily says, "It's dark in here…"

"Idiota," Romano mutters under his breath.

Finally, Sicily sees a ray of light from above her and pops her head out of the opening for the head. Sure it was really baggy, but she would fix that later.

"Found you!" Sicily chimes with an adorable smile and her everywhere.

"Great," Romano says tying a golden yellow ribbon around her waist to keep the dress from tripping her.

Sicily moves her hair away from her face and Romano helps, but soon enough Sicily gets entertained with something else. She reaches in front of her for Romano's tie and yanks it forward. This motion pulls Romano forward to Sicily.

"My turn!" Sicily chimes as she fixes Romano's tie.

Romano watches in surprise as Sicily fixes his tie. Sicily, being old enough to know who to dress, has never dressed a man in her life; yet, she fixed Romano's untidy tie perfectly.

"There!" she says gleaming in joy, "you look handsome now!"

Romano stares at Sicily with amazement as she smiles stupidly back. He then looks away and clears his throat, "Whatever!" he says standing up.

"I have somewhere important…I must go to!" Romano says looking down at Sicily.

"You're leaving again big brother?" Sicily whines as she leaves her white dress on the floor, "But I thought we could spend all day together."

"Well I have an important meeting to attend," Romano says, "You know, for countries."

"For countries?" Sicily asks, "Can I come?"

"Of course not!" Romano says walking out the door of the room.

"Wait! Fratello!" Sicily exclaims.

Romano walks over to the front door and looks for his jacket before anything.

"Big brother!" Sicily whines, "I wanna be a country too! Why can't I go?"

"You can't go Sicily and that's final!" Romano yells.

"Whhhy?" Sicily demands, "I want to be a big country like big brother Romano and talk about important things with other countries!"

"SHUT UP!" Romano roars, "DON'T EVER SAY THAT!"

Sicily stops talking and looks Romano in the eyes, trying to read his feelings and figure why he just yelled at her.

"You wanna know why I can't let you become an independent county?" Romano says through his teeth.

Sicily nods, and even though she is hurt inside she gives Romano a look of determination.

"I can't let you become an independent country Sicily!" Romano exclaims, "There are bad countries out there! They-they will take advantage of you..."


"There are no buts!" Romano shouts, "You are too weak and naïve to be out and alone in this world Sicily... If you become independent," Romano says blushing, "You are out alone... Away from..."

"Big brother..." Sicily says, "Then... I that is true... Is that why did you ask me to live with you?"

"Sicily..." Romano says in a more clam voice, "I wanted us... To become one..."

Sicily blushes as hears these words come from her big brother's mouth.

"You were too small," Romano says hiding his face, "I heard everyone's plans to take over you and use you... Your economy was going downhill... And you were too young... I... I had to help..."

"But big brother-" Sicily says, "Does-does that mean?... You plan to marry me?"

"Well of course not!" Romano exclaims blushing, "No! That's sick! NO!"

Sicily giggles cutely making the curl on her head bounce with her bell-like laugh. Romano stops speaking and blushes.

"Well I accept," Sicily smiles, "If you really wanted to... I'd marry you Romano..."

"Sicily! We are siblings!" Romano says thinking of Belarus and Russia for some reason.

"Si, but you took me in! We really aren't related!" Sicily smiles warmly as she slowly opens her beautiful hazel eyes, "I'm glad you took me in and cared for me... Before there were a lot of mean countries out there... And even though you were bullied too, you took me in though... I- I was small then..."

Romano looks away and opens the door in the front of the house before answering, "You... You're too young for that now..."

"Why don't we get married now?" Sicily beams innocently.

"WHAT?" Romano exclaims, "DIDN'T YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID?"

"I, Sicily, promise to do whatever brother Romano wants me to do," Sicily says blushing, "I will be under his control in good times and bad times and stay with him until the end of the world!"


"Wait!" Sicily exclaims, "What is the world ends tomorrow? Fine, FOREVER!"

"But Sicily!" Romano starts.

"You may kiss the bride!" Sicily exclaims running up to Romano giggling.

She tries to kiss him, but unfortunately she is too short to reach past his neck. She tries to go on the balls of her feet, but it's futile. The way Romano looks at her is priceless though; he rolls his eyes at Sicily's innocence and hides a smile.

"Fratello," Sicily says reaching up to Romano.

"Weird child," Romano says as he picks her up.

"Yaaay" Sicily says as she laughs.

Romano looks outside checking if anyone was looking. The last thing he would want was Spain, Italy, or even worse France walking in on him. It would be embarrassing if the discovered his weakness…Sicily.

"We'll always be together know," Sicily says hugging Romano around the neck now that she was at his level, "Right Romano?"


"Fratello?" Sicily asks when he didn't respond.

"…Sure…" Romano whispers as he leans in to kiss Sicily's forehead.

Sicily smiles and blushes profoundly, "I can be officially be called Italy right? Sicily, Italy!"

Romano chuckles, "Alright," he says, "I'll give you your country name still… You are still Sicily…"

"Oh, alright!" Sicily says snuggling in Romano's arms…. "I promise…We'll never be apart…"

***End Flashback***

Sicily stops running too look down at her soaked dress that fits her perfectly now. Her vision blurs through the rain entering her eyes and because of the tears forming also. She looks back hesitantly at the path she has chosen.

He's looking for me again, Sicily thinks,

I can hear him calling…

I can see myself in that clock again…


My story…

Our story…

It's repeating again…

Only this time…

Sicily turns ahead to the path she has chosen away from her brother Romano.

Only this time, I will not come out from the clock…

Time won't stop…

I will become independent…

It was a stupid promise anyway…

I was too young and naïve then…

He and I know that…

How can anyone like big brother Romano believe such a promise…

A child's promise…

Sicily glances behind her half-hoping Romano would come to her and half-hoping he would stay. She gives up after and runs farther from her old home.

A bird must come away from the nest…

I can't stay depending of a man my whole life…

I've been better before!

I'm sorry Romano…

But a child's promise isn't always sincere…

You didn't obviously believe that promise…

You just smiled at its cuteness and moved on with life…

You would never marry me…

And I would never marry you…

I promise you though...

That I will look over you the way I did then...

Slowly, Sicily's vision wasn't only blurring because of the hard rain and tears… she was losing consciousness. She feels the wound on her head and observes the blood still heavily pumping as when she first hit herself.

Oh no, Sicily thinks,

I can't pass out here!


I need to find some shelter!

Somewhere to stay!


In the foggy distance she spots the roof of a house. She doesn't know where she is, or how far and long she had been running. She was tired and dizzy from the blood loss.

I need to get there, Sicily thinks with wobbly knees,

I can make it,

I just have to tell myself to






She never made it…


The pouring rain finally stops around sometime before the break of day.

In the distance, Japan is walking alone with a comic book in his hands. He reads it backwards and pays no attention to where he's headed to. He walks ahead as and as he flips the page he finds something is wrong. He tries to take a step forward, but when he finds something is stopping him causing him to fall.

"KYAHH!" Japan yells as he falls over what seems to be a body.

Japan looks down, and doesn't only realize he has tripped over a body, but his hand is directly on her breast area.

"YAHH!" Japan exclaims, "I apologize miss!"

He soon sees she is unresponsive and starts to freak out, "Um-miss- um are you okay? Please say something!"

The dark-haired girl seems unresponsive and maybe not even breathing. Japan checks for sign of life and finds she has a dangerously low and weak pulse.

"Oh no!" he exclaims, "I have to get Germany-kun!"

Japan drops his things (yes, even the manga book) and runs over to knock on Germany's house right ahead.

"Germany-kun!" Japan exclaims knowing Germany should be awake at this hour.


Japan decides to knock, but when he does the door slowly creaks open. Japan decides to open the door and step in.

"In extreme cases like these manners don't matter," Japan mutters to himself.

Japan lets himself in and walks over quickly to Germany's room.

"What?" Japan says, "He's not here!"

"Not even Italy-kun!" Japan says checking his room.

"If they aren't home," Japan reasons, "And Prussia-san drinks almost every night and comes home at random times…"

"Anyone say my awesome name?" an albino man with reddish eyes strides over to Japan as he uses the walls for support, "Ohhh!" Prussia says, "You-you're that one Asian country! The one with the small-"

"Shut up!" Japan says blushing.

"Ha!" Prussia says, "You're just jealous I'm ten. No!-a hundred more time awesome than you!"

"Sure," Japan says, "Now where's Germany-kun!"

"OHHH!" Prussia says putting his arm around Japan, "You're looking for West!"

"Yes sure," Japan says, "now please get off of me…"

"Well," Prussia says, "he's in the living room! Now if you'll excuse me I'm off to steal some more of West's beer! And hide his porn magazines too!"

"Wait!" Japan says remembering what he was in Germany's house for, "You need to-"

Unfortunately, however, Prussia was already gone.

"He wants beer," Japan says to himself, "Wasn't he already drunk?"

Japan shakes the question out of his head and enters the living room and does indeed find Germany there. Germany and Italy… Germany was on the floor with a bottle of beer and his face all written on in German it seemed. Italy was on the couch smiling stupidly and saying "pasta" after every exhale. On his face was also drawn a curly mustache and extra big eyelashes and more writing in German.

Japan sighs already knowing the story before even asking. He tries to reason how to wake Germany without having him almost crush his head and how to wake Italy without having him embrace him in his sleep. He then hopes that the girl outside wouldn't be dead by the time they attended her. Fortunately, Italy rolls off the couch and lands on Germany jerking him awake and almost twisting Italy's neck.

"STERBEN!" Germany exclaims grabbing Italy's head. (Sterben=Die)

"NOO! Please don't kill me Germany!" Italy exclaims in fear, "Don't kill me! I'm too young to die! I promise I won't follow you here next time!"

"Oh Italy," Germany says, "It was only you…"

"Si," Italy says, "man you were drunk!" he chimes.

"Vat?" Germany demands, "VEN? HOW? MEIN GOTT VAT A HEADACHE!"

"Ve! You say funny things when you're drunk!" Italy giggles.

"Oh-vell-" Germany starts, "Vatever I said it isn't true!"

"WHHATT?" Italy whines, "you don't love me?"

"OV COURSE NOT!" Germany yells, "OH- vell! Not like that!"


"Italy! I don't-" Germany blushes as he tries to control Italy, "of course I like you! It's just-"

Japan makes an involuntary gagging noise Germany suddenly lunge at him, "I know you were there the whole time!"

Japan defends himself but fails against Germany's brute strength.

"Die!" Germany says as Italy watches in fear.

"Wait!" Japan says, "It's me! Japan! You're friend!"

"I'd recognize that funny accent anywhere!" Italy cheers, "It's Japan!"

"Thanks Italy-kun," Japan says with spirally eyes.

"Oh," Germany says, "I'm very sorry! I didn't know-"

"Forget it!" Japan says suddenly remembering, "There is someone outside! She-she isn't breathing! I think she may be dying!"

"Vat?" Germany asks as Italy grabs on his arm saying.

"WHAATT? Please! Stop I hate when people die!"

Japan stands up, "You need to assist me with this!" he says rushing towards the door.

Germany understands the seriousness of the situation, but Italy decides he wants a piggyback ride from him.

"WEEEE!" he says, "LET'S A GO GERMANY!"

"OFF!" Germany demands, "There's someone dying and ve must help!"

"WHHAT?" Italy exclaims, "But I don't want anyone to die!"

"Zen stop playing around and help!" Germany shouts as he runs after Japan.

Italy follows Germany as Germany follows Japan to where he kneels.

"I found her unconscious a minute ago Germany-kun," Japan says trying to pick her up over his arm.

"WHAT?" Italy says trying to look over Germany's shoulder, "Hey! I wanna see! Is she pretty?"

"Stand back Italy," Germany says picking up the soaked girl in his arm as if she were weightless unlike Japan who was struggling.

Imaimashī, Japan thinks (Imaimashī=Damn)

"Is she alive still?" Japan asks concerned.

"Hardly," Germany says looking down at her, "Her pulse is almost undetectable and she's been bleeding massivley."

"Quick!" Japan says, "We need to give her medical assistance!"

"Ja!" Germany agrees as he makes his way into the house, "Italy! Come! It's going to rain again soon."

Italy stands quiet though without moving a muscle. Through his closed eyes he gives an unreadable expression forcing Germany to turn around.

"Italy!" Germany shouts, "This girl is dying as I speak! Get in quick ve can't vait any longer!"

Italy remains motionless and slowly he tries to speak but he can't.

"Italy-kun!" Japan orders, "Don't just stand the like an idiot!"

Italy mutters something soft and inaudible to the other two countries. Soon Germany loses his patience and walks up to Italy, "VAT IS IT! I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU WANTED NO ONE TO DIE!"

"Germany..." Italy says in a fearful voice.

"Vatever! You stay out here if you vant!" Germany says giving up.

Germany and Japan rush in leaving Italy outside by himself staring at Germany's house in horror, he knows though, that he will have to face the truth.

"Sorellina Sicilia..." Italy barely whispers, "...You came...why?"

A tear falls from Italy's closed eyes accompanied by the sad rain.

The author's comments:
End of chapter 2! PHEW! So much research! I prmise this is as accurate as possible! I am going to do something similar to the anime and give glimpses of Sicily's childhood! Next chapter! How Sicily meets Romano! And a bit of her "training" too! I also notice that I spell Germany wrong alot... please ignore it I type this on my ipod! So I'll have Sicily as a chibi, Italy being an idiot moments... and stuff.. If you like history this will be awsome! If you don't then enjoy it the hetalia/ my style!

************Sicily's childhood days************

Once upon a time, there was a country called Sicily born in the island next to what we now know as Italy!


In the beggining (well more like always) Sicily was always a small and naive child. When she was very young, she could remmeber sitting on Ancient Greece's lap as she told her stories about stories of Gods and Godesses. Memories before that were blurry and hard to understand. There were many people who lived in her country and constently hurt eachother and Sicily herself. This is why Ancient Greece took her in at her home, to get Sicily away from all that chaos. Sicily loved hearing from Ancient Greece and loved playing with her little brother Greece.

"Look! I found another kitty!" a small Sicily exclaims as she turns to see her brother fast asleep and surrounded by his cats.

Lately, however, a big and powerful man started coming over to Ancients Greece's house. The man scared Sicily a bit, but no one seemed to notice. He would call her by weird names like Triquerta. Sure, Greece would sometimes call her Thrinacia or Trinacria, but Sicily liked her original name given to her by the people living on her island: Sicilia

"Goodbye Triquerta," Ancient Rome exclaims as he leaves from Ancient Greece's house.

"It's Sicilia," Sicily says weakly.

"Can you help me count my cats again Thrinacia?" her brother Greece asks.

"Trinacria, don't be rude," Ancient Greece scolds.

(Note: Sicily was called many names in BC times)

As Roman Empire's visits became frequent, and Sicily noticed that Ancient Greece wasn't comming out as much. She stayed in her room most of the time and she wouldn't tell her stories of Gods and Godesses like she used to with Greece and herself.

As the atmosphere grew even worse, Ancient Greece ddn't know what to do. Her country was slowly dividing and killing dissolving her. She couldn't tell Sicily and Greece though. Not even the visits Ancient Rome you give her cheered her up anymore.

"Drastic measures have to be taken," she says as the door to her room opens, "There you are," she says sweetly, "Where's Greece?"

"He's outside with his cats," Sicily says sadly.

"Good," Ancient Greece says.

"What's wrong?" Sicily asks Ancient Greece, "Why don't you come play with us anymore?"

"I'm very sorry," Ancient Greece says weakly, "It's my fault..."

"Are you sick?" Siicly asks, "Are you going to be better? Did that man come in here and curse at you again?"

"No he didn't." Ancient Greece says hugging Sicily.

Sicily is confused when Ancient Greece holds her. She wonders what is going to become of their peace now.

"What's wrong?" Sicily asks from Ancient Greece's bosom.

"My dear child," Ancient Greece starts, "You can't stay here any longer," Ancient Greece says stroking Sicily's face, "And since you are still too young to care for yourself...Ancient Rome will be taking care of you from now on..."

"Ancient Rome?" Sicily asks in fear, "But I don't want to-"

"Please," Ancient Greece says, "We had many arguments over this... and it's decided...I just can't care for you anymore... It's too dangerous..."

"But what about Greece?" Sicily asks.

"He'll be with me, he can handle it..." Ancient Greece kisses the top of Sicily's forehead as tears of sadness flow down her eyes.

"Now go," Ancient Greece says pushing her away, "He'll be here soon... Leave now..."

"But-" Sicily starts.

"Don't make this anymore difficult..." Ancient Greece says.


"Leave," Ancient Greece says sweetly, "But just remember..."

Sicily turns to face her mother in a sense knowing these may be the last words the ever hears from her.

"I'll be back..." Ancient Greece says, "Never forget Sicily."

Sicily is flabbergasted for it is the first time Ancient Greece has called her by her true name. She doesn't know why or how, but she eventually agrees to Ancient Greece's last wish. Without a word of goodbye to anyone else, she walks away from the house to wait for Ancient Rome.

Why me, Sicily thinks

Why now?

It happened all too quick…

It's not that I don't like Ancient Rome…


Memories of her past life flash before the small and innocent Sicily. In a deep reverie of thought, Sicily looks at the road that she'd have to walk by.

"Thrinacia?" Greece's little voice asks from behind.

A small kitten walks up to Sicily and she pets its head, "Greece…" she says.

"Where are you going?" Greece asks as a cat climbs on his tiny body.

"I…" Sicily starts saying, "I don't know…"

"Then come inside…" Greece says walking towards the house.

Sicily hesitates as the thought contradicts her. As much as she wanted to stay, she realizes that it would be a very selfish thing to do. She loved Ancient Greece with all her heart, so if she wanted her to leave she'd have to do it to please her.

"Thrinacia," Greece says turning his head over to his sister. His eyes widen suddenly and a cat next to him hisses.

"Greece?" Sicily says as a shadow appears over the little girl's head, "What's-"

Sicily is cut short by a hand larger than her very head. She shouts for help, but the hand muffles all.

"Sicily!" Greece exclaims as the intruder takes the small child in his arms, "Mother!"

"Greece!" Sicily tries to exclaim.

"Shut up idiot!" her captor demands, "You're mine now!"

Sicily manages to turn away from the hand, "Leave me alone," she says with tears in her eyes, "Who are you? What do you want?"

"I already got the rest of what I wanted," the man smirks, "From now on, you're the property of me, Carthage!"

"Carthage…" Sicily repeats.

"You are rightfully mine!" Carthage says with a smirk, "And no one, not even that bitch will interfere anymore!"

"No!" Sicily cries as Carthage slows down knowing he wasn't being followed.

"You have no choice you pathetic little girl," Carthage says stepping over Sicily.

Eventually, Ancient Rome found out that Carthage had taken the poor little Sicily. He was to get Sicily back at whatever thoughts… or so he thought…

"Whaa! Ancient Rome!" Sicily cries.

"Not so fast!" Carthage says holding the little Sicily back.

"How dare you take her without me consent!" Ancient Rome says.

"You were too slow you stupid bastard," Carthage teases, "I showed up first, so now she's mine!"

"But I don't want to-"Sicily starts.

"You kidnapped her!" Ancient Rome exclaims.

"And what are you gonna do?" Carthage teases, "You gonna take her back? The sick memory of her Mother Greece."

"Ne-" Romano Empire says blushing, "It's not-"

"I thought you were smarter than this oh great Empire of Rome! Or wait, you're a republic now?"

"Shut up," Rome retorts, "fine! I'll allow you to keep her!"

"No!" Sicily says jumping out of Carthage's arms, "I don't want to!"

"You'll be fine," Ancient Rome says trying to not face Sicily or Carthage. He walks away as Carthage cheers for joy at his win.

"But you promised Mother!" Sicily exclaims in tears.

Ancient Rome stops walking to reflect on the little girl's words. She is so tiny, why should he listen to her? She doesn't even know the left from her right and she speaks as if she knows more about love than he would ever know. As if Sicily would ever know… Ancient Greece was gone by then…

"You promised," Sicily says starting to cry.

Ancient Rome shakes his head and hides his face as he starts walking away, "You wouldn't understand, " he says, "I'm sorry."

************* To be continued... Maybe...**************

(Real story starts below)


"Are- Kay?"


"Sh- Jo?"


Broken words in the many languages Sicily knew filled her mind. She groansin pain and moves slowly and hesitantly.

"She's waking."

"Look vat you did you idiot!"

"Ve! Little sister!" a familiar voice calls to her.

Suddenly Sicily jerks up causing the countries around her to flinch; all except Italy that is. Sicily looks Italy and an expression of regret fills her face.


"Romano?" Italy asks in a confused tone, "I'm not Romano! "

"Italy?" Sicily says suddenly smiling,

"Fratello? Is that really you?"

"Si!" Italy smiles dumbly, "What are you doing here Sicily?"

"SICILY?" Germany and Japan ask in disbelief, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"

"Si," Sicily says with a giggle, "I really don't know how I got here to tell you the truth!"

"She's my-a little sister!" Italy beams, "Her-a country is just next to Romano's end of Italia! She is supposed to be with him all the time! Right sister?"

"Si!" Sicily agrees.

"Vell of course I know vhere Sicily is!" Germany says rubbing him temples at Italy's idiocy, "Don't you remember she got taken by the Allies in Vorld Var 2?"

"Hai!" Japan says, "I rememeber."

"Romano was really mad!" Italy says in though.

"Vait! Did you say you're supposed to be at Romano's house?" Germany exclaims, "Yes! You are his state! What are you doing here?"

I don't know!" Sicily says opening her arms to hug Italy.

"Yaay!" Italy beams, "My little sister Sicily!"

Italy hugs his sister and kisses her cheeks in greeting. Sicily in return doesn't look her adopted brother in the eyes. (Weird because both of their eyes are closed at the moment) She wonders how she'll break the news to Italy that she wasn't his little sister. She knew she'd have to do it anyway so she decides to break it to him.

"Italy..." Sicily says quietly, "Um, there is something I must tell you..."

"Alright!" Italy beams, " Does it have to do with pasta?"

"No~!" Sicily says with a giggle, "It has to do with me..." Sicily bends her arms awkwardly and turns away blushing, "And also with you... And Romano..."

"What is it?" Italy asks worried, "Are you being bullied?"

"No..." Sicily says looking away.

"Is is big brother France?" Italy asks

"No ..."

"Then what is it little sister?" Italy asks

"I'm not your little sister anymore Italy..." Sicily says upright, "I-I ran away from your house..."

"You did WHATT?" Italy says concerned, "WHYY~?"

"I wanted... to become independent..." Sicily says shyly.

"But Sicily," Italy says almost crying, "Did you really not like us?"

"No, it isn't like that Italy," Sicily says patting Italy's head, "I just... I had to become free... I didn't want to be under Romano's shadow any longer..."

"It may be a bit personal to ask," Germany starts saying, "But vhy did you unify with Italy in he first place if you want to be independent?"

"Si, " Sicily says nodding her head, "I just decided to do this up until a couple of years ago... We were to wed!"

"You-You were going to marry your own brother?" Japan asks horrified.

"There's something bad about that?" Sicily asks innocently, "I mean he's not my real real brother is Greece..."

"How can you say that vhen you have the freakin identical curl !" Germnay roars.

Sicily and Italy look at each other bouncing the same curl at the same time and shrugging their shoulders.

"I don't know what you-a mean," Sicily says blushing pink.

"I have a curl!" Italy exclaim giddily as he goes over to see his reflection.

Sicily watches as Italy runs over and gawks at his curl.

"Well geographically we look the same," Sicily explains, "But it doesn't really mean we're related..."

"Sicily!" Italy says hugging her.

"Sicily-san," Japan says trying to take Italy off the bed, "You are seriousry hurt at the moment," Japan finally shoves Italy off of Sicily, "Please, don't let Italy do that you are recovering..."

"Recovering?" Sicily asks, "Wait where am I exactly? Are you China?"

"Um no.." Japan says smiling slightly, "You probably don't remmeber me..."

"This is my house," Germany says helping Italy off the ground, "You passed out outside and ve took you in..."

"Sii!" Italy remarks.

"Oh! I-know who you are now!" Sicily says pointing at Germany, "You, Italy and Romano fought in World War 2! Romano talks about you all the time!"

"Me?" Germany asks, "Vat does he say?"

"He says you stink of potatoes and calls you a bastard and alot of other bad curse words in Italian!"

"Vell that's a big surprise," Germany says sarcastically, "I don't know vhy he hates me so much."

"He also says that you are a disgrace to Europe," Sicily continues, "And that you like sleeping with Italy-"

"Ve?" Italy says.

"Vat?" Germany says blushing, "Nien! I don't!"

"Aw fratello, do you still get-a bad dreams at night?" Sicily asks patting his head.

"Not really," Italy says, "I like Germany's bed!"

"Eh-Excuse me," Japan says uncomfortably as he leaves the room, "I-I just remembered my manga book..."

Sicily and Italy exchange confused glances as Germany blushes redder than any of the tomatoes Romano has ever eaten.

"I wonder where he went... Is he Korea?" Sicily asks.

"No he's Japan!" Italy exclaims.

"Japan," Sicily repeats, "I think Romano has mentioned him. He joined you guys a bit after my capture right?"

"Yes, vell," Germany says clearing his throat, "So you call yourself independent now right?"

"Si!" Sicily cheers.

"You must know then...Becoming independent is more than just growing up," Germany says crossing his arms, "One must handle one's self and do vhatever is best for themselves... You must- HEY PAY ATTENTION!"

Sicily and Italy laugh with each other as Italy seems to be whispering and gossiping in Italian.

"Wow Mr. Germany," Sicily says with a giggle, "Do you really have a stick friend called Herr Stick?"

"VAT THE HELL? ITALY GO AWAY!" Germany demands.

"Ve? But my sister!" Italy says, "I haven't seen her in years!"


"Okayy!" Italy says a little frightened,

"Say, Sicily are you-a hungry?"

"Si!" Sicily beams.

"That's-a great!" Italy cheers, "I'm gonna make pasta!"

"Grazie fatello!" Sicily says in the same way Italy does.

Germany stares at both in amazement of their resemblance.

They are exactly the same, Germany thinks,

Vhy didn't I notice it before?

Two idiot-like, pasta-loving fools...

One a man...

One a girl...

And just ven I thought one Italy was enough...

"I'll be right-a back!" Italy shouts from he door,"PASSSTAAAA~~!"

There is a moment of silence and Sicily smiles the same way Italy always does making Germany worry more. She is silent though as she stares off into space.

Two Italys, Germany thinks,

This may not be too bad...

"KYAHH! A SPIDER!" Sicily exclaims falling off he bed.

Then again, Germany sighs,

I may be wrong..

"What's this thin book?" Sicily asks reaching under the bed and opening a porn magazine, "Why are they naked?"

"GIVE ME THAT!" Germany says snatching the magazine, "PRUSSIA!"


"So," Germany says as Sicily slurps up Italy's handmade pasta, "How did you become independent from," he looks over his shoulder at Italy spinning in circles around the room and landing on a chair, "Erm- Romano..."

"I told you already," Sicily says, "I just ran away."

"You VAT?" Germany asks, "That doesn't mean you're independent now!"

(Italy: Look Germany the room is spinning~)

"I wrote a letter to Romano saying I was leaving to become independent..."

"Why?" Germany asks, "Was he cruel to you?"

"No," Sicily says shaking her head, "I was just wanted to try it ... In reality, its complicated..." Sicily blushes as she continues to speak, "You see... I have always lived under the roof of others... Ancient Greece took me in when she was under Roman Empire... the he died... then it was the Byzantine Empire...One day it was the Moors...then it was big brother Spain or France and Prussia...Austria at one point...even England... You see I had different homes at different times! So I then decided I was tired of that and became free!"

"Vell it's obvious people would capture you," Germnay mutters, "You're too easy to capture..."

"You are related to Greece?" Germay asks, "Then vhy does he call you little sister?" Germany asks.

"Well that name stuck with Romano, so I started calling Italy big brother too..."

"Vell that's interesting," Germany says standing up.

"Come on Japan!"Italy says pulling Japan as he reads his manga book, "Lets spin in circles!"

"Um, I think I pass," Japan says politely and really interested in his comic book.

"Awww come on," Italy whines playing with Japan's hand, "Spinning is fun! You spin and spin and spin and spin and spin some more!"

Japan's face becomes faintly green as Italy rambles on about spinning and dizziness.

"I wanna spin!" Sicily beams happily.

"Yaay!" Italy beams as he grabs Sicily,

"Let's do it!"

"Italy-kun!" Japan exclaims, "Sicily-kun don't-"

Both countries ignore Japan and start spinning in circles around the room.

"And she says she isn't like Italy..." Germany mutters.

"Ve!" Italy exclaims.

"Owie," Sicily says slightly flushed, "My head is hurting..."


"I-I am?" Sicily gasps in horror, "Wha-What should I do?"

"First of all you should sit down," Japan says with a sigh. Sicily lets herself fall on the chair in the room, but does so with so much force the chair is forced backwards, "Sicily-kun!" Japan exclaims.

A bang is heard in the room making everyone worry.

"Sicily!" Japan says to Sicily who was put back on her bed, " Say something please!" he says as Sicily's vision restores.

"Is there more pasta?" Sicily asks smiling dumbly.

"Why did you do that?" Japan scolds, "That was extremely careless! You could have given yourself a concussion!"

"Oh," Sicily says a bit offended, "I'm sorry... It just looked like fun..."

"You too Italy!" Germany scolds as he thumps Italy's forehead, "What makes you think it's smart to let your sister spin in circles while she's mortally wounded!"

"I'm sorry!" he cries to Germany, "I only wanted her to have some fun!"

"She's your sister for crying out loud!" Germany scolds, "Can't you at least not act like an idiot around her?"

Italy's eyes well up in tears as Germany scolds him. Sicily notices and feels a deep sadness for him.

"Veneziano!" Sicily says stretching her arms out, "It's alright! I forgive you!"

"Ve?" Italy says, "Really Finuzza?" Italy says blushing. (Finuzza is Sicily's real name)

"Si!" Sicily says, "Let's play futball now!"

"No futball!" Germany and Japan say in unison.

"Ve?" Italy says

"Whyy?" Sicily finishes.

"I apologize Sicily-san," Japan says, "But like I said before you are recovering..."

"But-but I like futball," Sicily whines.

"You are just straight-out careless aren't you?" Germany asks rhetorically.

Germany sighs as Italy and Sicily speak in Italian. Things at his house wouldn't be able to stand with an extra person; Italy is already a handful as it already was. Another Italy would just be a very bad problem. He knows that kicking her out wouldn't just be immoral, she wouldn't survive alone with her naïve mind. It was then settled in Germany's mind...

Germany takes out his cell phone searching through his contacts.

"What ya doing there Germany?" Italy asks in curiosity, "Who are ya gonna call?"

"Who else?" Germany says closing his phone, "I need Romano's number..."

"Romano?" Sicily asks nervously, "Whhyyy? Please don't tell him I'm here!"

"I have no other choice," Germany says, "You won't ever be able to survive alone..." Germany turns towards the door ,"PRUSSIA!" he calls.

"Whaa?" Sicily asks, "What makes you think that?"

Germany gives Sicily a sarcastic look as he says, "You are actually asking that question?"

"Sicily-san," Japan says, "I'm sorry... But we can't have abyone else here... I'm sure you can just tell Romano you want to be independent rather than running away..."

"But I have already!" Sicily says sadly, "He doesn't want me to... He says-"

"WHO CALLED MY AWSOME NAME?" an albino man with ruby red eyes yells through the door. Prussia spots Sicily and immediately changes his expression, "Who's that?"

"I'm Sicily!" Sicily waves, "Remember me?"

"HOLY CRAP IT'S THE OTHER ITALY!" Prussia exclaims as he gets closer.

"Another me?" Italy says looking behind him, "That sound like fun!"

"Um, Veneziano," Sicily says blushing a little, "I think he means me..."

"Enough Prussia," Germany says, "Do you have Romano's cell phone number?"

"What?" Prussia says, "I can't believe you," Prussia scoffs, "Two timing on siblings is not awesome!"

"VAT THE HELL?" Germany exclaims.

"You're two timing Romano?" Italy gasps, "That's sad!"

"No," Japan says looking very uncomfortable, "He means-"

"What does two timing mean?," Sicily interrupts.

"I'M NOT TWO TIMING!" Germany says blushing, "JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN NUMBER!"

"Fine," Prussia says taking out his cell phone. He pauses though and puts his arm around Germany, "Right after you say I am the awsomest country in the universe..."

"Vhy do you want me to say that?" Germany asks.

"You already call yourself awesome too much," Japan states.

"I think he's awesome," Sicily says.

"Say it or I won't give you his number," Prussia says crossing his arms.

"It's okay to get his number," Sicily says nervously, "B-but please don't send me back with him! He'll be very mad! I don't want him to hate me!"

"He probably already does," Germany mumbles.

"Romano..." Sicily says in the verge of tears, "You're right...he probably hates me now..."

"Damn West," Prussia says putting his arm around Sicily, "You're so insensitive and unawesome! I'm not giving you his number no matter how awesome you say I am!"

"Vat!" Germany exclaims, "I'm not insensitive! She's just too sensitive!"

"It's okay Sicily," Italy says patting her on the head, "Germany is really a nice person! He's just a little rough on the edges!"

"Rough..."'Sicily says, " churros?"

"Yes!" Italy says, "Like big brother Spain's churros!"

"Yay!" Sicily cheers.

"Damn it," Germany says shaking his head, "Why does his have to be so difficult? Sicily I just can't carry the huge responsibility of caring for two countries. Japan a little help?"

"Hai!" Japan says putting down his manga book, "Sicily-kun," he starts saying, "What Germnay is trying to say is that we already have enough with Italy..."

"Why are you upside-down?" Italy asks lying on the bed next to Sicily.

"But-" Japan says not wanting to offend Sicily, "Th-that doesn't mean that you're a burden! No! We just have too much in mind with just Italy! One Italy is enough to drive us crazy... another like him would give us cardiac arrest..."

"Hey," Prussia says poking Italy, "Are you truly such an idiot that you can't even tell they are talking about you?"

"Ve.." Italy says after almost falling asleep, "Who are they talking about?"

"I understand I can be a sort of a burden," Sicily says frivolously, "But don't send me back! At least let me stay until I can have a house of my own!"

"Vith your carelessness I'm afraid you'd ever get that far," Germany says, "You don't have a military to defend yourself, I don't even want to ask about you economy, and you need to have a boss to boss you around."

"Alright," Sicily says writing it down on some paper.

"Wow!" Italy exclaims, "I want to do that! How did you make the paper appear like that Sicily!"

"Vhy are you vriting this down?" Germany asks in curiosity.

"So I can become an independent country!" Sicily cheers.

"Yay!" Italy cheers.

"You do know she's becoming independent from you right?" Prussia says.

"What's wrong with that?" Italy asks.

"Idiot," Germany, Japan and Prussia mutter.

"So," Sicily says with a determined look on her face, "I'm all ears! Tell me what I must do!"

"Vell becoming independent is a huge responsibility!" Germsny starts, "You have to go back to your country and have the citizens agree. Then you must have a military if you want to live alone and know self-defense..."

"Self-defense..." Sicily says with a determined look, "Alright! I'll do all of that!"

"You also have to not trust-" Germany starts.

"Look here Sicily," Prussia says putting his arm around her, "Want to see a pretty story?" he says holding out a porn magazine.

"Prussia!" Germany exclaims.

"Oh you're right West," Prussia says pretending he wasnt about to hand a porn magazine to Sicily, "I was testing if she would trust me!"

"Und she obviously trusts people too much..." Germany sighs.

"Ve! I want to see the pretty story!" Italy whines.

"Me too!" Siicly says.

"Fine," Prussia says handing the magazine to Sicily.

"Yay!" Sicily cheers opening the magazine, "Hey I saw this before!" Siicly exclaims, "What are they doing? Can you read me the story?"

Japan snatches the magazine from Sicily with unreadable expression of horror on his face.

"You have a lot to learn," Germany sighs.

"Learn?" Sicily asks.

"Looks like I've got no other choice," Germany says shaking his head, "I'll have to help you become stronger..."

"Hai," Japan says throwing the magazine over his shoulder, "I believe I can help in the self-defense part..."

"Fine," Germnay says standing up, "I'll help her with survival lessons und basic first aid..."

"I wanna help to!" Italy says waving his hand impatiently.

"Do vatever you vant," Germany says half-heartedly.

"Yay!" Italy says hugging Germany, "I'll help in getting you a boss!"

(Germany totally blushes really red at this part! ^^)

"Alright!" Prussia cheers, "So do I get to teach her?"

"No!" Germany and Japan exclaim together.

"You guys are so not awsome," Prussia says heading out the door.

"Now to get some things straight," Germany says to Sicily, "There will be no messing around because if there is! I will send you to Romano right then and there!"

"Got it!" Sicily says saluting.

"YAHHH!" Italy exclaims running over to Germany again.

"Vat is it now!" Germany demands.

"Prussia lied," Italy says in a fearful tone, "That wasn't a storybook..."


More chibicilia!

The year, was 242 BC. Sicily was very tired of having to work for Mr. Carthage who only seemed to be wanting more and more of her country.

"Now, more crops!" Carthage demands.

"Okay," Sicily says hoarsely.

"You stupid girl! Work faster!: Carthage demands.

"I'm going as fast as I can!" Sicily whines.

"That's it! I'm tired of your whining!" Carthage lunges forward to attack the defenseless Sicily, but he stops abruptly as he notices a hand stop him.

"That's enough," Ancient Rome says in a serious tone.

"What? What the hell are you doing here!" Carthage demands, "And you don't tell me what to do with my property! I can do whatever the hell I want!"

"That's the problem," Ancient Rome says pushing Carthage back, "Sicily isn't your anymore… She will be under my care now.."

Sicily's dries her tears and slowly walks up to Ancient Rome, wondering if it isn't just a dream.

"Come here," Ancient Rome says smiling warmly, "Come to-"

"No!" Carthage exclaims as he blocks the little Sicily, "We settled this! Ancient Greece is no more! You had here! Now I'll have the child!"

"I made a promise to her," Ancient Rome says eyeing Sicily, "And I intend to keep it now…"

"Wah- No NEVER!" Carthage exclaims.

"So be it," Ancient Rome says drawing a sword.

And thus, the First Punic War commenced…

The pathetic Carthage lost the Ounic Wars and had to surrender little Sicily. Sicily was happy to become a province, and she was very thankful that Ancient Rome saved her. And she would be... for a long time...

In 212 A.D Sicly was officially recognized as a part of Rome. She had all Rome could offer. She had to pay taxes, grow food, but best of all live in her country again.

"Hello! I'm back!" Sicily cheers to the citizens of Sicly.

"Who is she?" a man with a plow over his shoulder asks.

"I don't know but she's adorable.

Everything was good in Sicily's eyes. Even though she was not called Sicily, she couldn't leave her country meaning she couldn't visit Rome's grandchildren, taxes were high, oh! And the government decided Sicily would be a subdivison of Italy under the vicar city of Rome.

"What's that?" Sicily asks. - Not Christian yet

Since Sicily was treated like crap, and had to work to stay alive; Sicily lost her identity to the outside world and Italy itself.

"Caio!" Sicily calls to Italy and Romano who are eating tomatoes. (On the other side of the ocean)

"Caio!" a tiny Italy waves over at Sicily.

"Italy! Don't talk to strangers!" an older child version of Romano scolds.

"Oops," Italy says, "Sorry stranger!" Italy calls, "I'm not supossed to talk to you!"

"But-but we're neighbors!" Sicly says welling up as Romano and Italy walk away.

Poor Siicly, she never had a true friend in her early days. Worse of all, she hasn't heard a word from Ancient Greece. When she tries to ask Ancient Rome he just sighs and shakes his head. No one tells Siicly anything making her sad and lonely. That is, until...

"Urm, Sicily," a man says as Sicily wipes some sweat from polwing with a plow about two times bigger than herself.

"Si?" Siicly asks in her little voice.

"I- I really don't want to be the one to tell you this..." the man stammers, "Ih-it's about Rome..."

"Grandpa Rome?" Siicly asks smiling dumbly, "Is he here? Tell me where he is? Is he playing hide-and-seek?"

"Er-no," the man says, "Rome-he..." the man sighs trying to make the adorasble little girl at his feet understand a grave matter, "Rome is dead..."

"Grandpa..." Sicily says with her voice trailing off, "But-"

Sicily is heartbroken at this news. I mean, what would a small country like her do anyway. She had no one to care for her. Unfortunatley, things didn't get any better.

"Run!" a person outside yells.

"Help! Vadals!"

"Vandals?" Sicily asks peeking from a farmer's window, "Who are they?"

The Vandals were a group from Germnay (Prussia then, though.) with only one objective...

A hand claspses over Sicily's mouth making her want to scream.

"You have her?" a voice from the door calls.

"I do," Sicily's captor says trying to get Sicily to shut up, "She's so small!"

"Enough of that! We have captured Sicily! That should be enough to prove we have conquered the place!"

In 440 AD, some very mean people captured Sicily, taking advantage of her very fertile land and resources.

"Hey! Those are mine!" Sicily whines.

"Not anymore!" a man teases as he.

"Look at her! So weak and pathetic!" another man calls.

Fortunatley (rather, unfortunatly), even if the Vandals were big mean foreigners, they were cowards. Their rule over Sicily didn't even last a century and they immediatley ceceeded her to the new invaders called Ostrogoths.

"Hand her over!" an Ostrogoth demands.

"Over our dead bodies!" a Vandal challenges.

"Please," Sicily says in the verge of tears, "Don't fight! Someone could end up hurt!"

"You dare challenge us!" an Ostrogoth shouts, "You're getting yourself into some deep shit here!"

The Ostrogoths take out their weapons making the Vandals extremely uncomfortable.

"O-okay," a Vandal says, "We see your s-serious."

"H-here," a Vandal says holding up a very small Sicily, "We-we were just joking around! You can have her!"

"But I don't want to!" Sicily whines.

Unfortunatly, Sicily had no other choice. Her home was once again inhabited by more mean people; even meaner than the Vandals.

"You're weak and pathetic!" an Ostrogoth teases, "No wonder you're tossed around like a piece of shit!"

The men laugh leaving poor Sicily alone in her tears. There was no one who understood her, and Rome wasn't there to save the day. For almost fifty years she had to endure the harsh treatment of the Ostrogoths... that is...

"Hey idiot," an Ostrogoth exclaims throwing a vegetable at her.

"S-si?" Sicily asks dirty and tired.

"There isn't enough food for me here in Palemero! I want more food!" the Ostrogoth demands.

"Right away sir," Sicily says gloomily.

"And hurry it-" the Ostrogoth starts.

He is cut short by a slashing sound of flesh from behind. Blood flies in all directions making Sicily turn and stand paralyzed in fear.

The other Ostrogoth men stand and run behind the small and defenseless Sicly to face the person who just killed one of their men. To their surprise, the murderer isn't a man... it's a woman.

"What the hell?" an Ostrogoth says.

"What's your purpose here?" another man demands.

An army of people appear behind this woman who smirks slyly at them. She is covered in armor, but something about her attracts Sicily in wondering where she has seen her before.

"You will give up these lands," the woman says in a serious tone, "Under the order of Belisarius..."

"Who the hell is that?" an Ostrogoth asks.

"That would be me," a soldier on a horse says, "You will either give up these lands or fight... Whatever the desicion is it's settled that this land now belongs to the Byzantine Empire..."

"Hell no!" an Ostrogoth says, "Never!"

"Fine then," Belisarius says, "Take her," he says motioning to Sicily.

Sicily wakes from her reverie and wonders if she should go over to the starngly familiar woman. The men, however, step in front of Sicly, "Over our dead-"

They are cut off by the sound of a sword cutting flrsh as they fall to the ground silent in death. Sicily stands petrified and the woman takes her caringly in her arms.

"It's alright," she says softly, "You don't need to be scared..."

"Take her away," Belisarius says, "This can get a bit ugly..."

"Right away sir," the woman says nodding.

The woman carries Sicily away as she looks back to see the men advance. More sounds of cutting flesh is heard making Sicily flinch in fear.

"You don't have to see that," the woman says covering her eyes, "Don't worry dear child, I'll take care of you now..."

The words "dear child" echo in Sicily's mind and slowly, fragments of memory return to her.

"Never forget Sicily"

Tears spring into Sicily's eyes and she slowly smiles, "Ancient Greece?"

The woman stops walking to look down at Sicily with a puzzeled expression, "Ancient... I am Byzantine Empire..."

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