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A Different Direction ~ Rated MA ~ Slash Twilight Fic

November 9, 2011
By Marilou4241 SILVER, Spokane Valley, Washington
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Marilou4241 SILVER, Spokane Valley, Washington
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Author's note: This was an entry in the Phases of Life contest on Free Writers and Readers' website.

The author's comments:
If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to tell/ask me.

How did I get here? How did my life change so drastically? That's it, I remember, it was the first time I went to Bella's on my own. She wanted to get together and so we did. We walked around her neighborhood for a while. At the time, I hadn't shifted yet, so I thought nothing was going on when he past us on the street.

We spent a lot of time together back then. That is, until she got a boyfriend. I was driving to Bella's house so that Charlie and my dad could watch the game, when I saw him standing in the driveway. The way he looked at me and how Dad looked at him confused me. How could they hate each other? I didn't know that they knew each other. When we pulled into the driveway, he got into his car and left.

I got Dad out of the truck and into his chair. I pushed him up to the door and said hi to Bella.

"Hey Jake, when they're set up, how about we go for a walk?"

I nodded and took Dad into the living room and then said hi to Chief Swan before grabbing Bella's hand, walking outside.

"What's up Bella?" I said looking at her.

"Well, I wanted to tell you before you saw him, but the guy that left…" She couldn't finish her sentence.

"He's your boyfriend," I said more as a statement than a question.

She nodded. "Is that okay?"

I smile at her with a goofy look on my face. "Yeah, why wouldn't it be okay?"

She shrugged and hugged me. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay with it."

"Yeah, it's great," I said smiling, as I pulled her closer.

We went to the park and sat on the swings. We stayed at the park until the game was over and went back to her house. When the door was opened, they were still sitting back, but this time they were talking about Bella.

"Hey Dad, hey Billy, we're back," she said a little loud.

"Oh hey Bells, how was your walk?" he asked.

"It was fine. I'm going to bed," she said giving me a hug.

Later on when we were home, Dad told me that I should stay away from the guy that was in the driveway at Bella's. I was going to question him, but I thought I should just let it go.

A month later, I was walking in the forest around Forks bored out of my mind. I had been walking for a few hours, when I heard rustling in the trees.

"I've been waiting for you."

"Edward…what are you doing out here?"

"I could ask you the same thing."

"Don't you have something to do with Bella?"

He shook his head and walked up to me. I took a step back and backed into a tree. He ran his hand down my face.

"Jacob, you're so beautiful," he said, as he ran his nose down my neck.

When I finally got my breath back, I pushed him away. "What the hell are you doing? I don't appreciate you making moves on me when you're dating Bella."

I thought he was straight. I like Bella, I don't even think of guys like that.

"Jacob, I'm sorry. I'll just go," he said walking away.

"Good. That was weird…" I trailed off.

That was just the beginning. The first time that I shifted I didn't have anyone, or at least that's what I thought. After months and months of him making advances on me, I decided to stay away from Bella. It sucked, but he was confusing me. When I was laying there convulsing, I could feel someone come closer to me. I growled at the weird smell coming from the person. I was holding my chest trying to keep myself from exploding, until I started seeing hair spread over my arms. I fell to the ground and felt someone's hand on my shoulder. I growled at them and then I started thrashing back and forth and I couldn't help the tears of pain that fell down my face. The next thing I knew was that I could see things better and smell better, that's when I smelled it. It was a sickeningly sweet smell and I saw someone still standing next to me.

"Jacob, are you alright?" the familiar voice asked.

Edward? What happened to me?

"You've shifted, Jacob," he said as if he could read my mind.

That's impossible. He can't read minds…

"Actually, I can read you Jacob," he said smirking.

I start thinking of the first walk I took with Bella near her house and the guy on the street and how weird it was.

"I was already watching Bella then. That was before I saw you driving Billy up Bella's driveway. I felt something stronger with you," he said looking at the ground.

Not understanding what was going on, I looked up at him and he looked me in the eyes. Everything started feeling different. He was beautiful; he was like the whole world in one form. He was as beautiful as the world and the sun put together. Not believing what I was feeling, or understanding it for that matter, I ran off in the opposite direction. I could hear water running somewhere close by, so I ran toward it. I lifted my hand up to my face, but I was shocked because it wasn't my hand, it was a paw. Freaked out, I looked into the water to see my reflection, but it wasn't me. It was a wolf, a hugewolf; almost the size of my house!

"It's different, isn't it?"

What do you want?

"I want to help you, Jacob."

All you're doing is confusing me. How could you possibly be here already? And how can you read my mind?

"I…I'm not…I'm not human," he said silently.

I understand, kind of, what I am. The legends make more sense now, but he's not human…what is he?

He petted the side of my face and I whimpered against his cold hand. Then I yelped. Coldones?No,thatcan'tbe.He'sneverhurtme.Now that I knew I was supposed to hate the Cold Ones, I didn't know what to do, so I just ran home to LaPush. I went straight to Sam Uley's house and howled. He came running out and froze. "Jacob, is that you?"

I whimpered and he said, "Wait here, Jake."

He ran into the woods and out came a midnight black wolf.

Jacob, are you okay?

Sam, I don't know how to change back. I don't want to stay like this.

Alright, I'll teach you and then we need to talk.

I nodded and he showed me several different times how to switch back. After shifting about ten times, he said it was enough. We talked for a while. He told me that I was the rightful Alpha, but I told him that I didn't want the responsibility of taking care of the pack. I told him about what happened between me and Edward in the woods and he went on the defense. I told him that I didn't understand what was going on, then he told me that I had imprinted on Edward.

"I imprinted on a vampire? Isn't that impossible?"

He shook his head. "I've never heard of it before, but you've always been a weird one."

That's how I got to where I am now. Hiding from the world, not wanting to get anywhere near Edward because if I get near him, I'd do something I'd regret. We're supposed to hate each other, but I've imprinted on him! I've been in so much pain being away from him, but I can't be near him, it'll ruin everything. I lie here until I fall asleep.

I start to feel something cold on my arms. I look up and see him petting my arms and I can smell his sweet scent. He leans into me and kisses my neck and licks me down to my pulse point. He begins to suck on it and I moan. He straddles me and I whimper as he laughs and kisses me. The kiss is hard and we both fight for dominance, which makes it more heated. I feel his erection on my thigh and I thrust my hips and he groans. Then everything goes dark, and I realize I was just dreaming again.

"Damn it! I got so close!" I scream and punch my wall near my bed.

Sometimes it ends like that, or we actually get somewhere and I get my release. The dreams are so real that I don't know I'm asleep. Now I'm lying here with a throbbing hard on and I can either deal with the pain, or I can take care of it. I start to think that I should just suffer through it, but I can't stand waiting anymore so I think of Edward and I start jacking off. "Oh God…yes…yes…ahh!" I scream as I finally reach my release. "I can't stay away from him any longer…" I whisper as I fall asleep again.

The next day, I go to Forks looking for a job. Lucky for me, the high school needs a janitor. It sounds like a decent job and I'll be able to see Edward. I start in a few hours. I just applied and with it being before school starts, I get to start at nine this morning. There isn't a specifi dress code for janitors, so I just wear my usual khaki shorts and a black t-shirt. I sit in my new office as I get a all from a teacher saying that someone has gotten sick in the hall. Great,Igettocleanuppuke…Imightaswellmopthewholedamnhall.

So I grab my mop and bucket and go toward the dirty hall. I start with the puke spot, then I go to the end of the hall and mop the floor from one end to the other. When I get halfway down the hall, I hear a gasp and I smile looking up through my lashes.

See something you like?

He looks at me and smirks nodding. Then Bella looks up and shrieks. "Oh my God! Jake, what are you doing here?"

"Hi Bells, I'm the new janitor, so don't make too many messes," I say laughing.

"You know that's not fair." She glares at me and I laugh harder.

"We should go, the janitor's got a job to do," Edward says to Bella.

"Okay, bye Jake." She walks off and Edward stays back. He smiles at me and says, "You're looking good, Jacob. It's nice to see you again." He walks up to me and since I'm leaning on the mop, I'm eyelevel with him.

"Meet me in your office during lunch, mutt." My eyes get wide and he grins his crooked smile and I melt saying, "I'll see you at lunch." He walks off and slaps my ass.

I just stand there trying to gather my breath. "Mop the floor, need to mop the floor…" I repeat to myself over and over again. I mop the floor and mop all of the hallways having nothing better to do. They needed it anyway, they were dirty as all get out, since the previous janitor went missing. By the time I'm done with all of the hallways, it's lunchtime. I go into the lunchroom and buy a lunch and take it to my office. I'm eating an apple when there's three knocks on my office door.

"Come in," I call. The door opens and I let my breath out that I didn't know I was holding; in walked the principal.

"So Mr. Black, how are you enjoying your new job?" the principal asks. The principal is a well dressed woman that looks to be in her thirties. I have a feeling that she likes me, but I don't really pay attention to it as I say, "It's okay. It's just that as I was working the halls, there was a really bad layer of dirt. I was wondering if the last janitor really did his job?"

She looks at me and smiles. "Yeah, he wasn't a good hard worker. I appreciate your work ethic even though you're cleaning these kids' messes up."

"Thanks, it's how I work. When I say I'll do something, I do it."

"Well, you did a great job," she says as she leaves my office and closes the door.

A few seconds later, the door opens again. "Did you forget something?" I say thinking that it is the principal. I'm instantly proved wrong as the door shuts and then suddenly Edward is standing in front of me. "I can't believe what she was thinking!" he hisses.

I get up and walk to him. "What was she thinking, Edward?" I whisper as I kiss his throat. He moans and says, "She wanted to touch you." I suck on his Adam's apple as he finishes talking. "Is that all? She just wanted to touch me?" I tease him as I kiss his hard, cold lips. I run my tongue against his bottom lip begging for entrance and he doesn't disappoint. I back him against the wall and he moans against my lips.

I pull back so that I can breathe and he says, "That's not all she wanted to do. She wanted you inside her!"

I look at him taken by surprise. "Do you really think I'd allow that?" I ask him. He shrugs. I walk up to him and grab his ass. "You're mine, do you understand that? No one else but you," I say as I kiss him again. He wraps his arms around my neck and deepens the kiss.

I want you Edward. I want to feel you inside me.

He pulls back and raises his eyebrows. "Are you sure?" he asks shocked. I nod. He kisses me again and I break the kiss and try to walk toward the door, but he grabs my wrist. "Where are you going?" he asks.

"I'm locking the door, so no one interrupts us. Is that okay with you?"

He lets go of my wrist and I walk to the door and lock it. Once it's locked I turn around and notice that he's already undressed. I stand there with my mouth wide open, staring at his beautiful form. "See something you like?" I nod and walk toward him. He pushes me up to the wall with my back facing him. He unbuttons my shorts, while he trails kisses down my neck and I feel my c*** start to get hard. He unzips my shorts and pulls them down to my ankles. He hisses when he notices that I am not wearing boxers. "You walk around commando?" I snicker and say, "It's easier for when I have to shift."

He starts to stroke my c*** and I thrust into his hand willing him to move faster, he speeds up his strokes smiling against my shoulder. "Are you ready, love?"

"Yes…please Edward…" I beg.

He lines up with my center and thrusts inside me. We both moan at the welcome friction. "God, love, you're so tight…" he whispers.

"You're so cold…" I whimper.

"Is it uncomfortable?" he asks thrusting into me.

"No…oh God…Edward…harder…f*** me harder…" I beg.

He thrusts faster and harder and I start moaning as he pumps my c*** faster as well.

Edward…I love you.

He starts to slow down his thrusts and acts as if he's going to pull all the way out, but before he does, he plunges back in. I can't hold myself back any longer as I release into his hand. "Oh…Jacob…" he groans and just as I think it can't get any better, he thrusts a few more times before he releases inside of me. He leans against me and kisses my neck. "Wow.." is all I can say as I try to catch my breath. He laughs as he pulls my shorts up for me, since I still can't breathe. As he stands up, he kisses me all the way up my back, my neck, and my ear. He sucks on my earlobe and says, "Thank you, love." I button and zip my shorts as I look into his eyes and smile.

"You're welcome, Edward," I smile as I take in his beautiful body. "You should put your shirt back on, lunch is almost over."

I do as he said and put my shirt on. "Edward?" I ask as I watch him dress.

"Yes, Jake?" he says smiling at me.

"Are we going to keep this secret?" I look at the floor as I say it.

"Well, I think we should at least tell Bella. She's noticed that we've both been acting strange. I don't think we should tell our families though."

"What do you think she'll say?"

He doesn't answer right away, but he walks up to me and puts his arms around my waist.

"I'm not sure, but she is my singer, so I should still watch over her." I pull him into my chest and rest my chin on his head.

"We'll figure it out."

"I should go, she's probably wondering where I am. You've got a job to do, love."

"Yeah, I think the principal wouldn't like to seeing us hold each other, especially if she wants me to be with her."

He growls at me and I kiss his nose. "Don't worry, Edward, nothing will happen."

He pulls back, walks to the door, and smiles at me before leaving the room. I smile back and wave. I wait until the bell rings to leave my office. I go straight to the lunchroom and start sweeping before I mop. Once I'm done mopping, the principal walks in and asks me to come with her to her office. I get inside her office and she locks the door.

"Mrs. Perkins, have I done something wrong?"

"No, please call me AnnaBelle."

"What's going on, AnnaBelle?"

"I just wanted sometime alone with you, that's all. Is there a problem with that?" she asks as she walks up and sits on my lap. I gulp and I can tell that something is happening here that I didn't notice before.

"AnnaBelle, what happened to the last janitor?" I ask, aware of the possible danger.

"Why, he and I had a little fun before he disappeared; other than that, nothing really," she says in an irritatingly seductive voice.

"I need to get back to work, Mrs. Perkins." I push her off of me and walk toward the door. As I look over my shoulder, I notice that she's already close to me, when she was on the other side of the office.

"How dare you deny me!" she screeches as I unlock the door and leave the office. I've gotten into serious trouble. I bet she left Bernie's body behind somewhere in the school…I have to find Edward and Bella. I go to their Biology classroom and apologize to the teacher. "I'm sorry, but Mr. Cullen and Miss Swan are needed in the office."

"Alright, Bella and Edward, get going," the teacher said.

They both grab their stuff and come with me out of the classroom. They both look at me confused. Bella is the first one to speak, as we walk to my office in the opposite direction of the main one.

"Jacob, what's going on?"

"Not yet, get in here," I say, unlocking my office.

When we're in the office, Edward locks the door behind us. He looks at me confused and eyebrows raised.

"We've got a serious problem. We've got company."

"What are you talking about?" Bella asked.

"I think we have company, like I said, there's trouble. That's all I can say, I'm sorry."

Edward, I think there's a human-vampire hybrid in the school.

He sits on the desk and puts his hand on my shoulder.

God, you're cold. Back to the point…you'll never believe who it is.

"Who is the problem, Jacob?" he asks.

"Mrs. Perkins, but I don't think that that is her real name."

"Either way, it doesn't matter. We need to gather the family."

I nod and sit back. Well,we'vegotherhere,shouldwetellher? He laughs and shrugs as he grabs my hand places it on his thigh.

"Bella, bring the chair around my desk and sit down please," I say.

"Sure Jake, what's going on?"

"We have two things to tell you. There's weird news, and there's bad news. Which would you rather hear first?" Mightaswellleaveituptoher. Edward nods.

"Okay, I'd rather hear the weird news first, I guess," she says as she shrugs.

Heregoesnothing. He grabs my hand and squeezes it.

"Bella, you know how I said we shifters imprint?"


"Well, uh, I've met my imprint…" I trail off to see how she reacts.

"Really? Who is she?" She's animated now.

Great, that's what I didn't want.

Edward laughs at me and says, "Go on Jacob, tell her."

I roll my eyes at him and look at Bella. "Bella, it's not a she…"

Her eyes grow wide. "You mean…?"

I nod and continue. "The other thing that makes it even more confusing is that my imprint is…Edward."

She turns white like she's seen blood, then Edward speaks up. "Bella, are you alright?"

She's zoned out for a minute and then she shakes herself. "Huh? Oh yeah…um…I'm okay. So how long have you known?"

"Do you remember when I stopped calling and coming over?" She nods.

"That makes sense. Based on what you've told me about Quil, I understand. You were hiding from him?"

"Yeah, but after a few weeks, I couldn't stay away any longer." Edward smiles and kisses my forehead.

"I've also been meaning to talking about you, Bella."

"Don't bother," she says laughing, "he's your mate, right?"

Now it's my turn for my eyes to grow wide, but for two reasons. The first is that I can't believe she knew and the second was that I just thought he was a closet gay, but I'm his mate? Since when? Edward cracks up laughing at me. "You're kidding me right?"

I shake my head. "That's what I thought."

He laughs even harder. "Yes…he's…my…mate…" he says in between giggles.

"What did I miss?" Bella asks.

"I thought that Edward was a closet gay; I didn't take in consideration that I was his mate."

"Oh my God…" she busts up laughing and I can't help but laugh as well. "Okay, so what's the bad news?"

"We honestly thought that you would take it harder than this…"

She shrugs. "I could tell something was different. Edward kept talking to himself about you and he'd zone out every once in a while."

"I was really that obvious?"

"For a vampire, you're kind of easy to read Edward."

I laugh and say, "Okay, well we have a vampire problem, Bella."

"Really? Do we know who it is?"

"No, but I believe that she's a hybrid."

"Hybrid…what kind of…wait a minute, you mean Mrs. Perkins is a…vampire-human?"

Wow,she'squick. Edward laughs again.

"Yeah, exactly. That's why we're in here."

"How can you be sure she's a hybrid?" she asks.

"She went impossibly fast and she's got the vampire seductive voice going for her."

"I knew it! I never should have left!"

Edward…you just slipped, love.

"Left where?" she asks.

"S***! I…I was helping Jacob earlier when Perkins came in. She practically was throwing herself at him. After a bit I couldn't stand it anymore, so I left them alone."

She nods and I look up at Edward as he lipped, "Sorry".

"We should get to your parents' place as soon as we can."

"I agree."

"Bella, there is one thing though…"

"Okay, what's that?"

"They, his family, can't know about us. So, I was wondering if…you could act like I'm there for you, with you."

She giggles. "You mean, you want me to act as though I broke up with Edward, for you?"

What do you think?

"I think it'll work. They would understand why you're there, since Bella here is my singer and a trouble magnet, she'd need her boyfriend and her vampire near her."

"You're kidding right?"

"No, it's either they think he's with you, or hell warms over because the pack and my family will want to fight over our being mates and we don't have time for that."

"I see…so after this is over, what happens to me?"

"I don't know Bells, we just need to do this," I say as I get up from my chair and we all walk out. We run out the back door and go into the woods. I go in first so that I can shift. They follow me in and I lean forward so that they can get on my back. I run as fast as I can with them on me and we're at the Cullen house within ten minutes.

When we're a few feet away, they get off and I shift back behind a tree. I join them and I walk hand in hand with Bella.

I wish we could be alone.

He looks over at me and nods. We get near the house and every vampire in the house comes outside within seconds.

"What's a mutt doing here?" the blond chick snaps.

"Rose, calm down, let Edward explain. What's going on, son?" the doctor asks.

"We've got a problem. Bella's in trouble, actually they both are and they need our help."

"Did I miss something? Why have you both been disappearing?" the little pixie asks.

"Alice, it's probably because I'm with Jacob now," Bella says. Everyone gasps.

"What happened? I thought you two were happy?" the tall husky one says.

"Emmett, it's okay. They've been friends their whole lives, I decided to give them a chance," Edward explains.

"Jasper, what do you think about this?" Alice asks the other blond.

"They're telling the truth. At least their emotions are saying as much."

They're buying it? This is too easy…

Edward says, "Let's all go inside. There's more to say."

We all go in the house and Bella and I sit on the couch. Well, I sit on the couch and she sits on my lap. I fumble with her hair, as she leans against me with her head under my chin.

"Edward, what's the problem?" the last vampire asks.

"Esme, everyone, there seems to be a hybrid posing as principal at the high school. She tried to seduce Jacob, but he got away in time."

I look up at the vampires and they're all staring at me. "I asked her what had happened to Bernie, the last janitor before me, and she said they had a little 'fun' before he disappeared. I felt threatened and my wolf warned me of possible danger, so I got out of there as fast as I could. Then I called Bella and Edward out of class so I could inform them," I explain.

"So we have a murdering vampire, what's new?" Rose asks.

"She's no ordinary hybrid. I don't know what it was, but she seemed relatively new. She's reckless and I think she'll do anything to keep Bernie's remains hidden. She doesn't want to compromise her cover. It's her food source," I say.

They're all looking at me like I'm crazy. What'd I say wrong?

Edward shakes his head. "You're right. She went after you and Bernie's been gone for a month. She needed to feed, but you turned her down. We might have a rogue on our hands."

They all nod and Bella's focused on me paying no attention to the Cullens. "Jacob, when can we go home?" Bella says in a sweet voice.

"Soon Baby, soon. After we figure out what we're going to do."

"I think the sooner we take care of this problem, the better. We should get started. Jacob, I think it would be best for you to take her home with you. Don't tell anyone about our situation, it would cause problems," Carlisle tells me.

"I was thinking the same thing. Are you guys going to need my help?"

"Yeah, just stay with Bella and make sure nothing happens to her," Edward says.

Or else? What are you going to do? Punish me?

"Don't tempt me, you know what I said would happen if she gets hurt."

I shiver and he smirks.

"Alright Baby, let's get out of here. There's too many vampires here," I say as I kiss her forehead.

"Okay. I can't wait to see Billy again. I hope the guys will be happy to see me. I haven't seen Embry, Seth, Quil, and Paul in like forever." She smiles widely. I grab her hand and walk out as she says her goodbyes. Edward follows us out and we go into the woods. Once we are out of sight, Edward walks up to me and pushes me into a tree.

"Do you remember the first time I had you against a tree?"


"Do you know what I wanted to do to you?"

"I can only guess."

"I wish you didn't have to go. I wish we didn't need to hide it. I would have taken you in my room by now…"

"I wish we could have, but I need to take Bella to the reservation."

"I'll see you tonight…somehow."

"I've got to go," I say before I kiss him.

Bella's been sitting back and watching us. She smirks and says, "You guys are all over each other. How did we get it passed them?"

"You didn't fool everyone."

"Jasper? Why'd you cover for us if you knew?" Bella asks.

"I could not let there be a fight between the coven and the pack. At least when you're with Bella, you're also with Jacob. Well, I'll keep quiet, just stay with Bella, Jacob. I'd hate to see something happen to her," Jasper says with a grin.

Bella and I have been at the beach for an hour. I called the guys a few minutes ago, so we're waiting for them to show up. Bella's been really quiet since we got here.

"Bella, what are you thinking about? You've been really quiet."

"I was just thinking how different things have gotten. Would Perkins come after me for being around you?"

"Probably, but that's why you're with me."

She nods and I hear rocks crunching behind us. I hear them before I see them, they are almost here. I wonder what the guys will think. I get up and grab Bella's hand. We start walking down the beach up to a little ridge that has grass on it. The guys can just use their noses to find us. Within a matter of minutes, they all gather around us.

"Hey Jake," Quil says.

"Hey," Embry says.

"Hi guys, there's someone here that I think you might remember," I say grabbing Bella's hand again.

"Hi guys," Bella says smiling. Every one of the guys gives her a hug, all except Paul. Whydoeshebothercomingalongifhe'sjustgoingtoignoreus? Bella doesn't let it slide; she goes over by him and sits on his right.

"Hi Paul, long time no see, how are you?" Bella says quietly.

"I'm okay. Sorry I didn't jump at the chance to say hi. I've got a lot running through my head," he replies.

Paul has been listening to everyone's thoughts in the pack about their imprints. Leah still bitches about Sam and Emily. Then there is Quil and Claire. Some of us take it harder than others. I've been trying to limit the amount of shifting I do, because I don't want everyone knowing. Sam knows because he's the Alpha, but if everyone else knew, it would be chaos.

Bella puts an arm around Paul and puts her chin on his shoulder. "I'm here for awhile in case you want to talk," she says leaning into him.

He leans his head against hers. "Thank you Bella," he whispers.

"You're welcome," she says smiling.

"Hey Jake, we're going cliff diving, do you want to come?"

"No thanks, I'll just stay here," I say.

"Okay, see you later," he says as he shrugs.

"See ya."

Paul and Bella are still in their little bubble. She moves her head and then he looks at her finally seeing what he's been missing. The funny thing is that the look on his face is probably the same one I would have had, but I had shifted.

"Paul? Are you okay? You looked freaked out," Bella says clueless to what just happened.

"Yeah, I'm okay," he says looking at me with his eyebrows raised. I smile and nod.

"Bella, can we go for a walk?" he asks her. She nods and he gets up, pulling her to her feet.

"Have fun, Paul. Take it slow," I warn and smile. He smiles and takes her by the hand and they walk off in the other direction. I grab my cell phone out of my pocket and call Edward.

"Hello?" he answers.

"Hey, love."

"Jacob…is everything okay?"

"Everything is fine. You'll never believe what just happened."

"What happened?"

"A pack member just imprinted on Bella," I say laughing.

"You've got to be kidding. Who is it?" he asks.

"Paul…she was trying to cheer him up and when he looked at her, he froze and his whole face turned red."

"Wow that helps. I hope she'll accept him."

"I think she will, you should've seen them."

"I wish I could see you."

"Can you come over tonight?"

"We're hunting the rogue, but after she's taken care of, I will."

"Be careful."

"I will, love. Jacob, I've got to go, we've found something."

"Okay, I love you, Edward."

"And I love you."

We hang up and I lean back watching the sun set. After the sun has set, the guys come back all wet. They are laughing and cheering each other for their jumps.

"Hey, where are Paul and Bella?" Quil asks.

"They went for a walk. Did you guys have fun?"

"Paul and Bella…are walking…together?" Embry asks trying not to laugh.

"What's it to you, Embry? So what if we were walking?"Paul snaps, as Bella puts her hand on his shoulder to calm him down.

"Whoa dude, I didn't mean anything by it," Embry says giving him the surrender gesture.

"Hey Jacob, I was wondering if I could go to Paul's and hang out?" Bella asks.

"Yeah, I don't care. Come here," I say with arms wide. She gives me a hug and I whisper, "Be good to him, Bella."

She looks up at me and answers, "You mean, I can be with him? What about Edward, what does he think?"

"He wants you happy. Did Paul tell you?" She nods and giggles.

"I'm finally someone's everything," she says still laughing.

"Yes you are. You should go, he's getting frustrated at me."

"Thank you Jacob."

I nod and let her go. I watch them leave and get a twinge of jealousy. All I want is to be with Edward. I go home and go straight to my room. With everything going on, once I hit my pillow, I fall asleep. A few hours later, I feel someone in my room. When I open my eyes, he's sitting on my window sill. He moves to the side of my bed and smiles.

"I thought you were going to wait?"

"We looked, but we couldn't find her, so I snuck away to see you."

I lean on my elbow and kiss his shoulder. He lies down beside me and caresses my cheek. I lean in and kiss his lips. He deepens it and licks my bottom lip. I moan and let him in. We fight to overpower each other; I grab his shirt and rip it off. He reaches under my blanket and tries to undress me, but I'm only in boxers, which gains me a growl. I smile at him and I roll on top of him and kiss him again.

I try to get him inside me, but he stops me. "I want to feel you in me, Jacob."

I growl and he smiles. I look at him and he sees the confusion; he shifts around so that I'm lined up with him and I push into him. We both moan at the new feeling. I start to thrust inside him and I speed up, but he almost screams. I pull out and say, "Be quiet leech, you'll wake my dad." I roll him over so that he's on his stomach. Once he's lying down, I thrust into him again.

I keep at a good rhythm and Edward grabs my pillow and I push into him harder and faster. The faster I thrust, the tighter Edward grips the pillow. I flip him over, knowing that I'm close. IwanttoseeyourfacewhenIcuminsideyou.

He moans and starts yielding more to my thrusts. I start to pump his c*** and when I do, he moans even more at my warm grasp. I stroke him a few more times before he explodes all over me. I drive into him a couple more times and I erupt inside him. Out of energy, I collapse onto him and I try to catch my breath. Edward rubs my back and we lay in each other's arms.

When I wake up the next day, he's still holding me. "Love, I need to go help my family." I nod and untangle myself from him. "You can borrow one of my shirts…"

"Why would I need to do that?" he asks.

"I ripped the one you wore yesterday…" I say laughing.

"Oh yeah, that's right, you did," he says picking up his shredded shirt, smirking at me.

"So…my shirts are in the closet," I say pointing toward my closet.

"They'll smell you." I laugh at him.

"They'll smell me on you, whether you wear my shirt or not."

"That's very true. At least I'll be able to smell you."

He grabs a shirt and kisses me before he jumps out of my window. I decide to walk out of my house after getting dressed. I walk over to Paul's house to check on Bella. I knock on the door and Bella opens the door. "Hey Jake, come on in."

"So now you're the door opener now? Isn't that a little soon?"

"Shut up Jacob! Get your ass in here or go away!" Paul yells at me.

I walk in and go to his bedroom. I look at Bella closer and notice that she's wearing Paul's clothes. "What are you looking at her like that for?" he asks me as he walks into the hallway.

"She's already wearing your clothes?"

"Yeah, so what?" he asks wrapping his arms around her.

"I'm standing right here. I can speak for myself. I needed some other clothes and he's the only one who lives here, so I'm wearing his clothes," she says as she leans into him.

"Looks like you two got a little friendly to me…" I'm not able to finish before Bella slaps me.

"How dare you? That's none of you damn business. If you want to stay, you better keep those thoughts to yourself." She glares at me and I back off.

"Okay. Well, I think I'm going to go for a run. I'll see you later." I walk out the door and once I'm out the door, I laugh my ass off. PaulandBellagotalittle 'friendly'.Ohmygod…

I shift and run toward the Cullen house. I shift back and I walk up to the door and knock. The door opens and Alice opens the door. "Hey Jake, are you here to help?" she asks smiling.

"Yeah Alice, I want to help." Hergrinisstartingtofreakmeout.

"Alice, back off!" Edward hisses as he jumps down the stairs. "Well, I thought you were going to hang out with Paul and Bella today."

"No, they're not happy with me…I, uh, made a comment about her wearing his clothes," I say as I start laughing at the look on Edward's face.

He's standing in front of me with his mouth wide open and his eyes the size of saucers. "They're already sleeping together?"

"Apparently, she slapped me for saying they were getting a little friendly."

Alice starts laughing really hard. "Okay, I can't see anything, but we should go into the living room."

They know, don't they?

He nods. We walk into the living room and everyone smiles at me. "Okay, did I miss something?"

"Dude, do you expect to keep it a secret when he comes home wearing your shirt? And the fact that he was gone all night last night?" Emmett laughs holding his sides.

"Not really…" I say smiling.

"Well, we need to get started on our preparations," Carlisle says.

"She's probably at the high school protecting the corpse…" I say. "She's waiting for me to show up to clean up the school."

"We didn't think of that," Edward says.

"Well then, let's go."

Edward and I run side by side to the high school. We make it there before everyone else. I walk up to the door and test the handle. The front door opens up and we walk in. I start for the gym thinking that that would be the best place to start looking. I start sniffing around and almost immediately I smell something awful. "Do you smell that?" I ask Edward.

"Yeah, it's over there."

I go to the bleachers and sniff around, while Edward does the same. "Jacob, it's coming from under here. There's something stuck in the bleachers."

I grimace and walk over to the side of the gym and put my key into the bleacher control. Once I turn the key, the bleachers start to open up. They open all the way up and Edward hisses. "This is not good. Jacob, come here." I take my keys out of the wall and walk over to him.

"What is it Edward?" I say as I stand next to him.

"We need to go under the bleachers." As he finishes, he walks underneath them and I follow. We pursue the smell of death and come upon a disfigured body. I look at the body and almost instantly recognize the guy, even though a normal person wouldn't be able to. "It's Bernie…" I run out from under the bleachers and am caught off my guard as I am grabbed by the throat.

I try calling Edward, but the hand around my throat tightens its grip. "I think I'll take him outside to bu…" Edward stops in midsentence staring at me and looking down at the hybrid holding me by the throat. "Let him go!" Edward hisses.

"What possible feelings could you have for this mutt?" the hybrid hisses back.

"I could ask you the same thing. After all, you did try to seduce him." Edward starts circling her and keeps his eyes on me. Edward,findtheothers!Gethelp!

He gets angry. "I can do this on my own!" he yells at me and I flinch.

"I don't think you can, son," Carlisle says in the doorway of the gym, while the rest of the Cullens appear in the room.

They all gather around me and the hybrid. "The cavalry has finally come to your rescue; isn't that just cute. What are you going to do? Hiss me to death?"

The hybrid throws me against the wall and I sag to the floor. Thatbitchisgoingtopayforthat. I get up slowly and Alice comes up to me and says, "Jacob that just might work." I have to do a double take. "You can see me?"

"Don't look at me like that. I don't know how, but I can; okay?" she says just as confused as I am. "I'll distract her and you go behind her. Just don't hurt yourself on the bleachers."

"I'll try not to. Now go," I say as I get up and walk slowly behind the hybrid. Edward,didyouseetheplan? I look at Edward and he's smiling like a crazy person. I'lltakethatasayes.

I continue to revolve around the hybrid as I reach the bleachers and Alice finally throws herself at the hybrid. I shift just as she hits the 'principal' and once I'm on all fours, I lunge for the monster and seize her throat in my muzzle and I tear her throat apart. I shred her apart piece by piece until there is no way for anyone to recognize her. Somehow since I grabbed her throat, the others were able to get a metal can and set it ablaze. I start to put her remains into the can and then the others join me. When we're finished, I shift back and put on my shorts; to my disadvantage, I can't get the nasty taste out of my mouth. "Do they all have to taste this bad? I thought that since I was born to kill these suckers that they'd taste somewhat appealing…they're nasty," I say spitting the taste out of my mouth. They're all laughing at me.

Edward comes up to me and hugs me. Emmett clears his throat and everyone starts laughing, as Edward starts running his hand through his hair. "What's going on?" I ask looking at everyone smiling and still laughing, while walking over to Emmett.

"We had a bet and your boyfriend lost," Emmett says chuckling.

"What was the bet?" I ask curious.

"It was about who would kill the hybrid," Alice says.

"Yeah, Edward bet that he would kill her, but most of us bet that you would," Rose says laughing.

I look at her in shock. "You bet on me?"

She nods laughing. "I might not like mutts, but you aren't as bad as I thought you were."

"Not bad at all," Jasper says laughing as well.

I look at Edward, who at this moment has the darkest eyes I've ever seen. I start to walk back to where Edward is standing, but before I can Alice jumps on my back.

"You were…amazing!" Everyone laughs again as she jumps off of my back.

Iwanttoholdyou…rightnow. Edward walks up to me and kisses me. I've waited so long for this that I pull him closer to me. After a few seconds, Alice starts choking. "Just because you can make those decisions, doesn't mean you should! That is so disturbing!" she shrieks.

"Well then stop looking at my future, Tink," I say smirking at her.

She sticks her tongue out at me and I shrug her off. "Does anyone want to help me, I need to bury my predecessor," I say as I lift up Bernie and carry his limp, deformed body outside to the woods. We bury him and then walk back to the gym to get rid of the metal can full of disgusting leech.

"Well, they're going to need a new principal, what do you say Esme? Are you up to it?"

"Are you kidding? Watching over my kids? I wouldn't pass that up for the world. We'll set it up. Do you want to keep your job?" she asks.

"Yeah, that would be nice."

"Okay, come here you," she says, arms spread wide.

I walk over to her and hug her smiling. I think I could get used to this. Bella's safe with Paul, and I've got myEdward and a new family. What more could I want?

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on Apr. 12 2012 at 1:21 pm
Marilou4241 SILVER, Spokane Valley, Washington
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I know it's not the usual relationship, but I seem to think it works. This relationship is one that I think could very easily work out.

on Apr. 12 2012 at 1:20 pm
Marilou4241 SILVER, Spokane Valley, Washington
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This wasn't meant to be funny. I just see Edward and Jacob being a good couple. I saw it as completely serious.

on Apr. 12 2012 at 12:44 pm
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-.- It's not funny

on Mar. 13 2012 at 2:43 pm
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Favorite Quote:
This is us. This is who we are. We demand attention.

Excuse me? I understand the plot but the relationship? Ohh!