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Sailor Moon Continued

July 23, 2011
By SailorKid96, Yuma, Arizona
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SailorKid96, Yuma, Arizona
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Author's note: This is for all the Sailor Moon Fans out there. All the names are from the Japanese version though. I do not own any of the original Sailor Moon Characters. This is only my fan fiction of the series.

The author's comments:
If anyone has anymore names for me to post please comment.

Serena Tsukino – Usagi Tsukino – Sailor Moon
Darien Shields – Mamoru Chiba – Tuxedo Mask
Rini Tsukino - Usagi "Chibiusa" Tsukino – Sailor Chibi Moon or Sailor Mini Moon
Amy Mizuno - Ami Mizuno – Sailor Mercury
Raye Hino – Rei Hino – Sailor Mars
Lita Kino – Makoto Kino – Sailor Jupiter
Mina Aino – Minako Aino – Sailor Venus
Trista Meioh - Setsuna Meioh – Sailor Pluto
Michelle Kaioh - Michiru Kaioh – Sailor Neptune
Amara Tenoh - Haruka Tenoh – Sailor Uranus
Hotaru Tomoe - Hotaru Tomoe – Sailor Saturn

The author's comments:
None of the original characters are owned by me. Also would you please leave comments so I will be able to make my writing better. Thanks.

The sky was clear and the sun shined beautifully, when Usagi and Mamoru went for a lovely walk through the park. The wind carried the wonderful smell of cherry blossoms.
“Mamo-chan this is beautiful!” cried Usagi as flower petals fell from the trees.
“It is?” He replied with a loving face, “Sorry but I was distracted by something even more beautiful.” And with those words Usagi’s face blushed liked the color of the cherries that were growing on the trees before them. Mamoru then leaned in to give Usagi a kiss when….
“Usagi!!!!!!” cried a chorus of voices.
The couple turned around to find four girls running up to them waving “Hello.”
“Ami-chan, Rei-chan, Minako-chan, Mako-chan! What in the world are you doing here?
“We were coming to tell you that Chibiusa has returned from the future AGAIN!!” screamed Ami.
“She has!” cried Usagi and Mamoru at once.
“Why is she back now?” Mamoru asked.
“She wouldn’t tell us. She said that we all had to be together for her to explain her arrival.” explained Minako.
Then all of them headed in the direction of the shrine that Rei worked at.
It had been a year since the final battle with the Chaos. All of the Sailor Soldiers had returned to their normal lives, hoping that their days of having to protect the Earth from evil were over. Usagi’s and Mamoru’s relationship had gotten even stronger since the last battle. Mamoru decided to go to school online and stay in Japan with Usagi.
The Outer Sailor Soldiers went back to their peaceful lives taking care of Hotaru until her father could get back on his feet. Every once and a while they would come around and visit their friends in the city to catch up. Everything was peaceful. Well it was.
When the group arrived at the shrine five people were there waiting for them.
“Chibiusa!!” cried Usagi with teary eyes.
“Usagi!!” said Chibiusa with the same expression.
“Well I guess us four are just chopped liver.” said the cool but quiet Haruka.
“Haruka, Setsuna, Michiru, Hotaru, what are you guys doing here?!” asked Ami
“Oh I called them before we left to get Usagi and Mamoru.” answered Mako
“So Chibiusa why did you come back?” asked Hotaru
“Well you see I was sent back because… this is when the earth is supposed to be covered in darkness.”
“WHAT!!!!!” everyone yelled.
“What do you mean covered in darkness?” asked Luna.
“She means that in the near future this world will be swallowed by the forces of evil.” explained Dana.
“What forces?” asked Rei.
“I don’t know. All Neo Queen Serenity told me was to tell you guys that you needed to find the Sailor Soldiers of Destiny.” said Chibiusa.
“There are more Soldiers? I thought we already had all the protectors of this solar system.” said Usagi.
“Luna, Artemis do you know anything of this?” asked Mamoru.
“Well actually there is an old prophecy that spoke of the Sailor Soldiers of Destiny. But it should be only a myth.” Artemis said
“Well what is it?” said Minako

“It is foretold that when Darkness comes to take over, Guidance, Light, and Hope will appear to stop it. But after the Silver Millennium was destroyed the prophecy was forgotten.” Luna explained.

“O.K. Who are these Sailor Soldiers?” asked Michiru.

“No one knows. The Destiny Soldiers never appeared when Queen Beryl was attacking and everyone, even Queen Serenity herself, thought that Beryl and Metalia were the foretold Darkness. But I guess now we know that they are not.” said Luna.

“O.K. One more question. Who or What is this Darkness?” said Setsuna

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Walking through the shops with his best friends was Alex Carter. Alex was a tall fifteen year-old boy. He had shaggy black hair and brown eyes. With him were Rex Hamming, his best friend since Kindergarten. Rex had dirty-blonde hair that he always kept in a fisherman’s hat. His green eyes made him a girl magnet at school. Also with them was Lexis Ryan, the boys other best friend (and Rex’s crush). She always had her shoulder length brown hair in a ponytail. Her dark brown eyes looked like chocolate. They had been living in Japan for a couple of months now because of their parent’s jobs. Now they were just walking through town getting ready for their second year of high school as sophomores.

“So Alex what’s on the agenda today?” asked Lexis

“Well I thought we would just walk around and see all the sights. I hear that there is a shrine close by. Want to go see it?” asked Alex.

“I’m up to it. How about you Lexi?” said Rex.

“Let’s go.”

The small group then walked a couple of blocks till they reach the stairway up the shrine.

“Man, that’s a lot of stairs.” said Rex as he eyed the way up.

“It’s not that far. Come on we’ve already come this far.” said Lexis as she started up the stairs

When they got to the top the friends looked around to find a large red arch and three or so buildings at the top. Right by the main building there was a tree with pieces of paper tied onto the branches of the tree.

“What’s that?” asked Lexi

“I think it’s a wishing tree. All those little pieces of paper are people’s wishes.” answered Alex.

“Excuse me, may I help you?” said a shy voice.

Alex turned around to find a girl was standing behind him. She had blue hair that went below her head. Her eyes were the color of a blue pond. She was the girl of his dreams.

Alex was about to say something but Rex beat him to it.
“No we’re fine. We heard about this place and we wanted to come check it out. Are you the priestess here?” he asked.
“No I’m not. My name is Ami, Ami Mizuno. Nice to meet you.” she replied.
“Well my name is Rex Hamming and this is Lexis Ryan and Alex Carter. We all just moved here a couple months ago and wanted to check the sites.” Rex explained.
“Well it’s a pleasure to meet you all. I’m sorry though but I have prior arrangements. Goodbye.” She said then she left.
“Well she was nice.” Lexi said happily.
“Hey guys its getting dark we should start to head home.” Rex told them.
With that the three teens started to head home. But they didn’t get far. Rex thought it was a good idea to take a shortcut through a couple of alleyways. In the end though, they got lost.
“Good job Rex. Now what are we going to do?” Lexi scolded him.
“I don’t know. What do you do you think Alex? Alex?” He asked. But he got no answer because while the group was wandering through the alleyways; all that Alex was thinking about was the girl at the shrine.
“Ami,” he thought, “will I ever see her again?”
He never got the chance to answer that question. When he snapped back to reality, Lexi was on the ground unconscious and Rex was being attacked by some monster.
“What the hell!!!” He yelled and then picked up a piece of wood on the ground and charge at the monster with it.

Ami was heading home after a study group at Usagi’s house. On her walk home she started thinking about the group of teens at the shrine.

“I wonder if they will go to my school.” she said to herself.
She tried to think about something else but all she could think about was the one boy with brown hair. The quiet one. He just stood there and stared at her. She wondered what was going through his head at that time.
“AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” someone screamed.
“HUH!” Ami said. She then put her books down and ran to the source of the scream, an alleyway. She poked her head around to find the three kids from earlier and a monster ATTACKING THEM!
“Oh no,” she said grabbing for her transformation wand, “Mercury Crystal Power! Make Up!”
With that Ami transformed into the one in only Sailor Mercury, the Sailor Soldier if Water and Wisdom.
“Hey monster! STOP!” she shouted with authority.
The monster turned around and looked at her.
“Who are you?” it asked with its raspy voice.
“I am Sailor Mercury, Sailor Soldier of Water and Wisdom, and in the name of Mercury I will punish you.”
“HA,” it said with a laugh, “you and what army?”
“Now who said I needed an army. Mercury Aqua Rhapsody!” she said and then huge jets erupted from the aqua harp she played.
It hit the monster right on but it didn’t phase it.
“HA,” he said again, “you call that an attack. Try this one on for size.”
From his hand blasted a bunch of black energy. It hit Sailor Mercury right in the chest.
“AHHHH!” she screamed as she hit the side of the building. “Looks like I need some help.”

She flipped open her communicator and called the other Soldiers.

“Everyone I’m fighting some monster right now and could use some help. I’m in a alleyway by my home.” She called.

“On my way.” Everyone replied

“Hey don’t you know it’s not nice to hit a girl.” said a voice.

The monster turned around to see who it was. What he found was Alex holding a transformation pen.

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Right before Alex hit the monster a figure calling herself “Sailor Mercury” appeared. She looked vaguely familiar. Then he got it.
“Ami!” he said astonished.
She started fighting the creature with water attacks, but they didn’t do anything. The monster retaliated with an attack of dark energy that his Ami right on.
“Ow no Ami! I got to help her, but how I can’t do anything.” He said in disappointment. Then in front of him something appeared. It was a pen that had a spiral symbol on it.
“What am I supposed to do with this?” he asked then five words popped into his head.
Destiny Guidance Power! Make Up!
“Destiny Guidance Power, huh. Alright. Hey don’t you know it’s not nice to hit a girl.” He yelled at the monster.
It and Sailor Mercury both looked at him.
“DG Power! MAKE UP!” he said raising the pen. It started to glow and then its power engulfed him. When he could see again he noticed he was wearing a mask. He looked at himself to find that he look like a knight but without the helmet and chainmail.
“And who are you?” The monster asked.
“Good question,” he said to himself, “I am Guidance Knight, the Sailor Soldier of Guidance and Destiny. I help those who have lost their way. And in the name of Destiny, I will punish you.”
“And are you as weak as this pipsqueak.” It said pointing at Ami.
“Why don’t you tell me? Guidance Beam!” Alex said as a beam of green energy erupted from his fingertips.
It hit the monster in the face and it looked like it hurt.
“Why you little. You’re going to pay for that.” It tried to blast him with the same attack that it used on Ami, but he was ready. He jumped out of the way at the last second.
“Let’s finish this.” Alex told it as he brought out his sword, “G Sword! Guidance Star Attack!”
He then drew a star with a spiral around it with the sword and then went spinning into to monster. When Alex realized what had happened he noticed that he was on the other side of the monster. He put his sword away and then snapped his fingers as the thing exploded.
“Check Mate!” he said.
Alex then turned toward the amazed Sailor Mercury.
“What! How! But you’re!” she said lost for words as Alex helped her up. When she was getting up she tripped on a rock and landed on Alex’s chest. She looked up at him and they both leaned in for a kiss. Their lips inches apart when…
“AMI!!!” yelled the girls.
The two of them jumped apart blushing.
“Guys! You’re late.” Ami said with a smile.
“Well sue us. Um… Ami who is this?” said a girl with long blonde hair and WINGS!
“Ow um… Let’s talk about this at the shrine.” Ami said blushing.
“Excuse me. How do I get back my normal clothes?” asked Alex

“O.K. let me get this straight. You are all Sailor Solders that protect Earth from the forces of evil that want to destroy It.” Alex said confused.
“Yes and you are one too.” Luna explained
“Because I used this!” He said holding up his transformation pen.
“Yes, you were the only one that can make it work. You are the Sailor Soldier of Guidance. One of the chosen three that will help us defeat the Darkness.” Artemis told him.
“But I never wanted to do this. Why me? Why not someone who wants to do this?”
“Because this is your destiny, you were meant to do this.” Dana said.
“Well I don’t want to do this!” Alex yelled then he slammed the transformation pen onto the table and stormed out of Rei’s house.
What he had just learned in the past hour had opened his eyes to things that he never wanted to know.
“Me saving the world, they got to be kidding me.” He said walking down the steps.
“Alex! Alex stop, please!” Ami said as she tried to catch up to him.
“Why? Why should I? I never wanted to be a part of this. I had a normal life up until know…”
“Do you think that any of us ever wanted to be a part of this? We were all normal girls too. Then things changed. We changed and for the better too. When I became a Sailor Soldier I broke out of my shy shell. I made friends and good one too. I was able to be somebody, be something important. If I hadn’t become a soldier i wouldn’t have met anyone, none of my friends. I wouldn’t have met…….. You.” Ami said with tears in her eyes.

“Ami I… I’m sorry I never meant to.”

“Oh just shut up!” Then she started kissing him and he kissed her back. It was a wonderful moment, one that neither of them wanted to end. When they did separate, they were both smiling. Ami opened Alex’s hands and put the transformation pen inside them.


“Just take it. Please go home tonight and think it over. If you want to join us meet me here tomorrow at three. If you don’t, well I guess this is goodbye.” Then with one final kiss on the cheek she left and ran back inside leaving Alex just standing there with just his thoughts.

Alex went home and then to bed, to confused to explain why he was so late. But he couldn’t go to sleep. All he could think about was his kiss with Ami and the big decision he had to make. Would he stay with Ami and become a Sailor Soldier or would he just forget about everything, and more importantly about her.

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Ami watched the clock as it slowly clicked closer to three o’clock. She was waiting for him to show up. He had to. She just knew he wouldn’t give her up. The kiss they shared last night was something real. It wasn’t one of the school-yard relationships. It was something true. So she waited and waited till he would walk up those stairs and come to her. But he never came. Three turned to three-thirty and then to four.

“Ami,” Rei said as she put her hand on Ami’s shoulder, “I don’t think he’s coming.”

“No he has to come! He wouldn’t do this to me.” She said on the verge of tears.

“You only knew the boy for a day. I’m sorry Ami but he isn’t coming.” Rei’s words cut through Ami like a knife. The man who had taken her heart the moment she laid eyes on him had just torn it to shreds.

“Alright Rei I give up,” she said with tears blurring her vision, “I guess it wasn’t meant to be. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Then Ami left running with her hand covering her face trying to block her tears.

“Poor Ami. She really did love him.” Rei said as she swept the front porch.

“Ami! Ami! Where are you Ami?” yelled Alex

“You got some nerve to come here. Leave before I transform and kick you out myself.” Rei said with fury in her eyes.

“Please you got to believe me. My parents were holding me up. I couldn’t get here in time. Every time I would try to sneak away they would just come up with more chores for me to do.” Alex said.

“And why should I believe you. You just broke her heart, do you know that? She loved you and you just tossed her aside like yesterday’s trash.” Rei said, her anger growing.

“Please believe me. Wait she loves me?” He said confused even more.

“Only an idiot couldn’t tell that she loved you. Man your more stupid that Usagi.”

“I love her too. But please you have to believe me; I would never do anything to hurt her. DO YOU HEAR ME! I LOVE HER!” After Alex finished his speech he burst into tears, asking Rei to help him. Rei saw that his tears were true.

“I’ll help you.”


“Yes. Now let’s go find...”

“AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!” screamed a voice

“That’s Ami’s voice!” They both said at the same time. They both ran in the direction of the scream. What they found at the source was Ami in the arms of a vampire like monster that was sucking out her energy.

“Hey stop! Leave her alone!” yelled Alex. Then Rei and him grabbed their transformation pens.

“DG Power!”

“Mars Crystal Power!”


Then the monster was standing before Guidance Knight and Sailor Mars.

“Burning Mandala!”

“Guidance Beam!”

The attacks hit their marks and the monster went flying.

“Mars I’ll get Ami to safety. Can you hold him off for a minute?”

“Ya go quickly!”

Guidance Knight then quickly grabbed Ami and then ran back to the house.

“Now it’s just you and me. Mars Flame Sniper!”

The fiery arrow hit the monster right between the eyes but it still didn’t take the thing down.

“Crud. Now what?”

“Well how about this.” Then the monster jumped at Mars and pinned her to the ground.

“Now how about a snack.” He said bearing his fangs

“Not on my life. Guidance Beam!” The vampire monster went flying into the wall.

“Alex! Thanks.” Rei thanked.

“No problem. Now let’s finish this. G Sword! Guidance Star Attack!”

After the monster went down another explosion happened like last time.

“Check Mate!” Guidance Knight said with a smile.

The author's comments:

When Lexi and Rex woke up the morning after their attack they couldn’t remember much of the event. They both talked about it and tried to talk to Alex but his parents had him busy all day.

“Do you remember anything?” Rex asked.

“No. It’s all blur. All I remember is someone or something attacking us then I blacked out.” She replied.

“Same here. After it knocked you unconscious, it grabbed me then all of the sudden I was really tired. I think Alex tried to help but that’s all I remember.”

“I think we need to investigate.” Lexi told him

“Why? That’s the cop’s job.”

“Ya but do u think they are going to believe two teens who think they were mugged my a monster.” She said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Ok good point. But where do we start?” Rex asked.

“The alleyway of course.” Then the duo went back to the dark alleyway they were attacked. They searched for an hour or so, trying to find some evidence that they were attacked. But they found nothing, nothing that could prove their story.

“I can’t believe that there is nothing here!” Rex said as he kicked one of the cans in the alleyway.

“Hey Rex Do you remember hearing a woman’s voice that night? I could’ve sworn I heard a familiar voice.” Lexi asked.

“Ya you know what I do and I think I know who it was. Hey what time is it?”

“Um… It’s four-thirty, why?”

“The girl we heard I think was the one at the shrine and I think it’s still open. Come On!” he said as he grabbed her arm and they ran off to the shrine.
Alex and Rei had just laid down Ami when the rest of the girls and Mamoru arrived.
“Oh My God, Ami! What happened?” Usagi cried.
“She was attacked by another monster. It sucked out most of her energy.” Alex said.
“Usagi can’t you transform and help her?” Rei asked.
“I don’t know. Maybe.”
“Please try.” Alex pleaded.
“Alright. Moon Eternal! Make Up!”
Usagi then transformed in to Eternal Sailor Moon and brought out her staff.
“Here I go. Ready?” She asked.
“Yes just do it!” everyone yelled.
“Moon Heartache Therapy KISS!!”
The energy hit Ami and wrapped around her, but her condition didn’t changed.
“Why isn’t anything happening?” Alex said
“I don’t know.” Usagi said gritting her teeth because of the strain of the attack.
“Usagi stop you’ll hurt yourself.” Mamoru said as he stopped her.
“What are we going to do? If Usagi’s attack didn’t work, then what will?” asked Minako.
“Well maybe if someone kisses her.” said a voice.
Everyone turned around to see that Lexi was standing in the door way. Rex was behind her, but he was too shocked to speak.
“Lexi? But how did you know I was here?” asked Alex.
“I didn’t. We just wanted to ask Ami about last night. But I see she can’t talk.”
“Wait you said kiss her? Like in Sleeping Beauty?” Mako said, “It’s worth the shot. Alex do it, kiss her.”
“Wait why me?”
“Because she loves you and you love her. Now just kiss her.”
Alex then thought about it for a second then turned around and kissed Ami. When he did, a light started to glow, but not from Alex. But from Lexi and Rex, on their foreheads appeared two signs. On Lexi’s an eight pointed star. On Rex’s the sun on a pedestal.
“The other Destiny Soldiers.” said Luna.
“Alex?” said Ami’s weak voice.
“Ami! Oh thank god you’re alright!” said Alex as he gave Ami a huge hug.

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SailorX said...
on Sep. 28 2011 at 9:56 pm
It's a very nice story.... But, it's quite perdicable. Also, Ami isn't the type of girl who would fall in love just like that. She's more reserved. But, it's a nice start.