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The Cullen Girl

June 5, 2011
By Branderz BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Branderz BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Life may be filled with obstacles, but the only way through them, is to try harder than your expectations can take you.

Author's note: This is my very first fanfiction I've ever written.

Everything was like a blur to me. My parents were dead, my sister went missing approximately four years ago, everything I knew of life completely vanished before my eyes. I was now known as a foster kid. You see I was shipped from family to family until they gave up on me sent me straight back to my hometown that is buried underneath the border of Illinois and Indiana called, "Hammond" and then was transferred over to Forks, Washington. I gazed around the room, the pastel white carpeting didn't go so well with the bright baby blue wall paper. There were only two people in here and that was me and one other girl, I never paid much attention to her, despite the fact that she thought she was all that and she was biased against me.
I looked to see the nurse taking her out of the room and into the arms of a family. I was the youngest in the entire foster home. And, I was only fifteen and have been to at least twelve different families in my life time. I felt like I was being watched as I stared out the small window gazing at all of the other families getting ready to leave. Something then caught my eye, A beautiful tall pale faced man with blond hair and nurturing golden brown eyes stared at me. A warm smile appeared across my face as I stared deep into the tenderness it brought me.
"Milla." The nurse called for me. I grabbed my suitcase and darted out of the door. I should probably introduce myself right now. My name is Milla Jens. I know what your thinking, weird last name. The tall beautiful pale faced man looked even more beautiful when I saw him for the second time.
"Hello Milla, my name is Carlisle and it's a pleasure to meet you." He smiled warmly and grabbed my luggage and walked me out to his car.
"It's nice to meet you too." I said fidgeting.
"Pleasure's all mine." He chuckled.
As soon as he was done in under a second he quickly got into the drivers seat and sped off down the road. I then sank into the seat as the gravity pulled me back.
"So, tell me about yourself." He said looking down at me.
"Well..." I hesitated for a moment and continued, "I lost my parents in a animal attack, my sister vanished four years ago and my aunt gave up on taking care of me." I said tears almost flooding my eyes as I rubbed them.
"I know how you feel, don't worry I can help you get your mind off of it while your staying with me and my family." He smiled and placed his arm around me and then quickly pulled it away as I flinched from the coldness from his arm.
Once we got to the house I gawked at the beautiful home that was now standing in front of me, deep in the wilderness away from civilization. We both grabbed my bags and headed inside and then came upon a few newer and even more beautiful faces.
"Hello." They all rang in harmony. I hid behind Carlisle as they all smiled at me. You see, I was the more shy type of girl, and the girl that was completely down to earth. I smiled a friendly smile and waved a little.
"Welcome to the family Milla, we've heard so much about you." A girl that was standing next to a boy with honey blond hair and golden brown eyes said.
"Really?" I squeaked. They all chuckled a little and waited for Carlisle to say something.
"Milla, this is Bella and Edward." he pointed towards the couple that was standing at the foot of a stair case. "And, this is Alice and Jasper." He pointed towards another couple. "And, Emmett and Rosalie." he pointed to the opposite side of Alice and Jasper.
"And, of course the most beautiful woman I've ever laid my eyes on, Esme." He said and they both kissed passionately.
"And also Bella and Edward's daughter Renesmee." He pointed towards a young girl who looked just like Edward and Bella.
"Hello." Her voice rang as she walked down the stairs.
"Hello." I said my voice now flat.
"Boys, take her stuff up to the guest room." he pointed towards the stairs. In a measly second they were gone and my things were already up in the room.
I slowly walked up the stairs and glared at the pale white walls that surrounded my every corner. I sighed in relief and smiled happily. This was definitely going to be a good life with the Cullen's/Hales. Hopefully.

I walked into the room, the air was filled with freshly cut grass and the smell of the woods. It seemed amazing to be in a home where I can be loved and possibly accepted. Both Emmett-I guess that's his name, I haven't fully memorized their faces, so let's call the well built one that looks like a teddy bear that-and Jasper, I guessed it was Jasper, the way his face looked made him look like a Jasper. Edward, I think that's the other guy's name is, walked out quickly not even bothering to look at me. His bronze hair stood up as he caught my smell. He stood at possibly a few feet tall, possibly around 6'1.

I couldn't take my eyes off of them, they were inhumanely beautiful. But, weirdly enough, they looked nothing alike.

The room was covered in lilac wall paper, hammering in with portraits of flowers. Delicate like roses had outsmarted the rest of them by standing out the most amongst them all. There was also wooden floors below my now naked feet, nothing was on them except for socks. The bed had resembled one of those from the Victorian times. The comforter was as soft as a feather and as warm as a bowl of soup. Yes, very weird saying… but, I usually always describe things in that kind of way.

I looked towards the window. Ageless trees had blocked view of the condensing clouds that were now overhead. Rain had hit the glass window lightly. I wanted to lose myself in a daydream at that very moment. I imagined myself running into the forest, deeply into the heart of the woods. Where no could find me. I could only find myself there and no one else.

It then fled as soon as I heard a slight knock at the door.

"Well, I see you are calmly enjoying yourself." I turned to see a young girl, about the age of thirteen, walk in. She had the same bronze hair as the guy I figured was named Edward, and the beautiful woman, Bella? Yeah, let's call her that, She also had a mixture of Bella in her. Chocolate brown eyes that were amazingly mysterious and beautiful.

"Yeah, I am… so, you're Renesmee?"

"Yes… and you're Milla… now that we got that out of the way, tell me about yourself." She sat down on my bed, patting the spot next to her for me to sit. I slowly walked over and sat next to her.

"Well, I've been moved from family to family after running away from each of them. But, what some of them don't know is… the second to last family I had began to abuse me, they neglected and domestically abused me. I couldn't bare to be there…. So I…"

"Ran away," she looked at the ground as she finished the sentence. I nodded. For a while we sat there in silence.

"So, I guess it's time for dinner." She sighed, she got up and left the room, I silently followed, not bothering to let her know I'm there.

Everyone was sitting at the table, Nessie, I assumed I should call her that besides Renesmee. What a mouthful it was, sat at the nearest chair right by a handsome guy. He, like all the others, was built, he had short hair and smile that was to die for, his eyes were also the type where you can get lost in. I hid behind the banister, brushing up against the stands of the staircase.

"So, where is she?" The tall man asked, holding onto Renesmee's hand.

"She should be down in a few minutes. I was just up there, and she seems even more quieter than me, and I'm a-" She was cut off by a hand hitting the table. They turned, the tall guy's nostrils flared. He gazed at me, a sly smile appearing on his face. The now golden brown eyes were all staring as the guy looked to the top of the banister.

"So, you're her?"

"I'm who?" I asked, quickly walking down the stairs and towards the others, keeping a short distance between us.

"You're Milla?"

"Milly for long ways."

They all smiled, I could sense that it was fake.

"Milla, food is ready." A woman, looked to be around thirty five, called to me, I guessed Esme. I walked over, each of them moving to give me a way to walk to an open chair. I sat there, dazing in thought as I began to pick at the spaghetti that was still sitting on my plate, untouched.

"Sweetie," Esme began, sitting at the chair besides me and placing a delicate finger on my hand. "I know you've been through a lot… but, please try and eat." She smiled happily. I smiled back, but deep down inside it wasn't a smile, it was fear.

I stayed up in my room for the rest of the night. I didn't want to be here, but, where else could I go? I had no one to run too. No one else, but them, to keep me company. I burro-rowed my face deep into the pillow. Sleep didn't want me, even the thoughtless pain inside wanted to rip me to shreds. I wanted to die right there, but everything else inside begged for me to give them a chance, like I haven't for the rest of the other families I've stayed with.

Lifting one eyelid open, I saw someone light a candle right near me, I covered myself up so they would think I was moving in my sleep. The person touched me slightly, "Goodnight my precious…" I blinked as soon as the person planted a soft kiss on the roof of my head. The sweet delicate voice soothed me, it reminded me of my mother. Oh, how I missed seeing her beautiful face.

I gleamed over towards the person that seemed to be watching me as I slowly went into a deep slumber. I didn't dare to close my eyes until a second later.

Five hours later, I woke up. The sweet smell of nectar had filled the room, is it just me or were they making honey? I didn't know either. I laughed it off as I ran, slowly, towards the pile of neatly picked out clothes for me. I pulled on a light pink tank top and a pair of shorts. The door was slightly opened so I could barely see anything or anyone walking by. The first night actually felt safe, for the first time in my life I actually felt safe by a family.

Walking out of the room, I took one last glance to make sure the person who was in the room last night wasn't still in there. I then entered the hallway, leaving my door a smidge closed, the hallway was all white, nothing but white had covered the walls. Quietness then took over as talking began to fill the air. I figured that they were home, so I raced down the stairs and nearly tripping as I reached the last step. I felt someone's hand catching me as I slammed my foot towards the ground, he had bronze hair, of course it was the guy who probably didn't give damn about me. But he was cautious of me. His changed from a soft golden brown to a light red topaz.

"Aren't you Edward?" I questioned him, moving myself away from his arm, smiling warmly.

"Yeah, and you need to be more careful." He smiled slyly.

"Oh, sorry.." I muttered. He chuckled at my expression.

"No problem, by the Carlisle wants to see you in the kitchen… he has a surprise for you." He walked around me and towards Bella. Both of them smiling as they both walked towards the couch where Nessie and the tan guy, from yesterday, were sitting. I walked towards a big dining room. The chairs were slanted and the kitchen was right near it.

"Milla," Carlisle said warmly, hugging me from the front. "Here, sit… please." I followed the order, and smiled as I saw him sit besides me in the other chair. "We are giving you an option, would like to be home schooled, or would you, like the rest of the others, like to go to school?"

I thought for a moment. Home schooling will keep me away from being able to run off and be alone for good but going to a regular school will give me the opportunity of a downfall to make new friends and put the past behind me. I'd also rather go to school than be stuck in a house 24/7. He looked at me, for a long period of silence I finally made up my mind.

"I'd rather go to school with them than be home schooled. How old are they exactly?" I asked, trying to not be intruding too much into it.

"Okay, we will get you registered tomorrow and you will possibly start three days from today. And," he paused. Hesitating, I could tell he was in quite deep thought and he was possibly hiding something. But, for the record, I didn't know if was or not. "Rosalie and Emmett are eighteen and Jasper, Alice, Renesmee, Bella and Edward are all seventeen." I nodded my head. I thought about Renesmee for a moment, yesterday she looked to be around thirteen, but now, she looked to be about sixteen. Is this even possible? I didn't know, once again, and I didn't even want to know if it was.

It was the last day before my first day of school. The impact of it all shook me a bit, the nerves inside me had made my throat almost close due to the fact that school scared me a bit. I never did go to a real school, I was starting out as a sophomore while the rest of the Cullen's were either juniors or seniors.

I've also already memorized their faces. Jasper had serious features, Esme looked like the motherly type and had straight looks, Carlisle had a friendly face, Bella would usually look as if she were in deep though, Edward, almost like Bella, looked as if he wanted to attack someone, and Renesmee looked sweet and innocent. But, the tan guy, that I have found out was named Jacob, looked powerful and ever almighty.

Alice had followed me into the living room, trying to help me pick out an outfit for tomorrow.

"Come on, you are going to look ever so gorgeous, let's go to your room. I have a surprise for you." Everyone gave me a look, and Bella had warned me about her obsessive shopping habit. I gulped as soon as she rushed, under a semi second, up to my room where about twelve bags of clothes were waiting for me.

"Alice, you didn't have to." I smiled widely. And this time, the smile was real and truthful.

"Pleasure is all mine Milla, now pick." She chimed, dumping out the bags and setting each one up so that they can all match. I glanced at the options, oh why must she have good taste in clothes?

I quickly grabbed the outfit that stood out the most-loose skinny jeans with a flowy bright yellow top followed by a beige cardigan and white flats- she examined the outfit one last time, "Lose the cardigan and take this headband," I gazed at it, bright yellow streaks were going across the sides, and small polka dots of purple were sprinkling across both sides of the bases. I cooed as I gazed at the beauty of it. I grabbed it, and felt the coldness of her hands, a trickling cold feeling went down my spine. My eyes became wide as her mouth dropped. We both pulled away and she, without hesitating, quickly left the room.

Leaving me with putting away everything else. Why was her hand cold when my room was extremely warm?

I was actually happy. For the first time in my short-little life, I was actually happy. Everything was beyond perfect. Streaming lights from the ever beautiful sun had risen up from the sky, causing it to reflect a shadow of myself against the wall. I then awoke, from the glorious dream, to a loud beep coming from my alarm clock. Peaking one eye open, I stretched one arm out and, lightly, slammed it on snooze.
I didn't know why, but I didn't even want to step foot out of my bed. I was petrified of what might happen if I even stuck a toe out of bed. The door slowly swung open, in came a gorgeous blond. Her hair had cascaded down towards her hips to form wavered curls, her golden eyes grew wide, a surprised look had plastered onto her face. She smiled slightly, exposing something that looked, as if, to be a fang. I gulped. Hard.
She appeared next to me under a second. I uncovered myself a tiny bit to show her that I'm awake. She bought the message.
"Milla," She whispered, quietly. "It's time to wake up." She took off the covers and threw the outfit, Alice had chosen for me, onto my bed.
"Alright." I mumbled, she left the room as soon as I pulled on the outfit and fixed my hair. Everything in the bathroom looked so delicate, that I didn't even want to touch them. Seamlessly, I couldn't help but do so. The walls in the bathroom, were covered in beige paint, hiding a dark space beneath it, was the shower. A dark red rug hung close by. My hair was done in a stylish side-braid. The stubborn color of my hair didn't seem to be showing anything. As I headed out, a note was sticking out of the roof of my backpack. I opened it up and read aloud to myself:
"My Dearest Milly (Or Milla),
What you are going through, is a stage a lot of youths your age go through everyday of their lives. For you, it's a roller coaster, but to me, you're just a young girl that is looking for a place in the world. But, promise me my dear, your time will come to know, that you are a gem in the Cullen Crest, you resemble a lot of me when I was your age, so don't get discouraged about those that may put you down. And, remember, I will always love you, no matter what kind of danger you put yourself through.
A tear had escaped the deep depths of my eye. I wiped it away as soon as Carlisle walked into the room.
"Milla, are you ready dear?"
"Uh, yeah. Let me just put this away." I gazed towards the window, it was of course gloomy out. Rain had hit the window draft slowly. I winced, placing the note deep into my drawer, as I ran out out the door, down towards where Alice was standing.
"Alright, who's driving Milla?"Alice asked, her hair in it's usual spikes. Her face was serious.
"I will." Someone then spoke, his hair was tousled and messy. The bronze in his hair had been overpowered by streaks of brown. He looked more than serious, he looked happy for a change. I didn't believe that the smile was real,, but his eyes were meeting something, I felt like his eyes were gazing right through me. I figured that he was feeling secured by his lovely bride's side. They all focused their eyes on me, was I supposed to say something?
"What?" I smiled, shyly like.
"Who do you want to drive with?" Emmett, the one guy I figured was named that, asked.
"I guess, you and Rosalie." I calmly said.
"Okay, let's get going."
"But, it's only seven-thirty, were leaving now?"
"School starts in thirty minutes." Emmett smiled, foolishly.
Everyone, excluding Esme and Carlisle, walked out. I followed behind. Suddenly, I then stopped. Bella then grabbed me and raced back into the house.
"What's going on?" I asked walking back towards the door, but was rushed back to the ground, her hissing under her breath.
"Just, stay... it's business that we need to take care of." She smiled slightly and raced back out towards Edward's side. I walked towards the nearest open window and noticed people with cloaks on top of their heads appear, who are they? I thought to myself.
"What do you want now, Jane?" Edward asked, sternly.
"We came to check up. You know, to make sure there isn't another-" The girl, named Jane, then stopped as a tall figure had appeared again, pouncing at them. The figure was also black, pitch black to what my eyes have noted as. The dreadful red eyes then gazed up at me. I wanted run, but something told me to stay, those daring and alluring eyes wouldn't let me move. I felt sick inside. I wanted to puke, but nothing came. The figure made me feel empty inside, it made me flash back to memories I wished I never had. More tears came down, thunder had overcome the high volume my scream was having. I felt like I was on a roller coaster, a never ending loop of death. Fate wasn't there anymore. I was then knocked to ground, blackness had covered my vision. I didn't want to be here. Inside, my heart was racing, but in my mind, thoughts stopped. I couldn't think straight anymore.
Whatever that thing was, left me scarred. I had to find out who or what that thing was, but how?

“Who was that person?” I demanded after a moment of silence from everyone that had formed in the circle around me. We were all sitting in the living room, gazing at one another. I could remember the figure perfectly. His broad shoulders made him at least six feet, or more, tall. He had red eyes that seemed to make you continuously gaze until you fall into a deep trance. A trance he had made himself. Was this normal? I didn’t know, and possibly, nor did the rest of the family. But, just looking at Bella, I knew she was hiding something. Her face was showing it, but her lips were not telling it.
“What you saw was nothing you were supposed to see,” Carlisle began to speak.
“I think we should tell her…” Alice blurted out.
“Tell me what?” I asked my face fell to a worried, but scared, look. Edward gulped. He looked like he was thinking. His eyes turned from a golden brown, to a soft topaz red.
“Please, follow.” Edward hesitated, holding a hand out for me to grab it. I persuaded, the lingering cold had sent prickles down my spine, it felt good at first, but I felt like I had frostbite after touching it for about five seconds. And, together, we both ran to the far side of the woods. A place I had imagined before, a place where no one could find me.
It was cloudy, but no sign of rain coming afoot. He paced back and forth after he had let go of me. “Milla, promise me one thing… you won’t tell anyone what you are about to see, I haven’t done this in the longest time. Please, don’t freak out.” He gazed at me, a finger placed underneath my jaw line, tilting slightly to the side; I heard something scratch from the inside of his mouth. He lightly, but carefully, placed his lips onto my neck. Suddenly, I felt something push me, making Edward hit a nearby tree at strong force. I plummeted to the ground, a trickle of blood had left the almost cut that I had gotten from his bite. I gazed at the ground; a shadow had cascaded over me. I didn’t dare look up. I imagined it like it was just a few hours ago, a dark figure aroused from the opening of the woods and began to attack the others. I snapped back out of the memory and noticed something in front of me, “What are you?” I finally whispered, but nothing answered, all I heard was heavy breathing. “What are you?” I demanded once more, this time through grinded teeth.
“Guess…” The strange creature whispered to me, Edward was now behind me. Making sure the creature didn’t attack. I thought for a moment, everything came to mind… The cold skin, fast speed, mysterious sightings of strange creatures. It all made sense and was a puzzle waiting for the right person to come along and solve it. I also thought of the strange creature, he was all black, red eyes and fur that reminded me of a black wolf.
“V-v-v-vampire!” I screeched it was as high as it can be. “Werewolf, they are r-r-real, aren’t they?” I slightly turned my head over to Edward, he was nodding. Speechless as ever can be. I didn’t want to believe it, but sadly enough, I had to. I quickly got to my feet, the dark creature was gone the only people who were left was Edward and I.
“This is how Bella found out.” He grimaced. A sigh then broke loose.
“I want to know, do you really burn in the sun?”
“Are the rest vampires?”
“Yes, excluding Renesmee.”
“What is Renesmee?”
“A human-vampire hybrid,”
“Does she feed on blood too?”
“Yes, but she can still act like a human.”
“So, what do you look like out in the sunlight?” Suddenly, something grasped at me and tossed me onto their back. And, together, we ran up a steep mountain. The breeze forcing my hair to go right behind me, I gasped as soon as we hit the top. He looked up, the horizon was breathtaking. An embracing light had revealed itself from the depths of clouds, sneaking through the branches and leaves of trees. He stepped out, unbuttoning half of his torso, something then happened. A glow from his skin had made a formation of a thousand diamonds that seemed to be embroidered onto his skin.
“You’re, you’re,” I was speechless, I couldn’t say a word. He turned his face half way beginning to sparkle like a thousand suns that were battling to be the brightest.
“Beautiful?” he questioned, smiled and then buttoned the shirt back up. I nodded.
I wanted to know the rest, but it just seemed wrong to go any further. That night, I lay alone, every now and then Alice or Esme would come over and check on me. But, that was only every two hours. They didn’t really want to bother me, due to fact that I was still mind-blown from the discovery I had made. It was meant to be scientifically false that vampires and werewolves were meant to be made up, a falsehood of our imagination. It all seemed strange to me, I didn’t want to think about it, but….. I couldn’t help but do so.
“She should’ve never come in the first place.” I heard someone say, four feet from my door. Just in case, I threw the covers over my head, just to let them know I was asleep. They were standing there; I guessed one was Edward while the other was Carlisle. Could it really be them? I whispered grasping at the quilt that was slightly moving from side to side as my hand stroked it; the soft tenderness of it had calmed me down.
“I know, and it was my fault. I just wish the Volturi–Who are they? – Didn’t come and try and inspect the place.” Carlisle soothed the missing hairs from face, Edward stood there in distraught, and I couldn’t figure out if I should go out there or not. It seemed dangerous to proceed, and yet, it just seemed devastating to even see them like this. Before I knew it, my feet began to move over the hard, wooden floorboards. My hand mentally reached for the knob, and onwards it turned, they both turned and gazed at me. My mouth slightly opened I spat out, “I want to be a vampire.”

It was clear to me that they didn’t like the idea. But, I wanted to, and that was probably the only thing that was missing in my life. Something that meant so much, that had crumpled into thousands of pieces could easily be prepared with something that is irrevocably sickening. I wanted them to understand that it was my only way out of the pain. But, what pain? The pain and suffering I had to go through just to get to where I am now.
It seemed as if they weren’t too fond of the miraculous idea of being a vampire. But, it was my choice, and I want to suffer the consequences. No matter. How. Badly. It feels.
I flashed back to where I was telling both Carlisle and Edward that I wanted to be a vampire. They didn’t take it so lightly, neither did Bella. Edward had told me the excruciating story of him forcing himself to let Bella be what he was. An immortal.
“She can’t. We aren’t even sure if she is capable enough to keep the secret, and what if the Volturi come and see we have an immortal child- Child? Who is she calling a child?-Carlisle?” Rosalie actually spoke for the first time in a countless number of days since I’ve been here. Well, speaking of which, it’s only been a week and a half.
“I’m pretty sure she can,” Edward smiled delightfully. Rosalie scoffed at his response and left the room. A devilish, yet thrilled, smile on her face had hid until she turned to walk out.
“So, when am I?” I asked, peaking out from behind the wall. Two people turned to look at me. I froze, maybe this wasn’t a good idea. But, I wanted it.
“Soon my dear, soon.” Esme had replied, from behind me. She laid her soft, cold hand on my shoulder. We were in the dining room, excluding me, I was like a twig that hung close to a tree, not begging nor pleading to get cut out from the rest. “If we do get to proceed then there may be someone who can turn you.”
“What’s the process like?” I asked, twirling a piece of my hair around
“It feels like hell!” Emmett, in a deep voice, had shouted from the other room. I froze and thought for a moment, How did he?
“We have super hearing, and I can read minds.” Edward boasted. And smiled like a five year old who had just got a dollar for the first time.
“So, let me guess, you scream once you come close to someone’s neck and when they bite it, then you scream bloody murder?”
“Nope,” Emmett had said, his tall well built body hung over me, “what the process is, you either have to be dying or been bitten by a vampire. Or, at random, be bitten by a vampire without a fair warning.”
He gazed at me, the golden brown eyes of his, seeping down into the pit of my soul. I didn’t let go of it until he raised his body back to his own perfect height. ______________________________________________________________________

Finally, the first day of school had arrived and we were already sitting at a lunch table. Each one was seated with more than fifteen people, while ours sat nine people. Everyone gawked at me in surprise, sitting with vampires, they didn’t know… But, I did. They didn’t know of the pain I had to suffer just to find out what they were, and how they became that. They were different. And, so was I. But not in the way they knew me as, I was the newer girl who had hung close to them at all costs. Even if supposed vampires had shown up lurking the grounds for fresh blood.
I hadn’t seen or heard from the dark, overcastting shadow in the longest time. Everywhere I look, it’s not there. I wanted to believe that it was just my imagination. But, really without a doubt, it was real. I also knew I wasn’t hallucinating in any way.
“They are so weird.” I overheard someone say from across the cafteria. They tried their best not to listen, but in their eyes, it hit them, but they didn’t show it. I got up then, they each were looking at me, I could feel the pain burn inside of me. I didn’t want them to get hurt, nor did I want them to fight back. I knew they had to do it themselves, but I had an urge to do it for them.
“Look at the newer girl with them. I can’t believe she actually sitting with them.” I heard another one say. My fists then clenched, one hitting the side of the table, I felt no pain. I stomped over to the table, their eyes gazing as I glared at them with fear, pain and misfortune in my eyes.
“Can we help you?” A girl, with deep caramel brown hair, snapped as her legs made her rise to her feet.
“I just wanted to tell you that you’re wrong about them.” I said, with a side of guilt hiding in my voice. “They weren’t really adopted, they’re foreign exchange students.” I quickly said, letting it all flow out slowly, without moving my mouth.
“Oh yeah,” The girl crossed her arms, “and, where are they from?” She arched an eyebrow.
I now knew I was in grave danger. I thought fast and spat out, “They are from… Canada, yeah, Canada.” I chuckled under my breath, not letting the lie slip out to make it obvious. She nodded and then sat back down. I walked away as soon as Edward had appeared behind me.
“Are you okay?” He asked, his voice turned from the usual serious to worried.
“Yes, I’m fine.” I pushed him, signaling for him to go back to the table. But, it didn’t seem to work so well. “Edward, come on.” He stood there, not moving a single muscle. His hand was then tightening around my arm. “Edward!” I shrieked, he then broke free from the hold. Everyone turned to look. He then vanished before anyone could look up to see me still standing there.
“I-I saw a spider,” I laughed a little and then slightly smiled at the remark. I then ran out, everything was flashing before my eyes. I didn’t want to stay here. Running seemed to be my only calling, but why? I didn’t know the answer. And, it was clear to me that the only person that knew… was the darken figure that had haunted my mind.
Run, The figure would whisper to me. Catch me if you can. I would reply back to it, but I didn’t know what else to say.
It was not long until I had met Alice on the outskirts of school grounds.
“Milla.” She whispered loudly. Something told me to run again, inside of me the same thing told me that this wasn’t Alice, it was a manipulation, my mind was playing a trick.
“Alice,” I croaked, and then ran into the woods, deep inside, until I came to a nearby meadow. It was breathtaking. Peaceful, yet with a sense of adventure lurking around the area. Wildflowers bloomed into the cloudy sky, a peaking sun arose from them and began to cast a still silhouette of me. Not moving, just standing. Very still, not seeming to bother anyone.
I fell to the ground, tears wept through my eyes and fell to the soft terrace that laid underneath me. The hard rocks cushioned underneath, becoming softer as I laid there still. Not moving a muscle. I felt weak then, my eyes were rolling in the back of my head, I felt something trickle down the narrowness of my neck, I lifted one finger and felt it. Blood. I gasped, seconds later, I passed out in the arms of a strong man of whom looked familiar.
“Who are y-” My thought broke off, leaving nothing but the lust for survival.

The author's comments:
*Spoiler* If you have read the sixth chapter then please read this first before going onto the seventh chapter.... The ending seemed to confusing to me, too so please, don't fret, I'm not used to making cliffhangers that much, and I'm still getting the hang of it, and I might change the title for this Chapter... :')

Sleep…. You will feel better soon… The croaked voice told me, silently, whispering the words. I couldn’t see a thing… it was dark, nothing but an overcast of darkness hid me. My eyes were obviously shut, out of proportion, I could smell things others couldn’t. Rosalie. She was the first that I thought of, I remember Emmett telling me that when you get bitten you can easily remember your creators name, but, not the appearance of them. Unless, you have seen them before. But the image of her was vivid. I figured she did this just to get rid of me, to turn me into a feminine flesh eater, a leech sucking beast. I fell instantly to the ground, my body still shaking.
My eyes slowly opened, small bits of light began to blind me. Everything seemed to be brighter than usual. Edward… I remembered him trying to protect me. He froze and then ran out of the room as fast as he could. I wanted to stop him, but I had an urge to run farther than usual. I couldn’t stop myself, it forced me to, something or someone was forcing me to race them. But where? I didn’t know.
My eyes opened wider, I stopped shivering. I then felt a burning sensation in the back of my throat. I felt like it was closing, was this the urge for blood? I was frightened at the thought of it.
I got up slowly, the room spinning, I felt like I was having a hangover. The room was dark, dim lighted, I could barely make out what was standing in front of me. I ran quickly to the opposite side of the room and pounced at a nearby wall. A window had peaked out from the very top of me. I climbed up and jumped out with great force.
The ground was moistened with rain and mud. I looked around, I was in the middle of the woods still, but, was now at an abandoned cabin on the far outskirts of town. I called out random things…. But, there was no answer. I fell to the ground, weeping, and caressing fake tears from my eyes. I pleaded for blood, shelter, and a place of my own. The Cullen’s. I instantly thought of them, the way they took me in and raised me as their own.
I got up again, and quickly sprinted to the same meadow I saw before I passed out. Passed out for quite sometime. I looked at my phone that was nearly cracked in half. October 30th. My eyes grew wide… I was out for approximately three days, were they even worried that I was missing, or probably killed?
I let the worried feelings in me take over my mind. I was lost, and this time, possibly for good. Where did they live again? And, what did the house look like? I wanted to give up, but, my thoughts carried on telling me to keep searching, even if it led me to getting killed.
“Run,” I whispered, “I need to run, no stopping for anything.” But, what was the risk for running without an ounce of blood inside my system? I didn’t care anymore… I had to go somewhere, where they can either join me or destroy me.
My victims were listed in my mind, but, I would probably be breaking a law for vampires to never be exposed to humanity.
Whatever the risk was, I accepted it.

Two hours passed, I was officially walking on a rural, dark, and stormy road. Rain had began to pour aimlessly onto me. Revengeful thoughts seeped through me like needles going into the center of my back. I wasn’t ready for this type of lifestyle just yet. I knew I should not of ran off after Edward tried to protect me, I knew I should not of went outside and see the fake Alice, nor should I have ran into the woods and get bitten.
Someone then ran passed me, I ran after, trying to match their exact speed. We both then stopped, me blocking the persons way, and the person blocking my way. I gazed up, the figure was dark, it was of course the same figure from before. We stared deathly at each other, not moving a muscle, both of us though, were panting to catch our breaths.
“We meet again.” His smile made me want to cry, while his voice made my ears bleed. He turned into a regular human. His body stood at about 6’2”, his hair was dark black and his eyes were a dark honey color, but seemed to be a bit more browner.
“Who are you?” I snapped, nearly jumping from the branch.
“Guess…” He smiled grimly, I wanted to cry then. His smile was alluring, and very gratifying. It was like an angels, but much darker.
“I don’t know.” I wailed.
“Jonshua.” He frowned instantly, with a growl hidden underneath the name he gave me.
“Jonshua? How do you pronounce that?”
“Juan-Shay.” He stated perfectly, and began to sound sarcastic. I nodded my head.
“Do you know where the Cullen’s are?” I asked, looking into his piercing dark eyes. He shook his head. I could remember the gratifying smell of them, Esme smelt like daisies; daisies that represented sweetness; Carlisle smelt like medicine to me; weirdly enough, that was the truth; Emmett smelt like dirt; running around, throwing a football in the air. dirt; Edward smelt like ink, did anyone even knew what ink smelt like? For Bella, she smelt like a normal rainfall; cloudy on the outside, but beautiful, yet powerful, on the inside; Alice smelt of new clothes, all the time, at least twice a week she would buy new clothes just to stay on top of what was in style; Rosalie and Jasper, to me, smelt the same. They didn’t really have a great smell, but it was decent.
I cringed at the thought of them, maybe Jonshua could help track them down. Where ever they may have gone. I had to find them, somewhere in the wilderness is where they live, no one else, but the wolves, me and Jonshua, know where they live.

Four days. Four days and six hours we have been stalking, preying and searching for what have been the sight of them.
“Jonshua, are you by any chance a werewolf?” I ask, swinging one arm on the side of me, while the other rubbed the back of my neck.
“Yes, but, I’m a lone wolf.”
“You mean, like, you travel on your own?”
“Yes. And, it usually isn’t the best to be in a pack.”
“How so?” I raised an eyebrow and smiled, a smile that was actually natural to me, and didn’t seem fake at all.
He grimaced, holding his head up to the tall trees that hid himself from the sky, and then sighed. “I was once, part of a pack. But, that was only for about three to four months, and that was only for training.”
“Why didn’t they keep you?” I asked, now crossing my arms, to fake that I was cold.
“I was new to all of this, and, I… was being hunted down by a search party, since I’ve been missing for about a year now.” Nodding my head, I nudged a quick hit playfully on his arm. He smiled and chuckled. And back forth, we began to playfully hit each other, until we fell to the ground. His hands, gently, caressing my face into his, my now red eyes staring into the deep dark honey color of his eyes. They seemed to hold a story, a story of greatness and solitude.
“I can tell,” His voice broke, nearly sounding like he wanted me to understand where we were both coming from. “I can tell, that you have lost loved ones before.”
My voice didn’t come, nothing came. All I heard that came from my lips was a soft, little, tiny huff.

Chapter Eight: Nightmares

Alice’s Point of View
I could feel her; her flowing flesh was still out there, roaming the earth, trying to find a way out. But where was out? And, how would she get there? I tried to ignore the questions, but didn’t have the strength to do so. No one knew what I had seen, nor did Bella let Edward read my mind to try and find out where Milla was. The depths of my own mind had hid the truth of where she was led to. I knew where she was, I could feel her pulse deep within the palms of my very own hands. She was out there, deep within the wilderness, in the heart of the woods where no one could find her again. She was bloodthirsty; a carnivorous beast that will roam the earth for eternity.
I wanted to know more, Esme and Carlisle wanted to know more as well, but I failed to be honest and tell them. I felt her depression linger its way inside of me. The way it felt when it seeped through me at first glance with her.
“Alice, where is she?” Bella glowered at me from a distance, her face beginning to go from withdraw of blood loss. The loss we had to go through so she didn’t have to find out what we were. “Alice!” She snapped once more.
“I can’t tell you,” I gazed at the ground from the sternness of my voice.
“Why?” She crossed her arms, gazing at me with her trenching amber eyes.
“Because, she is….” I couldn’t speak, nothing wanted me to reveal. I couldn’t help but penetrate the thoughts that could lure me into finding her myself, though Edward had the right as well to read my mind and track her down.
“How could you,” A voice stunned me, grasping at the hairs of my neck. “You lied…” I turned, gleaming at the massively well-built body that was standing before me.
“I didn’t lie about anything.” I blankly looked towards the ground, letting myself hiss with aggravation.
“Yes you did!” He jumped at me, pinning my body up against a nearby wall, making Esme’s vases fall to the ground; loud banging had filled the atmosphere surrounding us. It made no sense to me. Why would he act like this to his own sister?
His gaze overstruck me, causing me to feel pain that I couldn’t feel. I wanted to scream. Scream for Milla. Scream for the ones that were being killed by our kind. Coming clean was the last thing on my list to do. The light from the sun had made my skin sparkle like a million diamonds were embodied onto my skin. She was lost in translation, I was afraid she had been eaten by Jacob’s pack. Or even worse; founded by the Volturi and slaughtered for being a newborn, and for breaking the law.

A few days later, we had finally set out. The green grass turned to a light yellow from the sun gazing down on it. It was our fault for going out in broad daylight. It was my fault for not telling anyone a thing about her disappearance. It was Edward’s fault for nearly freezing and running off after trying to protect her from the people at school.
“There,” Renesmee snapped her head to the side, nearly making her fall to the ground. Her feet snapped to ground, and onwards she ran after the scent of a newborn. Clearly, she didn’t know how to stop her, since Jasper refused to teach her after the incident with her trying to attack a human.
“No!” I screamed. She had vanished, she was nowhere in sight for us to see where her track had let her to. “Nessie,” I whispered into the still quietness, we were surrounded by possible traps. “We can’t stop anymore,” A hand had stretched out towards me, “come on, we have to go.” A roughness to the voice made me want to scream. I grabbed on to the boney hand and pulled myself together. Jasper clutched me to the side, disarming me to tell him what I had seen inside my vision.
“I could’ve sworn I saw her standing there,” I crossed my arms, letting myself fall into his arms.
“How do you know?” He asked. His voice was serene, straight forward without lacking being serious.
“I just… do…. That’s all that really matters.” I gulped hard this time, letting the burning sensation take over itself in my throat. It stung me once more, I wanted to find her. Even if it meant risking my own life, nor theirs, just to have one last glance directly at her. What her new appearance looked like, even if her eyes were closed.

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Favorite Quote:
" Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgement that something is more important than fear" ~ Meg Cabot
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This was wicked cool! I LOVE the Twilight Saga! And Edward (sighs heavily) I wish he wasn't a fictional character.

Moayo lest said...
on Feb. 4 2014 at 12:21 am
I really love the plot to the story but im dying for more. and some romance would be relly cool to. just a suggestion. the end kinda confused me but it just added to the suspence.

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  I think that you had Milla interact with Edward too much. Edward, at this point, would be completely enveloped with his new family.   They don't actually have conventional "fangs"   When introducing the characters, you probably shouldn't say things like "lets call her Bella," or "I guess I can call her Nessie," just because those nicknames were in the books and movies. Have the caracters ask her to call them those things after she uses thier full names sveral times. But, really, I liked it! I really love fanfiction because it's what I would want to do if I were in the story. Plus, I always wondered weather or not the Cullens would adopt another child.

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O.M.G this was awesome.

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same thing you did twilight justice love the foster home thing

Tman2 GOLD said...
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You did a really great job I like the story and style

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Hey i loved the book you just need to continue it. i don't believe this is your first fan fiction u r so good look for mine it is called how i survived the hunger games.

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nicely done! creative ideas!

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I love the book, but I want more! Please continue this book... I really really liked it! The plot is so great.. You really have a vivid imagination!:)

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I like the idea of this book, and the writing is pretty good, but I find myself confused by a lot of the English used. English is my first language, and I'm fairly sure that alot of this is not using correct grammar. I'm not looking to really critique you or anything, but some of the paragraphs in which really important things happened I ended up having to re-read and spend a few moments speculating about what you had meant to say, which made it hard to get lost in the story. Try having someone you know read it before submitting it so that they can tell you which parts didn't make much sense. Other than that though, it was wonderful! Very creative and entertaining.

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It's a common association.

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Thanks for the advice... But, I wasn't putting myself in the story whatsoever.... I also made this character up

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The thing about philosophy is that it often runs dry when thought of so shallowly.

Hmmhmmhmm. I know this is Twilight fanfiction, and I generally dispporve of fanfiction. It tends to be sloppy, and done in an hour over a wave of enthusiasm.
But, I do admit, the first page is done okay. No, I'm sorry to say I can't tell you that its good, and it does need improvement, but that's why I review, hmm?

First off, your usign first person narrative because Stephanie Meyer did it, and you want to be a character in the story. That is the weakness of all fanfiction; the writer wanting to be in that world. I'm sorry, but get over it. Use what writing stlye fits you as the author, not you as the character.

Your narrative is awkward, people don't think like this. Memories are not blurs, especially memories of death. Don't whiz through it, I know your excited to get into the story, but we need to know the character. Tell us what happened to the parents, the sister (she would remember when she disappeared, not something like 'apporximately') and a little of her life with her aunt. 

In the orphanage, I don't understand why she is biased against, that phrase is super awkward and unneeded. Also, the younger a child is in an orphanage, the more likely they are to be adopted. People like raising children, and a teenager is the worst stage to have a child, so they want young kids, kids who are under ten, make this girl among the oldest, it'll really isolate her, and make the character stronger. When she meets Carlisle, remember that she has been interviewing all her life for a childhood, she's not going to be impressed by some handsome stranger, that's cheesy. He's a vampire, you have to explain that she has an unnatural attraction towards him, he's luring her in.

When she was in the car, I didn't feel anything. You threw emotion at me, you had her burst out crying. She's lived with this pain all her life, death and rejection. Don't you think she'd be numb to it by now? I think maybe its Jasper (I haven't read it, its not my thing) that does the emotion thing, so why is she crying?

However, you find a good place to close. We see you closing on the family, the one most of your readers remember from the original book series. And that's the problem; these aren't original characters, people already know who they are. I don't, but am I your target audience? If you do adapt the characters, people who have read the books will be mad because its not canon, and non-readers of the originals won't know who these characters were from the start.

Bottom line: Fanfiction is dangerous. I dislike it, because I like making my own characters, but this is your writing.

You have good focus, you can fix up your transition, and I think you do have a plot in mind that I hope you advance. I am actually curious as to why Carlisle chose her, and why he wanted a new vampire (other than that you want to be in the story dear). 

But I don't think 1st person is your strength, I suggest you introduce a twist to get out of it. Some metaphorical or psychologically breaking event to change the way people "view" your story. But really, you've done a good job, even though I don't read Twilight.

AHPK0 said...
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thank you for your help

on Feb. 11 2012 at 6:54 pm
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Yess it is.

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is it free to post a novel? im new.

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idk my bff jill

having written both my stories from multiple points of view, i suggest you refrain from explicitly saying things like:

"From Alice's point of view."

Instead try to make it clear through thoughts, conversation, surroundings, and the characters actions who is currently holding the point of view.

Just some friendly advice. :)

Just some friendly advice

princees yui said...
on Nov. 22 2011 at 2:55 pm
sorry.not 2 be mean but totally 2 SHORT!But it was creative.

on Nov. 4 2011 at 1:41 am
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:) Just telling the truth.. By the way, do you know how to tag an article as favorite?? I haven't still figured it out, help?

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Aww thanks and it's okay :)