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Beastly Encounters

October 24, 2022
By Anonymous

The beast is groaning. The beast is groaning. These thoughts were rushing through my brain as I saw the beast’s movements change from an up-and-down manner to the actual sound of someone in pain. I was hiding behind a tree. I knew It couldn't see me but I could see It. As I stopped to take another look, I could tell, even under the ski mask, he was wearing. It’s not the Beast. There never was one. He is what the twins were talking about. While I was speculating, I sighed in relief knowing there probably was no beast. I could see He was wearing what seemed to me like military clothes. He was laying down right next to a big boulder rock that was half his height. I also spotted a bookbag lying next to him. There was a little crackling coming from the mystifying bag. One second the crackling was loud, the next it was gone. Is it a weapon? He's from the military, it must be. Or perhaps, A RADIO. While I was still standing in the wet leaves that came down from the unimaginable big trees thinking about what I should do next, I could hear him moaning in pain. In need of help. So unprotected. Just laying there. So vulnerable. So easy to...I'm sure it's a man at least, his voice is too deep for it to be a woman. The other boys were right behind me (Jack, Simon, and some other bigguns)also trying to make no noise because they noticed me stop for a while. 

           “What is it, Ralph?” Jack whispered loudly.

            “SHHHHH, there is a man laying there. I think he's hurt”. 

             “Well? Let me see.”, said Jack with an eager tone. 

 I walked back. Trying to not make a sound with the crackling leaves. Jack sauntered to the same position I was in to get the same angle I was looking in. 

           “IT'S THE BEAST”. Oh no, Now I'm sure he heard us. Now Jack with a whispering tone.

“ITS THE BEAST, ITS THE BEAST. What shall we do?” As I was about to explain to Jack the real truth about the beast, I saw the man Turn his head as fast as he could. Not fast. “Who's there!” All the boy's eyes popped in surprise. 

“RUN, OR THE BEAST WILL GET YOU”. Jack cried, and all the boys ran behind him screaming. In frustration, I followed. 

Non-stop running leads from the woods to the beach. As soon as we got there, I felt the difference in my feet from the rough leaves and branches to the cool, soft, gentle, gritty sand in the shade. A little breeze lifted my hair to the other side of my face. The waves crawl gently and roar when they settle down. The blazing sun hit and illuminated the ocean. Jack leads the way as he spots Piggy playing in the sand with the littluns... Jack and the boys forcefully ran to the boys crying out 

“ The beast! the beast!” piggy with a worried tone, 

“what's wrong?” “The beast! We spotted it in the woods.” Jack rushed for the words to come out. 

“I wanted to stab it with my spear but the other boys were cowards and ran away” Jack with a confident mood. He looked at me and the boys with a sinister stare. Nobody spoke the truth. I left it alone, eager to tell the boys the truth about the man before Roger interrupted me. 

“Let's kill it!” 

“We should all go back to the woods with spears and confront the beast!” Jack, already getting his spear ready. 

“NO” I yelled. 

“ There is no beast. I saw. He's a man from the military, like my dad. Maybe my dad sent him to rescue us! 

“Not this again Ralph!” roger sighed and spoke with a piqued tone. 

“You bring this up every time something bad happens to make us feel better and hide the truth. 

“What are you talking about?” I, Bewildered by his words. 

“We're never getting off this Island. Can't you see..? Roger pointed. If we don't do something about the beast, then we'll get bloody eaten!” 

“Yes!” Jack yelled. 

“It is vital for us to do something now that the beast is hurt.” The heat of the sun was setting. The sun behind the ocean, setting, making the sky orange more and more. 

All of us knew we had to light the fire soon. By now, it was an instinct. A gut reaction. The cold and darkness from this island when the sun sets impulses it into our brains. We all started marching silently to the side of the island where we usually set the fire. The littluns helped get some falling branches next to some trees in the woods. The bigguns hurried to get piggy's glasses before the sunset. When we were successful in setting the fire, we all sat down around the bonfire. Bigguns in the front, the littluns in the back. Piggy sat next to me, holding the conch on his lap. I stood up and looked at Piggy. He knew it was for the conch. I stretched my hands for it. He set it on my hands very lightly like it was about to break. I walked to the front of the fire where everyone could see me. I blew the conch. Silence ammurged and again, you could hear the smooth soft waves approach the shore and begin to clash down. 

“As you know,” I exclaimed. 

“ We saw someone or something in the woods who is badly injured. Some of us think it's the beast. I think it’s someone who my dad sent here to help us get out of this Island. It makes more sense than a beast who wants to eat us! I'm chief here so tomorrow we go to the woods in search of the military man. The hunters will prepare their spheres first thing in the morning, but for now, we'll enjoy a meal and go to the shelter to rest.” I could see Jack and Roger not happy with my words. Jack with his arms crossed murmured words with an evil look. Roger held back what he wanted to say. 



We woke up early at sunrise. The shelter was wet from the rain last night. Jack, Roger, and some bgiguns were already sharpening their spears with the most precision. a long, stabbing weapon for thrusting or throwing, a sharp-pointed head of rock. Piggy was just getting up. On his knees looking for his specs. 

“My specs? I can't find my specs!” Piggy cried. 

“Ralph! Let's go and find your military man then.”Jack sarcastically yelled from a distance. After everyone was prepared, we lined up in a line of 2. I was in the very front. Jack and Roger behind me. The other hunters are behind them. And piggy and the littluns were behind them. I could tell Piggy wasn’t with his specs.

 “Piggy your specs?” I yelled. 

“It’s fine Ralph, I'll just find them when we return. I can still follow the blurry image of the person in front”. Said Piggy calmly. 

“Ok, Piggy. Don't get lost,” I said, worried. We started walking towards the woods to find the man and see why and how he was on this island. He might be the only chance we have in getting out of this island. As we got to the place where the big boulder rock was, I and Jack instantly noticed the man wasn't there. 

“ This is where we last saw the man. Everyone, start looking for clues or something that can help us find him.” Said Jack. 

“Over here, Jack!” Some footprints of wet dirt from the rain were spotted by Piggy behind the rock.

 “Great job Piggy!” said Jack. Piggy’s cheeks blushed at the unexpected compliment from jack. 

“Oh uh, yeah! I barely did anything at all!” We followed the footsteps. Is that… Him? I saw him first then jack. Jack's expression changed from a surprised to a sinister look. He gripped his spear ready to attack his prey. I shook my head no. He didn't listen. The man was standing up limping, carrying big leaves. He was making a tent with leaves for the rain. Out of nowhere, jack attacked the man from the woods. He tackled the guy down on the ground and was about to use his spear when I stopped him.

 “Jack No! He's not the beast! Can’t you see?” jack stopped for a second to get a look at the man's face. The man with a terrified look like a savage just attacked him. As jack stood up, the man slid back in fear. I sighed. 

“Hello?” I extended my hand to help him up.

 “Who are ya’ll?” the man asked.

 “We were stranded here when our plane crashed.” I said. 

“Who are you? How’d you get here?” Jack asked. 

“I was in an Arial battle when my plane was about to explode. I parachuted down just in time to only get injured”.

 “See jack he's not the beast”. I yelled. Jack blushed red. 

“Do you have anything that can help up get rescued from this island?” jack, anxious to ask a question.

 “What's your name?” I asked the man.

 “ name is Captain James, James Oxford Jr.” 

“Captain James? Do you have a way or idea to get rescued? Anything?” I said. We needed this. An Adult. 

“M..maybe. I have a radio that I have been trying to get to work. It was damaged when I landed. I have some tools in my bag. It's solar-powered so after fixing it, all I need is sunlight. I would have powered it yesterday but there was no sunlight because of the rain.” All of us started screaming and cheering. This man brought HOPE to all of us. A small chance of survival. A small light of dreams flickering in the distance. That’s all we urge to have. 

We head back to the shelter with Captain James. The bigguns help carry captains things and help him walk. We all start singing songs and laughing and cheering all the way back. This is the best memory of the Island. We haven’t been this happy since the last feast we had. The feast. 

“We should have one last big feast for the captain!” I innovated. 

“Great Idea Ralph said piggy looking the opposite way I was. 

“That's henry Piggy” Everyone laughed at piggy’s blindness. We finally got to the beach. I realized that was the first time captain James saw the beach because of his expression when he saw the ocean.

 “It's beautiful.” uttered James. We sat down next to the shore for the captain to rest. The littluns were playing and laughing in the back. Some bigguns went hunting for the feast. Motivation in the captain's eyes appeared when he saw the boys playing and laughing. 

Captain got up and went far from the water. He was holding the radio in his right hand limping. I quickly got up to help James. I put his left arm around my shoulders and helped him sit on the ground. He was ready to try to fix the radio. I past him his bag with his tools. He opened the bag and pulled out a black toolbox. He started screwing the back and pulling wires from the radio. 

“As soon as I fix it, it should be ready. It's already absorbing heat from the sun now.” the captain noted. Suddenly a crackling sound came from the radio. Everyone silently and got closer to the captain. 

“452, is there anyone there? 452, are you there? Over.” someone from the radio was trying to communicate. The captain put the speaker to his mouth. 

“This is 452, do you copy? Over.” not a sound came from the radio for what seemed like a century.

 “ I copy. 452, what are your coordinates now? Over.” said the radio.

 “Latitude: -38.53139, Longitude: 169.09881. Over.” captain with a serious look. Another pause of silence from the radio.

“Sending a ship now, over and out”. SCREAMING, CHEERING, CRYING. All at the same time. Captain with a smile. Piggy crying with happiness. Jack cheers with the others. The other hunters gathered the meat they hunted and I and piggy set the fire quickly preparing for the feast. 


Everyone with a full stomach preparing to sleep. Some bigguns and the captain stayed on the shore to watch the ocean one last time. Then headed to the shelter. In the morning a loud honk coming from the beach awoke everyone. We all got up and headed to the beach. It was the ship! The ship was about 15 feet away from the shore. It was painted all white and it is the biggest ship I've ever seen. All of us cried when 3 men waved at us from the top of the ship. Later a ladder came down. A littlun rushed to be first on the boat. Then all of us, not holding back the rush, ran and swam as fast as we could to the ladder. When we all reached the top, we all looked back at the island for a moment. Then never again. We were saved!


NO! THE SHIP! IT'S SINKING! Wait.. there's an island up ahead! Grab a rescue float!

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