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The Defeat of Peters

February 6, 2022
By Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
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Star-Jay GOLD, Delanco, New Jersey
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"With great respect comes big responsibility, and that responsibility is to treat others how you want to be treated."

“So who did it!” Vy yells.

“None of us know!” Melvin replies while comforting his sister. (Regina has phonophobia)

“Clearly one of you do! So who! Hurt! Chad!” Vy yells angrily. 

“We! Don't! Know!” Daniel yells.

“Regina seems a bit quiet,” Vy says.

“Shes scared Vy. You know she has a trigger to loud noises. She wont speak!” Melvin replies.

“I..I didn't do it..” Regina manages to reply.

“Fine. if none of you will admit who did it, then none of you will be in the spy ninjas. Honesty is the number one tenant of being a spy ninja,” Vy says.

“N-None of them d-did it Vy!” Chad replies, even if he is injured..

“Then who? Who did it?” Vy asks.

“I don't.. Remember..” Chad says. “All i remember is.. Red..”

“Red.. Red.. Red..” Vy repeats to herself.

“Peters..” Regina mumbles.

“What was that Regina?” Vy asks.

“Peters.. He is the only person i can think of with.. Red..” regina says.

“I Swear.. If i find out peters injured my husband, i will not hesitate to have him done with,” Vy starts to get angry.

“Woah there Vy.. Calm down..” Regina says.

“Don't tell me to calm down!” Vy yells, causing Regina to cover her ears, and run to Melvin.

Chad puts his hands on Vys shoulder, and she calms down instantly.

“Sorry.. Im just stressed out..” Vy Confesses.

“We know.. And it is understandable,” Melvin replies.

All of the sudden, Vy feels a tight pressure on her chest, but then realizes, they are all hugging her in an attempt to calm her down. Chad feels tears on his shoulder and notices Vy is crying.

“Shh.. you're ok Vy.. We are all right here for you,” Chad comforts while picking up Vy.

“I-Im sorry.. I didn't mean to y-yell..” Vy manages to say through tears.

“We know Vy.. its ok.. You are a bit stressed out and its making you angry and panicked..” Chad explains.

All the sudden Vy feels the tightest pressure on her chest and chad realizes by her facial expression, He puts her down and sits her on the beanbags.

“Vy, its Chad.. i need you to breathe in and out for me ok? In.. and out.. Breathe in.. 1. 2. 3. And out.. 1. 2. 3. Ok? Good. its still Chad ok? I need you to name 5 things you see” Chad tries to comfort.

“You.. D-Daniel.. The wall.. Melvin.. And R-Regina..” Vy manages to say through her panic. 

“Good. now 4 things you can hear,” Chad asks.

“You.. Birds.. Wind.. and the TV..” Vy replies.

“Want me to continue or change to another technique?” Chad asks.

“333..” Vy replies.

“Ok. Name 3 more things you see.” Chad says.

“Beanbags.. Chairs.. And Regina's door..

“Ok good.. Now 3 more things you hear..” Chad replies.

“Leaves, Trees, And Doors..” Vy replies, in a partial panic.

“Good, now move 3 parts of your body” Chad instructs.

Vy moves her arms, legs, and her ankles. 

“Feeling better?” Chad asks.

“M’hm,” Vy replies.

“What Happened?” Daniel asks.

“Vy had a panic attack. I had to calm her down.” Chad replies.

“Oh.. Is she ok?” Melvin asks.

“Im Fine.” Vy says in a cold attitude.

“It doesn't sound like it.” Daniel says.

“Well I am.” vy states in a cold attitude.

“Vy? He is saying that because you have a bit of a cold attitude,” Chad explains.

“Im Aware.” Vy Replies.

“Are you sure you're ok?” Regina asks.

“Im Fine Ok? Why doesn't anybody believe me!” Vy raises her voice.

“S-Sorry..” Regina mumbles, still panicked whenever Vy raises her voice.

“Sorry.. I didn't mean to yell again.. Im still a bit mad about Peters possibly being the reason of Chads injuries,” Vy confesses.

“I Know.. we have to try and make a plan to defeat peters,” Chad says.

“Yea, but if Vy is really mad, we can take that to our advantage. When she is mad, she battles a lot. Its like her form of 78x so if she is extremely mad before we go to defeat Peters, she will have enough anger to show in her fighting,” Daniel explains.

“So what your saying is.. We have to make me mad, to.. Defeat him?” Vy asks.

“YES!” Daniel exclaims

“Ok i guess..” Vy says.

“So what makes you angry?” Melvin asks.

“Hmm.. Well.. anything that involves Chad getting hurt.. And any arguing with my loudness, but don't do that one unless someone is with Regina somewhere else,” Vy explains.

“Ok Well.. hmm.. Hey Vy? What if i told you that chad never liked you. What if he said he didn't love you and just pity's you,” Regina Taunts.

“Regina.. Idk if you should be saying that..” Chad says.

Vy already is trying to control her anger.

“But chad! Its working” Regina exclaims.

“Chad, i apologize in advance,” Melvin says before punching him in the face.

“Melvin! What the h-ll!” Vy Yells.

Vy gets up and starts to push Melvin until he hits the wall, and Chad has to hold her back.

“Woah there Vy.. Calm..” Chad tries to calm her down.

“No! He just punched you! Im not going to let anyone punch my husband!” Vy yells.

“Guys.. We did it.. Mission get Vy angry has been successful!” Regina exclaims. “Now to calm her down.”

“Trust me.. I know how,” Chad says. 

He picks up Vy and then kisses her on the cheek to calm her down.

“ Calm down VV.. It was part of the plan..” Chad comforts.

“Haha.. thanks Chad.. but now we know what to do to defeat Agent peters,” Vy Explains.

“Lets go then!” Melvin exclaims.

The 5 go over to Peters Warehouse and encounters him.

“Peters..” Vy says, already getting mad.

“This is him! He hurt me!” Chad remembers 

“He.. WHAT?!” Vy yells, getting even more angry.

“He is the one who hurt Chad, Vy! He injured your husband!” Melvin says, trying to trigger Vy’s anger.

“Oh H-ll No! YOU HURT MY HUSBAND?!” Vy yells, getting really mad.

Out of pure anger, Vy rams into Agent Peters, knocking him out in the process. She starts to punch him violently.

“ This is for hurting Chad!” Vy Yells.

Chad eventually has to pull Vy back because she is injuring him too much. She starts to kick and squirm until she eventually gets tired and passes out, right in Chads arms.

‘Lets get her back before she gets up.” Chad instructs.

The Spy Ninjas bring her back and right as she gets place on the beanbags, she jumps up.

“Where am i?! What happened?!” Vy screams.

“ Calm down Vy.. Your back at the safehouse. You passed out after trying to release from my restraint.” Chad explains.

“Did i defeat Peters?” Vy asks, anxiously.

“Defeat him?! Girl you almost k!lled him!” Regina says.

“Good. he deserves it.” Vy states in her cold attitude.

“Vy! You cant kill him! You will go to jail!” Melvin exclaims.

“Oh Well..” Vy replies in her cold attitude.

Next they know, they hear a bang on the door and sees Peters.

“Ugh.. here we go again..” Vy says.

“Oh No you don't.. You're not participating in this one”Melvin says.

Chad opens the door and sees Peters, PZ6, and PZ 666.

“Peters.. You know what happened last time. Do you want me to k!ll you?!” Vy asks. 

“Oh shut up pipsqueak, you wouldn't kill me!” Peters taunts

“Ồ, im đi!” Vy speaks in her native language. “I would if i had enough anger.”

“Vy remember, he hurt your husband.” Melvin says. 

“PETERS!” Vy yells as she charges at him, pushing him out the door. “Now to deal with you b-stards! 

Vy starts to fight the other PZ Members and they flee.

“B-stards.” Vy mumbles to herself.

“Melvin! Why would you trigger that?!” Chad yells.

“Do you want to get killed?” Melvin replies.

“Shut.. up..” Vy mumbles.

“What was that Vy?” Daniel asks

“I Said, Shut up!” Vy raises her voice. “ None of us are getting killed, and none of us are getting hurt!”

Chad manages to calm her down by well.. Hugging her.

“There you go VV… Calm down a bit..” Chad comforts. 

“I.. I hate this!” Vy says, starting to cry.

“Shh.. its ok..” Chad comforts. “We are right here..”

“Its all ok vy..’’ Melvin says.

Vy eventually calms down, but then they notice something.

“W-Wheres Regina?” Vy asks.

The spy ninjas see Regina out back, with a journal and she is writing in it.

“ No No No.. She only writes in that when she is not in the best mood. Something is wrong. I feel it,’’ Melvin says.

Melvin and Daniel go out there and the closer they get, the more they find out, she is crying. They run over to her and sit on the opposite ends of her. By then, Regina is in tears and Melvin is rubbing her back.

“Aww.. whats wrong R?” Daniel asks.

“I hate this.. I hate angry Vy.. and every time a SIMPLE PZ MEMBER APPEARS, you drive her to her breaking point! I hate it! I understand her and how she feels! I understand how much pain she is in! And you guys just.. Break her!” Regina shouts through tears.

“ Oh Regina… i know.. I know.. But we have to or else Peters will defeat us!” Melvin tells her.

“Theres always another way! Not just breaking someone” Regina yells.

“Regina. This is one of the best ways to do it,” Melvin explains.

“No it isn't!” Regina yells, starting to cry again. “Who knows! Vy could be in tears right now because you're driving her to her breaking point through a traumatic memory!”

Regina storms off and approaches Vy who is in  tears.

“Aww are you ok Vy?” Regina asks, clearly concerned.

“Im F-Fine,” Vy stutters through tears.

“ No you're not.. I know when someone is lying about how they feel. Whats wrong?” Regina asks.

“Why do they always make me mad, i get that i can defeat someone with my anger but its tearing me apart!” Vy says.

Regina sits down next to Vy and rubs her back.

“I know Vy.. I know.. But they just don’t understand that. Like i told Melvin and Daniel, its driving you to your breaking point..” Regina explains. “Especially since its through a traumatic memory. I hate that they are doing this to you. How can i make it better?”

“Tell then to s-stop!” Vy says through tears.

“I will.” Regina replies.

Its a few days later and Melvin, Vy, and Regina see Peters.

“Vy.. He-” He says before getting cut of.

“No. No. No! Stop triggering her anger! She hates it and you know it! Why the h-ll would you want to trigger a traumatic memory from Vy just so she can defeat a dumb PZ member!?” Regina snaps.

“R-Regina!” Melvin stutters. “I told you this is the only way.

Regina starts to push melvin backwards.

“I. Dont. Care! Would you rather have PZ done or a spy ninjas mental health go down?! Do you not care about Vy?! Do you not care that this could be tearing her mental health apart?!!” Regina starts to fully snap at melvin.

“R-Regina.. C-Calm down a bit..” Vy says before putting her hand on Regina's shoulder like Chad does with her.

Regina calms down but with minor hesitation. Afterwards the 3 walk back to the safehouse and on the way, Regina figures out a way to defeat Peters so she trails off. 

She grabs some stun weapons and rope from the safehouse and goes over to the warehouse. Peters appears and notices she is by herself.

“Peters..” Regina says with hesitation.

“Ginera,” Peters mocks.

Before he knows it, he is up in action with regina. Her flexibility and acrobatic skills helped her throughout the battle but then she noticed a metal piece on peters back. She grabs a stun baton and stuns the exact part. A huge flash appears and next thing she knows, she is back at the safehouse surrounded by Chad, Vy, daniel, and Melvin.

“What happened?” Regina asks confused. “Why do i have this cast and splint on?

“Regina? You seriously don't remember?” Vy says. “ you did it! You defeated Peters.. But.. you broke your arm in the process..”

“Oh..” Regina says

“But.. you did it.. By yourself..” Chad says.

“I Know.. Im sorry. I should've had you guys in on my plan. I understand if i get a punishment from that..” regina confesses.

“No No Regina. YOU'RE A GENIUS!” Daniel exclaims

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