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Bart: The First Part

April 6, 2021
By FutureWriter2022 SILVER, Agawam, Massachusetts
FutureWriter2022 SILVER, Agawam, Massachusetts
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A return to Middle Earth--in modern times. Men rule the world, and all the magic folk have left, except for the elves living in Mirkwood City. Bart has just started work at a technology firm after graduating from university, and is already growing tired of city life. The only thing keeping him from leaving is his female friend, Molly. So, on a whim, he tries to convince her to journey with him to the Undying Lands, the last known residence of the magical races of Middle Earth and the only place he believes he can fullfill his destiny. 

DISCLAIMER: This is a work of fanfiction. I do not own any of the characters and settings of J.R.R. Tolkien and am only creating this story for entertainment purposes.

Ben L.

Bart: The First Part

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