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January 7, 2020
By Burglurf, Springville, Utah
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Burglurf, Springville, Utah
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The author's comments:

It's kind of fan fiction, but Im not copying a story (as you can probably tell)

Based off of the Xbox ™ Original game, Halo ™ 

July 29, 2552, Epsilon Eridani System…

Sargeant. Olson emptied his magazine into a nearby grunt, the small methane breathing creature was sent sprawling, due to the sargents volley of .50mm bullets, from his basic 2x magnum pistol. The Sargeant jammed a new magazine into his pistol and sent two more shots into the last dwarf alien, who now lay on the floor, all life drained out of its rough, purple skin. His fellow ODSTs watched in amusement as SGT. Olson sent the grunt to paradise. The Orbital Drop Shock Troopers scanned the “graveyard” in satisfaction, SGT. Olson and his squad of ODSTs had just taken back the courtyard that led into a secure ONI facility. Olson put his hand to his helmet, to tell the ODSTs that he was going on coms, “This is team Beta to team Delta. We’ve captured the courtyard, we’re ready for back up” Olson said while dropping his magnum into his holster. The other ODSTs waited in anticipation to see if team Delta made it past the covenant air defenses. After a few seconds of waiting Olson put his hand back to his helmet. “I repeat, this is team Beta to team Delta, do you read?” Olson brought his hand down to his side as he hopefully waited for a response. The com crackled, “This is… team Delta to…Beta… we hear… we gave the… covenant a nasty surprise… on our way, I repeat…On our way,… out” Olson sighed and looked around at his exhausted soldiers. “Team delta’s on there way.” The ODSTs cheered and prepared for back up.

The author's comments:


August 6, 2532 Kenosha Mars…

Petty Officer Don stared through the glass at Olson's motionless form slumped against the control panel. “Wake up soldier.” He said, even though Trainee 339, or Olson couldn't hear a word through the training modules glass window. Olson eyes opened sluggishly, after taking 6Gs, he sat up, regaining his consciousness. One more test and they’ll send me to fight the Covenant. Olson thought as he moved his hand through 8.825985 m/s2 gravity. The trainee grabbed the landing handle and tensed his body for eject. Olson watched the altitude meter as the fake capsule “descended”. 1346m… 1014m… 921m…  Olson dropped, falling about 300 meters per second. He yanked on the training modules landing handle. And the module stopped moving and the door popped open. If it had been the real procedure he would have landed perfectly… if it had been the real thing, but it was all a test. Olson was a trainee to become an ODST, or an Orbital Drop Shock Trooper. Olson hopped out of the Drop-pod and wearily stumbled out, A bystanding marine offered a shoulder for assistance, but Olson just raised his hand to gesture that he was okay. Petty Officer Don shook Olson's hand and gave him a stern look, “They’ll be happy to have you out there, ODST.”Olson grinned. “I plan on it.”

July 29, 2552, Epsilon, Eridani System…

SGT. Olson and his ODSTs walked around the dark courtyard, salvaging any useful intel for the Office of Naval Intelligence when a familiar-looking airship landed at the far side of the courtyard, Olson raised his M6G SAP-HE (Semi Armor Piercing, High Explosive) and turned on his helmets night vision. Until he saw friendly faces. Team Delta hopped out of the Pelican or the gunship, full of energy. Joined to Team Delta, Beta team would be a group to reckon with, with 14 UNSC Marines and 6 trigger happy, armored ODSTs. ODST Olson and the rest of Beta Team trooped over to the Pelican nicknamed The Marvin. “You guys missed out on the fun.” Someone in team Beta Commented to the marines. Olson looked over, and not to his surprise he saw that it was Private Cooper. Olson found himself entering The Marvin with Corporal Adamson. 

“We heard from team Alpha yesterday,” The Marine Corporal said to SGT. Olson, as they sat down in the pelicans seats. “They said team Charlie…” Corporal Adamson paused, “didn’t make it.” He said shamefully, even though it wasn’t his fault. 

“What?” Olson responded in unbelief, “That’s nearly a fifth of the UNSCs remaining ground troops on Reach.” Olson cursed under his breath while he thought about the changes that team Beta and team Delta would have to make in order to move on. While Corporal Adamson and Sargent Olson continued their conversation the rest of the team Beta and team Delta joined them on The Marvin. Teams Beta and Delta went through the last preparations as they prepared for liftoff. The Marvin flew right into the firefight, opening the pelicans back door, and dropping a dozen friendly soldiers onto the battlefield. Olson took a brief moment to check his sensors and followed the ODSTs and Marines out of The Marvins door. Olson spotted three grunts, holding plasma pistols and deadly plasma grenades. He sent a burst of .50mm shots from his pistol into the first grunts face, the small alien body dropped as Olson whirled around to face his new opponent. The grunt he now faced screamed some unintelligible words at the ODST and sent some burning hot plasma bolts his way. Olson ducked and dodged as he ran towards the stupid creature. Olson kicked the Grunt square in the face. Due to the armored boot crashing into the aliens’ head, the grunt went down, lifeless. Olson looked up to examine the last grunt. The mentally insane creature pulled out two plasma grenades and started to dash towards Olson. Olson hopelessly jumped out of the way. But before the grunts’ plasma grenades blew the ODST out of existence, a stream of AR bullets took the grunt down. Olson looked over to see an unfamiliar marine with a competitive smile. Olson thought about saying “thanks” over the com, but then quickly dismissed the thought, as he looked around the battlefield to see how the others were doing. He  saw two marines lifeless forms along with about 4 dead grunts. Olson spotted two of his ODSTs engaging a group of Jackals, near the entrance of the building. He observed the strange aliens with disgust. Jackals had dull gray skin, and generally stood at 6 feet tall. Besides their disgusting, reptilian appearance, Jackals were a dangerous group, with their quick agility and their round plasma shields. Olson jogged over to help when he heard screaming. He spun around to see two jackals dragging a hopeless marine into the building. Olson shot a round from his pistol into the jackals’ shield. The plasma shield absorbed the armor-piercing shots with ease. The two jackals dropped the injured marine and crouched to receive maximum protection behind their small plasma shields. The Jackals approached slowly, as they got closer Olson drew out a F9 fragmentation grenade and calculated the distance of the jackals. If Olson overthrew his grenade he could kill the marine, if he underthrew then the “frag” wouldn’t affect the jackals... if he under threw the grenade... but Olson was an ODST, and ODSTs don’t miss. The grenade flew 2 meters above the ground and bounced under the jackal on the left. The jackal on the right, almost instantaneously leaped away from the frag grenade, nearly avoiding the explosion. The other jackal, however, was not so lucky, the strange creature hesitated slightly while the grenade removed him out of existence. Olson, seeing his chance, with the remaining jackal scrambling up to return to his position, shot a series of shots into the jackals back. The jackal dropped to the ground, gurgling its last “words”. Olson heard a few marines go down, nearby, as he sprinted over to the injured soldier.  He looked at the pale-faced soldier and carefully helped him into some nearby bushes. Olson turned around and regretted what he saw, he saw the bodies of around six marines and approximately three ODSTs. The war veteran thought about if it was worth the casualties to destroy the UNSC ONI facility, he quickly put the thought aside. If the covenant took complete control of the Office of Naval Intelligences facility, the covenant would gain accessibility to all of the United Nations Space Commands (UNSC’s) precious intel. Olson crouched silently and made his way to the entry of the building. He quickly and silently took out the grunt guarding the entrance of the facility. Olson stood up and put his hand up to helmet, “I’m at the entrance of the ONI facility, any units receiving this message, rally up at the central entrance and wait for my signal… out” he put his hand down and headed into the secure facility. SGT. Olson made his way through the dark hallways, cautiously. Olson spotted a still marine lying on the floor, he made his way towards the corpse. The Marine was equipped with a MA5C Assault Rifle with a half magazine of 7.62 x 51 ammunition and two handy fragmentation grenades. Olson put his pistol into the holster on his left hip, and silently picked up the marines gear. Before the ODST left the dead marine in the covenant “infected” building, he whispered his respects, and retreated down the hall. The combat hardened ODST, turned the corner to confront two surprised Jackals, He quickly realized that there was no need to waste ammo so he booked past the kig-yar. Olson didn’t have time to give his respects as he rounded the next corner to see another dead marine slumped against the wall, not realizing the huge gash in the side of the corpse, what Olson did realize was that the data hive was down the hall to the left. He entered the immense data hive, that held nearly all of ONI’s precious intel. He turned on his com, “I’m in the hive, commence next stage…” no response… “Damn it, coms are jammed,” Olson said under his breath. He was about to find the emergency shut off when he heard soft footsteps behind him, he quickly spun around pointing the AR in the direction of the damp noise. He crouched picking up a piece of rubble as he did so and tossed the debris toward the sound. He saw something shimmer as the Elites energy shield reacted and it’s active camo was deactivated, the Elite stood around 8 feet tall, And held a bright, burning plasma energy sword in his right hand. Olson

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