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Spiderman's Savior

May 1, 2019
By barelylethalwriter BRONZE, Dewfaffew, Florida
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barelylethalwriter BRONZE, Dewfaffew, Florida
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The author's comments:

I have made my own villian since it was too complicated for me to use one of previous Avengers movies.

One shot. Two shots, then three more. Kristen’s dad dropped to the floor right in front of her. Six year old Kristen screamed. Police sirens wailed. Kristen kneeled down to her dad. His leg creating a pool of blood. Kristen’s eyes filled with water. One shot to the chest, two to the leg. Her dad took of a hold her hand. The dark figure had already fled. The ambulance pulled up in front of the crime scene. The convenience store’s window had three bullets through them, two men down. A woman came up to her and her dad, she felt his pulse. “No pulse.” The woman said to a man who had just appeared in front of them too. Kristen looked down at her dad. A tear fell onto his chest wound. A few seconds later, a sudden gasp came from her dad’s mouth.

Sixteen year old Kristen woke up from her dream with a gasp. More of a memory. Kristen looked at the clock on her night stand. “11:30 pm.” Kristen read aloud. She got out of her bed and walked out her room. She walked slowly so she didn’t wake anyone up, but her wooden floor creaked after every few steps. She finally got downstairs without anyone waking up. She put on her coat, she was too lazy to change out of her PJs. She put on sneakers and walked to an archery range, only a few blocks away from her house.

When Kristen finally got there she took a displayed bow and some arrows. She started shooting, arrow after arrow for about 30 minutes.

Peter, seeing that the archery range’s lights were on, went in. He saw a girl, shooting some arrows and he hid. Kristen heard some noises and turned to see who it was, but didn’t see anyone. Kristen continued to shooting arrows. Peter turned back into his nerdy teenage self and put the device in his back pack. He got up and started walking up to Kristen. Kristen heard footsteps and quickly turned her bow, arrow already in hands. Peter raised his hands up. “Woah, watch it. “ Peter said. “Sorry, people don’t usually come around here at this time.” Kristen said, aimed the arrow at the target again and shot the arrow. It hit the middle of the target, like the other 3 arrows she used on the target. “Nice shot.” Peter said. “Thanks.” Kristen shot another arrow, hit a little far from the middle. Kristen’s hair kept getting in the way so she had to tilt her head a little so it wouldn’t. Peter noticed her problem and he took out a hair tie from her back pack. “Here.” Peter hands the hair tie to Kristen. Kristen puts her bow down and takes the hair tie. She nodded, as a thank you gesture. She put her long tight curls into a ponytail.

Peter looked up and down at her, finding her quite attractive. Her caramel skin sprinkled with freckles. Light green eyes that make her stand out in a crowd. Her long tight curls that hang a little past her shoulders. Her black painted finger nails placed on the arrow, it slips out of her hand, and hits the middle of the target again. Kristen smiled, which made Peter’s heart melt a little. She ran a hand through her hair and looked at Peter. “Oh, you’re still here.” Kristen said, looking at him. The door flew open a large bulky, green man stomped in. “There you are!” The man growls. Kristen, startled, turns her bow and shoots the arrow at the green man. He barely dodges it, but Kristen quickly grabs another arrow and shoots it. It hits the green man’s leg. “No, no!” Peter ran to Hulk. “It hurts Peter.” The green guy sniffles. “It’s ok Hulk.” Peter says, patting his head. Kristen raises an eyebrow. Then, she rolls her eyes. Kristen walks up to Hulk. “Stop being a baby.” Kristen said as she quickly pulled out the arrow, with no mercy. Kristen grabbed her coat and wrapped it around the wound. Just then 2 women appeared before them. The woman looked lifeless. Then they darted towards Hulk and Peter. You quickly took out an arrow and shot it. It one woman. The other tackled down Peter. “No, I’m too beautiful to die!” Peter yelled, he wasn’t strong enough to push the woman of. She tried to shoot arrows at her, but the woman kept moving.

Kristen then grabbed a vase and smashed it on the woman’s head, she fell on top of Peter, her hair dripping with blood. Kristen looked at the woman horrified. “Hurry run, there will be more coming.” Peter said looking at Hulk who was still grunting in pain from his wound. “But what about you?” Kristen asked, a lot of questions raised through her mind, but came out with this one. “I’ll be fine, go!” He said. Kristen put her arrow down and ran. Kristen finally got home, she quietly closed the door and walked upstairs. She looked into her parents’ room and saw her dad sleeping peacefully while his hands were wrapped around her mom. Kristen never knew how her dad survived that day, but she’s glad he did.

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