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Dreams and Memories

July 22, 2013
By AtomicGrace, Luton, Other
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Favorite Quote:
'It's Limited edition!' Tony Stark, about a Dora watch!

Author's note: It's mainly adventure stuff with hints of magic and gadgets in it. I love RDJ!

A guy called Robert Dream, was a mechanic who like to listen to Grace Honey, a beautiful, singer with long brown hair and brown eyes who liked to wear fancy, sparkly purple dresses. Robert wore a red cap and a multi-coloured shirt with red and gold striped shorts and matching boots while he repaired cars and machines.

One day, he was called to fix someone's car which turned out to be a limo. "Thanks for fixing my car" he heard a gentle, mellow voice called out to him. " No problem, miss' He said, then he got up from under the car using a skateboard-like type thing and started. It was love at first sight. She saw a guy with a moustache and slight beard with brown hair and brown eyes, smiling a very cute smile. He saw a girl that lit up his whole world and made his heart soar into the sky.

Robert stood up and held her hand as he introduced himself. "I'm Robert Dream. What's your name, lovely lady" He said, in a gentle, hot voice. "I'm Grace. Grace Honey. pleased to me you" She replied, as she blushed. "I'm a huge fan of your romance songs, would you like to come to dinner with me?" He asked, softly. "I'd love to!" she replied, cheerfully.

Then they went to the seaside and had dinner together while they chatted about their interests and hobbies together. Once they knew each other so well, they held hands and kissed. Then Robert gave Grace a purple rose as a b-day present and she gave him a necklace with 'RDJ' on it in gold writing.

Then they walked along the beach together in the soft, golden sand and watched the sunset. Then a boy camouflaged in the sand with a yellow sandy-coloured blend in outfit crept behind Grace and held her by the neck as he kidnapped her by jumping into the sea. Robert tried to go after them but the boy was too fast for him and he didn't have anything to help him survive in the sea either.

'I wish there was something I could do to help' He thought with a small sigh.

Just then, a purple heart charm bracelet appeared in his his hand which turned his mechanic clothes into a Victorian-style red and gold striped detective clothes with a matching hat too.

Then he went after the boy who had stolen his one true love and used the love heart charm bracelet to supply him with oxygen. The boy had taken Grace to a vine-covered eco-friendly den hideout and placed her in a metal cage outside it, near the sea. "I know all about you, oh-so-famous Grace Honey. If you love me as much as I have when I first saw you; then I wouldn't kill you or your so-called boyfriend" The boy, called Kieran Jealous said, in a convincing, soothing voice.

"Robert will come for me" Grace said, bravely to Kieran. "Oh he will and when he does arrive I'll be ready" Kieran said, icily with a smirk on his face. Then he pushed random buttons on his holographic interface screen which activated a huge fan which was below them in the sea and the crane which made Grace's cage that was connected to it begin to lower down slowly towards the sea. "Have a nice trip!" Kieran said, sarcastically as he walked back into his hideout.

Meanwhile, Robert was speeding along in the water with his charm bracelet helping him increase his speed as he began to reach his destination. Only he stopped, skidding to a halt when he saw the huge fan nearby that was stopping him from reaching the surface and his destination. So he lowered himself deeper and then went up at supersonic speed which made him fly towards Grace as she was about to be lowered into the sea completely.

Robert got out his special love torch and used it to cut through the metal bars.

Just then, Kieran walked up behind while clapping slowly. "Bravo. Bravo, you escaped my trap. But that wasn't really the trap. This was!" Kieran annocuted as he pressed a red button which made a plastic ball appear from the ground which trapped them inside.

"This time you can't escape. Have a nice dip!" Kieran said, icily as he laughed evilly.

Just then, the trap door beneath them opened and they fell in the sea. The ball began to fill up with water and just when it was above their heads, they saw a white light in the shape of a person with white feathery wings. "Hold your hands and picture yourself doing something happy or romantic. That will save you. I've been sent to help save you from God because He knows you both deserve to live" the angel said. So they did as the angel asked and pictured themselves dancing together. When they opened their eyes, they were back on the deck outside Kieran's hideout, this time they were both wearing gloves. Grace's was purple and shone with purple electricity and Robert's was red 'n' gold striped with red 'n' gold electricity.

So they went into Kieran's hideout and saw a huge metal armoured fox which was a shiny silver colour with a star shape on its chest which had Kieran inside it. So we shot electric beams at it but the amour kept deflecting it. So Grace thought about how much she love Robert and Iron man which made her gloves obtain a new power.

Her gloves flew off her hand and grew bigger than the fox amour machine. Then it blasted hearts at Kieran which effectively damaged the amour and then both gloves along with Robert shot beams at Kieran at the same, while he tried to counter, which shot through the middle of the chest and killed him.

Then a purple CGI portal appeared next to us and took us home. Then Robert blindfolded Grace and brought her in to the sitting room with a huge banner that said 'happy B-day Grace' in the purple writing with flowers everywhere, purple balloons along with cookies, an purple iron man cake for girls that had flowers on it, mini pizzas, soda bread, irish stew and sweets on the polished oak table in front.

Then Robert blindfolded Grace and she saw the sign and food laid in front of her with her family and friends. Then Robert, wearing a smart red and gold striped tuxedo, knelt down before grace and got out a small purple box from his pocket as he looked up at her with his dreamy eyes.

"Grace, will you marry me?" Robert asked, with a hot, smile. "Yes, totally!" Grace said, cheerfully and kissed him as she wore her engagement ring with a purple diamond on it. Everyone cheered as they danced while everyone else had some food and cut the cake together(they had food at this point). Then they got into their new purple Audi convertible with 'Just Engaged' on the back in purple, flowery writing and 'Stark+Grace' on the front number plate as they drove away into the sunset.

The end.

The author's comments:
It's from Tony Stark's point of view

My name is Tony Stark. I’ve got a great girl and occasional save the world. But now I’ve destroyed all my suits, removed my magnetic arc reactor and I’ve moved in to Stark tower with Pepper.
I’ve been bonding with Pepper while fixing Dum-E and Butterfingers in my free time and now the world is save again; plus I fixed Pepper from Extremis and she killed the mandarin. How cool is that?! Now I got my avenger gang living with us cuz we’ve repaired it and have added more rooms to it for everyone to stay in.
The Avenger tower
I saw the other avengers in the Stark tower and got a vision that someone from space was coming to fight us.
Meanwhile, in the distance, a fan girl was in her room putting up posters of Tony Stark on her wall and had her room covered with iron man stuff. This girl was 14(almost 15), had brown hair and brown eyes wearing purple jeans, black sandals and a grey, black and pink striped top on. She was called Grainne.
Somewhere in space, an alien with blue eyes and a strange brown face wearing a golden helmet was standing on a piece of debris, planning his revenge on the Avengers. He sent a man with powers to create earthquakes wearing a grey suit outfit with brown eyes and black hair with a fringe whilst holding a grey sword to Earth in disguise as a teen boy with brown short straighten hair and brown eyes wearing a black leather jacket, a white sleeveless top, brown shorts and grey sandals.
The boy who called himself James, found himself within the busy streets of New York and set out to search for the tower his master had told him about. Then he saw the tall tower with the ‘A’ in middle which was now gold and shiny. He made clones of himself which changed into an oil slick black colour with purple glowing eyes.
Then they all marched towards the tower creating earthquakes everywhere and I could sense danger approaching. “Sir, there’s any army of oil clones coming towards the tower” J.A.R.V.I.S. said.
“Great, I hope they won’t want to destroy my tower and leave us with nowhere to live!” I muttered as I got my upgraded mark 42 to me with my version of Exterimis and headed outside.
Just then, A white orb created by the clones with the earthquakes appeared inside the tower and whisked every avenger who was in it away with it to a desert wasteland with no water or villages in sight. I wasn’t taken away by the orb because I was standing out inside my tower with my other amour suits behind and Hawkeye was next to me too.
“Let’s dance!” I cried as we all charged while shooting from the repulsers and Hawkeye shot his exploding arrows at them. “Tony, where are you?” Captain America cried with my communicators. “We’re outside the Stark Tower” I replied. “Where the heck are you guys?”
“We in a desert wasteland somewhere” Captain America replied. “Try to find a out of there! We need back up, more oil clones are coming!” I said, desperately. “Ok, we’ll try!” Captain America said, swiftly and then the connection was lost.
“J.A.R.V.I.S., we need to hold off the clones from getting into the tower, so the others can get back to help us” I commanded. “Right away, Sir” J.A.R.I.V.I.S. replied as the other suits flew up to create and barricade wall from the tower as they blasted all the clones which came their way. “Take that! And that, oily scum heads!” I shouted as I blasted them. Just then, James slowly approached us and I slowly walked towards him until there was two metres that separated us.
Meanwhile, Grainne was typing her stories about Tony and RDJ when one of the oil clones came into her room and kidnapped her. Pepper was at Stark Industries with Happy Hogan, working as usual with all the paperwork etc, when another clone had managed to track her down from Tony’s files and kidnapped her too. The clone took Grainne and Pepper to a launch rocket near the statue of Liberty and tied them on to it.
“Hello, Tony” James said, in a slow, cunning voice. “Who are you and how do you know my name?!” I shouted. “That is of no importance right now but if you want to see your teammates and girlfriend alive, then surrender now!” James threated. Just then a sparkle of lightening formed in the sky with rumbles of thunder as Thor, The hulk, Captain America and Black Widow emerged from it unharmed because of Thor’s powers. “What were you saying about my friends again?” I said triumphaly.
“CHARGE!” I shouted as Thor used his hammer on the clones on the left, with the Hulk smashing the clones on the right, Hawkeye shooting the one in the north; and Captain America and Black widow bashing the clones in the south as I battled it out with James. “Thanos is coming for you and you’ll never be able to stop him!” He shouted, bitterly.
“We’ll see about that!” I screamed as I kept shooting him and he grabbed my hands while squeezing them which caused the arm parts of my amour to push out; the same time my hands were being squished and that was casing a lot of pain. “You want to know where your beloved Pepper is? She’s strapped to a rocket with your number one fan girl as well. So make a choice; keep fighting me and the clones to save your tower or go and save your girls” James taunted, softly in a challenging way.
“Ahhh!” I yelled in pain; then I managed to push him backwards. “Well this feels mildly repeatish!” I shouted as I blasted James in face before flying off towards the statue of Liberty where J.A.R.V.I.S. had managed to locate them. “J.A.R.V.I.S., Help the others hold off the clones and James from the tower while I save Pepper and my number one fan girl!” I ordered. “Right away, sir” J.A.R.V.I.S relied, automatically as I got closer to the statue and spotted the launch rocket which was now going through a voice over 10 second countdown.
“10..” I landed on the ground and tried to blast the ropes off the missile.
“9..” I summoned my gold, red, white and purple striped upgraded space suit to me and got out a shape knife edge to cut the rope.
*8..” I recused Pepper but Grainne got her arm stuck on one of the extra hard as steel purple ropes.
“7..” I kept trying to cut the rope but it was uncutable.
“6..” I quickly took Pepper to the roof of one of the nearby building and flew back as fast as I could.
“5..” “Help me, Tony!” Grainne cried as the rocket began to shake and steam came out from its engine.
“4…” Tony summoned his addition space suit on to Grainne as he kept trying to free her.
“3..” a arrow hit the rope on the left side of the rocket that Grainne wasn’t strapped onto and created a small crack in it.
“2..” The rocket readied itself to launch.
“1..” I tried to jump onto the rocket to free Grainne but the rocket was now vibrating really fast so it shook me off.
“0!” “Tony!” Grainne screamed as the rocket began to fly upwards and I flew after it.
Then we both saw the space debris which the nuke had caused and a fiery read ‘n’ orange version of the teceract blue portal appeared as Thanos waited pacently to get a report from James and to get ready to strike. “Everything is going to plan, Master” James reported in a slow, icy voice.
“Good. Carry on then and don’t forget to them that I’m coming for them” Thanos said in an eerie, deep voice. “Yes, master” James replied and then their connection was cut off. I managed to cut the rope with the additional knife’s edge I’d added to the spacesuit with the help of Hawkeye’s long distance arrow making a crack in the rope. Then I helped Grainne to fly back to Earth while shooting flares in to the red portal to destroy it.
I showed Grainne how to control the hand repulsers and She helped me finish James off all the others defeated the last of the oily clones with help from J.A.R.V.I.S. through my other suits.
“Thanos will come and get you! You will be Helpless when he conquers Earth!” James snarled.
“We’ll be ready for him even if he brings an army with him, We’ll beat him” I said, proudly.
“Yeah because nothing is impossible for the Avengers!” Grainne added. Then we both blasted him with the uni-beam and he died instantly which stopped any more oily clones from being created.
Then I found Pepper on the roof of on of the flat buildings that was near the tower and brought her back home safely. Then I brought Grainne home near the beach and told her that she could keep the suit once I made more modifications to make it more girly and flowery. “You’re the best Tony!” Grainne exclaimed as she hugged me tightly. Then she awkardly removed herself from once she instantly remembered about me and Pepper.
“I’m sorry” she whispered. “It’s ok” I said. “I’m sure, pepper won’t mind since you’re my number one fan girl” “Yeah..” Grainne said, weakly. “Robert, I...” She trailed off as I held her in my arms. “Please call me Tony” I said as I kissed Grainne on the cheek. “I have to go now” I said quickly as I got my new and improved underwater suit attached to me as I dived into the sea to get home to Pepper. Grainne watched whilst blushing and smiled warningly from her bedroom window.
So after that, we settled into the tower permanently and I built more suits in my free time. I played against Bruce on the PS2 in the game room which was the dining room with the TV in it, playing ‘Iron man’ together while Thor watched. Captain America got the room on the middle floor with his shield sign and loads of posters linked with world war 2 in it and got to remember the memories from his time.
Hawkeye and Black window got rooms next to each other so they were happy as ever and as for Me and Pep; we got the room upstairs together and I’ve even thought about proposing to her!

So that ends my story for now and thankfully, I’ve learned not to hurt people’s feeling who become my past that then turn into demons. So yeah, we do create our own demons but I’ve learnt to never make them again and to control them.
In the space, the red portal exploded from the inside and vanished revealing a green fiery one which Thanos was going to use to conquer earth. The red one had been a distraction and cover up for the green one. Thanos laughed and it echoed across the whole galaxy. While me and Pepper were kissing, we stopped and heard the spooky laugh. Everyone in the whole world including Thor, Hawkeye, Bruce, Black window and Captain America heard it too. We all looked through the window and saw black clouds with purple lightening form in the clouds. Right there and then we all knew something or someone was come. And we’d be ready to face it when it comes.
The end. For now…

I was falling in the sea and I saw a white goat with brown eyes and brown horns coming towards me. 'Don't be afraid. Just trust me' I heard a comforting, boy's voice say to me in my head as everything became blur and I passed out.

2 Days later…

I was in my maths classroom, working out sums from my textbook, when a cute boy with curly dark brown hair and brown eyes wearing our uniform (a black blazer, light blue shirt underneath, black trousers and black, shiny shoes) walked into our classroom. "Class. I want you to meet your new classmate, Robert Stars" Miss A, who was wearing a multi-coloured dress with gold sandals and had brown eyes and long dark brown hair, announced to us. "Choose any seat next any student to sit on" she added, with a warming smile. So he chose the seat at the very front in the middle column) near the teacher's desk), right beside me.

I started at his beautiful chocolate-brown eyes for about 5 minutes as he sat in the seat next and I tuned out Miss A's droning about fractions and decimals. "Hannah, do you know what 43 divided by 5 is?" Miss A said, as she broken my concentration on Robert and I looked up blankly. "Er… 5.30?" I answered, feeling confused as everyone else laughed at me.

"No, it's 8.6. Have you been listening to a word I've said?" Miss A said, looking at me with suspiciousness. "Well..." I began to say, nervously but the bell for lunch rang and once Miss A had dismissed us, everyone ran out to go to Lunch. "Hey, were you starting at me that whole time before Miss A asked you that question?" Robert asked, curiously. "Yes" I said, shyly. "Why do you ask?"

"No reason really. Do you happen to have a crush on me perhaps?" Robert asked, gleefully.

'No. Why would you think that?" I asked, blushing as we walked up to the top floor together.

"You're blushing right now, so I can tell" Robert explained, with a cute, cheerful smile. "Plus I think you're kind of cute too, with your beautiful dark brown hair in a ponytail and your wonderful dark brown eyes" he whispered in my ear as we went into the lunchroom which had some flags from other countries like Spain, Ireland, England, Wales, Italy etc on the ceiling and a world map near the smart board and computer desk. So we sat next to each other along with some of my girl pals and ate our lunch together.

"We heard you like to sing and write your own songs, Robert" Molls and Kira chimed together. "Well, yeah. I do when I get the chance" Robert said, feeling embarrassed. "Could you possibly write a song with me, Robert? Because I sometimes write songs I think up of in my dreams from inspiration" I added, softly. "Sure!" Robert said, his face lit up with excitement as he said this. "How about you come over to my house at 5:30 and we can work on the song there? I've got a piano" I asked, with enthusiasm. "Ok, I'll see you then!" He said, with a wink as he went down the corridor with some of the other boys had had light brown curly hair and blue 'n' brown eyes.

"I think you just asked him on a date" Molls whispered in my ear as we walked downstairs and went outside near the RE block where we always hang out. "We're just going to work on a song together, no big deal right?" I asked, trying to act causally. They all started at me as though it really was a big deal. "Ok, you got me. I'm going on a date with Robert!" I started shouting at the top of my lungs so the whole world could hear. Then the bell went for the last lesson of the day: English.

After English, Robert got the school bus with me and walked with me home. I told my parents that I'd invited a friend over and got down to business. Then I got our keyboard out and Robert pressed some keys before he figured out the tune for the song. Then I began to sing and he smiled as he kissed me on the cheek as I did it.

'Have you ever wanted to find the boy of your dreams? With brown eyes, brown hair

and a really cute smile. Why don't for a while? Do you believe in destiny? He's a great guy and fate has bond us together. Would you want him to stay forever?

Chorus': I've found my Dream boy, He's smart and mega hot.

He's multi-talented and really funny. I'll think I'll always him, over for tea.

I've found my dream boy and I'm super happy He's here!

I know you're wondering what I'm trying to say,

So I'll describe this in every way.

He's really smart, do you like art?

I think of you all the time,

And I'm making this into a rhyme

You're beautiful, a wonder

Your face is never like thunder

Love is a wonderful thing that makes you soar!-(RDJ's part)

'I found my Dream boy!'-(my part)'

Then we went to the beach in wales together and splashed each other in the sea. Just then, a boy in a black suit with a mask covering his face and wearing black flippers appeared and dragged me under. RDJ raced after me, using his super hidden speed to catch up. He held my on to my hand and gave me more oxygen as he kissed me while I was still getting pulled down. 'I'll find you again, I promise. So trust me, ok?' Robert said softly in my mind which sounded a little bit familiar. 'Ok…' I replied, weakly to him in my mind as I blacked out.

I woke up inside a glass container inside a room which looked like an office room with the boy who had kidnapped me standing next to me. Then I saw a plane speeding towards the building through the window, then I realised I was in one of the twin towers. Then I waited for the fire, smoke and impact of the plane, it never came as I was in an illusion of one of the actual twin towers but the boy smiled gleefully as he watched the disaster with people dying and throwing themselves out of the window to escape the fire. Robert went back to the beach as fast as he could and flew to California where the Hollywood sign is and couldn't find me within the houses and buildings there.

Then his heart-shaped phone flashed and informed him of where I was on the tracker icon. So he flew back to the beach and went back into the sea again at top speed. Then he saw the twin tower illusion and walked on the simulation life-like floor. He saw a tower of sandwiches stacked on top of each other as the illusion revealed where they really were. "Look at all those sandwiches!" He whispered in a shocked voice to himself out loud and to me in my mind as I smiled knowing he was nearby to recuse me. Turns out that we were still in the sea but inside a hidden build-in ship type of hideout with stacks of ham, jam etc sandwiches in the 'living room' we were in which had red and blue walls everywhere and a framed picture of an old record disc on the wall in front of us. Robert was hiding behind one of the sandwich-stacked towers. So he started to jump like a frog with his hands apart that touched the floor the same time he crouched as he made the jumping movement and began to turn white and woolly with dark brown horns and four legs with light brown hoofs.

Then he crept out from behind the tower of sandwiches and threw a golden ball at the boy. "Looking for me?" Robert asked, as he walked on two legs still and was ready for a 'dance' (meaning a fight). The boy called Elias opened the container door for me to escape while smiling at Robert and Robert rushed towards me revealing a hologram as the real me was behind Elias in chains causing him to get trapped in there himself. Elias turned on a machine which looked like a time bomb made of steel which was linked through wires to the container and hooked up to a control panel as well.

"You're in there because I want to do an experiment to make a nuclear electric weapon!" Elias boasted as he pulled the lever and the energy from RDJ turned into electricity which travelled through the wires that caused him to flash every 2 seconds from goat boy to Robert then to goat boy again which caused him pain at the same time.

I unlocked a small hidden power because of my desperation to free Robert which was love darts. So I shot the love darts at Elias to stunt and distract him as I tried to break open the container but it was as hard as steel. So Robert made a pistol gun with a goat symbol on the side appear in his hand.

"If you repress the goat, then he'll nail you for sure!" Robert shouted as he shot steel nails at the glass from his nail gun which broke the door to the container and I'd moved out of harm's way before he fired his nail gun. "Let's dance!" Elias shouted, icily as he fired magma balls at Robert which cooled down really fast, turning them into brown solid balls which Robert dodged.

Then he fired his nail gun at Elias and got close enough to crash through the window while holding on to him. "Robert!" I screamed as the water came rushing in towards me. Robert used his nail gun to chain to his wrist and rushed to grab me before the water got too high. Then he flew all of us out of the sea and placed me on top of an office building in the middle of suburb as Robert prepared himself for the end battle. Then he grabbed Elias while they flew back to the sea which I was able to see with my glasses' addition zoom in holographic lens which appeared on my face when I touch the button on the side of my frames as Robert dragged Elias down with him into the sea.

"Robert!" I yelled as I watched them both go underwater.

Elias held RDJ by the throat to straggle him but he took over by firing his nail gun at his arm and making a golden nail which contained dynamite hit Elias which exploded as RDJ rose up out of the water. Then he went back to the roof where I was and jumped like a frog again to change back to his human self again. "So you're the one who saved me when I'd been pushed into the sea" I remarked as I saw a vision of me falling into the sea and a white goat saving me.

"Well, I'm here now so we'll celebrate!" RDJ exclaimed as we kissed on the rooftop as we kissed on the rooftop as fireworks flashed in the sky as we did so. "I love you, RDJ" I whispered to him. "I love you too, Grainne." RDJ whispered back. "By the way, I only change when I think of goats" RDJ added as he started to jump like a frog again and I copied him too. Then we kissed only longer this time and I hugged him tightly, never wanting to ever give up my dream goat boy.

The end

I was going into a restaurant where you chose what you'd like to eat (a buffet, basically). I saw a guy wearing a black leather jacket, a white and blue striped top with a purple drum set in the middle and a pair of black rock star boots with curly short brown hair and super cute brown eyes. "Thanks, Daddy!" I squealed excitedly as I hugged him and rushed towards the mysterious hot guy I recognised to give him a hug. "It's really you!" I yelled to him as I ran towards him and tried to hug him. "I'm here for your birthday" he said with a smile as he turned into a cloud of smoke which moved towards me in the wind and caused me to suffocate. So I blacked out.

Then I was woken up suddenly by my alarm clock. It was the last day of school and I was getting close to my birthday. So I went to school and when I was in Maths which was my last lesson, I saw the boy from my b-day dream standing at the back of the classroom, starting at me. No one else noticed him as they were too busy chanting 'Summer' as the last 5 minutes of the lesson was almost over. Just then, as the bell went for the end of the day and everyone shouted 'School's out', there was a dimensional ripple which made both of us transport to another version of the real world in some way.

I fainted as the ground turned upside-down and we were transported into a rainforest with mountains, ice and deserts within it with purple flowers. When Harry Wolfington shook me awake, I found out that we could walk on the river that was nearby to us because we had arrived in the middle of the rainforest and the forest was topsy-turvy.

Then black blob-like creatures with red eyes that had a red music note inside a red circle with a red cross over it attacked us as we tried to look after the strange forest. So as if on-cue, Harry got rainbow-coloured pistol with starburst sweets in them as a weapon to defeat the creatures. "Let's call these things, 'Anti-notes'!" Harry exclaimed as he shot them with his sweet gun.

While Harry shot the 'Anti-notes', I obtained a gun that was similar to a water gun only it was covered in purple flowers, it had a purple heart at the end where bullets usually come out of and instead of bullets, it shot out sound waves. Once we had thought that all of the anti-note were destroyed, we travelled up north and saw the whole forest from the top of one of the mountains.

Then while Harry was distracted, four more anti-notes crept behind me and transported me by jumping on top of me to a hidden cave within one of the mountain, where a boy with short jet-black hair and brown eyes wearing a black top with a red guitar on it, black jeans with golden stars on it and black boots with grey guitars on it that crossed over with the long neck part of it with the turning knobs, was waiting for me.

In the real world, a boy with brown hair with a fringe and brown eyes wearing an orange and red striped top that had a flame in the middle with matching jeans and boots was in a grey jet-like ship that had the 'sleep sucker' which was a leaf-blower machine with a tunnel-like tube attached to it which was sucking sleep out of everyone.

"I have an agent called Kane in the real world who's sucking all the sleep out of everyone in the world to make them permanently tired and I will use that energy to make me and my agent the only two alert people in the world as well as channelling it to make icy lighting!" the boy said, boastfully.

"Who are you? And what do you want with me?" I demanded as I was trapped in an iron rectangular cage with a small peep hole to see through. "I am Jamie, the great golden tiger and I'm using you as my other main source!" he bellowed as he stared at me in a creepy way. 'Great(!) a lunatic who think he can do evil by using sleep for his advantage, how wonderful(!)' I thought, sarcastically in my head.

"You won't get away with this! Harry will save me and then we'll stop you and your little agent too!" I shouted at him, desperately. 'Please come, Harry! I need you!' I thought in my mind. "I'm coming, Kate!" Harry called out to me through his mind as the gravity shifted allowing him to fly. His sweet gun had a radar tracking device so he could find me and it led him to where the hidden cave was; inside one of the purple mountains.

When Harry got inside, he saw a dark room inside the cave with holographic maps on the west side of the room, superhero comics on the east side, the iron cage which I was trapped in the north part of the room with laser guns above it as security and wooden shelves towers in the south part of the room on his left 'n' right which had varieties of every sandwich you could imagine on it: like jam, ham, tuna, bacon, cheese, sausage etc. Harry hid behind one of the shelves as he began to feel peckish while watching Jamie use his holographic screen to contact Kane in his progress with his back turned.

While he still had a chance and a big advantage, Harry tiptoed over to the iron cage as fast as he could to see who or what was in there. "I'm over, here!" I called out to him in a low whisper as he was two inches away from me. "Let me try and blast that thing open" Harry suggested as he got out his sweet gun and blasted the iron cage which unfortunately didn't do much damage to it at all.

Then a dozen more anti-notes appeared behind Harry as a huge plastic which was held by two mechanical machine arms put it together with both us inside which was filled with water instant once it had been fixed together. "I see the mischief lovebirds are at it again. You're not going to get through that iron with that thing!" Jamie said, icily as he walked towards us with the anti-notes closing in.

'You know what I'm thinking of right now? Where's my sandwich?' Harry asked through his mind. "Someone get this guy a sandwich!" Jamie sighed while walked up some hidden stairs as one of the anti-notes turned into a older guy with light brown hair and brown eyes wearing a butler's outfit which involved a smart white jacket, a black top, black velvet trousers and smart black shoes, who opened a see-through door which was attached to the ball to give Harry and because of the reality shift in the whole place, the water stay inside the ball as if you were just looking at it and don't flow out of it.

'He' gave Harry a soda bread jam sandwich on a white plate and turned back into an anti-note as soon as he had closed the door. Harry looked at me and made his eyes say 'I love you' with his cute staring expression as he somehow managed to say it because it's the complete opposite of reality.

That managed to help him obtain and red and white fiery magnet to free me from the iron cage. Then we kicked the see-through door down and marched towards Jamie while the anti-notes tried to prevent us from getting to him by closing in on us. So Harry stayed behind to fight them off as I hurried towards Jamie and got out my sound wave gun just in case. Then a golden-brown waffle flew passed me as I walked up the hidden stairs that had been hidden in the wall behind the holographic screen and saw Jamie staring out at the view of the rest of the forest and the purple sea in the distance.

"Tell me, Jamie. How do we get back to reality or I'll make your head explode with my sound waves!" I shouted as I threated him. "Reality brought you here and it can take you back. But I won't let you leave!" Jamie shouted as he threw an electrified waffle at me and I ducked as it flew passed. Then I pulled the trigger on my gun and a huge invisible sound wave ripple towards Jamie and travelled through the whole forest.

"Ok.. Ok. I surrender." Jamie pleaded as he tried to hide a fake smile, so I turned a knob on my gun and shot fire at him because I guessed that he was pretend. Then there was another time ripple which made all the anti-notes disappear and we used the water from the plastic ball to make a river to skate on back to our starting point as the time ripple came back just as we arrived there. The ripple brought us back to school only it was after the school buses had left and it was the next day which was Saturday.

Meanwhile back in the unreality forest, Jamie had survived my surprise fire attack because the electricity within him had made a shield with the golden-brown waffles to protect him. Then what was left of the time shift became back once more and took him with it. At the same time, the time shift made time go backwards to daylight again and we saw the jet with the sleep sucker flying around the town.

So I found a piece of rope with a hook on the end and threw up at the jet which caught one of the wings of the jet so we could both climb up on. Once we had climbed aboard the jet, we found our way to the control room at the front of the jet where Kane was sitting on a brown leather chair. Then we found out that our weapons had merged inside both of us when the shift had struck us earlier the second time. "It's over, Kane. You're finished!" I shouted as I shot sound waves from my hands and Harry shot starbursts at him.

Meanwhile, Jamie had appeared right behind me from the reality shift and made a long 'j' shaped sword from waffle which was as sharp and hard as steel. "Kate, watch out!" Harry shouted as he tried warn me. "Wha-"I began to say but was interrupted by a unexpected sharp feeling that went straight through my body as I looked down and saw a sharp golden-brown sword going through my chest. "Harry. Help… Me!" I gasped as I fell to the floor.

"You're going to pay for that!" Harry screamed as he used all the strength and might he could get to shot loads of starbursts at Jamie in grief and anger. The reality shift came back one last time on-cue and I saw load of people standing on clouds wearing golden robes and calling my name before the shift whisked me away to revive me back to life. I was brought back in time to before Jamie stabbed me and Harry was shocked to see me again and experienced De-jar vu right on the point. "You're alive?! But I saw you die!" Harry said, completely confused. "It was the reality shift that saved me. Anyway, I need a sword or shield so I can defend and protect myself" I told Harry in a confident, leader-like voice. "What about music?" Harry suggested. "Good idea!" I exclaimed as I thought of 'Hannah' playing in my head which made a light purple semi-circle shield with a dark purple music note in the middle and a white and purple stripped light weight jousting stick appear in my hands just as Jamie made his sword from before fly towards me without touching it but I deflected it with my shield.

"That all you got? Anything more challenging?" I challenged Jamie in a loud voice. "Harry, you deal with Kane and try to shut down that sleep sucker machine thing while I take care of Jamie" I said to Harry in a low voice. "I'm on it, Kate" he replied, swiftly in a whisper as he crept towards Kane and knocked him out with his starbursts.

"I've got loads more!" Jamie spat, icily as hundreds of thousands of waffle steel swords came flying out of the walls towards me. "And there's more where that came from!" he added with a scary smile as I had to concentrate as hard as I could to make my shield bigger as I used my jostling stick to bash the swords away. "Harry, I could do with a pair of purple rubber rocket boots and a special red bomb ball right now!" I cried, urgently to harry in my mind as Harry made both of my requests as fast as lightening with his starburst powers as he found the red button which turns off the sleep sucker and puts it in reverse which he pressed immediately afterwards. Harry took care of the string wheel and steered the jet away from the town a few minutes before I was about to carry out my plan which I kept hoping was going to work.

As more swords appeared, I threw the red bomb ball at him and Jamie just laughed while starting at me with an amused smile on his awful little face. "Happy flying, idiot" I called out to him as I strapped my rubber rocket jet boots on and grabbed Harry by the waist as I flew us both out of the jet just in time as the jet exploded seconds later. Then a cloud of purple dust appeared from the explosion which gave everyone their sleep and energy back so no one feel permanently tired anymore.

Then there was one more extra shift and it was my birthday. We went to Jimmy's and when I walked in, I saw Harry with my favourite movie star ever who had short brown hair, brown eyes, a brown moustache with a stubble beard wearing a black shirt with 'Happy 15th birthday!' on it in purple writing and grey trousers with black shiny smart shoes. "Thanks, Daddy!" I cried happily as I hugged him who was a tall guy with black hair wearing a black top with a red guitar on it, dark blue jeans and brown trainers. "You're welcome but I didn't do this. It was your friend, Harry, Kate" Daddy explained to me, gently with a soft smile.

"Harry?! You got him here? How? Why?" I asked, feeling shocked but excited at the same time.

"I wanted to give you that special gift you've always wanted" Harry replied with a big cheesy grin. "So do you like it?" "I love it, you're the best Harry!" I exclaimed as I hugged him tightly. "So what do you want me to call you?" I asked, excited to the familiar guy standing next to Harry. "Just call me by my codename: Anthony Tart" He replied, in a cool, professional voice.

"I'm like your biggest fan ever! Can I get your autograph?" I asked desperately. "Sure thing, Kate!" He replied with a hot smile as he signed my poster of him which I handed over to him. "Thanks, 'Anthony'!" I screamed while winking at him. Anthony sang one of his songs while me and Harry slow-danced together. "My little girl is growing up" Daddy said, emotionally in a high pitched voice while sobbing.

"Thanks for making this the best birthday ever, Harry!" I whispered in his ear as I hugged him. "You're welcome!" Harry whispered back as he kissed me and I began to feel a warm, fuzzy feeling inside me. So I kissed him back. Then I quickly raced over to where Anthony was standing and hugged tightly before I rushed back to harry and gave him a golden music note necklace as a thank you present.

Then we danced again and kissed a lot longer this time. "Ah young love is so beautiful" Anthony sighed once he had finished his song and was standing nearby my mum and dad along with my little sister. "It sure is, mate. It sure is" my dad replied, contently. Then my mum and dad got on to the dance floor about two metres away from us and my sister who had brown eyes and short brown hair wearing a light blue dress with matching shoes found a cute 10 year old boy with short curly brown hair and brown eyes wearing a white mini tuxedo with a black bow tie and black shiny shoes to dance with.

But I didn't have a care in the world about what my family was doing at that moment because I lost in my own little world with Harry as I savoured every single moment of my b-day with him. So We kissed again and I hugged him gently never wanting to let go of my wonderful hot new boyfriend.

So on my birthday, I met my dream guy in person and found my own BF in the end. So as all stories go, our wonderful love story lived happily ever after like a fairy tale but this wasn't a fairy tale. Anthony told us that he was staring in a new action movie about spies and asked us to join him so we said yes. And now we're going to another wonderful adventure together.

As Lovebird actor spies.

I was walking to school when I saw a huge wave coming towards me. I instantly got a black and purple striped neon light wetsuit when the water touched me. I saw the remains of my school filled with water and people who were solders were holding harpoon spears to patrol the place from sharks. Everyone else was wearing a similar wetsuit like mine but had a helmet over their faces so they could adjust to their surroundings. I fell to the bottom of the sea and found a green oxygen tank to help me breathe.

Two days earlier…

I dreamt that I was flying in the air with a hot boy who short, brown hair and brown eyes wearing a pair of red jeans and black boots while being shirtless. I remember sitting at our piano with the same boy only he had curly hair and one strand of hair was part of his curly fringe, sitting next to me as we sang a song together. I saw him on the school bus and sitting on my bed in my bedroom while I typed on my laptop too. He was always with me; by my side day in and day out. Like a hot, invisible bodyguard. One day, while I was going to English, I dropped my bag and he picked it up for me.

"Thanks!" I said to him, smiling sweetly as I took my bog from him which he handed to me. "You're welcome" he replied, with a dashing, hot smile. His name was Robert Dashing Jr. He was one of the most talented older boys in the school and he talked to me! I've had a major crush on him for ages and this was the first time I'd spoken to him. "So you want to hang out sometime?" he asked, while smiling in a super-hot way. "Sure!" I replied, instantly in a love-struck voice when you've gone into your own little world of paradise with your dream boy always by your side.

"I'll see you at Lunch, then?" He called out to me as he went off with his group of jock-like buddies. "Ok!" I called out back to him as I watched him leave. Later that day, while I was with Robert, I saw an older guy that looked just like him with a moustache and stubble beard instead wearing sunglasses, a white top with 'I'm cool' in black writing in the middle, black trousers and shiny black shoes and heard people chanting 'Robert! Robert!'. I thought it was a vision at first but it was more a fantasy and he autographed my notebook as well as being at Jimmy's on my b-day. But just I began to see he sing 'happy Birthday' in the restaurant, Robert in the real world interrupted by saying 'Wake up!' which brought me back into reality.

"Sorry, what were you saying?" I asked him, with a confused look on my face. "I said, Hannah, That on the news, there's this story about a guy called Rally Goals who had a passion for evolving humans into something so much more advance and water-wise; They say that one day one of his experiments went wrong and turned one of their test subjects into a blue scaly fish and after that he was never seen again" Robert explained, feeling a bit annoyed and irritated.

"Interesting, that might come in hand one day" I replied with enthusiasm to hide the hints of sarcasm in my voice. Then the bell went and we said goodbye before heading to our last lessons of the day. In the distance, at the bottom of the sea was a built-in submarine ship with over 15 floors; with one of the being an arcade room, the other being a control room and a living room area.

In the control room, a young guy with dark brown shoulder-length hair and brown eyes wearing a black top with a water whirlpool on the front in the middle on it, black jeans and a pair of brown cowboy-like boots but without the metal thing on the back of them.

There was a large window to see the open space of the sea in the north, opposite the window was the control unit with people sitting on black leather chairs, pressing buttons to keep the project going, on the left and right sides were people sitting on the same type of chairs wearing headsets and talking into the microphone which typing on the computer at the same time in the control room.

"How's the project coming along?" he asked one of the men wearing matching whirlpool tops as their uniform along with black velvet trousers and black leather boots. "It's making good progress, sir" the guy in the uniform wearing a headset on his head replied. "Excellent. Make sure it's ready in two days' time. I want my plan to work perfectly!" He ordered. "Yes, sir" he replied and went back to talking through his headset and typing on the computer the results of the 'Project' so far.

Then he walked towards the window and smiled evilly. "In two days' my project will make all of human kind different to what they're used to and if they don't get used to it, they'll be eliminated!" He shouted, as he laughed evilly in a scary way. The next day, the ice caps began to melt faster and the temperate risings appeared all over the news. Everyone at school was feeling terrified and teachers tried to reassure everyone by tell all of us that none of it was true.

The next day proved them all wrong.

Back in the present…

I kept wondering why I didn't get a helmet and tried to look for one but I felt weaker by every single second. So I used the oxygen tank to blast me up to the surface or what was left of it and saw the sky and the rest of the sea in the distance but nothing else. So I reflected on what Robert had told me before the wave had appeared and my mind acted as though I was getting a transmission of someone else's memory: Back in the control room at the begging on the day, Rally was stilling standing by the window, smiling proudly. "Active the flamethrower bombs! Turn on the wave maker machine!" Rally shouted, as his face lit up with excitement. In the artic and Antarctica, were red fiery bombs which flashed a red light slowly, then rapidly before they all blew up, causing the icebergs to melt and made the flood start. A machine which was similar to an air-conditioning machine had been placed in the sea and began to use its fans to start to make waves thus creating one huge wave which covered the whole world after I'd seen it.

"Well done, Gentlemen. My plan is working!" Rally said while grinning. "Now for 'Phase Two'- pet sharks and robot snakes! Now move it!" Rally shouted, with slight harshness. Then they sent out the sharks which the soldiers had to fight off with their harpoon spears when they were all in patrol groups. As for the snakes, Rally decided to keep that as a surprise element of their little game.

So when I tried to dive down again, this time I somehow was given a helmet. A purple neon helmet in fact. I swam into school to look for Robert but I couldn't find him; I could see water-proof multi-coloured lights in the distance and realised that I was close to America this way.

So I signalled to one of the patrollers through hand signs and attempts at trying to talk in the wet suit that I wanted to go north; which a group of four handsome young trained soldiers in green neon striped black wetsuits with flippers responded to as my bodyguards there.

As the patrol guards protected me with one front, another behind and the other two on my left and right; I began to see the white 'Hollywood' sign in the distance only it looked dirty and was withering away like sand as we got closer to tall, unsteady buildings in the watery ruin remains of California. I could see the water shimmering with light from the remains of the tall skyscrapers.

I saw one of the skyscrapers from Los Angeles and went into it. The outside of it was a 3D structure with loads of windows and the top of it was a bit like a castle with points at the top. The walls were bare and empty with grey for its colour; I saw Robert in the room but he was transparent.

I spotted a red and white sign that was rusty and withering away which read: 'U.S Bank Towner' before Robert began to speak. "I was kidnapped by a green metal snake and now I'm stuck in a prison cell that's been sealed off by a glass looking window. Hannah, please help me!" Robert said in a soft, pleading voice. "Ok, I'll try" I managed to say in the suit since water seeps through every now and again. Then Transparent Robert vanished and just as I began to turn around to leave, I saw a huge serpent green metal snake swimming towards me with its mouth open.

Then everything went black. When I woke up, I was in the same prision cell as Robert only there were laser beam point metal guns above my one and two more were newly added to Robert's which was right next to mine. "Hannah, is that you?" Robert asked. " Oh, Robert. What are those kidnappers going to do with us?" I asked, feeling really terrified. " I don't know, Hannah. I just don't know" Robert said, simply in a worried voice. One of the soldiers who was wearing the whirlpool uniform as everyone else but us on the ship came and pressed buttons on the keypad outside our cells. "Our boss, Rally wants to speak with you now" The solider said, automatically as magnetic handcuffs appeared on our wrists as the solider led us to the control room where a newly added glass container room with purple orbs attached to the pointy laser beam guns above it was which we were forced to go into.

"Hello, there test subjects! You're probably wondering why you're here and why the world has suddenly been submerged with water. Well, you're in there to be sent to another world for us as you have survived the aqua project long enough to get through it. As for your wetsuits, It was genetically modified for each person's favourite colour and personality and was placed into the water particles so they could materialise on to your bodies as soon as the water touched you. So are we clear?" Rally explained, with an evil grin and then turned his back on us. "Turn on the transporter submerge!" He ordered to his control room agents.

So they turned on the switch and the purple orbs glowed faster as they got more; then they shot a large purple beam of light at us and we vanished instantly in seconds. When I opened my eyes, I saw a pink sky with the same bright orange sun glowing in the distances with purple trees everywhere. "Robert, where are we?" I asked, quietly. "You're on Dagria and you're also on our land!" an unfriendly, unfamiliar snarly voice which belonged to a guy who was wearing a purple and pink furry top which had a purple cape with a red star in the middle along with matching jeans and fiery red sandals wearing cat paw-print gauntlets while hold an eagle-headed wand.

Just then, a girl with long brown hair and brown eyes wearing a pink top with purple flowers on it, a purple striped demi skirt and green flowery sandals with pink 'n' purple striped gauntlets with firearm guns attached to them, came from behind and dragged us back with her mind.

She took us in to a purple cave that was out of sight from the strange guy with the purple goat warrior aliens that were gathered behind him. "That guy was Koi, the goat-cat god who mysteriously appeared here a long time ago. So keep away from him" The girl whispered, in an urgent voice after we'd checked to see if anyone was nearby. "I'm Hannah" I said, politely. "And this is Robert. Who are you and do you know how to get us back home?" I added while pointing to Robert when I introduced him. "I'm Teri Jamico, but you can call me Molly. As for getting you back home, there's a special nuke missal hidden somewhere in the confidently area" Teri-Molly said, cheerfully.

"Ok, let's go right away!" I said, enthusiastically as I began to walk out of the cave with Robert trailing behind me when Molly rushed in front of me and put her hands out like a cross. "Stop! We have to travel for two days to get there but there's a shortcut!" Molly stated, mysteriously as she led us in to a garage-like room with white walls that had a purple, flowery jet waiting for us. Molly led us into it and it had a control panel with loads of flashing buttons, purple seats with flowery seatbelts and a mysterious purple button with 'TIME' written in dark blue on it.

"let's go!" Molly shouted as she pressed the purple button and the jet zoomed off at the speed of light in seconds. I looked out the crystal-clear window and saw aqua blue rings in the sky as we kept going superfast to our destination. Then within two seconds, we arrived at an orange military-like warrior base. There were orange wooden huts for the goat warriors to live in and a bigger tall Eiffel tower-like building when the solider in command work out their strategies in. Over in the middle on the huts was a marked point for an invasion which was a marble half diamond shaped gravestone-like stone on the marking. There was a golden flower symbol on the floor which gave away the missile's hiding place which Molly confirmed after she read the read on the stone.

Just then one of the goat warriors sounded the alarm which sounded like a scream rather than a wail as we tried to activate the symbol with digging and music. Molly shot the goat warriors as they came in herds to hold them off and we managed to get the missile to rise from the ground with singing. "Go! I'll be ok! Now go!" She urged as I looked back at her and not wanting to leave her alone. But when she urged us to go, I held Robert's hand as we got onto the missile and pressed the same purple button on it as the jet to make it go.

"Be careful, Molly!" I shouted as the missile began to shake and then blasted off into the sky instantly after a few seconds into a wave of purple energy. We could see the stars and purple energy rings as we zoomed fast towards earth.

After the missile launched us back to Earth, we arrived back on Rally's ship and attached the missile to it which sent it back to Dagria for eternity; that change caused a huge time ripple in the form of blue energy to occur which made the world back to how it was originally in the first place.

For a while, we didn't talk about our wonderful adventure but after we hung out at the Miami beach through using our wetsuits which had been left behind by the time ripple as a memory of the whole experience; We began to talk about it and got to know each other more.

Several months later, we started dating and then we got a mind transmission from Molly that she was inviting us to her birthday party. On Earth! She'd managed to escape Dagria and came to earth through using her super cool lightning speed jet. She wore a purple top with green flowers on it with matching jeans and sandals in her human form and led us into a super cool disco night club. There was sparkly sliver disco ball, purple wall, a DJ wearing sunglasses, headphone, a green tuxedo and green shoes with a mixing music set on the left side on the room and there was a polish brown wooden table with punch, pizza, sweets, chocolate cake, soda bread, cream soda and gammon etc on top of it.

So we danced together with Molly and kissed each other; while cherishing each and every moment as we heard fireworks outside as it was nigh time at this point in time. For this was a day we both would never forget.

The End

The author's comments:
Two poems about Heroes and Dreams to make this collection story sweet!


'Beyond the sea and drifting path,

Are the happy times when we laughed,

Through all hardship, Love will prevail

As all evil plans end in fail.

Together we will save the world,

All our enemies we will hurl,

We will fight to the end

So all the broken hearts will mend

Cute boys stand and fight for all

For everyone especially girls they're very tall

For now and forever

They'll never say never

For they are all heroes!

'I saw a cute hot boy.

The boy of my dreams, I see him everywhere and

Nothing is what it seems, He's talented and amazing

I love him so much; I was so close to meeting him in reality

What a big loss, I get to date him in my imagination

But that's just me, hopefully one day I'll invite him to Jimmy's for tea

So Dreams truly are sugary and sweet

It's almost good enough to eat!

But within nothing is always what it seems!'

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