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When Everything Changes

November 24, 2012
By DeathRaptor22, Jackson, Missouri
DeathRaptor22, Jackson, Missouri
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Neal's been on the lamb for three weeks and things are not going well. He's stranded in France, living hand to mouth, and Mozzie is getting on his last nereve. That's how he winds up on a courntry road that leads to him meeting the Torchwood team. Tough, loyal former cop second in comman Gwen,strong C.I.A agent Rex, kind Doctor Martha, secretive warrior Violet, and of course, their enematic, rather handsome, fearless leader, Captian Jack. Believing having a theif around could be useful, the suppernatural investigators recuirt Neal. His first operation with the team:Finding the ring they came to France for, a ring that cure Rex's immortailty, and possibly slove the decades-old murder of a Torchwood opertive along the way.


When Everything Changes

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