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Tell Me A Lie

September 13, 2012
By Lover_Dearest GOLD, Las Vegas, Nevada
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*Niall's P.O.V*

I open the door to mangement, I walk in and see the receptionist. "Hey Niall. Paul will be with you in you in a minute, just sit down." She says while pointing to the couch. "Kay." I say while sitting down. I start to read a 'People Magazine' with a headline of 'One Direction's Niall Horan Gay?' with a photoshopped picture of me kissing a guy.

I swear sometimes these tabloids are full of it. Right as I think that I hear Paul say "Niall?" "Yes." I shoot back at him "Can you come here?" I stand up and walk towards him, he widens up the door so I can walk thru it. He motions me to sit down, when I sit down I ask "What's up? What was so urgent that you couldn't wait until Wednsday?" He grabs the same magazine I was reading in the lobby "Well how do you like being gay?" Paul askes with a serious look on his face.

"Actually I don't mind it at all. But I do have to say I do perfer the ladies." I reply with a smirk on his face. "This isn't a joke. This is serious. " He shoots back. "Hey, don't get all mean and pushy I was just trying to crack a joke. What am I suppose to do about it?" I ask "Well maybe you could get a girlfriend. Or even a fake one. Anything to keep the media from thinking this load of crap."

"Well how am I suppose to get a girlfriend if there is no one I'm interseted in?" I ask "Like I said a 'fake girlfriend'. If you don't find yourself one by the BRIT awards we'll have to find you one. Now shoo-shoo I have to get home." I stand up to leave. How am I suppose to get a girlfriend in less than a week?

*Geneva's P.O.V*

As I roam the dress aisle looking for something cute when I hear "Geneva I found you the perfect dress!" Avery yells with excitement. "That's what you said about the last dress and that ended up being pink!" I shout back at her. I see her running towards me with her long dark brown hair swaying behind her head. She reaches me and says "I really think you'll like this one. Now close your eyes." She says while taking my right hand to cover my eyes.

I stand ther for about a minute with my hand over my eyes. "Can I look now?" I ask half annoyed and half anxious. "Hold on... Okay now!" I uncover my eyes to see a short black strapless dress, that looks skin tight. I smile and reply "I like it." Her face lightens up as I say those words. I grab it and ask "Can we go now?" Her smile fades into a frown when I ask that. "No. We've just begun our shopping adventure. We still need shoes and jewelary." "Come on Avery, you know I don't like shopping, especially for girlie stuff." I tell her.

"Come on Geneva. Please? We haven't spent much time together since I've started dating Harry and moved in with him. And you know the whole diffrent college thing. So please?" She says with hope in her big brown eyes. "Fine... What dress did you get?" I ask. "This." She says while holding up a dress that looks alot like mine just midnight blue. "Nice." I say and she grabs me by the wrist and leads me to the shoe section of the store.

"What exactly are we shopping for anyway/" I ask while she pulls me where to the high-heels are. "For Harry's birthday party tomorrow." She says while looking at the high heels. "Do I have to go?" I ask "I though you liked Harry?" she askes with a questioning look on her face. "I do, I just don't want to wear a dress." I say "Well would you do it for me?" She askes, well more like begging. "Fine, for you. I guess." I say while forcing a smile on my face.
*Niall's P.O.V*

"I hope into the cab and head home. Before I could tell the cab-driver where to go I get a text from Harry saying 'Come over?' I reply real quick 'Sure. Be there soon!' I quickly tell the driver Harry's address. It isn't really a long drive, but it is when you have alot on your mind. Fake girlfriend. Is all that runs thru my mind. How am I suppose to find a one in less than a week? Maybe Harry could help.

We pull to a stop. The driver turns around and says "That will be twenty dollars." I reach into my pocket and hand him the money, I open the door and walk towards Harry's place, I knock on his door not even ten seconds after I knock he's already opened the door. "Hey!" he says while widening the door so I could walk in. "Hey, what's up?" I ask while walking in "Nothing really. I'm just bored. Avery's gone."

"Where'd she go?" I ask knowing that Harry and Avery are attached at the hip, so I'm pretty surpised she's not here. "She's shopping with Geneva." Name sounds familar but I believe I don't know her. Maybe she's come up in a conversation. "Who's Geneive?" I ask "It's Geneva. And she's Avery's best friend. They've known eachother since they were like eight." "Oh how come I don't know her?" I ask. "She's usally busy with college, work, and other stuff. You might her today or at my birthday party." He tells me while I sit on the couch.

"So how did your meeting with Paul go?" He askes while turning on the television. "Crappy. Everyone thinks I'm gay. There is a photoshopped picture of me kissing a guy. So Paul's making me get a girlfriend or atleast a fake girlfriend." "Ouch...That's gotta suck. What are you gonna do?" He askes with curosity in his eyes. "Find a fake girlfriend I guess, before the BRIT Awards, which is in less than a week. Know anyone?" I ask hoping he does.

"No, sorry. I don't." "Oh well I guess I'm screwed... Wait what about that Geneva chick!?" I ask even though I don't know her. Or if she's even pretty. All I know is that I really need a fake girlfriend like soon. "Nope! She's not a people person!" He shoots back with a smirk smile.

*Geneva's P.O.V*

We pull up to Avery's house. She hops out of the car and heads towards the door she turns around and askes "Aren't you coming in?" "Sure." I say while jumping out of my car. We walk thru the door and I see someone I haven't seen before. He has blonde hair, but obviously not a natural you can see his dark roots. He has eyes the color of a ocean after a storm.

He's really cute. He must be Harry's friend. Avery takes me out of my daydream by saying "Hi, Harry." He gets up off of the couch (leaving his very attractive friend alone.) He says "Hey, babe!" back to Avery and runs up to kiss her. "Eww! Do you guys always have to do that? It's disguiting!" I moan and I hear blondie over there laughing. "Yes, we do. Because we love eachother." Harry says with a smile "Anyways Geneva, you're just jealous cause you're single and don't have a man in your life." Harry says with his British accent.

"Well Harry here's the thing. I don't need a man in my life to be happy!' I say with a big smile on my face. Harry's smile turns into a frown instantly he turns to look at Avery "So what did you guys get while shopping?" "Dresses, shoes, and jewelary. O hand Geneva got a new bra!" Avery says. I turn to give her the death glare, I can hear blondie in the background laughing his butt off.

"Did you seriously have to say that out loud!?" I ask with an embarrssed look on my face. I can feel my cheeks turn to cherry blossom red. "Opps. I'm sorry." Avery says, I her get on her tippy toes to look over Harry's shoulder. "Hey, Niall!" She says. So blondie's name is Niall. "Hey Avery!" he says in a sweet Irish accent. Even better Irish and cute, just my type. I see Harry turn around to go back to the couch.

Avery grabs my wrist and leads me to sit on the couch next to her, Harry, and Neil. I think that's his name. I hope I'm right, don't want to call him the wrong name on accident and offend him. I see Neil nudge Harry in the rib. "Oh" I hear Harry shout. "Geneva this is my friend and banmate Niall." Niall? I was close wasn't I? Niall reaches out his hand for me to shake. I grab it and shake it. "Hi." I hear him say in his sweet Irish accent. "Hi." I say back.
*Niall's P.O.V*

I watch Geneva and Avery laugh. I watch Geneva flick her long red burgundy hair over her shoulder. You can tell it's not her natural hair color, you can see her dark roots blending into the red. She has big dark brown eyes, almost black. Almost reminds me of a shark. She has a laugh almost as loud as mine, but her's is much cuter.

Am I developing a crush a crush on this girl? No I can't be. I don't know anything about her. For all I know she could a hooker with five kids. But most likely not. Yeah, probably not. I hear Harry say "So, Geneva what kind of bra did you get?" I see Geneva's face turn as red as an apple, but I all I can do is laugh. "That's none of your business curly boy" she says.

"Oh come on Geneva just tell the boy, he obvisously wants to know." the words just slip out of my mouth. I see Geneva's face turn a brighter red than before. "Oh, come on Geneva it can't be as embarassing as the seven boxes of donuts that Niall bought yesterday. He ate them all himself wouldn't even share. He ate them in like thirty minutes." Harry says. I see and hear Geneva giggle.

But I quickly know that I have to defend myself. "Hey, hey it was six boxes, not seven. Get your facts straight. And it was more like forty-five minutes not thirty." I say with a smile. "Geneva is twice as bad, when we were at the mall she had to go get food from the food court like every five minutes." Avery says. "Okay, do they seriously think that they can put fifteen diffrent restraunts and not think that I will not try each and every single one? I just like love food." Geneva says. I like this girl. Cute and loves food, just my type.

"See you understand. I truely believe that food is my true love." I tell her. "OM-effing-G! Me too! But like these losers over here just like don't understand. Well, Avery kind of does. You know with ho-ho's." Geneva says and Avery smacks her in the stomach. "Hey! That was a secret!" Avery yells at her. "Yeah, so was the bra thing!"
*Geneva's P.O.V*

So far I'm liking this Niall guy. He's blonde, cute, Irish, and loves food! I mean it's like me just boy verison. Except I'm not blonde and cute. And I'm only part Irish. Well since we're talking about food I'm not hungry. "Avvvveeeerrrryyyy?" I whine. "Geeennnneeevvvaa?" She whines back. "I'm hungry!" I tell her "Seriously? You just like ate fifty pounds of food. How the hell can you be hungry?" She says in an annoyed tone. "I don't know. I'm just always and naturally hungry." I tell her.

"What do you want to eat then?" she askes. "Pizza!" I shout. "We don't have pizza, I guess we can order some though. You boys want pizza?" Avery askes. "Yeah. I'm pretty hungry." Niall says. Harry turns to him and says "Niall, you're always hungry." "I know!' he says with a smile showing his braces. "I don't want to order pizza. It tastes weird. Can we make homemade pizza?" I ask Avery. "I guess." "Yay! To the kitchen I go!" I get up and walk over to the kitchen.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Avery and Harry are talking about who knows what. But all I can think about is Geneva. She may not be in the room anymore, but she is still on my mind. She never left it. My daydreaming is interuped when Geneva shouts, "Avery where is the cheese gradder?" "Where the pots and pans are! Need any help?" Avery shouts back "Thanks and yes please!" Even though Avery offers to help Geneva, she just stays there. Doesn't even move a muscle. Maybe, I should go help her. Or would it be awkward?

"Well aren't you gonna go help her? I mean you just offered too?" Harry askes Avery. "No. She's a good cook, she can do it herself. Plus I'm lazy." Avery tells Harry. "Should I go help her?" I ask. "Sure, I guess if you want to. It's up to you." Avery says. I get up and walk towards the kitchen. I see Geneva rummaging around in the cupboard. "Hey, need help?" I ask. I see her head pop out of the cupboard, with cheese gradder in hand. "Umm... Sure I guess if you want to... Do you know how to grade cheese?" She asks while handing me the cheese and the cheese gradder, I take it out of her hand.

"Haha. I think I remember how. But if I grade of a finger or anything. It's all your fault." I say with a smile and a laugh. I see her smile widen. "Don't worry you won't. But incase you do, I will rush you to the ER and you can sue me all you want." she says while turning to face a bowl of dough. "No, I want sue. I just might charge you something." I say with a wink. "Like what?" She asks while turning to face me. "Well I don't know right now. But maybe like a favor or something."

"Okay enough chit-chat start gradding cheese, Blondie." She says while rolling dough. I start gradding cheese. I grade carefully to make sure that I actually don't cut of my finger and actually have to get rushed to the ER. That wouldn't be good. I turn to see Geneva, dancing while rolling out the dough. "Um... Nice dance moves you got there Geneva." She turns to face me. "Thank you. But don't focus on me before you cut your fing-" She stops when I show her my finger, which is bleeding. "See this why you pay attention when you're gradding cheese." She says while searching cupboards ad drawers for a band-aid.

"This is all your fault. If you weren't dancing and distracting me this would've never happened. Now you owe me a favor" I tell her. " No, you were paying attention to me when you were suppose to be paying attention to the cheese and the gradder. And I only owe you if you cut your finger off. You just cut it, so I am safe." She says while grabbing a band-aide out of a first-aide. I don't even say anything, I just watch her move. She puts the band-aide on my finger. When she looks up to look at me, we just look into eachothers eyes, we just stand there for a moment, with silence.
*Geneva's P.O.V*

The silence breaks when Avery comes in and asks "What's the hold up? We're hungry." I quickly back away from Niall and I say "Niall cut his finger while gradding cheese." "Oh okay is it almost ready?" She asks "Yeah, we're all making our own. Go get Harry so he can make his." I tell her. She leaves I turn to face Niall, "Is your finger okay?" I ask "Yeah, it's good. Better since you put a band-aide on. Thanks." He says "Welcome." I walk over to the fridge, I grab the pepperonis. When I turn around I accidently bump into Niall. "Sorry." I say. "It's okay." He says smiling, showing of his braces.

Avery and Harry walk into the kitchen. Harry asks "So are we ready to make some pizza?" "Yeah. Umm... Everyone find a spot on the counter." everyone finds a spot, I go and give everyone a cookie sheet with a round piece of dough. We all start spreading sauce, when I get bump in the hip, making me move, causing me to fling sauce at Niall. He turns to face me, with sauce all on his shirt "Okay, who did this? Geneva? Was it you?" He asks.

"Yes, but no. Avery bumped me and I-" I'm cut off when a mixture of cheese and sauce hits me right in the face. Then all I see is cheese, sauce, dough, and pepperonis fling everywhere. He's throwing it, I'm throwing it, he's throwing, she's throwing. We're all throwing it.Then it all stops all I hear is "Sh**..." spoken with an Irish accent. Everyone is looking at me. "What did I do?" I ask while looking at them. "You started this." Harry says "No, yes. But Avery bumped me in the hip and I accidently flung the sauce at Niall." I tell them. "Oh no don't you blame this on me." Avery says.

"Yes, I am blaming this on you. You started this." I say. "Okay, no more. I don't want anymore food that should be in my stomach, on me." I hear Niall say. "So what are we gonna do for dinner now?" Harry askes. "Umm... You guys want Chinese? I'll pay, you know since this is all supposably my fault." I say. "Yeah, sure that sounds good" "I'll go order it." I say while walking out of the kitchen leaving them with the mess

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*Niall's P.O.V*

Beep, beep, beep... BEEP. BEEEP. BEEEP. Which is the first thing I hear when I wake up. My annoying alarm clock. I've already pressed the snooze button about ten times this morning. I really don't want to get up. But I have to, today is Harry's nineteenth birthday. I have to get ready. I sit up. I just sit there for a few seconds.

What's that smell? It smells kinda like pizza. Is it me? I sniff my arm. Yeah it's me. I remember now, recalling the food-fight last night at Harry's place. It stinks. I stink. Should I take a shower first or eat first? I'm so gonna eat first. I get up and walk towards the kitchen, I walk towards the fridge, grab the milk, and I walk up to the cupboard, and grab the Frosties cereal. I make my cereal, and start eating it.

All I can think about is last night. The food-fight, the Chinese food, and Geneva. Mostly Geneva. Her laugh. Her voice. Her smile. Her. I think I am literally developing a crush on this girl. But I have't even known her for a full twenty-four hours. Maybe she could become my 'fake girlfriend'. But was that thing Harry said about her 'not liking people'? She seems to like them perfectly fine. Maybe he just said that because she doesn't like him.

Maybe I can talk to her about being my 'fake girlfriend' at Harry's birthday party tonight. Damn it! I still need to go get his present! Should I get him a thong? A new beanie? Umm... A new blazer? Ughh... I know it! A jacket from 'Jack Wills'. Yeah I'm so smart it's the Irishness. I get up and wash my bowl and spoon. I walk into the bathroom and hop into the shower.
*Geneva's P.O.V*

"I wanna see you when I wake up, wake up, wake up. Cause you look good with make up, make up, make up." I sing while applying my eyeliner. I jab myself in the eye, while dancing. I really hate doing my make up for multiple reasons. It takes so long, I have to wake up earlier to do it, and it REALLY hurts. Well beauty is pain. And I want to be beautiful because with out make up, I look like something that came out of a monkey's butt-hole. Seriously.

I finish my make up and get ready to go to 'Jack Wills' to get Harry's present. I walk out of the door, I hop into the car. The first thing I do is when I start the car up is turn on the radio. Where is 'Jack Wills' anyways? Looks like it's a time for me to use my GPS. Looks close and pretty easy I start the car, and head to 'Jack Wills'.

I open the door to 'Jack Wills'. The first thing I spot is a famliar head of blonde hair. Can you guess who it is? Yep, Niall. He doesn't notice me. I kinda try to keep away from him. I can't have a crush on him and I can't have him have a crush on me. I really don't need anymore repeats like all the other realtionships. In past realtionships, we've both ended up hurt, from lies and secrets.

I look through all the hoodies and shirts not even having any idea of what to get him. I don't even know his size. Should I text Avery? Yeah, she probably knows. I reach into my pocket and text Avery 'What size clothes does Harry wear?'. I send it off. I start looking around for a blonde head. I don't see him. Did he leave?

I start to continue to look at clothes when I feel a tap on my shoulder. Sh**. I turn around and it's Niall. "Hey, Geneva! What are you doing here?" He asks "Hey. Just looking for something to get Harry for his birthday. You?" I ask. "Me too. Havin' bad luck though." He says "Me too. I've found a few things. I just don't know his size. Would you happen to know it? Avery is answering my texts." "Yeah. What did you find?" I hold up a soft, grey hoodie.

"He'll like that. You should get him that. So you probably know more about clothes than me. You know since you're a girl. So will you help me?" He says "Yes, but I'm not a normal girl, I was raised by my dad and have three older brothers. I was raised on guns, rock music, and transformers." I say with a laugh, while looking through the hoodies. "No sports?" He asks with a confused look. "Nope, my dad wasn't a fan. But my older brothers Garret and Sean played baseball when they were younger. But I was never into sports." I tell him.

"Did you spend much time with your mom?" He asks while searching through the hoodies. "No, not really. I went with her in the summer. I didn't really like staying there. I was her only daughter, so she treated me like I was her barbie doll." I tell him. I hope he doesn't try to talk to me anymore cause I've already let him know too much about me. He grabs a hoodie and says "I think Harry, will like this one. You ready to go? Do you think I can get a ride?" He askes. "Yeah. And sure."

*Niall's P.O.V*

I walk into 'Funky Buddha' for Harry's party. Gift in hand. Looks quite crowded. I spot Liam. I walk up to him, "Hey, Liam! Where's Danielle?" I ask. "Hey, she's with Geneva." He tells me. "How does she know Danielle? Wait how do you knw Geneva? I've only met her yesterday." I ask and tell. "I met Geneva awhile ago. So has Danielle, you know that Batman cake I had? Yeah well the bakery she works at the bakery that made it." He tells me. "Oh, okay. So where are they?" I ask him. "Probably with Eleanor or Avery." He tells me.

"Oh well I didn't know that. No one ever tells me anything. I didn't even know who Geneva was and apparntly you've known her for awhile." I say with a frown. "Niall? Do you have a little crush on Geneva?" He asks. "NO! Of course not. You know even though she's nice, smart, can cook, works at a bakery, and is beautiful." I say while smiling at the ground.

"Aww... Nialler has a little crush. My little Irish boy is growing up!" Liam says in a teasing way! "Shut up! No I don't like her!" I almost shout. "Don't like who?" I hear a familar voice. Geneva. I turn around. She looks absoultly beautiful. With her red burgandy hair all curled up, wearing that skin tight black dress, with black pumps.

I have to reply before she knows that I'm looking at her, "Oh, umm. Nobody." I tell her. "Didn't sound like nobody. Hey, Liam." She says while reaching to hug, Liam. I wish that me, she was hugging. "Hey, Neva. How's school and work?" He asks. Who the hell is Neva?! "Okay, I guess. Schools easy. Work is easy." She tells him. "Did you make Harry's cake?" Liam asks her and I just stare at her and her beauty. "Yeah, it wasn't as fun as making yours though." She says with a smile.

"Speaking of Harry, where is the birthday boy?" She asks while glancing around. "That's a good question. Why don't you ask Avery?" he asks. "She's using the bathroom. Niall do you know where he is?" she asks "Umm. No, I saw him earlier, but haven't seen him in about ten minutes." I tell her.

Zayn and Perrie walks up and Zayn says "Hey, Geneva! How have you been?" He asks while reaching for a hug. Am I the only one who doesn't get a from Geneva? "Hey, I've been good, and you?" She asks. "Same old same old." He says. "Well I'm going to go find the birthday boy." she says while walking away and Perrie follows her and starts talking to her.

"Zayn, guess who has a crush on Geneva." Liam says. I jump and cover up his mouth. "Niall. I already know. I saw the way you were looking at her. I looked at Perrie the same way. Just hope that she didn't notice the way you were looking at her." Zayn says. "I don't like her! Why doesn't anybody believe me!?" I ask. "Because, can tell by the way you're looking at her, and by the way you look at her it's completely obvious. I looked at Danielle the same way the first time I saw her." Liam says. Danielle walks up and kiss Liam on the cheek. "I love you, Liam." she says while kissing his cheek.

"I love you too, Danielle." Liam says. He wraps his arm around her waist. "Niall has a crush on Geneva, Danielle." Zayn tells her. I smack him in the stomach, "Do you guys have to tell everyone that?" I ask him. "Yes, we do." He replys. "I think you and Geneva would be a cute couple. You should ask her out." Danielle says. The boys nod their head agringly. "I'm not going to ask her out!" I almost shout.
*Geneva's P.O.V*

I start looking around for Harry, but my eyes keep glancing back to Niall. I seriously can not start liking this guy. I mean seriously I can't. Would it be worth a shot, to try and start a realtionship again. And make this one work? Would it be worth the effort? Or would it just be awkward?

If he found out my past would it ruin everything? Should I even try? Does he even like me? So many questions running through my head right now. I'm just going to block him out of my head for the rest of the night and worry about it tomorrow when it's quite.

I find Harry, "Happy Birthday!' I shout while running to give him a massive birthday hug just to annoy him. "Thanks Geneva! Now get off of me!" He says with a smile. "You're mean." I tell him. "So what did you get me for my birthday?" he asks. "My foot up your a**!" I tell him.

"Ouch! And I'm the mean one? Where's Avery and the boys?" He asks. "The boys are over at the bar. I don't know where Avery is though." I tell him. "Oh, want anything to drink?" He asks "No, I'm driving tonight. Not in the mood to crash or get a D.U.I." I tell him. He walks off and I'm left alone. What to do now? So far this night officaily sucks. First I had to wear a dress, for no apparent reason, two I'm all alone, three I've discovered my crush on Niall, and four this isn't a normal school girl crush, it feels more intense.

Ughh... Can't like a guy that is like umm from a book. That sounds good, I like boys from books. They're cute. But no I have to have a crush on this kid. I look for a place to sit. All the seats are taken and I'm left to stand. Perrie is with Zayn, Eleanor with Louis, Avery with Harry, Danielle with Liam, and I am left alone. Just like always.

Should I just leave? I probably shouldn't cause Avery would be pissed, and I would have to deal with the yelling tomorrow. I'm just going to stand here, no talking, no drinking, just standing. Sounds like a plan, until Niall comes up. "Hey, Geneva. Why are you all alone?" He asks. "Hey.That's a good question. I really don't know." I say while turning to face him. "Want anything to drink?" he asks. "I do, but I can't I'm driving tonight." I tell him. "One little drink won't harm you. Come on! On me!" He says.

"Fine, one drink no more than one." I tell him. He grabs my hand leads me to the bar. His touch is nice. I kinda of like it. It's warm feels like home. Geneva stop thinking like that! You don't need another broken heart! And neither does he! He probably is just being nice! And doesn't even like you! I can not think like this. Why did I even say yes. It was the Irish accent wasn't it? Of course it was was the Irish accent. It's always the Irish accent.

He pulls me up to the bar. "What would you like?" he asks "What ever you get." I tell him. He turns to look at the bar tender "Two pints please." the bartender fills up two pint glasses to the top. He hands them to Niall, Niall turns to face me. "Here you go, Geneva." He says with a smile while handing me my beer. "Thank you, Niall." I grab it out of his hand. He looks at me and says "You look very beautiful tonight, Geneva." He says I can tell he was nervous to say that, he's blushing.

I feel my cheeks turn blush red. "Thank you, Niall. You look really handsome." I say while looking at the ground. I'm not lying he looks like a male model, with his black button up shirt, and his dark jeans. He's beautiful. Geneva stop it! No! Boys have cooties! I can hear a little eight year saying that. It wasn't just any little eight year old, it was eight year old me. I can hear Avery saying it too. I smile spreads across my face. "Why are you smiling?" Niall asks "Nothing, I was just thinking about, something that happened from when I was eight." I tell him. "Oh." Niall says
*Niall's P.O.V*

Geneva's blushing, I'm blushing, we're both blushing. Why did I even say that? All I did was make a fool of myself. I feel like such a loser. She obvious doesn't like me. I think I'm just going to come out and ask her to be my 'fake girlfriend'. It would be easier that way. Wouldn't it? Should I say it right here right now? Or should I say it when we're alone? Would she get offended? So many questions running through my head right now.

"So how was your day, Niall?" Geneva asks, taking me out of my daydream. "Okay, I guess kinda boring. How was yours?" I ask "Crappy." She says. "How was it crappy?" I ask. "I have to wear a dress and high heels. I also had to do my hair. Which is alot of work, even though a hair dresser did it" She says. "Well, Geneva you would look with or without all of those things." I tell her. Damn it! I did it again! I need to stop doing that. I'm so stupid.

I watch Geneva's face turn bright red. "Thank you, Niall." she says. Avery walks up and says "Aww. Geneva you're so pretty, aren't you so happy I made you wear that dress. Are you wearing that new strap-less push up bra you got yesterday?" "Avery! Why do you keep bringing up that bra thing?!" Geneva almost shouts. Her cheeks turn redder than before.

"Because it's funny. Aww... You're blushing. You look so cute when you blush." Avery says. " I am seriously about to smack you if you keep making fun of me! It's not funny" Geneva says. "Aw. I'm sorry am I getting on your nerves?" Avery asks "Yes, yes you are." Geneva says. Then out of nowhere Louis comes up and says "Come on guys we're about to have cake!" We follow. I almost trip over my own feet, but Geneva makes sure I stay up. "I think you've had enough to drink to night, Niall." she says.

"No, I'm fine. Don't worry about me. I'm Irish, I can handle anything." I tell her with a big smile, I try to remember how many drinks that I have had not many. Maybe only five or six. "What ever you say Irish man. You aren't driving tonight are you?" She asks "No, I'll probably take a cab or something." I tell her. "I'll give you a ride, usally cab drivers don't like people who have been drinking in their cab." She tells me. "Okay." I say while grabbing her hand. Yeah, I've drank to much.

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*Geneva's P.O.V*

When Niall grabs my hand I feel a sense of happiness. I feel wanted for once. His touch is warm and soothing. I don't want him to let go, but he does when he reaches for the cake. He grabs two pieces for him. I walk up to the cake and am about to grab me a piece when I hear, "Geneva! I grabbed you one!" It's Niall. I walk up to him, he hands be a piece "You didn't think I got two pieces just for me did you?" He asks. I laugh "Actually I kind of did." I tell him.

"Well it is something I would do" He says with a smile. We find a seat and start eating the cake, "This is good, are you sure you made it?" He asks with a giggle. "Yes, I did." I tell him. "Do you know what time it is?" He asks. "Umm... Let me check." I grab my phone out of my hand bag. "It's almost midnight." I tell him. "When are we leaving?" He asks. "Whenever you're ready." I tell him.

"Umm... I'll probably be ready in about twenty or thirty minutes." He tells me. He finishes up his cake, he gets up and says "I'm going to go talk to Harry." "Be careful, no drinks." I tell him. "Ha ha very funny, I won't I promise. Cross my heart." He says while drawing an 'X' across his heart. He walks away. Once again I'm left alone, fun. The club starts to ease down, people start to leave. Not much people left. Nobody that I really know.

The music starts to ease down as well. I look around for Avery. She's with Harry and Niall. I'm just gonna sit here alone for the next thirty minutes, sounds good to me. I'm the only person that is alone, everyone is either locking lips with someone, talking to someone, or dancing with someone and I'm over here eating my cake and talking to my imaginary friend. Well not the imaginary friend part, but the eating cake part is true. I like cake.

I see Avery walk my way. When she gets to me she asks, "Hey, why are you all alone?" "I really don't know." I tell her. "Hey, I need to tell you something." she says. I move away from her, knowing her it's something I really don't want to know. "I don't want to know." I tell her while moving farther away.

"I'm not going to hurt you, and this is something that you will want to know." She tells me. "What is it?" I ask "I think Niall, has a crush on you" She tells me. I start to blush. "I don't think so." I tell her. "He totally likes you! Even the boys think so! I think you too would be a cute couple." She tells me "He doesn't like me he's just drunk." I tell her.

"He likes you, he's looking at you right now." She says while looking towards Niall's direction. I turn to look at Niall who is in fact looking at me. When he sees me look back him he quickly turns his head to look back at Harry. "Maybe he was looking at someone else and not me." I tell her. "Okay believe what you want, but he totally likes you." She says while getting up and walking towards Harry.
*Niall's P.O.V*

Geneva sees me looking at her, I quickly move my head, to look back at Harry. "Hey, Harry did you know that Niall likes Geneva?" Liam says. "Damn it, Liam! Why do you guys keep having to say that? When it's not even true?" I ask. "Niall, it's completely ovbious. If you like her just ask her out." Liam says. "I'm not going to ask her out. Now goodbye, Geneva is giving me a ride home." I say while getting up from the stool and then I walk over to Geneva.

"Hey, you ready to go?" I ask her. "Yeah, let me say bye to Avery. I'll meet you by the door." She says while getting up, I walk towards the door and just stand there. Is now the time to ask her? Or should I just wait until we're in the car? Should I even ask her? I'm scared of her reaction. Will she be offended? Will she be pissed? Will she say yes? Will she say no? To many questions running through my head right now.

I see Geneva walk up to me, "You ready?" she asks. "Yeah." I grab her hand, again. Why do I keep doing that? It just makes me more of a fool. But it looks like she doesn't even mind it. Not at all. She doesn't pull away. Until there is a flash. Paparazzi. Damn it! We run towards her car. She trips on her high heels, but I catch her before she falls. "You okay?" I ask "Yeah, thanks." She says while pushing her hair behind her ear.

We get to her car, she unlocks it and says "Before I drop you off I have to stop and get gas real quick." She says. "Kay." She starts the car and we drive off. She drives smoothly. Way better than me. "Can you put the CD in the glove compartment in for me?" She asks, "Yeah." I open up the glove compartment and grab the first CD "Is it called Beautiful Soul?" I ask "Yeah..." She says while turning the wheel. I put it in and a pop song that is unfamliar comes on. I kind of like it, it's catchy. "Who is this?" I ask. "It's Jesse McCartney, the song is She's No You." she says. "I like it." I say while she pulls up to the gas station.
*Geneva's P.O.V*

I pull up to a gas station. "Can you wait here?" I ask Niall. "Yeah, do you need any money for gas?" he asks "No, I should be fine. But thanks for offering." I tell him. I hop out of the car and walk towards the store. The first thing I spot is a magazine rack, I see a famliar head of blonde hair, kissing a guy. Niall.

I didn't know he was gay. I walk up and grab it, the heading reads 'One Direction's Niall Horan Gay?' I walk up to the cashier. "Fifty on number five. And I would like to purchuse this magazine." I tell him. That will be "Fifty-three euros." I grab out my wallet and had him the money.

I walk out of the door, I roll up the magazine to make sure Niall, doesn't see what's on the cover of it. But I'm pretty sure that he already knows and that he isn't gay. I pump up the gas, and get in the car. Should I ask him if he really is gay? I'm just going to come out and saying. I don't care how awkward it is.

I unroll the magazine and show it to him and say "I didn't know you were gay." His face turns bright red. "Umm... Umm... Umm..." is all that comes out of his mouth. We just sit there in the awkward silence, for a few minutes until I start up the car. I pull out of the gas station and head towards Niall's house. I stop at a red like. It feels like we've been sitting at it for an hour, but it's only been three minutes.

"Geneva, I've been wanting to talk to you about that. But to just make this clear, I am NOT gay." He empahzies on the word 'not'. He continues. "The media photoshopped that picture, they think I'm gay because, I'm the only member one 'One Direction' who hasn't had a girlfriend. So when I went and talked to Paul our tour manger. He said that I have to get a fake girlfriend from thinking the media from thinking this stuff." He says and takes a breath.

Is he going to ask what I think he's going to ask? Should I be worried? "So will you be my fake girlfriend?" He asks. There is an awkward silence. "Umm... I'll think about it." I tell him. After I tell him that there is an awkward silence. Until I drop him off. "Thanks." he says while getting out of the car, he slams the car door. Is he pissed? Right now I don't even care, I'm to tired, I just drive off.

*Niall's P.O.V*

When she drops me off, I don't even know what to think. Why didn't just come out and say it? I really like her, but all she might ever be is a fake girlfriend. And that's just a maybe. I hope it's a yes instead of a maybe. I really like her. I mwan like really like her.

I walk through the door to my apartment. I'm really hungry, I'm craving Nando's. Well I'm always craving Nando's but I really want it right now more than ever. I really need to get my drivers license, I don'y like riding in cabs they stink and smell like hobo's. And hobo's stink.

I think I'm just going to walk I could really use the fresh air. I think I'm going to change first. I go right into my room and look for some plan old jeans and a t-shirt. I find my derby shirt and throw that one on. I just really need something comfortable to wear. All I can think about is Geneva. Will She say yes or no? I pray that she says yes.

I really do not want to get set up with someone by Paul or someone. Knowing him it's going to be someone who doesn't understand me or will judge me for stupid useless reasons. But Geneva doesn't judge me. She understands me. She likes food, she's pretty, can cook, and is very intellgent.

I walk out of my door, and head towards Nando's. It's a very short walk. When I get there I see a very familar car, in the parking lot. It's Geneva's. She likes Nando's? Makes me just like her even more. Should I try and talk to her. Try and convince her? To see if she will say yes?

I walk through the door and see Nando's, she spots me right when I walk in. I walk up to the counter and order. It takes a minute for the cashier, to place my order. I can tell he's new here, I haven't seen him before, and I'm here everyday. Once I order my food I walk up to Geneva and ask "Can we talk?" She stares up from her food and says "Sure."
*Geneva's P.O.V*

When Niall sits down, he starts eating right away. When I look at his plate, he has just as much as me, maybe even more. It's quiet until I say "Yes." he looks up from his food. His eyes look right into mine, they have a confused look. "Yes? What do do you mean yes?" He asks

"Yes, to the question you asked earlier." I tell him, a big smile spreads across his face. "Thank you." he says "Your welcome." I tell him. "So before we become a 'fake couple' we have to get to know eachother." he tells me. "I was thinking the same thing. Twenty questions?" I ask. "Yeah, you start." he says. I have to try and think of a good question.

"How many siblings do you have?" I ask, not a very good question, but it's all I got. "One. A brother. Where were you born?" He asks. "Las Vegas, Nevada. What's your middle name?" I ask. "James, if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?" He asks. "That's a good question. Hmm... Probably Ireland. What part of Ireland are you from?" I ask. "Mullingar." he says with a yawn. "What's your favorite food?" He asks with another yawn.

"Chicken wings. Are you tired?" I ask. "Kinda, but I'm good." he says "Are you sure? You can ask me more questions tomorrow cause I'm getting kinda of tired too." I say with a yawn. "Kay can you give me a ride home?" he asks "Yeah." I say while standing up. He stands up as well.

His hand reaches for mine. He looks at me and says "We're going to be the best fake couple ever!" he smiles, you can see his braces. "That we are!" I tell him back.We walk out of Nando's and head towards my car. Hand in hand.

*Niall's P.O.V*

Her hands are warm and soothing. It feels like home. Her hand perfectly cups around mine. Like they were made for eachother. We walk towards her car. Her hand seperates from mine when she walks up towards her car door. She unlocks the door, and we both slide in. She turns on the radio, and starts lip syncing along.

She starts driving, "How long have you guys been a band?" She asks. "Two years in July." I tell her. "Wow, did't think it was that long. You guys all get along pretty well though, right?" she asks. "Yeah they're my brothers and my bestfriend. How long have you known Avery? Harry said since you guys were eight." I ask.

"Yeah." She tells me. "Eight years, huh? How old are you?" I ask, "Eight-teen, nine-teen next month." She tells me. "Aww, I've always wanted a fake younger girlfriend." I tell her with a smile. I see a smile creeping upon her face. "Shut up, I've always wanted a older fake boyfriend. I like older guys more." she says while turningto my apartment complex.

"Well I've always liked girls." I tell her. We pull to a stop at my apartment. "Do you want to come in?" I ask her. "Umm... Are you sure?" She asks. "Yeah, I need to talk to you about some stuff. It won't take long." I tell her while opening the car door. "Kay." she says while opening the car door she hops out.

I grab her hand and we start walking towards my apartment. Before we get to the door. I turn to look at her and say, "Wait here, I need to make sure that it's not a mess in there." she smiles, "Fine but don't leave me out here to long, it's getting cold and I don't like the cold." she says. "I'll be quick, cross my heart." I say while drawing a 'X' over my heart. I back away from her and turn around, then head towards my door.

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*Geneva's P.O.V*

I stand outside of Niall's apartment, it's cold outside. I don't like the cold. He said that he would be quick. He's a liar. Right when I think that he comes out and says "It's ready, for you to enter." He smiles, I walk in and see a very unoragnized living room, but not messy. Just like a teenage boy living room should be. "This is my castle, I am the prince and you are now the fake princess." he tells me. "Ha ha very funny. Don't I get a tour?" I ask.

"Yes, you do." he says while grabing my hand and starts showing me the rooms. I see pictures hanging on the wall, baby pictures, pictures of the boys, and some family I assume. He leads me to his room and says "This is my room. But you're not allowed in there. It's the dragon's cave, and the dragon's cave is very messy." he grins. "I thought you were a prince not a dragon?' I tell him. "I'm a shapeshifting prince. And Irish one that is." He tells me.

"You're a loser." I tell him. "I am offended. I am not a loser... I'm an Irish loser." A smile spreads across his face when he says that. I can't help but laugh. He leads me back to the living room. "What do you think?" he ask. "I like it. But I'm surpised there aren't a million Nando's bags everywhere. It's like that at my place. I'm a very messy person." I tell him. "Since you're here, want to play a board game?" he asks. "Hmm... Depends on what it is? And will you let me win?" I ask.

"Maybe... I guess we're going to have to wait and see." he says while backing away, he turns around and opens a closet and pulls out multiple board games. "I have 'Scrabble' and 'Monoply'. You choose." He says while looking at the two games. "Scrabble. I'm pretty sure I'm a good speller, but don't hold if against me if it's not true." I tell him.

"Kay, do you want to play in here or in the kitchen?" Niall asks. "In here." I tell him. "Want something to drink?" Niall asks. "Sure." "I have Pepsi, Beer, and RedBull." he says while heading towards the kitchen. "Pepsi sounds good." I tell him. I sit and wait for him to bring the drinks. While I'm waiting I start to set out the 'Scrabble' game. Right when I finish setting up, Niall walks in with drinks and a whole tray full of fattening snacks.

"I though you were just getting drinks? Are you tryig to make me fat?" I ask."Yeah but I like food. And you're eating the snacks and you will become fat. Then you will be a fat fake girlfriend." He says with a grin. "You're mean. I set everything up. We just have to grab our letters." I say while he sits across from me on the coffee table. "You grab them first." He tells me. I grab eight tiles.

They read the letters of 'N', 'A', 'E', 'B', 'T', 'I', 'R', and 'G'. All crap letters. I am so going to loose this game. He reaches his hand in the bag and grabs a handful of tiles. I wait for him to count them out. Once he finishes he says "Ladies first." with a smile. I lay the tiles of 'B', 'A', and 'G'. "Bag that's all you got? I thought you could spell?" he asks. "Well it's kind of hard to spell when you have crap letters." I tell him. "Sure... Whatever you say fake girlfriend." He grins.
*Niall's P.O.V*

I look at the 'Scrabble' board. The letters read 'BAG'. I take a look at it and make my next move very carefully. I have the letters 'G', 'G', 'I', 'E', 'S', 'T', 'R', and 'F'. I think very carefully before I lay out my letters. I take advantage of using Geneva's 'B' and lay out the letters 'I', 'G', 'G', 'E', 'S', and 'T'. Biggest. A frown is drawn on Geneva's face, "I don't want to play 'Scrabble' anymore. You're cheating." Geneva says. "How am I cheating?" I ask. "You're using your Irishness to win! That's called cheating!" She says.

I smile. "Aww... Is Geneva upset that the Irish boy is winning?" I ask her. "Yes, Geneva is upset, very upset. You hurt Geneva's feelings. That was a bad way for you to use your Irish magic." she says while smiling. "Psshh... The Irish don't cheat. The Irish are natural born winners!" I tell her. "Then I should be winning since I'm Irish." She says while smiling. "You're not Irish!" I tell her "Yes, I am! My ancestors are from Cork County Ireland!" She says. "Pshhh... Liar! If you were Irish there would be a tie! And there is no tie! So I'm Irish and you're not!" I tell her jokingly.

She flips the 'Scrabble' board. "I WIN!" she shouts. "Geneva! That's cheating!" I shout. "Yeah so is using your Irish powers to win!" She shouts! "No! I was not cheating! I'm a natural born winner!" I tell her. "Whatever, you're a cheater!" she says. "Oh my god! We're having our first fake couple argument!" I tell her. "Aww... Yeah we are!" She says while glancing at the clock on the wall. "I need to go. It's getting late. I'll talk to you tomorrow." She says while getting up.

"Kay. Do you have my number?" I ask her. "Umm... No I don't." She says. "I'll give you mine if you give me yours. But not a fake one. Even though we're a fake couple does not mean we give eachother fake numbers." I say with a grin. "Okay." She says. We exchange numbers and she walks out of the door.

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*Geneva's P.O.V*

Falling. I'm falling. Smack. I hit the rock bottom. I hear footsteps, familar footsteps. They belong to him. The man who hurt me. The man who was suppose to protect me. I have to get up. I have to get up, I have to run, I have to hide. But it's to late he's already here. He's hovering over me. "Geneva?! Geneva!? Are you okay?!" he shouts.

I sit up and scoot away. "Get away from me!" I shout. He walks closer, I scoot farther. His hand reaches for me. "Don't touch me! Don't EVER touch me!" I tell him. I emphasize on the word ever. "Geneva, I'm so sorry about that night, I was drunk. I never meant to hurt you." he says reaching for my hand.

I pull my hand back. "You lying piece of s***! You hurt me! And now you're apolgizing!? What the hell is wrong with you!? Don't EVER touch me!" I yell, with true anger. I get up and run. I hear the footsteps follow. I run faster and faster, until I can hear the footsteps again. I stop I look around, it's dark. I'm all alone. "Geneva..." I hear that voice. Gentle footsteps walk towards me. I back away. "I'm not going to hurt you. No never again. I've learned my lesson. I'm sorry." he says while walking slowly closer to me.

"You get away from me. I never want to see you again." I tell him. "If you really wanted me to stay away from you, you would've done something about this. You would've gone to the police. But you didn't. You must still care about me." he says while reaching for me still. I back away farther. "I was fourteen, I was scared. I was in pain.I was in shock. Did you really think they were going to believe me? But now it's too late." I shout.

I start running, he runs after me. He gets closer and closer. I run faster and farther. But I've ran too far. I fall off of the edge.

I wake up. I'm sweating and panting. I had it again. That stupid dream keeps appearing. My bed is soaked from the sweat. I glance at the clock it reads '04:05 AM'. I get up and strip the sheets. I walk to the washer and throw them in and start the washer. I feel something rubbing against my leg. I jump from terror. I look down and it's just my kitten Spooky. I pick him up and hold him up to my chest. He's warm, his fur is soft against my chest.

I rub his head and he starts purring. I walk to the kitchen and pour us both some milk. His in a bowl, mine in a glass. He jumps out of my arms and heads for the milk. I walk to my room and re-make the bed. I crawl into the freshly made bed, and I try to drift off to sleep.
*Niall's P.O.V*

Beep, beep, beep... BEEP. BEEEP. BEEEP. Ughh.. That stupid alarm. Why did I even set it I have nothing important to do today. I'm awake now, might as well get up. I sit up and breathe in the Sunday air. I walk towards the kitchen, I pass by the living room, I see Scrabble tiles everywhere. Geneva. Last night was probably one the best nights I've had in awhile.

I'll clean it up later. I walk into the kitchen to make myself a bowl of cereal. I walk to the fridge I'm out of milk. To the cupboard I'm out of cereal. I should really go grocery shopping I'm all out of food. I try to think of the last time I went shopping. Like three weeks ago. I haven't been eating anything cooked at home. Mostly fastfood and delivery.

Before I go grocery shopping I need a list. I grab a pen and a piece of paper. Write down the basics 'Milk, bread, and eggs'. Then a few extra things and of course my favorite, junk food. I walk into my room and get dressed.

Milk, milk, milk. Where is the milk? In the dairy of course. That's all the way across the store. I push my empty grocery cart across the store to the milk section. Found it! Next to the dairy is the fruit and vegetable section. I like fruit. Fruit is healthy and healthy is good. So therefore fruit is good. I walk to the fruit section.

I see a familar head of red hair smelling cantoloupe. Geneva. Who smells cantoloupe? Well apparently Geneva. I walk up to her. She's in sweats, is wearing glasses, and her hair is in a braid. When she holds the cantoloupe you can see her chipped black nails.

"Hey, Niall!" she says. "Hey, Geneva. Umm... What are you doing?" I ask. "Smelling cantoloupes." she says. "Umm... Why?" I ask with a confused look on my face. "You smell the cantoloupe to see if it's rip. See this one smells sweet so that means that it's ripe. And this one smells sour so it's not ripe." She says while smiling.

"I don't think I've ever seen someone smell cantoloupes. Are you sure that's a way of checking to see if it's ripe?" I ask. "Yes. I do know, my grandma and mom told me. And each time I always get the sweetest and best cantolouple." She says while putting the big cantoloupe in her cart.

"So what are you doing here?" I ask her. "I'm hunting elephants, Niall." She says with a sarcastic tone in her voice. "Oh I'm hunting elephants to. Find any yet?" I ask her. "Nope, not having any luck, so to help me past time I'm doing my monthly grocery shopping." she says. "What are you getting next?" I ask. "Bread." she says while looking at her grocery list. "Me too. Shall we shop together?" I ask her. "Of course." She tells me and we push our carts to the bread section of the store.

*Geneva’s P.O.V*

I start to put all my groceries on the grocery belt. When I see a magazine with Niall and I on it. I start to laugh. I grab it and say “I have to frame this!” Niall turns to face me with a confused look. “Frame what?” he asks. I show him the magazine. He reaches for it. “Ha ha. ‘Niall Horan Got A Girl?’” He says quoting the magazine. He hands it back to me while laughing. “I’m going to buy it and show it to Avery.” I say while putting it on the grocery belt.

“Do you think I could get a ride home?” Niall asks me. “Sure. But won’t our groceries get mixed up together?” I ask him. “Well, you can put yours in the trunk and I can put mine in the backseat.” he says smiling. “Sounds like a plan.” I say smiling back.

“So, Geneva. Since you bake would you mind teaching me how to make a cake sometime?” He asks. “How do you not know how to bake a cake? It‘s like one of the easiest things ever!” I ask him. “Well, I’m pretty sure that guys aren’t suppose to be to bake. It’s the women’s job.” He tells me with a wink.

“You’re sexist! Just because most girls are the cooks doesn’t mean that guys can’t be a cook!” I tell him. “I was joking! Gosh, so sensitive.” He says. I turn around and I hear him mumble something. I turn back around and ask, “What did you just say, Mr.Horan?” he giggles. “Oh, oh nothing Miss Hill.” he smiles and then mumbles something else under his breathe.

“Umm… What was that?” I ask him. “Oh I just said that you’re a sensitive nosey girl. Just like all other girls.” he says with a grin. I reach over and smack him across the chest. “Ouch! You’re also a violent one too!” he shouts. I ignore him and hand the cashier my money and push my cart and leave Niall standing there.

“Hey! I thought you were giving me a ride?” I hear him shout behind me. “Well, you better hurry your Irish a** up!” I shout not even turning back to look at him while I yell it. I hear a grocery cart coming up quickly behind me. I turn to look over my shoulder to see Niall pushing his grocery cart full of food. I laugh.

He finally catches up with me. “Hi.” I say with a big grin on my face. “That was mean!” Niall says. “And?” I ask. “Fake girlfriends are suppose to be nice.” he tells me. “Well I’m new at this. Do you think they have a ‘Fake Girlfriend For Dummies’ book?” I ask. He laughs.

“I don’t know. If they do, I’ll get it for you for our first month anniversary.” he says. “Sounds good. So when I teach you how to bake a cake will be at my place or yours?” I ask.

“Yours. I still haven’t cleaned up the Geneva Scrabble mess from last night.” he says with a smile. “It was an accident.” I say while loading my groceries in the trunk. “How is flipping a Scrabble board over an accident?” he asks. “I don’t know. It just was. I’m a klutz. It runs in my family.” I say with a smile.
*Niall’s P.O.V*

I watch Geneva load he groceries into the trunk. Her red hair glistens in the sun. It beams off of her braid. I continue to put my groceries in her car. I finish to see that Geneva is already in the drivers seat. I close the door and go to the passenger side and get in.

“To Niall’s house and beyond.” she says while putting the key in. I laugh. We start to head to my place. I see Geneva turn on the radio and she keeps changing the station until she comes to a stop. She starts singing along. She doesn’t have the best voice. But it’s funny watching and hearing her sing “I like that old time rock ‘n’ roll!” It’s really cute.

I begin to do a little laugh. She stops and looks at me. “What are you laughing at?” she asks me. “Nothing. You just looked really cute when you were singing.” I say blushing. She begins to blush too. She laughs. “Thanks.”

We pull into my driveway. I get out of the car and start to grab my groceries. “Do you need help?” Geneva asks. “No, I got it. I’ll be out in a minute.” I say while carrying all of my groceries to my door.

I grab my keys out of my pocket and open my front door. I run to the kitchen and put my groceries in the fridge. When I run back out of the house I see Geneva on the phone. Is she crying?

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*Geneva’s P.O.V*

I hang up the phone. I wipe the tears away from my eyes. I hear the car door open. I look up to see Niall getting in the car. “What’s wrong?” he asks. “Nothing. Let’s go bake a cake.” I say while putting my glasses back on. Then pull the car into reverse.

I pull out of the driveway and head to my place. Why would he call me? After all these years? Why now? Why couldn’t he apologize before? But it’s to late. So many questions running through my head. But one keeps bugging me. How the hell did he get my number?

I turn on the radio to distract me from the phone call. Niall sits there quietly. He hasn’t said one word since he got in the car. Should I say something to break the silence? Before I think I blurt out “What kind of cake would you like to make?” “Any kind. It’s all up to you.” he says staring out the window.

“Well, I love all kinds of cake and I have all the ingredients to make any kind.” I say. “ I’ll think about it. I’ll tell you when we get there.” He tells me. We go back to the silence, only the music from the radio plays. “Who was that on the phone?” Niall asks with out turning from the window.

“It was nobody. It was nothing. Don’t worry about it.” I say while keeping my eyes on the road. He turns his face from the window to look at me then says “It didn’t look like no one or nothing. You were crying Geneva. It was someone.” he stares at me. I feel his eyes burning into my skin. I start to cry again.

“It was someone I used to know. Someone who hurt me. Thinking he could apologize five years later. I don’t want to talk about it. Please, Niall don’t make me talk about it. Please” I say while crying. “Okay. I’ll shut up. I would like to make a very, very chocolaty cake.” He says with a smile. “My favorite.” I say forcing a smile on my face.

I turn to enter my apartment complex. I pull into a parking spot and open my car door. I hop out and Niall does the same. I open up the trunk and start grabbing my groceries. Niall comes around to the back of the car to help me. “Which apartment is yours?” he asks grabbing a few bags. “The one right across from us.” I say pointing to my apartment door.

We walk towards my door. I put my key into the door and reveal my apartment to Niall. It’s a good thing that I decided to finally clean up. For once. I walk into the kitchen with Niall following me. I set the groceries on the counter and Niall does the same. “Where’s the bathroom?” Niall asks. “Right down that hall.” I say pointing to the hallway that leads to my room and the bathroom. “It’s the first one on the right.” I say turning back to the groceries.

“Thank you.” Niall says while walking towards the bathroom. I start putting the groceries away. I feel something rubbing against my leg. I pick up Spooky and give him a kiss on his furry head. He purrs. I set him down on the floor and continue putting my groceries away.

Niall walks in and sees Spooky on the floor and picks him up. “Awe. Who’s this cutie?” Niall says while scratching Spooky’s ear. He starts to purr again. “That’s my kitten Spooky.” I say walking over to rub his head. “How old is he?” Niall asks continuing to scratch his ear.

“Fifteen weeks I think.” I say as I walk away and start to continue putting the groceries away. I put them all away and turn to Niall and say “I’m going to go put my contacts in then we can start to bake. Make yourself at home.” I turn to walk towards my room.

*Niall’s P.O.V*

I start to walk around the kitchen and I grab a bag of chips and a soda. She said make yourself at home, didn’t she? And that is exactly what I am doing. I walk in to the living room and turn on the television. She takes a long time putting her contacts in.

I continue to watch T.V. When I feel a hand creep into the bag of chips, I jump. “Hi.” Geneva says while popping a chip in her mouth. “You scared me.” I say while standing up from the couch. She smiles and says “That was my plan.” she grabs another chip and pops it into her mouth.

“Let’s go bake a cake.” she says while walking towards the kitchen. I follow. I set the chips on the counter and turn to face Geneva “So what is the first step?” I ask.

“Well, first we need to get out all the ingredients.” she says while walking towards the cupboard. She grabs flour, coco, and sugar. She then walks to the fridge and grabs eggs.

“Would you like an apron?” She asks. “No. I’m a man and men don’t wear aprons. They are not manly.” I say flexing my muscles. Geneva starts laughing. “What? What is so funny?” I ask still flexing my muscles. She laughs even harder.

“What?” I ask again. “Nothing you just have the best serious face when you said that.” she says with a big grin. “You mean this serious face?” I say giving her my very sexy, yet serious face. She cracks up “Yes, that one. Now Mr. Manly if you don’t want to have flour all over your clothes I suggest you wear an apron.” she says while throwing an apron at me. “Okay Miss Womenly. “ I say while throwing the tie over my head

*Geneva’s P.O.V*

“No! No! Niall! That is too much flour! I said one cup not four!” I shout running towards Niall. “You said one cup. This is one cup. See one measuring cup.” He says while holding the measuring cup up. “Niall, yes that is one measuring cup. But, that measuring cup has four cups in it. You have to read the lines to tell you how much.” I say with a sigh afterwards.

“I’m sorry, Geneva. Will you please forgive me?” Niall says with his bright blue sparkling eyes while he does the puppy dog face. “No, not the puppy dog face.” I say while covering my eyes. “Come on, Geneva. I know you can’t resist the puppy dog face. Just look at me.” Niall says while walking over to where I am. I feel him hovering over me, I feel his hands over the counter.

“Come on, Geneva just look at me.” He whispers into my ear. I feel him breathing and I just can’t resist it, I uncover my eyes and see his blue eyes staring right into mine, “Do you forgive me?” He whispers. “Yes.” I say in a silent whisper. He creeps closer, I feel his lips hovering above mine. All I can think is “He’s going to kiss me! He’s going to kiss me!”

He’s lips come closer to mine, they’re almost touching. His hand grabs my chin to lift it up to his face, when I hear my cell phone begin to ring. Damn it! “Umm… I have to get that. “ I say while moving away from Niall’s grip. I walk over to my cell phone “Hello?” I say into the retriever. “Hey! Geneva, Harry and I are heading over. We’ll be there in about five minutes.” Avery says almost screaming.

“Kay, see you when you get here. Bye.” I say. “Bye!” Avery says. I press end. “Who was that?” Niall asks when I set the phone down back on the counter. “Avery. Her and Harry will be her in about five minutes.” I say while turning around to face Niall.

“Does Avery know how to bake? Cause if she does then I’ll be the only one here doesn’t know how to.” Niall says awkwardly. I’m glad that I’m not the only one that feels awkward. “Yeah, she knows how to bake. Well kind of. Not very good.” I say while walking towards the bowl filled with flour. “We might just have to add more of everything else and make a really big cake.” I say staring at the bowl.

“It’s a good thing we like cake.” Niall says staring at his feet. I hear the door, in comes Avery and Harry. “Hey, Niall I didn’t know you were here.” Harry says walking into the kitchen. “Yeah, Geneva is teaching me how to bake a cake.” Niall says looking at Harry.

“I can feel the awkwardness in the room. Why can I feel the awkwardness? What happened?” Avery asks looking at the both of us. “Nothing happened. Gosh. You’re nosey aren’t you?” I say to Avery while still staring at the bowl of flour. “What happened? I can feel the awkwardness too.” Harry says glancing between Niall and I.

“Wow. You two are the perfect couple! You both are nosey.” I say turning to face Avery and Harry. “Yeah, we are aren’t we?” Harry says while putting his arm around Avery’s shoulder and kissing the top of her head.

“Get a room you two!” I say throwing a dish towel at them. “Well can we use your room then?” Harry asks with a smirk. “No, no you can not.” I say staring at the both of them. “What are you guys doing here anyways?” I ask staring at my feet.

“Well, Geneva I am taking you on a shopping spree. Aren’t you excited?” Avery says with a smile. “Do you like hate me or something? You know how I feel about shopping.” I say giving Avery the death glare.

“Yes, I do. But I’m bored and Harry wanted to hang out with some of the boys today and look Niall is already here so it’s prefect.” She says with a smile on her face. “Did you forget the reason why Niall was here? To bake a cake. Ring a bell?” I say while looking at Niall but you can clearly tell that he’s avoiding eye contact with me.

“Well, Harry knows how to bake. He can teach him! Please, Geneva? I really need to talk to you about something. Please?” Avery says with pouting look in her eyes. “Fine… Let’s go.” I say walking towards her. “No, you are not going out looking like that. You go make yourself look pretty.” Avery says while pointing towards the hall that leads to my bedroom.

“Fine mom!” I say while walking to my room I stop in my tracks and turn around and ask, “Did you just call me ugly!?” “No, I just said make yourself pretty. You’re beautiful but I don’t want guys falling for you. So just make yourself pretty!” Avery says trying to come up with an excuse. “That was a crappy excuse!” I shout back. “Thank you!

*Niall’s P.O.V*

“I’m going to go help her. Knowing her she’ll walk out wearing dirty clothes and make-up like a clown.” Avery says following Geneva. “So what happened before we walked in?” Harry says when Avery is out of our sight. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” I say looking at Harry, I feel myself begin to blush.

“Oh really? Then why are you blushing?” Harry asks with a smirk. “Nothing happened. Okay?” I say getting upset. “Okay, whatever you say. Irish people are quick tempered aren’t they?” He says with a smile.

“Yes, yes we are. Now are you going to help me bake this cake our what?” I ask. “Yeah. So where did you two leave off?” He asks grabbing an apron from the pantry. “Well we left off where she was yelling at me for putting too much flour.” I say while pointing at the bowl full of flour. “Well how much more flour did you put in?” He asks while looking at the cake recipe.

“Well it calls for one cup and I put four.” I say kind of awkward knowing I messed up. Really bad. “Well looks like we’ll just have to add four times the recipe calls for.” he says, staring at the recipe still.

“Sounds good.” I say. Geneva and Avery walk through the kitchen entryway. “We’re going now. Don’t burn my apartment down. Don’t go threw my s***. Don’t break anything. I love you guys, bye.” Geneva starts to say with a serious face, but ends with showing off her beautiful smile.

“You know that just makes me want to do that, even more. Now that you mention it.” Harry says with a smirk . “You break it. I have Avery break your face.” She says pointing a finger at him. “Why won’t you just do it yourself?” Harry asks with a confused face.

“Cause I can’t punch, but Avery here can.” She says while smiling. “What makes you think I would punch my boyfriend?” Avery asks with a confused face. “Cause I have things to hold against you if you don’t.” She says with a evil yet cute smile on her face.

“That’s called black mail Miss Hill.” Avery says with a gasp. “Yes it is, but Miss Weems it’s called life. Now let’s go.” She says while walking towards the door. “Bye, guys see yah later!” Avery says while following Geneva out the door.

Harry looks out the window and waits for Avery and Geneva to leave. He turns to face me, when they back out of the drive way. “So, they’re gone. You can tell me what happened before we walked in. I know you want to tell me. Don’t deny it.” Harry says looking at me.

“Do you really want to know Harry?” I ask with my arms across my chest and my ankles crossed. “Yes! It’s eating me up! Just tell me.” Harry says smiling. “We almost kissed.” I say while blushing. “Really!? Wait, what do you mean by almost?” Harry says with a confused look on his face.

“Well, we were about to kiss then Avery called and you guys came over. Then things got all awkward.” I say blushing even harder. “I’m sorry to say this, but you need to be careful with Geneva and her heart. I know you guys are just a fake couple for now but don’t let it turn into anything else. She’s had her heart broken too many times.” Harry says with a serious look on his face.

“What do you mean?” I say standing up straight. “Well Geneva has never really had much luck with relationships. Just be careful that’s all I’m saying.” He says still using his serious face.

“I’ll be careful but what do you mean ‘she’s never had much luck with relationships?’” I ask confused. “Let’s not talk about it. Just be careful.” Harry says still serious. “I will be. Now let’s bake a cake.” I say while walking to where Harry is and stare at the recipe.

*Geneva’s P.O.V*

“I think I’m pregnant!” Avery just blurts out while pulling into the parking lot of the mall. “What do you mean you might be pregnant?” I asked confused. “By I think I might be pregnant I mean I think I might be pregnant.” Avery says looking at me.

“Are you sure? Did you take a pregnancy test? Does Harry know?” I ask still confused. “I’m pretty sure. I took two tests one turned out positive and the other turned out negative. And I’m not telling Harry tell I’m sure. Don’t tell him. Please.” she says looking worried.

“Avery, if you’re pregnant, I’ll there for you one-hundred percent. You know only if it’s a girl and you name it after me.” I begin with a serious face, then end with a smile. “I promise.” she says while holding out her hand with her pinky out, I loop my pinky around it. I know we may be a little old for this, but we still do it.

“Let’s go shop.” I say while getting out of the car. Avery follows, we walk into the mall, I turn to face her and say “I hate you for making me do this.” “You know you love me.” She says with a smile. She hooks her arm through mine and we begin our shopping adventure.

*Niall's P.O.V

"When do you think the girls will be back?” I ask Harry as he pulls the cake out of the oven. “Well knowing Geneva she’s going to try and hurry up. Not a fan of shopping she is. Knowing Avery she’s going to try and stay longer so they’ve been gone an hour or so. Probably about forty-five more minutes.” Harry says while putting the cake on top of the oven.

“Oh okay.” I say smelling the freshly baked cake. “Now we let it cool off and then we frost it.” He says turning around from the oven to face me. “So while we wait what do we do?” “Hmm… Want to go thru Geneva’s stuff?” Harry says with a smirk. “No, you know what she said when she left. And unlike you I don’t want to get on Geneva’s bad side.” I say pointing at Harry’s chest.

“What are you talking about? Geneva loves me.” Harry says with a huge smile on his face. “Doesn’t seem like it.” I say looking at Harry. “She only acts that way because I’m like her brother she has to hate me. But behind all that she loves me but doesn’t want to show it. Now let’s go.” He says while walking out of the kitchen.

“Wait, where are we going?” I ask following him. “To Geneva’s room. Duh.” He says walking towards the last door in the hallway. “Harry we shouldn’t do this it’s wrong.” I say stopping in the hallway. “ Come on. I know you want to. Don’t worry she’ll never find out.” He says while opening the door to Geneva’s room and walks in. I follow him in without even thinking.

I know it’s wrong but the curiosity is killing me. I look around her room. It’s not what I expected. Nothing like I expected. I expected it to be bright with windows open and a bright colored bed spread.

But it’s nothing like that. It’s dark. A black bedspread and windows covered by dark purple curtains. “Is it always so dark?” I ask taking it all in. “Yeah, well ever since I met Geneva it‘s been like this. She’s a fan of darker colors. She never really liked bright colors.” He says walking over to her bed and sits on it. He starts to go through her nightstand.

“Harry what are you doing?” I say walking towards him. “Looking at Geneva’s stuff. What does it look like?” He says while still rummaging through her stuff. I sit next to him and say “Harry, we shouldn’t be doing this.” I look at him. “It doesn’t matter we’re already in here and doing it. Why stop now?” He says pulling out a white leather bound book.

“What’s that?” I saying studying it. It has a golden rose printed on it, the leather it’s self has cracks in it. “It looks like a diary.” he says while opening it. “Well, then don’t read it!” I say trying to grab it out of his hand, he moves it away, when he does an envelope falls out.

“Wait, what’s that?” I ask while picking it up to examine it. “I don’t know. Who’s it from?” Harry says while looking at the front. “Someone named Mickey. Who’s Mickey?” I ask but Harry doesn’t respond. He just sits there and stares at it. “Harry, who’s Mickey?” I ask again. This time Harry looks up at me and says “Mickey was the guy who raped Geneva.”
*Geneva’s P.O.V*

“Are we done yet?” I ask Avery. “No, we aren’t. You haven’t even bought anything you have to get at least two things.” she says while looking at the shoes. “Fine I’m going to go look at some shirts.” I say while walking towards the shirts.

The first one I spot is a T-Shirt and it has ‘One Direction’ on it. I look at it for a minute. Then decide to buy it as a joke. One thing down, one to go. I go look through some other things but can’t find anything when I feel someone creeping behind me. I turn around to see a girl.

She looks about thirteen or fourteen. “Umm… Hi?” I say looking at her. “You’re dating Niall Horan right?” she asks with a serious look on her face. “Umm… Yeah. Why?” I ask with a confused look. “Cool. What’s your name? They didn’t say it in the magazine.” She asks looking in my eyes. I feel as if she’s looking into my soul.

“Geneva Hill.” I say. “I like that name. Can I get a picture with you?” She asks pulling a phone out. “Sure.” she walks over beside me, I bend down so that I’m the same height as her. She takes the picture and says, “Thank you.” and then walks away.

“Hey, what did you get?” I turn around to see Avery behind me. “A shirt.” I reply. “Can I see it?” she asks. “Yeah.” I say while holding my new ‘One Direction’ shirt. “Seriously, Geneva?” she asks with a smile on her face. “What do you mean by ‘Seriously, Geneva’ I thought it would be funny.” I say looking at it.

“It is.” she says grabbing it out of my hand to look at it. “Where did you find it? I want one.” she says. I point to the rack I got it from. She walks over to it and grabs one exactly like mine. I continue to look around, When I spot a little black leather jacket, I immediately walk over to it.

I pick it up and instantly fall in love with it. I walk over to Avery and ask “Can we go now? I got my two things.” She turns around and looks at what I got then says “Yeah, let’s go. I like the jacket. It’s cute.” She says while walking towards the cashier and I follow her.

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I am so sorry I haven't posted in a while! There's been somefamily stuff going on and my coputer hasn't been working right! I'm sorry! I'll try to post two more chapters within the next week.

*Niall's P.O.V*

"Go! Go out of my house!" Geneva says while trying to push Harry and I out of the front door. "But I didn't even get any cake!" I complain to her. But she continues to push us. "I'll bring some to you, later after me and Avery have some more girl time. Okay?" she finally gets us out the door. "Fine. Bye, Geneva. Tell Avery I said bye." I say to her.

"I will bye Niall. I'll see you soon." she says while closing the door. I walk with Harry towards his car, he remains silent the whole time. We haven't really spoken since what happened in Geneva's room. We reach his car and he unlocks it and we both get in without a word.

"So are you planning on telling me who Mickey is anytime soon?" I ask when he starts to pull out of the drive way. "I already told you he raped Geneva." he says in almost a whisper just like when we were back in the room. "Like who was he to Geneva?" I ask looking at Harry.

"Mickey was one of Geneva's dad's friends son. Mickey is three years older than Geneva." he pauses and takes in a breathe then continues. "Geneva used to have a crush on Mickey when she was younger, but one night they were both at a party and Mickey was drinking a little to much than he should have. Geneva was drinking too but it didn't take much for her to get a little tipsy she was fourteen at the time." Harry says as he makes a right turn.

He continues "Mickey kept giving her drink after drink, then he started to kiss her, but Geneva didn't think anything of it just them kissing it was what she wanted for awhile, but then Mickey led her up to the bedroom and started kissing her harder and more intensely, she told him to stop but he didn't. She told him again but he still didn't stop. Then he raped her." He says while pulling into Louis' drive way.

We just sit there in the car silent for a few minutes, until I interupt the silence with a whisper "Is that why you told me to be careful with her heart?" "Yeah, I remember when me and Avery first got together I always wanted to set up Geneva with you or one of my other friends but, Avery told me not to and told me what happened. Geneva never dated after that, she was never her self again, Avery says that Geneva was almost always happy and was always laughing, but after that night her whole personality changed." he says while opening the car door.

I open the car door aswell and get out and just stand there, asorbing in all that I just learned. Harry gets out of the car aswell, we both walk to Louis' door in silence. I ring his door bell and wait for Louis answer, but he doesn't. Harry and I stand there for about two minutes. "I guess he's not home, do you want to go to Zayn's or Liam's?" Harry asks while sliding both his hands in his pockets.

"Zayn's." I say to him without even thinking. We walk back to the car and get back in, we drive to Zayn's house. The first few minutes of driving is in silence until I break it again, "What's Geneva's number?" "It's 1-324-554-6546 but be careful. Don't tell her that I told you, she was pretty pissed when she found out that Avery told me." he says making a left turn.

"I wasn't going to do anything like that I just wanted to ask her if she would go to the BRITS with me on Thursay. I forgot to ask her earlier." I say while typing a text to her that says 'HEY! WOULD YOU MIND BEING MY DATE TO THE BRITS?' I send it off to her right away. I wait a minute or two for a reply then I get a one 'DEPENDS WHO IS THIS? WAIT... WAIT... IS THIS RYAN GOSLING?' I laugh at her text and reply instantly 'NOPE. IT'S YOUR FAVORITE IRISH BOY'

I wait a minute for a reply then suddenly I get a text saying 'OMG IS IT COLLIN FERREL?!?!?!' I smile at her text and reply with 'NO... IT'S NIALL.' and instantly get a text saying 'OH...' the text makes me frown. I reply with 'YOU SOUND DISSAPOINTED...' it takes a minute for her to reply. "Did she say yes?" Harry asks. "She hasn't said yes or no yet." I tell him while opening a text from Geneva 'A LITTLE BIT. YES, I WILL GO WITH YOU. WHEN IS IT?' "She said yes." I tell Harry. 'THURSDAY' I send her instantly. 'KAY. SEE YOU THERE IRISH BOY ;)' this text makes a smile spread across my face.
*Geneva's P.O.V*

"Wait you almost kissed him!?" Avery asks all excited, but some what worried. "No, he almost kissed me." I correct her. "Samething. It takes two to kiss, Geneva." she corrects me. "I know. He asked me to go to the BRITS with him." I tell her while looking back ar the texts between me and Niall. "What did you say!?" Avery asks excitedly.

"I said yes. But that means that I'm going to have to go shopping for another dress. Ugh... I don't like shopping." I complain to her. "I know but when we were shopping today I saw the perfet dress for you." she says with a smile on her face. "What did it look like?"

"It was a pomergrante color. The sleeves started at below the shoulders and were long and the front was cut low so your chest will show. Oh! And the back was cut out so people would see your back." Avery says all excitedly. "Did you see any shoes, that would go with it?" I ask her. "Yeah, they had these black pumps that were kind of sparkly and had a strap that went around the ankle. We should the stuff today so we have everything ready for Thursday." she says with a smile.

"Avery, it's only Sunday and we already went shopping once today. I'm not in the mood to do it again." I tell her with a frown on my face. "Please, Geneva? Don't you have an appointment to get your hair dyed? We could do it right before that." she says in a somewhat whining manner.

"Yes, I do. It's in an hour an a half so if were going to do it we better do it now." I say getting off of my bed. "Kay let's go!" Avery says all excitedly. She walks out of my bedroom and head towards the kitchen, I follow her until she stops in her tracks and turns around and asks "You and Niall make a really cute couple I hope you know that."

"Avery, we're not going out. It's only fake so the tabloids don't think he's gay. There is nothing going on between us. I promise." I say while passing her to go grab my purse out of the kitchen, she follows. "Yes, but you guys almosr kissed. Remember?" she asks while grabbing her purse. "Yes, but that was just because of the heat of the moment and... Yeah." I tell her while walking towards the frontdoor I turn to face her.

"He totally likes you, Geneva. And you totally like him. There's no sense in denying it since I already know that you do." she says while looking at me. "If you want to go shopping we better go now. I don't want to be late." I say while turning the door knob behind me. "Kay let's go." Avery says while I turn around to the now opened door and walk out.

I walk out of the fitting and see myself in the three way mirror, I have the the pomergrante dress on and my long straight burgandy hair. The dress makes my body look more slimming, I smile at my reflection in the mirror, I turn around and look at my back side. With the low cut back, almost ofmy back is showing, but I can deal with it.

The dress looks absoultley stunning. Avery walks out of the fitting room that she was in, she's wearing a strapless royal purple dress. She looks absoutley beautiful. She looks at me and smiles "You look abosoutley beautiful, Geneva. You have to get that. No arguing, you're getting it wether you like it or not." she walks up next to me and looks at me from head to toe.

"I really like it. I'm getting for sure." I say with a smile. I look back at Avery. "You should get that, you look really pretty." I tell Avery with a big smile, she looks at her self in the mirror and smiles at her reflecion. "Really? You think so?" she asks. "Yes, really. Now let's go look at shoes." I tell her while dragging her towards the shoe section. "Where are the shoes you were talking about earlier?" I ask her looking around.

"They're over here." she says while walking towards an aisle with about, fifty different kinds of high heels but only one truly catches my eyes. Black pumps with a strap where the ankle must go, these must be the ones that Avery was talking about, they would absoultey go great with the dress.

I watch Avery grab a box of the shelf and hands it to me. "Try them on these are your size." she says with a smile and continues to look at diffrent kinds of shoes. I slip on the black pumps and stand up, I walk back towards the three way mirror. I smile at my reflection in the mirror once again.

The shoes look beautiful the dress, this will be perfect, I smile even bigger when I feel my phone vibrate and look to see who it is. 'HEY VEGAS GIRL! YOU HUNGRY?' the text makes me let a little giggle. 'ONLY ALWAYS IRISH BOY!' I send back to instantly. Avery walks up behind me and asks "Who are you texting?" "Niall." I turn to face her, she has a pair of grey heels in her hand.

"Oh. What did he say?" she asks while sitting a chair. "Just wanting to know if I was hungry." I say while feeling my phone vibrate again. 'LUNCH?' it reads. 'WOULD LOVE TO BUT SHOPPING WITH AVERY. THEN AFTERWARDS GOING TO GO DYE MY HAIR. SORRY.' I type quickly and send it off. "Aww... Niall wants to have a date with you." she says jokingly.

"No he just wanted to know if I wanted to go to lunch with him, it was probably just so the tabloids could see us together." I say to her. "Hmm... Yeah sure." she says while I open a text from Niall, 'OH. HOW ABOUT DINNER?' "Oh shut up." I tell her while typing a text, 'SOUNDS WONDERFUL. SEE YOU THEN.' I send it off quickly.

"What did he say?" Avery asks right after I send it off. "He wanted to know if we could have dinner." I tell her. "What did you say?" she asks right after I finish my text message. "I said yes." I say with a smile on my face.

The author's comments:
I'm sorry I didn't update sooner. I really, I've just had a lot of stuff going on. I truly am sorry. Please forgive me?

*Niall's P.O.V*

"Are you ready to order?" a blond haired waitress, with a name tag that says Hilary, asks with a smile. "Actually I'm waiting for someone." I tell her with a smile. She walks away and I return back to my phone. I type a quick text to Liam and slide my phone back into my pocket, I look up to see a raven haired Geneva. She walks towards me. I smile at her, when she gets in the chair in front of me she smiles as she sits down.

"Hi, Niall." She says with a happy voice. "Hi, Geneva, your hair looks nice." I tell her while looking at her dark hair. "Thank you. I've wanted to dye it dark for awhile now so today when I when I went to the salon today and thought, why not. So I just dyed it."

"Well you had a good thought. It looks really nice." I smile brightly at her, showing her my braces, she smiles back at me. "Thank you, Niall. Did you order yet?" she asks while glancing towards a waitress. "No, I was waiting for you, actually." I grab a menu for Geneva and hand it to her, then grab one for myself. I watch her open it and skim over the meals. I open my own and skim over tell I see something that catches my eye.

"What are you going to order?" I ask while glancing up at her. She glances up from the menu as well "I'm not really sure actually. What about you?" she asks while looking at me. "I was thinking about getting a cheese burger, a milk shake, a side of fries, and a steak. You?" I look back at my menu when I recite this.

"I was thinking maybe the same thing, but not a steak." she says with a smile. Hilary walks back to the table, and asks once again "Are you ready to order?" she smiles at me showing her brightly white teeth, but doesn't look at Geneva. "Yeah, I'll have a steak, fries, a cheese burger, and a chocolate milk shake." she quickly writes this on her note pad, she looks away from her note pad and looks at Geneva, "And you?"

"I'll have a cheese burger, fries, and a chocolate milk shake." Geneva smiles at her but, she doesn't return the smile just looks at me with her venom filled blue eyes. She grabs our menus "I'll be back soon with your food." She says directly to me. She walks away, well to be more exact she struts away.

"Well somebody obviously doesn't like me." Geneva says with a frown. I give her a shy smile and tell her "What's not to like about you. She was obviously just distracted by my charming good looks." She lets out a little chuckle. "That's what you call it I was more thinking maybe more like, umm, let's see extremely charming Irishy good looks." she gives me a little smile at the end.

I begin to feel my cheeks turn red, I give her a shy smile and say "Thanks." I keep my head down while I say this so she doesn't see me blush. "You're welcome, Irish boy." I look up quickly to see her blushing too, not as much as me but, still blushing.

"Now where is that women, I want my food." I protest, trying to change the subject. "Come down, Niall. She just barely took our order. Gosh, Irish people have no patience." she smiles at me. "I know but it's one of our best features." I wink at her. "Obviously." she winks back.

"So are you ready to go to the BRIT awards on Thursday?" I ask looking at her. "Yes, Avery made me go to the mall again and get a new dress." she smiles slightly at me. "I'll pick you up around seven, Harry, Avery, you, and I are all riding together." "So I have to deal with Harry? Don't I already deal with him enough." I chuckle, "Hey, you're not the one who has to deal with him for months during tour." I smile when I tell her this.

"Aww, you're such a survivor. How do you do it?" she says with a giggle. "With headphones and pillows." she smiles at me. "I should try that sometime." she says while Hilary comes back with our food. She sets the food in front of us. "Thank you." I tell her with a smile. "You're welcome, love. Would you like anything else?" she smiles at me, batting her eyelashes.

"No, I'm pretty sure we're set, thank you." I look back at Geneva and smile at her. "Well if you need anything I'll be right at your service." I can hear her heels clicking as she walks away. "Finally, I'm starved." I say while popping a fry into my mouth, I grin with satisfaction. I watch as Geneva does the same. "Don't look at me while I eat. It makes me feel uncomfortable, Niall." Geneva says while throwing a fry at me, it lands on my plate, I pop it in my mouth.

"Aww... But you're so cute when you eat." I smirk at her. "No, I'm not now stop staring at me." she smiles at me. "Fine." I say with a frown but continue to look at her going against her objections. "Do you want to continue with asking questions?" she asks before taking a sip of her milk shake. "Yeah, who's turn is it?" I ask before taking a huge bite of my burger.

"Mine I think... Umm... Let's see... Who's your celebrity crush?" she pops a fry in my mouth. "Demi Lovato." I quickly reply. She giggles at how fast I respond. "How old were you when you had your first kiss?" I quickly ask before she can say anything about my celebrity crush. "Fourteen." when she says this her back shivers, making me remember my conversation with Harry earlier. She quickly comes back with a question "Who is your favorite male celebrity?" she asks with a smile.

"Michael Buble or Justin Bieber. How many kids do you want?" When I ask this I see her back shiver again, she takes a deep breath and quickly replies "Well I want at least two but, most likely I can't have any." she sighs and her smile quickly turns into a frown. "What do you mean you most likely can't have any?" I ask worried. "Some people just have kids and there is a fifty/fifty chance that I am one of them. Can we please change the subject now?" she asks, quietly, while looking down at her food.

"Yes, of course. It's your turn to ask the question." I say while taking the last bite of my burger. "What's your favorite color?" she asks still looking down. "Blue or green, probably. What's your bra size?" I ask with a smirk on my face, I watch as her face turns bright red, I let out a light chuckle. "That's a little personal, Niall." she mumbles.

"Oh, come on, Geneva, just tell me." I smile at her. I hear her mumble something under her breath. "What, Geneva? What was that you said?" I ask while cupping my ear with one hand. "34C." she mumbles under her breath once again. I let out another chuckle. "When's your birthday?" she asks before I can say anything else.

"September thirteenth, nineteen-ninety-three. What are your favorite hobbies?" I ask right when Hilary comes back with our check. "Would you like anything else?" she asks looking right at me. "No, we're fine." I say looking back up at her. "Okay, here's your check, she sets it on the table then walks away.

"How much is it?" Geneva asks while looking through here purse. "Geneva, it's fine, this is a date. I'll pay." I say while pulling my wallet out of my pocket. "Are you sure?" Geneva says while looking at me. "I am completely sure. Are you ready to go?" I ask while standing up. "Yes." she says while standing up as well. I set down a five on the table for Hilary.

I grab Geneva's hand and walk to the cash register. I look at Geneva while we wait in line, you never answered my last question." she looks up at me with a confused face. "What questions?" she asks confused. "I asked what your favorite hobbies were." I tell her while walking closer to the cash register.

"Probably cooking, reading, writing, sleeping, and eating. What's your brothers name?" she asks. "Greg, why did you move to London?" I ask while handing the cashier the money. she hands me back my change and Geneva and I walk hand in hand out the door.

"Every since I was little I felt like I didn't belong in America. So when Avery and I finished high school I dragged her to London with me,kicking and screaming, I may add. When I got here I finally felt like I was home. Do you want to walk to the park? There's one right down the street."

"Yeah, but that doesn't count as a question." I smile at her. "Yes, it does." she smiles back at me. "Whatever you say, Miss Geneva. If you could be any animal, what would you be?" I say while turning towards the park.

*Geneva's P.O.V.*

"I would be be a sea horse, because the males get pregnant and they stay with one mate for the their whole life and when their mate dies so do they. That's true love. What's your favorite thing about the park?" I ask while leading Niall to the swings. "When I was little it was the swings and slides but now I like seeing all the little kids enjoy it. What is love to you?" he asks while sliding into the swing next to me.

"Well I don't always believe in love, but today I do. But to me love is something you share with one person and only one person, but not everybody finds love. It doesn't matter if you deserve it or not only certain people get it. Love finds you your not suppose to look for it. That is what love is to me. What's your favorite animal?" I begin to swing when I ask this.

"A giraffe. How do you know your in love?" he asks while catching up with my speed. "When you first kiss them, not when you first see them, but when your lips touch there lips, that's when you know. Can you play any instruments?" I ask while swinging higher and higher each time.

"I can play the guitar." Niall says while slowing down his swing, then he finally stops. I slow down as well when I stop I turn and look at him, "What's wrong, Niall? Aren't you going to ask a question?" I ask him.

He turns to face me, he gets up from the swing and walks right in front of me, his hands wrap around the chains on the swing, he leads down and whispers in my ear, "Can I try something?" I shudder at the sound of his voice in my ear.

"Yes." I whisper back to him, he takes his lips from my ear, we are face to face, "Close your eyes he whispers. I close my eyes. I can hear him breathing heavily, he's nervous. I sit there a few moments with my eyes closed, I then feel his lips against mine. His lips slowly move against mine, I move mine against his. His lips are soft and smooth. I feel myself smile, he puts his hands on both sides of my head and intertwines his fingers into my hair.

I wrap my hands around his neck, pulling him closer, I suddenly feel him pull away. "What's... What's wrong?" I studder. He stands up, backing away "I am so sorry, Geneva. I got carried way. I am so sorry." he runs his hands through his hair. I stand up and walk towards him "What do you mean you're sorry? Niall, you kissing me was the best thing that has happened to me in years!" I walk closer to him. He backs away.

"Harry, told me to be careful. I screwed up, Geneva, I wasn't suppose to do anything like this. I... I have to go, Geneva... I'll see you Thursday. I am so sorry." he turns around and begins to walk away, I walk up to him and grab his shoulder. "Niall... Please, don't leave." I whisper in his ear, he turns around. "Geneva... I have to go. I am so sorry." he turns around and begins to run towards the street. I watch as he catches a cab. Before he gets in the car he turns and looks at me, only for a second though, gets in the car and drives away. I am left alone in the park.

I go back onto the swing and pull out my phone and dial a number I know by heart. "Hello?" I hear her voice in the speaker. "He kissed me, Avery. He kissed me." I whisper into the receiver. "Really?! What happened?" her peppy voice almost screams into the receiver. "We were at the park playing on the swings then he kissed me." I whisper. "Then what happened!?"

"Then he left. He just left me here in the park." I sigh. "What do you mean he left?" she asks quieter than before, but still yelling. "He said that Harry told him to be careful. Harry told him about Mickey, didn't he?" I ask while a tear falls down my face. "I don't know." she whispers. "You should've never told, Harry. He always ruins everything." I begin to cry.

"Geneva, no he doesn't, he was just trying to help you. Don't blame this on him." she says with a snap in her voice. "How was he trying to help me? He just ruined my relationship with Niall. I can take care of myself. I don't need his or your help." I snap at her quickly.

"He wasn't trying to ruin it, he was trying to make it better, Geneva. You seriously think you can take care of yourself? Geneva, you break down every time you hear the word rape or the name Mickey. You can't take care of yourself, Geneva. You never have and you never will." she says with a harsh tone.

"Whatever, Avery." at that I hang up the phone and slide it into my pocket. I get out of the swing and walk back towards the diner to get my car. I wipe a tear away from my eye. I look left then right, then walk across the street, I pull my keys out of my pocket, I reach my car and put the key in and unlock it. I open my door and slide it and slam the door behind me. I rest my head against the steering wheel and cry harder than before.

*Niall's P.O.V.*

I slam the front door behind me, I lean against the door and slide down in, I rest my head in between my hands. "I can't believe I just did that." I mumble to myself. "I ruined everything." I say in a soft whisper. I slide out my phone and dial Harry's number, he answers on the forth ring. "Hello?" he says into the receiver. "I-I messed up, Harry." I whisper. "Niall? What happened? What did you do? Are you okay?" he asks all to quickly.

"I kissed her." I sat, regretfully. "You... kissed, Geneva? I told you not to." he says, angrily. "I know, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to it just happened. Harry?" I ask quietly. "Yeah?" he replies and I bite my lip, "Why can't she have kids?" I ask, softly.

It's silent for a moment the I hear Harry's voice "I didn't tell you about everything that happened with Mickey. When he raped her, she got pregnant, she was only fourteen and couldn't raise a child." he's quiet for a moment, then says "So she got an abortion. The doctor told her that it was a fifty-fifty chance that she wouldn't be able to have kids."

"Why didn't you tell me?" I ask. "I don't know." he says in almost a whisper. I softly sigh. "Will you tell her I'm sorry? She probably doesn't ever want to talk to me again." I look at my feet. "Why wouldn't she want to talk to you?" he asks, with a hint of confusion in his voice. I bite my lip "After I kissed her, I, umm sort of left." I mumble. "Niall!" Harry shouts into the phone." I know,I know. I just didn't know what else to do."

"I understand, but I have to go, I'll try to talk to Geneva. Bye, Niall." he says and hangs up. I bite my lip looking at the phone, thinking about calling, Geneva. I shake my head and decide to just text her. 'I'M SORRY.' I quickly type, and press send. I lean my head on the door and softly sigh, I close my eyes, taking in everything that has happened today.

I sigh and hear a knock on the door, I stand up and turn the door knob and see Paul. I look at him and softly smile " Hi, Paul." I say widening the door so he can enter the apartment. "Hey, Niall." he says walking through the door, I close the door behind him. "Find a girlfriend?" he asks with a smile. I nod, looking at him "Yeah." I softly bite my lip. "Who is she?" he asks while walking over to the couch and sitting down, I follow him and sit in the recliner.

"Her name is Geneva, she's Avery's friend." I smile at the thought of Geneva. "Harry's girlfriend right?" he asks with a confused look on his face. I nod "Yeah." "Is she going to the BRIT' s on Thursday?"

"As for as I know." I smile softly at him. "Good, I can't wait to meet her." he smiles and stands up "I just came in to check on you. I'll see you on Thursday, Niall." he says and walks to the door. "Okay, Paul. See you then." I smile and walk to the door with him. He smiles "Bye, Niall." he says while walking out of the door, I smile at him and close the door. I take a deep breath.

The author's comments:
So sorry for not updating in forever! I love you all and I thank you so much for dealing with me and my absence. But, I will be updating more often. But nothing really happens in the chapter it's just a filler but something really big will happen next chapter, I promise! I love you all, please Comment/Rate.

*Geneva's P.O.V*

I softly sigh as I hear my alarm clock go off early in the morning, I turn it off and roll off the bed "Ouch." I mumble rubbing my head. I stand up and walk to the kitchen, almost tripping over Spooky. I groan picking him up rubbing his head. I set him down on the counter and open the fridge, I grab the orange juice, drinking from the carton, Like every lady does. I smile and put it back. I turn and look at the calender. It's Thursday. I bite my lip , the BRIT awards are today. An image of Niall pops into my head.

I grab the house phone off of counter, I dial Niall's number. I sigh softly as I listen to the rings, I stand there waiting for him to pick up. "Hello?" I hear his thick Irish accent through the phone, I feel a smile creep upon my face "Hey, it's Geneva." I say quickly. "Oh, hey." he says softly. "I was wondering if you still needed me tonight?" I bite my lip, waiting for a reply.

"Yeah, if you're still up for it." I feel my smile widen. "Yeah, I am." I reply quickly, but not to quickly. "Kay, I'll be over around seven, is that okay?" I feel myself nod, then sightly giggle remembering that he can't see me. "Yeah, that's fine. Bye, Niall

"Bye, Geneva." he then hangs up. I smile to myself, setting the phone on the counter. That was the first time since the kiss, that we've spoken to each other. That was on Sunday, almost a week ago. I bite my lip, thinking about the BRIT awards. I hope things aren't awkward. I look at the clock, it's only nine I have ten hours tell he picks me up. I can probably squeeze in a nap.

I grab Spooky and walk back to my room I set him down on the bed and lay down next to him, crawling under the covers. I smile as he crawls onto my stomach, pet him from his head down his body and back up again, I repeat this process over and over again. Listening to him purr, I slowly drift off to sleep.


I roll over, still half asleep, I softly groan lifting up my head, I look at the alarm clock, 3:56. Niall was going to be here in about three hours, I sit up and stretching my arms. I get off the bed walking in the bathroom. I turn on the shower, I slip my hand under the water, feeling the temperature, too cold. I turn it more to the left, I put it back under the water "Ow!" I shout pulling out my hand, definitely to hot I turn it slightly turn it more to the left. Perfect, I smile softly.

I stand up get and get undressed, I get in the shower, washing my head to my toes. I get out and dry off wrapping my robe around me, and twisting my hair into a towel. I walk out of the bathroom and sit down in front of my vanity. I grab my contacts, putting them. I turn to look at the clock across the room, it reads 4:17. I softly sigh. Time to get ready.

I look at myself in the mirror, I bite my lip band take off the towel, shaking and drying off my hair, I grab my brush, running it through my hair, one hundred times before wrapping up hair curlers in. I laugh at my reflection in the mirror. I smile, shaking my head opening my make up drawer I grab my foundation, smearing it onto my face.

I rub it into my forehead when I hear my phone ringing I stand up grabbing it, "Hello?" I ask answering it, forgetting to look at the caller ID "Hey." I hear Avery's voice. "Hey, what's up?" I ask walking back to my vanity and sit down. "I was wondering if you wanted to Skype while we get ready." It's silent for a moment. "Yeah. Call me in five minutes." I smile. "Okay." she hangs up.

I stand back up walking to my bedside table grabbing my laptop, I look at the ground. I see something poking out from the bottom of my bed. What is it? My journal? I bend down, picking it up. Why is it out of its spot, in my drawer? Someone was in here. I bite my lip, thinking of the last person who was in my apartment. Harry and Niall. No, they wouldn't do that. Would they? I shake my head no they wouldn't. I set it back in its rightful place in the drawer.

I walk back to my vanity, setting my laptop down turning it to face me, I turn it on. I wait for it to load, biting my lip. I smile when I see my wallpaper pop up. I turn my face back to the mirror grabbing my face powder and the brush, when I hear the Skype calling noise, I accept the call, "Hey, Avery." I smile. "Grandma is that you?" she asks squinting her eyes, taking a closer look.

"Shut up its me, you know I'm not good with curling irons." I say with a smile, dipping the brush in the powder, lightly sprinkling it over my face, blending it in. "I'm just joking, gosh." she whines. I laugh and look at her smiling. "I know." I turn back to the mirror. "So what are you doing with your hair?" I ask grabbing my black eyeliner. "I was going to just straighten it." she says shaking her hair straightener in front of the camera.

I nod, swiping the thick black eyeliner onto my bottom eyelid. I bite my turning towards the screen, "Should I put some eyeshadow on?" I ask looking through my make up drawer, "Yeah, use that grey and black smokey stuff." I hear her say happily. I grab it "This one?" She nods. I turn back to the mirror, opening the eye shadow. "Hey, I'm sorry about Sunday." she whispers softly. I bite my lip, looking at my reflection in the mirror.

"It's fine, I'm over it." I begin applying the eye shadow. "You sure?" I turn to the laptop, I nod "Yeah. How are you doing your make up?" I ask looking at her. "Like I usually do it." she shrugs, I nod applying the rest of my eye shadow. I bite my lip. "Is Harry in the room?" I mumble. "No, why? You got some juicy gossip to spill?" She smirks. I laugh shaking my head. "If anyone has any good gossip to spill, it's you. What's up with the whole pregnancy thing?" I softly smile. She bites her lip, looking down. "I'm pregnant. I went to the doctors, I'm eight weeks along." she mumbles.

My smile widens. "You're serious?" she softly nods. "Yeah, but don't tell Harry, you're the worst babble mouth ever." she says pointing a finger at me through the little camera. I throw my hand over my heart, "Why I'd never!" I practically shout. "I'm serious, Geneva. I'm going to tell him tonight after the BRIT awards." She says sternly.

"I won't, I promise." I softly smile, finishing up my make up. "Thank you, Neva." she smiles gliding on red lipstick. "I'm going to go put my dress on I'll be right back, okay?" she nods. "I'm going to go put mine on too." she smiles, standing up. I sigh and stand up walking to the closet grabbing the scoop neck pomegranate dress. I drop my robe to the ground , slipping on the dress. I walk back to my vanity and sit back down taking out the hair curlers. I run my fingers through my hair, loosening the curls. I grab my hair spray, smoothly spraying over the curls.

I smile at the reflection in the mirror and turn back to the laptop, noticing that Avery still isn't back I softly sigh and touch up my lip gloss. "Hey, there sexy lady." I jump and turn towards the screen to see Avery smiling at me. "Hey." I smile. "Are you ready for Niall to pick you up?" she smiles softly. My smile widens at the mention of his name. I nod. "Yeah, I just have to get my shoes on."

"Good. Harry and I are about to leave to go pick him up." Avery smiles. "Okay. About how long will it take for you to get here?" I ask, fixing my curls adding slightly more hair spray. "About half an hour so hurry your ass up. " We both laugh and she hangs up leaving me alone in my silent room.

*Niall's P.O.V*

I run my fingers through my messy blonde hair, slightly tugging at it, making it stick up. I take one last look in the mirror before leaving the bathroom and heading to the kitchen. I sigh and grab the bouquet of red roses that I had bought for Geneva. I grab my phone out of my pocket, calling Harry. It rings a few times before he answers. "Hello?" Harry's says in his thick British accent. "Hey, mate. When will you be here?" I ask looking at the flowers, making sure they look perfect.

"In about thirty seconds." I nod, quickly realizing that he can't see me. "Okay, see you then." I smile and hang up. I finish examining the flowers and slide on my Supras. I look in the hall way mirror and fix my collar. I look down at what I am wearing. I have on a black button up shirt, a pair of dark jeans, and my Supras. I smile and grab my keys and phone before walking out the door and locking it behind me.

I smile when I see Harry's car pull up with him and Avery in it. I hop in, greeting them both. Avery turns back in her seat and smiles at me, she looks at the roses and smiles. "Awe, Niall. Are those for me?" she asks, batting her eyelashes. I laugh, shaking my head. "No, their for Geneva." I softly smile.

Avery turns and looks at Harry. "Why don't you ever get me flowers, Harold? We've been going out for almost two years and you never got me flowers. Geneva and Niall aren't even going out and he bought her flowers." Avery says sternly to Harry. He just shakes his head and huffs. "I've bought you flowers before you just don't remember." He smiles and turns the steering wheel.

They argue about this for the whole car ride to Geneva's. We pull up in front of her house , I quickly got out of the car, flowers in hand. I take a deep breath walking to her door, I ring the door bell, looking at the flowers in my hand. I smile and look up at the door as she opens it. "Hey." she smiles. "Hey." I whisper looking her up and down. Wow. She looked gorgeous. No, she didn't look gorgeous, she WAS gorgeous.

I shake my head an look back up in her eyes. "Umm... These are for." I mumble, handing her the flowers. She smiles widely. "Awe, thank you, Niall. Let me go put these in a vase. Come in." she looks at the red rose in her hands, walking back in the house.

I follow her in looking around her small apartment. She disappears into the kitchen, she's in there for a few moments before I hear clinks and clanks in there. She comes back a few moments later the flowers in a vase. She smiles at me before setting the vase on the coffee table in the living room. "Let's go." she says walking back to me, she grabs my hand and we head outside to the car.

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Favorite Quote:
-Id rather play with paper airplanes and be called a BOY than play with a womans heart and be called a MAN ~Niall Horan

I know it is a great book...I wish there was more too...where did they go after the grocery store? Will Geneva and Niall actually, not fake, date? I need mt questions answered...Im gonna check back everyday to see if theres a new chapter