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Only Ocean Deep

July 17, 2011
By TheBandLetters, Everett, Washington
TheBandLetters, Everett, Washington
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I couldn't see her anymore, Leah was totally gone and everything about the sea we thought we knew was totally wrong. I wanted to dive in after her and find her but I knew I couldn't. Everything would be crazy if I did. Zane wasn't here yet and neither was Kyle, but they would be soon. I know everything will be okay, or at least I was hoping so. Some things in life you just new.

I quickly backed away from the water when it splashed up at me. People where starting to notice what was going on. Leah was better at this stuff than I was. I was more the one that just randomly decides to jump into the water without thinking of weather or not anyone was around.

"Temprance!" Zane yelled at me as he ran over. My heart started to race and I didn't know what to do. I couldn't let Leah die, Kyle would be upset. I couldn't let Zane know I had a tail and I couldn't let the whole town know I had a tail. So what was I going to do.

"Run, Zane, Run!" I yelled at him and pushed my back foot off the dock and went into the water. I let it run over my skin and take hold of me.

"Okay, show me where she is." I got nothing, nothing at all. When did the water become against us. It used to always work with us. None of this makes any sense anymore. How was I supposed to help Leah if I didn't even know where she was?

Bobbie S.

Only Ocean Deep

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