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Tales of fighting and holy nights!

January 14, 2021
By Atlas-Agustus-Canimus, Apsjx, Missouri
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Atlas-Agustus-Canimus, Apsjx, Missouri
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Author's note:

HEYO! sup my names Atlas! im here to write stories and honestly read em to!

The author's comments:

i hope you guys enjoyed th efirst chapter, if ouve grown attached by any chance who would you say is your favorite, i fully plan on characterizing later

Today started like any other day! “GOOOOOOD MORNING!” I yelled at the top of my lungs as I jumped out of bed. Today was gonna be a great day today, I just knew it! Because today was the day that I got my adventure license! I've been training all my life for this day, I mean sure I might be 13, but I can take on an orc or a goblin like any other adventurer!  OH right I need to introduce myself, My name is Sion von Klautz Atlas!(sorry my name is full.) My friends usually just call me Sion or Atlas! My (soon to be) job class is monk and that means I’m really good at punching things really fast and really hard! “But no time to sit here, I gotta go!” I get up and put on my T-shirt, shorts, and my lucky jacket and I book my way down the stairs! I grab a piece of toast from the toaster and wave my mom goodbye as I gear myself up for today! 

“Today’s the day!” Those are the words I keep repeating to myself as I get closer and closer to the guild hall, my blazen footsteps echoing on the sizzling summer concrete. Despite summer starting about a day ago the days are becoming real scorchers! 

On my way to the hall some stray monsters try to attack me, the key word here is try! One whose form is that of a Goblin begins with a swift charge with both its arms extended at me as if it were trying to imitate an arrowhead aimed for its target, however its aim is faulty and its speed is lacking. I easily counter its charge with a throw! I duck under its arms and grab its shirt, I pivot on my heel and spin before slamming it into the granite ground! The force causes a powerful updraft from the resulting impact. I look over two the other two assailants,  eyes seeming to envision their demise for them. I asked them, “so who's next!?” to which they simply run off and scatter! While I would love to chase them down and hunt them down like dogs I realize that I'm going to be super late if I keep this up! So I start running with the swiftness and vigour of the wind! Luckily I was n time before the opening ceremony had started.

I should explain why we even do this in the first place! You see, long, long ago this massive gap in the sky that we call “Taurus Gate'' had opened up a really long time ago, with it came things like monsters, demons, demi humans, etc! It is said because “it cannot allow the world to be complacent and unbalanced” we humans are given the ability to choose classes and be born as demi humans! That way we can fight the monsters and stuff (that's why I said my class was monk!) 

Once the starting formalities were over everyone had been assigned a Party, a team composition made up of the members based on Skill set, Rank, And class synergy for the best outcome when it comes to things like expeditions and raids! I got paired up with Sirius Daitus, a Demi human cleric, Kavold A Barbarian, And Tsuki Akane, our swordswomen! Our first mission was to get to know one another's skills and abilities. Kavold had suggested we do something like a game or obstacle course, or just throwing things really far...while I enjoy the enthusiasm on the last suggestion it kinda seemed a bit rigged for everyone involved in the process. 

After a bit of talking and getting used to one another our team was shaping up to be something incredible I'll tell you what! Going on quests with everyone, making memories that will last my whole life, and exploring the vast world that we live in. this is the start of my story, “so what are we waiting for let's go!” I had said in my excited stupor of boredom. 

“Now wait just a minute kid we don't even have a quest assigned to us yet.” Kavold had reinstated this to me and I deflated pretty fast.

”hehe yeah i kinda forgot…” I said. 

“W-well we could ch-ch-check a quest board...or m-maybe just ask around..” Sirius was a shy guy but he made a good point, our job is to stop any monsters from going around and hurting people so we should be doing so at this moment! 

“Yeah Yeah! Lets go and ask people if they need help!” 

“Well someones feeling a bit righteous today.” Akne had said a bit more smug then usual, she seemed to be in a pretty bad mood all things considered, it had been about a week since we became a team and we had already done a good few quests. I got a good read on everyone by that time and it became apparent really quick that Akane could be...well…overprotective, and a bit self destructive, whenever we go on missions she always ends up taking more damage than Kavold...whos job is to take most of the brunt when it comes to stuff like fighting big monsters or magic users.” just make sure to be careful and bring lots of potions and medical gear, and also to make sure Sirius is kept at a good distance for spells, not to mention..” She tends to ramble on alot about safety, despite almost never following most of her own advice.

”alright well we’ll see you at the board!” Kavold had said carrying both of me and Sirius out the door towards the town.

The town was bustling with more business then usual, the farmers market had opened up from the beginning of summer until its end. So there were lots of goods and trinkets! “Aaaah! So many foods and sweets!’ Sirius had said, His sweet tooth knew no bounds and he honestly couldn't get enough of them, we had to hold him back for today since we were looking for a job but we agreed we’d come back afterwards!

“The sky is really blue today” I said raising a hand towards the sky as if to reach out and grab the seamless blue that waned over my head.

”yeah it l-looks really pretty, kinda like a sapphire!” An oceanic sapphire huh...yeah that's what the sky looks like right now. 

Hey there it is!” Kavold had yelled when he found the spot to start clearing out, it was overrun with monsters, from small viscous slimes to big groudy trolls, it smelled just as bad.” Alrighty then let's get this over with!” Kavold had said before jumping down and smashing one of the slime’s into paste, it made a very audible squelching noise, Kavold wasted no time running forward with his Great axe and slashing up all the enemies in his path. 

I followed shortly after hopping over the hill and running down it, when I got enough speed I jumped and drop-kicked one of the goblins, it was sent flying through the air at mach speed! And landed in the face if one of the trolls which  caused it to topple over. 

Sirius had gotten a spell ready. Chanting runic sigils the ground underneath us slowly changed, carved into the earth were holy sigils causing masses of white flame to come sputtering out. It burned the slimes away and a path was made for Akane, she used the advantage to run in and slash a troll in two, the flames split apart from the wind of the slash as if she had cut everything in half. Me and kavold were still running forward, he hand grabbed one of the trolls by the face and was dragging them through the earth, rubble and debris trailing behind him in the air. He then threw the monster into the sky, he stopped dragging across the ground as he dug his legs into the ground and held out his cupped hands. I ran forward and jumped on them  and he launched me into the air! I reached the troll and with the swiftness of the wind I kicked it back down to the earth. Its body  broke upon impact making a massive cracking noise.

I fell through the sky as the wind cuts away at my exposed skin, that is until Kavold catches me, he spins around causing the air to flux before launching me forward at breakneck speeds. I fly through the air without stopping and hold out a hand, it begins the glow with a golden light as I slam into another one of the trolls, when I make contact its body explodes into chunks and viscera. With my hand still out stretched I spin my body forward, I land on my hands and spin, my legs flailing about and slamming into my enemies. Akane follows suit, cutting up the enemies in front of us. When all is said and done we go back to the market and enjoy ourselves. Today is shaping up to be a good day.         

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