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Hidden Gods book 1- Tide

April 8, 2016
By 8flavorsofcrazy SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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8flavorsofcrazy SILVER, Lincoln, Nebraska
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"you only live once, so make it count"

Author's note:

Fisrt off nature inspires me and alot of dreams.

The author's comments:

not all finished

I stepped into the shower and instantly hot water covered so I soaked up my hair and rinsed out and went to turn it off I reach for the handle and it was already off but hot water was still coming out of the head "mom" I yelled and stepped out covered myself with the towel "what Carson!" mom yelled back "come here now"!!! she came the shower is on but the lever is off it must be broken or something I said then I gestured towards the shower and it turned off "weird" my mom said "could you go get me some water honey" mom asked "OK sure" I say so I walk down grab the cup and push the fridge water dispenser then brought it to mom "oh thanks honey did you get this from the fridge to Dispenser?" she asked "yeah why" I say. "nothing it's just been broken for a week now.....hey well I'm going to call some friends now honey so sit tight in your room so we can talk later" mom said a little too cheerful she went downstairs and cold so I picked up the phone to listen just out of curiosity "Beth what is it?" Said a low gruff voice "you need to come and get my daughter… She is one" she whispers worried "we are on our way chief" and hangs up the phone. What the hell was that?! What am I one of?

I had to make a quick decision go with staying to figure out this or run that's what my gut told me to do. Both good and bad. So I open my eyes and climbed out and grab my bike and rode. I only grabbed my $130 from my room and a jacket the left it's only been an hour or so I felt something pulling me towards the ocean like I needed to go there and I'd be safe so I stopped add a gas station and grab the family size Doritos a pack of spearmint gum and a large water bottle with a backpack to keep it all and then I ditched my bike and went to the beach which was close by. How was I going to get across my gut told me to walk just on the water so I did the reasonable thing to do with crazy situations. I yelled and disappointment and did it! I stuck my foot on the water and press down my foot stayed on the surface I tried my other foot same I took another step I was walking on water! I jumped it still worked! Gosh my day is crazy I took my first step and feelings got stronger so soon I was running it was kind of hard with the waves so I did something crazy and willed them to stop. And the crazy thing is they did, it was still. a small island came to view my head was pounding so hard this must be at my feet move so fast I tripped and rolled over trading a big wave and flying on the shore falling on my back I shook off my head and stood up, and a boy around my age was walking towards me all soaked and dripping "sorry… " I said "that was awesome!! You like oh that was so cool- we never get good surf around here" this boy said all excited his blond hair sending droplets down his face and in his excited blue eyes. "Wait are you one of us? I guess I was assuming but I don't know?!" he said??
"Do you mean like were magical people who can walk on water?" I ask him he looks puzzled but then got it. "Something like that you should come and meet the rest of us I'm Blake by the way". Blake said smirking and then started to walk in the general direction of where the other people were. "Oh I'm Carson"
I said and gestured my hands randomly like usual and excellently sent another wave crashing the shore "oops" I shrug
"awesome!" he smiles

So he leads me the short way in silence till we come up on the camp like twice around the flickering fire is short stubby little chair like tree stumps. A dark-haired boy was sitting on one of the tree stumps putting his hands towards the fire like he was warming them. He looks over at Blake  "Blake want to-" he stops. the dark-haired boy eyes fall on me. He looks me up and down from my converse to my long brown curly hair. "This is Carson, I found her while I was swimming or well surfing"  Blake's laughs and smiles at me. His hair is still soaking along with his shirt but he doesn't seem to notice. His electric blue eyes warm me up to the core staring into my ocean blue eyes. Damn I just met Him and I'm in love with his smile… And his personality…… And his face oh gosh.

"Oh well hey, I'm Eli" he puts out his hand and I shake it. And right before I pulled my hand away red flickers come out of our connected hands and swirl around engulfing us in a column of fire I reach out my other hand to touch it mesmerized.
"No, Carson, it's fire don't touch it" he worries grabbing my free hand with his so we stand connected in this column of fire. Peaceful. ZAP! Electric blue flashes through the fire and hits Eli and throws him back onto the ground breaking are column. I jump over to him "Eli oh god what happened" I say panicked and look around!
"I'm fine," his brown eyes don't lie " it was just Blake being playful he ran off somewhere haha I'm glad you're worried though" he smiles. I stand up it knowing what to say. "I'll take your backpack to the place go find Blake okay" he chuckles and runs off not letting me reply. I walk off in some direction to find Blake. I don't even know where I am I think Eli put me on a suicide mission I'll get lost and- what was that? I thought I saw a flash of red or something. Hello? Maybe I won't get lost and die I'll get murdered by this thing instead. I hear a rustle I spin quickly and see the leaves of a brilliant red tree wait it's summer there shouldn't be a red tree should there. I turn again to make a run for it something is up here. But I just trip on a green vine. Okay maybe I let out a scream but I was scared. I stand up again but I can't take a step my legs are covered in vines and a small girl with bright red hair like the tree and muddy green eyes like the vines growing up my body. I let out another scream then vines fill my mouth and I can't see. Choking on darkness.
"JACEY NO STOP SHE'S ONE OF US!" Blake yells the vines stop but don't move off me. I hear feet running up to me. Dying by plant how nice, I didn't think I would end this way.
I feel hands on the fines on my face slowly zapping them away from falling to the ground so I can finally see again my savior… Blake. He's saps away more around my mouth and neck and his fingers lightly brush my skin and zap the vines away his fingers lightly touch my skin "OW" I squeak my fingers jumped my cheek.
"Oh sorry, let me see" Blake days while grabbing my hand away from my cheek and  studies my shocked skin it almost seems like--"nah it's nothing" Blake says breaking away.
Jacey walks up to me.
"Sorry I thought you were someone or bad or something I didn't mean to!" Pauses Jacey
"it's fine it would've been kind of cool if I wasn't the victim" I laugh
Jacey seem kind of embarrassed so I figured probably not to push it, I didn't want to ruin my friendship with the only other girl here.

"Since you see What Jacey can do let's see what you can do" Blake says "I don't really know how to…" I say. "Well just put you on the beach and watch it's easy" state's Blake. Eli jogs into the scene looking around
"I heard a scream what happened?" Eli says out if breath "Oh it's fine now Come on we are going to the beach to see what Carson can do!" Blake stares smugly. "Ehhhhh" I whine. But we all walk as a group to the beach Eli and Blake first Jacey then me just following them like a sad puppy. I was nervous though I was afraid I really didn't know how to use my power but after all my worrying we were finally there. "What do I do" I ask
"get in the water?" Eli suggests so I step into the water it all Rushes up surrounds me till all I can see is water waiting for my command....my command! Oh this will be fun I feel the water and throw my arms up in the air the water explodes into the air blue and powerful I raise myself up into a huge tsunami size wave and somehow actually land a backflip off the huge wave and channel it into a me sized tube of water and ride it down to them and swallow them up in a fountain of water. Then it ends.
"And that's what I can do" I say proud of myself.
"That was……." Blake starts.
"-Epic!!!!!" Eli finishes
"Welcome to the group!" Yells Blake Jacey just stood there dripping her usual flowing red hair was damp and stuck to her face. I can't really read her. It feels like she hates me. What did I do she's the one that attacked me I didn't do anything.
I guess in the time I was thinking I started walking to the campfire with Eli and Blake talking about how cool my show was! Good first impression I guess!
"-wait till u see what I can do" Blake smirks "it might not be as cool as you but it's damn awesome!"
His smirk makes me smile. Ahhh.
"Carsonnnnnn" Eli is saying loudly. "Wait what?" I got sidetracked again.
"We asked Jacey to make you a house as we were walking back so here they are" Eli gestures like he's trying to sell a car " and this beauty is yours" we all laugh tour he's are all around powered by flames from Eli's doing I bet. There is a path to four fat trees. Trees with doors and windows. It's a house tree! "It's so cute" I shriek. Blake walks me up to the door and opens it like a true gentleman. I laughed at that he's full of surprises.
"You can even customize it however you want to with your powers" says Blake "it's really cool ha ha...so tomorrow do you want to have an island tour provided by the one and only great Blake?"
"sure all right we'll see" I laugh
"It will be an all day thing so you better enjoy it because there is no going back." Blake sounds serious. Then laughs "just kidding!" His smiles melt me down to my core. "Goodnight Carson." he sighs. He walked out. I just realized his hand was on my arm the place where it was feels empty. What am I thinking I must me tired if I'm dreaming up this stuff.
"You know what sounds really good right now Carson! what? a hot tub mhmmmm yes" I say to myself.
The main room was this little dark wood circular room with a nice bed next to the polished dresser couple plain windows and a small smooth desk. There was a also it upstairs which was basically full of mirrors showing me how tired my blue eyes really looked and the small place for clothes and bathroom complete with toilet and sink yay but the basement down this little set of stone stairs was the big room that was just empty I could do anything to it! How bout a hot tub right about there I point to the corner and the circle of earth crumbled away with my concentration slowly filling with steaming water. Now nothing sounded better than a nice relaxing time in the hot tub. wait where is my bag? is it still at the campfire where did Eli put it? Crap my swimsuit is in there. I creeped out my door and tried to remember the way to the campfire it was hard in the dark but I stumbled upon the clearing with the fire. There was a black shape sitting right next to the fire my heart freezes who is it? As I sneak closer I see its just Eli. I let out a sigh startling him "whoa you scared me what are you doing?" Eli asks.
" I forgot my backpack" I say
"oh I left it here" Eli says
"What are you doing here though?"
I ask.
"well… It's hard to explain… I have a lot on my mind." Eli sighs
" I think I know how to help you, I came to get my bag because I wanted my swimsuit, you see I explored my house and I randomly made a hot tub in the basement and i'd really like to relax in it and it seems like you need it to." I say excited
"Yeah that would be great!" Eli says sounding excited "then meet you at your door?" His Face brightened up at the sound of my offer looks like I'm gonna make someone's day. sigh. I grab my bag real fast and then walked up to Eli he guided me back and I changed into my bikini. Dang I need a new one! It barely fits me right and was getting all faded, the lavender looking more and more bland on my pale body. After evaluating myself for what seems like a long time in the mirrors upstairs, I decided to look at my room more. It's kind of boring need more... water. So I made it happen. I close my eyes and my hands moved on their own slowly editing the layers, changing the look, improving everything to my wants. Knock knock! my eyes flashed open and I walk over my blue dim glowing floor and open the door to Eli in black swim trunks matching his always messy hair. He just stood there looking at me speechless. I didn't know I looked that bad. "Whoa---" his eyes even wider as he looked at my new improved room I haven't even looked at yet. I turn and look glowing water veins run through the walls everywhere randomly placed just like rivers next to them there's a window like a pane of water for a window and a fish tank all above my bed even fish in it! and so much more the floors like I'm walking on glowing water shimmer giving everything a blue tint. My bed it's a waterbed OMG so cool! "HOLY CRAP! I just noticed!" I gasp.
"You did this... IT'S AMAZING" he compliments.
"Yeah I did," I smile " let's check out the hot tub." I walk down the still going stairs into my new basement
"Well this has changed since last time I saw it "I say. The hot tub was a longer hot tub with a waterfall feeding at steamy water the ceiling was starry or rather glowing orbs of water floating around
"It's so beautiful."Eli stammers.
I blush, I blush fiercely I can't believe I made something like this
"well let's get in!"
We slide into the heat and just relax. "So where are we? "I asked
"none of us know much about our powers but we were all drawn here together at this time,weird isn't it, we must mean something special I mean what else would it be?" Eli explains. "And we just started getting powers around our 17th birthdays"
Then it hit me!
"Today is my birthday!" I sigh. I ran away today. My mom was going to call these guys to get me. I found a new family here I can feel it. Like when you meet someone and you know you will be friends forever. This was that feeling.
"WHAT!.... Oh wow I… Happy birthday! I need to go get you something! " applauds Eli
"Um no you don't have to-" I stutter.
"Actually I'm going to go right now and think about it" he gets up and starts walking to the door. I can't help but smile on his determination. "Eli! "I shout as I hop out of the hot tub and grab his arm on his way out. He froze and turned around and put his other hand on my face "Carson you can't stop me." He smiles and drops his hand and walks out of my cool new house. so with nothing better to do I get my dead tired butt in bed and curl up
"Happy birthday Carson "I say to myself "may my life get better now." And my eyes fluttered closed.

I like sleep, I love sleep. And I'm not an early riser. So when Blake comes to my door and at seven I never knew he was there till he walked into my room and said "Carson wake up! "
"Mom it's too early "I whine. Then someone shakes my shoulders. I jolt up realizing I'm not at home. Blake's warm hands are on my shoulders I feel myself blushing a lot.
"Rise and shine princess. "Blake smiles stepping away
"gosh it's too early "I yawn
"gotta get up early to have a great tour day! " Blake smiles
"Ohhhh," I say still yawning
"And to celebrate your birthday quote he laughs
"what did Eli like tell you!? "I asked kind of disappointed I wanted it to be my secret
"of course he told me" Blake says
"nice well what should I do you know wear" I ask shyly, Blake smiles. Who knew a flash of white teeth could really cheer up someone's day.
"i'm just going to say you will need a swimsuit at some point." He answers. Oh goody choices I headed upstairs and looked through my small variety of choices I was nervous so I need to dress chill so it would help me act more chill funny how that works. so I got my whole outfit planned, white bikini top with something like a crop top over it and a side tied colorful skirt French braid my hair and put a little bit of mascara on. I kept Blake waiting for a little bit (like 20 minutes cough cough) and finally came down to both Blake and Eli looking at my fish tank "hey! "I say as I enter.
"Oh wow! "Blake smiles "worth the wait" and again I find myself blushing. "Who's ready for breakfast in a tree!"Eli laughs.
"What's for breakfast? "I say as we walk out the door. "Uhm I don't even know? Jacey made it." Blake answers. I just laugh and Eli and Blake join in, so we walk I can't help myself from staring I'm surrounded By two gorgeous guys, almost total opposites but so similar. I was lost in Eli's chocolate eyes and we stopped.
"up we go." Eli states noticing my staring. I look forward and I'm standing in front of the tree pretty normal except the spiral staircase leading up to the top. "Oh a picnic on the tree! "I say "I get it now!"
"Lead the way I have the basket so I'll go last." Blake says. OK my feet jolt up the steps into the top of flat sturdy surface with a great view.
"Wow this is pretty! "I gasp
"and scrambled eggs toast to go with it ". Says Eli after peeking into the basket. We all sit in a circle and enjoy this delicious breakfast. How did they know that eggs and toast for my favorite. Looks like it's a good start to my birthday tour today. Taking in the view you can see the turquoise ocean on all sides and Trees silvery from the rising sun it's just so beautiful. Blake and Eli sit stuffing their faces with toast.
"So can Jacey just make food and stuff?" I ask the boys.
"Well yeah I guess, she can make the plants that make the food and animals, also cotton so she makes us clothes!" Eli chomps In Between bites.
"Oh sweet I'm gonna need some," I smile and blush Blake is sitting giggling at me. Everyone is In a good mood. After a little more chat and laughs Eli stands up.
"We better be going to get onto the rest the tour it's a long walk from here to the end." States Blake in a serious tone, " we need to make it there by sundown!"
"Why?" I ask? Why is so important. Is it dangerous after dark? Who knows.
"It's a secret!" Blake whispers in my ear and smiles then heads down the tree before I can ask more questions. Eli heads behind me down the stairs. How weird. Must be Jaceys work.
Eli and Blake walked ahead me being clumsy me i tripped over my own feet to focused in my head. Blake runs over grabbing my arm catching me. Wow he was fast.
"Watch your step we are almost there" and he pulls me excitedly by the hand up to the farther ahead eli. Oh silly me . He's holding my hand and as soon as he realize what he was doing then he let it go. Sigh. I really shouldn't have worn this outfit it's hot and a lot of walking yup you guessed i'm a complainer deal with it. The terrain was getting a lot rockier-
"Hey we are here!" Shouts Eli!
"Where exactly is here?" I guess.
"I like to call this rock gardens, see all those big rocks well they have just enough metal..." Blake explains focused he raises his hands above his head and creates a blue ball of electricity and turns his shoulder to throw it like a baseball at the rocks
"Holy crap he's crazy!" I whisper to Eli
" and you barely even know yet" Eli laughs back
The blue electric ball hits the rock and the metal in it bounces it off and all over hitting the other rocks till it fizzes out and Blake adds more of various colors i never knew that electricity could be such a beautiful thing and then he made this crimson bolt it was beautiful and threw it but it bounced wrong and came fast towards me as Eli
"Ahh" i squeak and flinch Eli shields it with his fiery wall then lets it fall creatin still a small explosion of heat and brightness burning my skin to the smallest
"BLAKE you could have killed her BE careful!" Eli is fuming.
"Eli chill it wasn't charged very much it wouldn't have hurt her!" Blake yells back
I don't know what to say. I'm a little scared actually. These powers are so cool but what can we really do. Why. We may be too powerful to be safe.
"Just be more careful." Eli relaxes realizing he was mad cools himself. I stare at my hands. How much destruction can we cause. Maybe why mom was going to take me away.

Eli lifts me up since apparently i was sitting i was in a trance now but nothing was going to break t since Eli am Blake were awkwardly silent and we moved on to the next site on our slowly failing tour we walked in a little narrow path needing to be trimmed i guess Jacey hasn't been here lately. She keeps things all orderly and neat. Are path of trees continues. What could be out here? WHy is it just is? Why is my mind always filled with questions? I laugh a little to myself. My mom kept me with her alot i didnt have many people to talk to i kinda live inside my head dreaming about my dad thinking out fake situations and soon i just always been that way. my dad died when i was a month from being born. Mon was so sad and just latched onto me. I wished i knew him. From what my mom said he was a great man and would've been a great dad. Oh mom i'm so sorry. He was visiting a family crisis and then never came home they later found him dead.
"We are about half way now" Eli says finally relieving some awkwardness i haven't heard a word from them till now.
"Wait only half way ugh my feet" i complain
"After we get there the last place is close then we go back." Blake says with no emotion.
"Oh" i really had nothing else to say. The itchy grass grows longer and tickles my uncovered ankles . And it's back to awkward silence. The trees thicken and it gets darker for a little while until it upend into a bi clearing of tall grass and weeds. Ew.
"Never been here before but let's hurry through the sun is getting closer to set its about.." Blake looks at the son for a millisecond "2 and sun sets around 5 here." Time flies. Blake and Eli walk forward towards the other side i follow close the itchy grass still scraping a rhythm but i be sure to follow them close.
"Ooh look" i whisper hah did i really say that out loud but over to the left a litte is a patch of short grass. Good no itching i jump over to it ahh the sensation of no grass. The ground crumbles a little
"Whoa!- what" i take a step startled getting away but it disintegrates and i fall into the dark hole under the short grass circle i just wanted to walk on. I scream and hit the bottom crack i wasn't Hurt but my butt and back slammed down hard i lay there looking up cuz i won't move two heads poke over the edge
"CARSON WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU OKAY!" Blake screams down to me.
"WE ARE COMING" Eli yells panicked i slowly stand up as take in my discovered secret hole of death. Crystals everywhere spiking up and in sheets covering walls. As my vision cleared i could see it was more of an ice than crystal. It was ice. And these walls were rooms, cell like rooms meant to hold someone for awhile in this ice trap the first room was all scorched up inside a corner burned away to escape another broken and another cell was escaped more too. The last cell i turned to was a different story it was blurry i walked closer it was full of water another step oh my god my gut threatens to spill my lunch i collapse just as two thuds land over behind me
"CARSON!" Eli yells running over he stands in front if me and i get up and latch myself into him so tight i surprised he could breath. Blake stood looking around and walks over. He looked angry at me. Then put a calm face on. I saw that for a second then my mind went in repay i was crying i realized and still latched to Eli he didn't seem to care. "
"Eli take her up, i'll look around" Blake states and he looks at the cell that i stopped at the one that haunts me. The cell full i water ad a body floating in it that never escaped like the rest. Water did not win against the ice. Somehow Eli carried me up this vine that Eli and Blake used to climb down on and now i sit in the grass in his lap crying on his warm chest shaking
"Carson Carson you're okay...it's okay..." He says repeatedly holding me. I calm down taking deep breaths i move away and wipe my tears and stand up. I can't act so weak. It's not cool. I don't want to be known as the girl who's scared of everything. Eli looks up at me.. Blake climbs up from his exploration with a very serious look on his face. He looks at me and Eli and hides his seriousness and pulls it back together like i just did. He walks over to me
"It's okay--" he starts sweetly
"I know i'm fine just shaken from the fall." I stop him. He looked a bit hurt and put a hand on my arm again but then let's go and walks ahead. Eli stands up and i help him and we walk together after Blake. I keep seeing the body in water.

The author's comments:
i need more filler parts

My mind is off i really can't think or walk straight i ended up walking right into Blake at some point it was all blurry. I must have been in a bit if a shock.
"Hey drink this, we need to sit for a second," says Blake warmly to me "we are getting A Lot closer to the gardens so we can take a little break for you" he smiles. I take the water bottle out of his hands and drink the remaining half in done fast gulps
"Oh god i feel alot better now?" I say surprised.
"Yeah if u drink water it will heal you. It's something we found out our element can heal us a bit" says Eli
"But we haven't experimented a lot with anything yet it's only been about a Month of us here" he continues.
" really u seem so close?" I laugh
" we knew eachother before too" coughs Blake " let's get walking again" Blake hops up and takes my band and lifts me up i thought i was better but i still wobbled a little so Blake slipped his arm around my waist and kept me steady. I never felt better. Or worse. It's been too much. But maybe i should start living in the moment look i'm on a ok tour of a gorgeous island with sweet powers and with two nice amazing--
" oh look there it is !" Shouts Blake getting excited again
" it was a big crafted garden huge even list by a coast with a view of island and ocean oh ocean. It was a maze like French garden it was beautiful. Sculptures glisten on fountains made of chiseled rock, flowers so gorgeous you would just want to be one.
"Walk through here" Blake leads me with my hand Eli still trailin i make site he's still there and look back and smile at his sad face?
The hedges t a little taller than us.
"You sure you know where we are going Blake? Eli do u trust this crazy guy " i laugh out loud yay i made Eli smile with it goal accomplished
"Yep it's right------there" Eli surprises
"Oh my how can it be so beautiful, if u guys keep doing this i'm gonna die of blindness!" I shout it was truly amazing in this already shimmering garden we have found a little hideaway with golden trees and fruits
"It's the garden of Eden" i gasp lush plump fruits and golden apples . Plums ripe for the picking. My eyes sparkle with glory
" that's what we will call it now " smiles Eli " it's perfect" me and Blake say at the same exact time and i look over at him already looking at me so i turn back to Eli and hide my blush.
"Well since we are in heaven let's eat!" Shouts Eli loud and clear.
I grab the only thing that i would want to disturb. Some golden berries.
"These could be poisonous you know?" I say in between berries
" true we all just found this garden one day and it's been a special haven ever since but we haven't died yet." Laughs Blake all happy and sweet. He's eating one of the golden apples and Eli's mouth closes in on a juicy elegant plum.
" wait jacey didn't make this place?..." U ask confused
" no must of everything here was here before and..... From what we saw we *cough* aren't the first ones here." Blake slowly concludes well i guess he's right
"That makes all this so much more confusing" i yawn. I'm tired....
"True but someday we will figure it out....." Eli's voice tapers out as i lay down. Exhausted. I can't keep my eyes open. The tour no! They will wake me right ? Then i drift off.

"I can't believe she fell asleep like that fast!" I laugh
" she looks so peaceful i don't want to wake her." Eli sighs
" i will later u can go get the stuff ready and i'll take her to the cliff and back home a little after sunset so she can sleep a little now" i add while playing with Carson's wavy curls
" okay i guess hurry back Blake ." Eli states not to excited. I want t alone time with her please can you see that Eli. He stands up. I see a little tenseness in his shoulders he kneels next to Carson and brushes the curls i was playing with back and looks at her face ...then gets up and jogs off fast not looking back.
"Awh Carson " i laugh i don't get how it was even funny but i sat and laughed for a long while i felt good. Suddenly she turned and her head moved all the way to me laying right beside on my stomach. As if she heard my joy and was drawn to it i sit there for awhile just living in the moment. Of just a small accident .
I smell grass. Sweet warm luscious grass. Under my hands and tickling my chin i squirm over to get more comfortable barely awake. My hair tangled against smooth cotton shirt, cologne fills my nose now. Suffocating me with goodness
"Cough cough *chokes*" i studded awake and sit up. My eyes open slowly threatening to close from tiredness. What where am i
"Finally sleeping beauty" says a voice behind me i spin and golden haired Blake is laying down arms behind his head propped up watching Me
" what happened?" I yawn
" we are and then u just fell asleep its been maybe an hour Eli left to get camp ready..." Blake sighs happily. His sapphire blue eyes so deep and full of emotion. "Ready for the last two stops?" He asks with a hint of what am i picking up flirty.
"Yeah i guess" i laugh still yawning and he yawns too making us both laugh for no reason. I feel joy with him and something i've never felt. He stands up and brushes himself off i struggle to get up he reaches his pale hands to me and helps me up accidentally throwing me into him ZAP! Electricity shocks me like static
"Ouch" i flinch
" Carson i'm sorry i just got a little excited did i hurt you?!" Blake gasps worriedly. He pulls away examining me.
"Excited!" I say sarcastically. He's excited oh i'm nervous. Blake's messy hair blows in the breeze and he blushes.
" hahahaha" he laughs grabs my hand and leads me out if the garden of Eden. oh im so short Blake is almost 6 ft and im a small 5'7" he looks down at me
"ready to get in the water" Blake smiles another brilliant smile. He doesn't even have perfect teeth but just the smile itself is enough to make you happy.
"Up we go" blake exclaims!
it's a little incline of smooth crumbly rocks i untie my skirt and put it under a Rock so it won't fly away. I take off my shoes and top along with it. Blake does the same. And looks over in his trunks at me eyes traced me like an artist would.
"Let's go already!" I laugh and put my foot on the first big smooth rock and another making my way to the top it would take a while maneuvering on rocks barefoot but- Blake and i stepped out and into the same rock so we were so close we were breathing on each other! I smiled first this time i could've help it he reaches his hands down and lifts me up i scream and giggles and i put my arms around his head and shoulders. The smile in his face is so bright it was blinding. This was happiness. This was something more. He hops rock to rock with me securely attached to him with his strong arms. I didn't even realize we were at the tip of the cliff looking over onto the painted sunset and ocean. I'm on my feet again and stand in the very edge as close as I could to this colossal beauty everything was Sea blue with spirals of cotton candy pink and gold.
"It's so beautiful I'm crying" I laugh after my gaze at the view. I wipe away a tear
"I know, I come here a lot to think." Blake says staring into the distance his eyes reflect the sky and crashing waves. Glistening-
"Well take this all in cuz we are jumping in from here" Blake states
"What oh my god" I cry stepping away from the edge.
"It's soooooo far down" I worry
" hey," Blake puts his arms on my shoulders and faces me." It will be fine" his smile doesn't lie. I feel safe. He lets go and steps back a couple steps then runs and his last foot pushes him off and down into the reflection of the sunset. I guess u could say he jumped into the sun. His blonde hair pops up in the surface of beauty and he gestured me to come down. I looked down. And flinch it's so far. Maybe even over 50 feet. Can I- blames words replay in my mind "you will be fine" and that smile. I step back and run. I'm flying my hair whips up and I close my eyes and feel the freedom then chilly water slaps around me and I open my eyes to a world of colorful fish and reef to my sides. A brave red fish swam up to me and I reached out my hand. It nestled into my hand like a baby would to a mom. Fish like me apparently another one swims up its tail is yellow and long. Then something pulls my arm upwards the fish skitter away violently. Then I break the surface realizing I was breathing underwater.
"I see you replaced me with your fish friends!" Laughs Blake jokingly I spasm him but instead turn a little wave towards him And shore
"Oops I need practice" I blush "I don't even know everything I can do! But I guess having fish love me is such a plus!" I giggle
" Haha yeah" Blake grabs my waist "do you like jumping into the sunset with me." He looks into my eyes serious wanting to know my truthful answer. "Y-" the wave I splashed at Blake had grew and crashed into the shore loudly we both jolt around at the startling noise. As my wave hits the rocky cloud shore it washes away rocks... Completely others crack and crash down until a arch is left
" it's a... Cave" I say curious totally forgetting me and blacked moment. You know how the saying goes. curiosity killed the Carson.

I am curious. This secret cave didn't just appear for no reason I swim over to it leaving the awes Blake behind and I push myself up to the flat ledge at the opening
"Carso-" I step inside ignoring blake's exclamation I have to know. The cave is almost pitch black but a dim blue light shines deep within the faster I walk the brighter it gets I'm getting closer I slow down to a wooden door with. What is it carvings? Of a story of some kind. The double doors were wide and carved into delicately. the right there was a misty pool and a tall slim woman and across from her there was a man surrounded by power and chaos. they reached for each other but couldn't touch unless they went through the misty pool. You could tell from whoever carved this there heart and soul was in it you could feel the longing for each other. But the Left door was the one that caught my attention more a red gem was in the sky and as soon as i touched it it lit up the tunnel with a blood red glow. It showed all the details in a new light there were more people in this one, a small slim girl with wavy hair was the center of it all she cast her hand out towards a boy on the ground her other hand covers her face as if she is doing something she must but feels bad the boy she gestures at seems similar to her very powerfull but gone his power was all for evil while she was loving and pure powerful they were opposite. And Twins. At her feet flames flicker tamed, and snow falls lightly on another body at her feet he looked at the girl with love and pain while her tears of snow fell on him. My eyes take in more of the story looking at it as it was playing in my mind. The boy at her feet was dying, he clenches her chest where evil has pierced him. They loved each other but she had someone else in her heart the dying boy told her. The last boy with shaggy hair stood a close distance away feeling guilty and regretful for never telling her how he felt, a storm cloud grew over head but she looked over at him with clear eyes. His cloud disappeared she walked over to him and embraced in his arms rain poured over them is this hot moment he's always loved her she's always loved him they look into eachothers eyes with tears of sadness and joy then the red light flashes and goes out and Blake is there shaking me my hand still touching the stone. underneath it says Wayhunter hm i wonder “Carson what happened i caught up to you and you seemed in a different world!” blake rants “whoa what”? i say “i think that stone…” i stare at it with fear and wonder. “it showed me something” i finish
“oh well be careful i don't know what i'd do if..” he stops and looks into my eyes i feel the electricity flowing between us. i put my hand and whoosh the doors open ruining the moment and sending me tumbling into this room. it was crystal walls that reflected the pale blue water of the deep pool in the middle it was perfectly round and led into a water tunnel wonder where.. there was soft white sand sticking to my wet feet. Blake slides over into the pool just as enchanted at i am. I want to know where this tunnel goes but the look Blake gave me held me there. I sat on the edge of the water, my feet in and felt the power. Crisp clear crystal like his eyes he still stares up at me “it's so pretty” i whisper Blake drags my feet into the water till i fall in his arms i laugh and swim away “where you going” he smiles with his innocent crystal eyes. The water trembles and then next thing i know Blake's lips are next to mine electricity bounces through the room and blinds me backing away into the edge of the pool. It was sharp enough to flinch and in my blink of an eye the pool is all blood. i swear i wasn't cut badly and Blake jumps out and grabs my hands to help me out. “what's happening” he looks shocked. “what the hell.” i shake the pool turns from red to black “lets leave! now!” he grabs my hand and drags me through the doors the stone glows red and the doors shut. we run down the hallway and get to the end and i bend over to catch my breath “whoa you are cut” blake says i reach my hands back and feel a little slit in my back equal to a papercut “why was there so much blood?” i say confused “i don't know but this place creeps me out..” blake comments “we better leave before more happens, i'm sorry today was a bust, i tried” he says shyly and laughs. “It's okay it was alright I thought it was fun I'm just bad luck” i laugh as we walk up the rocky incline “you want to go back now?” i ask “it's getting dark i don't wanna get lost so” he laughs what a gorgeous laugh for a gorgeous person. Even if it's a nervous laugh it still can brighten the crazy day I had. We walked along the beach for a faster way home
Or am I supposed to call this place home
Home is where my mom is and my friends and normal.. But now I have none except new strange people who are like me. Are we safe can we live like this I think back to my mom saying on the phone they found another one and to get me! What do I think maybe I can ask. I was nervous habit I grab the red pendant on my neck and Blake asks "who's that from " I reply
“my father gave it to me along time ago I don't really remember him but his name was Noah.. Noah Haustus he died I was two years old so I never really got to know him all I know is he gave me this and I just never saw him again.” I sig
“I'm so sorry Carson” Blake exclaimed with real pain in his voice my hand feels a pulse where my necklace is “whoa what-” I exclaim but Blake pays no attention because he pulls me into a hug
Why did my necklace do that it never has ever..

I have many memories I left behind on a whim. How do I know I'm right. Mom's probably worried sick. Pull yourself together Carson please for yourself . In the knick of time. We reached the bonfire. Jacey and Eli eating God knows what “hey” I say to break the silent tension I feel corse through the air. Eli dismissed me and went straight to Blake
“Where the hell have you been Blake, you said one hour alone it's been almost three” Eli yells creating actual heat in the air
“Let me explain-” I start defending Blake
“Carson it's fine I will just go to my room” Blake stops me not wanting to get in a fight
“We don't need you anyways your powers are dangerous and worthless” Eli yells after him his eyes like an inferno. I look at him shocked why is he being so rude and mad.
He turns to me and starts “I'm sorry I just” and stops I get the point I guess. He looks at me dark eyes cooled and the heat in the air turns Down. He looks down ashamed. “It's okay Eli everyone gets mad”
“It's dangerous when we get mad our powers are hard to control already” he sighs
“ but you're a good person you wear your emotions on your sleeves”
"Is that bad… "Eli hesitates
"well I like to read people it's good to show feelings I reply "it's easier to trust people when you know what they feel
Eli asks joking “what am I feeling now?“
"You're glad I understand and comforted that I can do you can trust me and something else… I don't know what " I laugh
“looks like you need some practice” he jokes “and for your birthday” he reaches into his black jacket pocket and pulls have a small chain “oh my Eli”
"I gasp a little bracelet with a heart locket on it. he slips it on my wrist and holds a locket "in here I put fire rose petals "Eli says open in the locket glowing red petals inside
“Throw one on the ground and it will start a fire for whenever you need it”
“Oh my god it's beautiful” i finally gasp. The petals reflect on his eyes like embers. He leans in towards me. I freeze where i am. His soft lips brush my cheek and i close my eyes. Nothing happens, i open my eyes and hes gone. Nowhere in sight. What am i doing i don't want to kiss these strangers, they don't want to kiss me i probably made him uncomfortable for thinking he was going to so he ran. Do i even like Eli. I can't tell it's been almost two days. What would Blake think. Oh my gosh why am i thinking about Blake now. What is happening. Ever since i got here my mind has been unwound. I can't stop thinking, about everything.

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