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Blood Moon Rising Part 1

February 26, 2015
By amg73093 GOLD, Cincinnati, Ohio
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A freshly sixteen year old girl named Luna Monroe had a fortunate and wealthy upbringing on a vast estate in Comfort, Texas with her well-groomed elder sister and polished parents.
One fine summer day, in the year 1871, the white sun broiled and the two sisters rested on the doughy grass that surrounded the edge of the modest stream at the edge of the forest down downhill from the immense plantation they call home. Luna held her elder sister Skyler’s hand, and gazed at the glassy sea that is the open sky; where white cotton swam in the weightless atmosphere, and breached the surface at the edge of the colossal planet. The clouds floated along the winds wake, and gobbled up the suns light that left Luna in a pale shadow that covered the entire hillside and forest. Nightfall had come upon them, and Luna and her sister trotted back to the manor. The sky had grown dark with black clouds of smoke that came from the direction of their home. The girls exchanged worrisome looks and sprinted without letting go of one another’s hands. The image had grown clearer and it was easy to see that the face of their home had begun to be consumed in flames.
They screamed, “Mom! Dad!”
As their strides brought them closer they began to realize that there were a group of strange men with cowboy hats on and their horses parked up by the front door. They stepped back and hid behind one of the large maple trees that lined the dirt covered driveway. Both of their heads cautiously peaked out either side of the tree. They saw their mother and father blindfolded and on their knees. There was a cowboy who paced back and forth in front of them who yelled a lot and threw his hands in the air; one of which held a pistol. There were three men who looked through a pile of the families fineries they had stolen from inside the manor before they set fire to it; pistols in their holsters.  The other two long curly hair men stood to both sides of Luna’s mother and father; pistols in hand.
Luna attempted to run towards their parents, but Skyler grabbed her before she could take off, “Stop! Luna, it’s too dangerous. You wait here.”
Sobbing, “But Sky --- “
Skyler’s face serious, “Luna! Shush up and listen, and listen good.” she looked Luna in the eyes, “please, you have to promise me you’ll stay here.”
Panting through her sobs and jittering teeth, “please don’t leave me! I’m scared, please don’t go!”
Skyler pulled her sister in close to her chest and squeezed her tightly. She knelt down and took her rabbits foot necklace off and put the leather strap around Luna’s neck, placed the foot in Luna’s palm, and closed her fingers around it. She put her hand on top of Luna’s head, “I love you sister, but I need to go now. I have to do somethin’ to help mother and father. I’m gonna cut through the servants’ quarters and get the rifle we use to shoot the pigs. Promise me Luna, you won’t follow me,” she pointed towards the large line of shrubberies next to them along the white fence line,” here, you’re small enough to hide in this here bush, and I promise I’ll come back to you.”
Luna squeezed tighter onto her rabbit foot in her palm, and clenched her jaw still, “Okay.”
Skyler firmly grabbed Luna’s shoulders again and demanded, “I said promise me!”
“I promise!” belted Luna.
Skyler smirked and helped Luna into the bush, and made sure she was completely hidden and said, “I promise too.” Skylar then climbed under the fence and sprinted left through the pasture towards the servants’ quarters, leaving her sister behind.
Luna rested her elbows and stomach on the jagged roots, peeked through the small cracks of the leaves and watched her sister grow small into the dark horizon until she couldn’t see her anymore. For what seemed like the longest ten minutes of Luna’s life she waited patiently like she had promised. She heard her mother scream out, and Luna grew even more anxious, but she wasn’t able to see anything from where she was. Her heart pounded, and eyes fogged with tears.
Luna silently sobbed to herself, “I’m sorry Sky…” and she quickly crawled through the bushes that ran parallel to the fence. The spiked roots jabbed at her elbows and knees that cut her smooth white skin, and her face had become victim to the sticky jagged branches; the whole time her grip didn’t loosen from her rabbits foot.
Luna neared just close enough that she could make out what was being said by the men holding her parents hostage. The full moon rose up in the sky that illuminated her already bright burning home, so she was able to see everything. Skylar still nowhere in sight. Her mother and father’s heads were being pushed into the dirt with the heels of the two curly haired men’s cowboy boots.
Luna’s mother screamed in agony into the dirt, “Woowee! We got us a squealer, Earl!” said the curly haired man who had his foot on her head, “can you oink for us little piggy?” pressing harder. Her mother screamed again.
Earl responded, “Sure do Carter! Ya think I can make this’n here squeal like your piggy?” and he pushed Luna’s father’s head down harder like his counterpart did, but her father only grunted from the pressure. The man frowned, “Guessin’ you a tough little porker,” pushing even harder.
Carter, sneered, “HA! Let’s see how tough he is when I undress this here tasty woman of his…” He yanked her up on her feet by her hair, pulled her in close to him, and his grungy breath whispered down her neck, “How’s about it sweet cheeks? What’s dinner without a show? Hm? Let’s see what’s under that fine dress of yours.”
Luna cringed and tears poured down her braised cheeks. She was helpless, unable to do anything but watch as the Earl forced her father to watch Carter strip her naked and have his way with her mother. The three lackeys by the stolen goods swam in their cash and prizes, and laughed along with them. When Carter was finished he yanked her head to the side, exposing her neck. Luna could see his eyes glow yellow, he opened his mouth real wide and fat razor sharp fangs grew from his red gums, and watched as he sunk his jowls deep into her throat! Luna silenced her screech. The beatings of Luna’s heart stood still, her blood turned to thick cotton, as she watched Carter’s fangs rip through her warm, throbbing, ember red flesh. Her mother drowned in the pool of blood that gushed out of her mouth. Luna’s father screamed and flailed around reaching for his wife. The fire enveloped house in the background that spat a rain of orange embers.
Earl’s eyes also glowed yellow, and his c***-eyed smile exposed teeth like Carters, “Guess this pig was a squealer after all… My turn…”
Earl sunk his teeth into Luna’s father and chomped away. It was at that moment that multiple gunshots popped off in the distance stopped him. The three hackling lackeys shut up and stood up with their pistols ready. It was only at that moment that Luna had finally realized that the fifth cowboy from earlier hadn’t been standing there with them like earlier.
Carter wiped his blood drenched mouth with his denim sleeve, “What in sam hell? What the f*** is that bastard Bill doin’?” a girl screams from behind the house and a loud howl followed, “Ah, I see Bill’s done caught himself a snack.”
Bill, the cowboy, walked out of the shadows, his eyes glowed and his body a walking shadow that held the limp Skylar with his phantom limbs. As Bill stepped into the light of the burning home and moonlight, it exposed his true form. His face and neck were coated in long thick black hair, and his black hairy hands were twice the size as before and enormous claws stuck out inches from his fingertips. His face was extended out like the snout of a wolf. His blood dripped down from three holes in his back.
Carter blurts out, “Damn Bill, shot down by that little twit? What ya havin’ troubles keepin’ up with a little girl? Lucky for you them bullets weren’t made of silver! Ha ha ha!”
Bill grunted a deep threatening growl and snapped an evil glare at Carter that shut him up right away. His brow was furrowed and his glassy eyes were red and sunken in. He gently laid Skylar down on the ground, her corpse illuminated blue. He knelt down, and his claws hovered over the fatal bite wound in her neck.
Luna had never been more confused, frightened, and angry all at the same time. Her shaken up mind detached her consciousness from itself, and she fell into shock. Unable to consciously control what she was doing, her adrenaline kicked her out of her safety of the bushes, and she quickly staggered from being on all fours to a stretched out two leg stride.
Earl and Carter exchanged confused looks on their faces, and Earl questioned, “Uh… Boss? Wha – ?”
Luna’s throat howled out a cry of anger as she ran closer toward the men; still unable to let go of her rabbits foot buried deep in her palm.
The lackeys stood up from their money pool and pulled their pistols out and were ready to shoot. Carter and Earl howled and crouched forward, ready to strike. But before any of his men could make a move, Bill signaled for them to stand back. Muddled, but obedient, they followed orders. Luna didn’t let up until she reached Skylar.
Luna huddled down on top of her older sister’s corpse and pleaded, “STOP! Please, just, stop! I can’t take it anymore!” guttural sobs, “Please… I don’t know what you are or what’s happening but please… make it stop!”
Bills men all busted out laughing, and Carter belted out, “Yeah right little girl! ‘Please’ isn’t gonna save ya. Get a load of this Earl,” elbowed Earl in the side, “Don’t get no better than good old fashion grovelin’ at end the night. Am I right boss?” Carter attempted to playfully nudge Bill, but he swiftly retorted with a deep slash into Carters face. Carter slivered back in pain and cursed in agony.
Bill stared long and hard at Luna who continued to unconsciously shake and cry out in horror. For a moment, Bills hand began to reach down towards her, but as she looked up with eyes wide with fear and saw his large claws come closer she began to panic further screaming out “No! No!! NO! STOP!”
Bill pulled back, “We’re done here.”
Earl pushed, “But B –”
Bill glared at him with fire burning in his eyes, “Move out.”
The lackeys loaded up their goods on their horses, and loaded up the extra onto Bills horse. Carter, Earl, and the lackeys strapped up and rode out ahead of Bill into the moonlight of the night. Bill turned his head to look back at the weeping Luna, the torn up bodies, and burning manor. He raised his head up and howled at full volume to the moon, and ran off into the dark behind his men. 
  After everyone left, Luna, frightened and cold, laid her head onto Skylar’s still chest and cried as she tightly held her rabbit’s foot in both hands against her pained heart.
She whimpered, “You promised…” and then feinted.

Luna laid her family to rest, and while doing so, vowed to avenge the Monroe family.  Luna’s memory of the horrid atrocity was foggy. But, since the day of the event she has never stopped questioning herself about the exact nature of what happened. After watching her mother and father be eaten by savage men with long teeth and glowing eyes; nothing stopped her from finding the truth. She raised herself on what little of inheritance that the robbers left her, and what she managed to scrounge from the ashes of her home. She asked around about the men, and collected stories from an array of people who have also seen the yellow eyes and fangs.
It was only until she had just turned eighteen when her sources led her to the desert, where a wise old Indian woman resided in a small camp far from any town. It was there that the old woman told Luna her the tales of her ancestors who fought the beast-men, like the ones she encountered. She lived off the land and trained with the old woman for two years; she mastered shooting, knife throwing, and the art of hunting. Also, it was there that she was taught how to procure a toxin known as Wolf’s bane, using the herb Aconite, to subdue her enemy. Not only that, but as memory served her, she vaguely remembered she had overheard the one beast, Carter, talk about silver being harmful. The old woman confirmed it, and told her that it is said in tales that only silver to the heart will kill her foe.
In Luna’s twentieth year she left the old woman with many thanks, and returned to her family’s plantation, to which she still rightfully owned, in old Comfort, Texas. The once staggering white manor was reduced to nothing more than rubble and charcoal. However, the servant’s quarters never burned down with the house, but stood there awkward and abandoned. It was there that she knew she could find some silver because her mother always had the servants polish all the silverware and dishware out there. Luna suspected that at the time of the event, most of the servants ran off with most of it, and she was right. There wasn’t even a full set of silverware left, only a few small plates and a large cake knife. Fortunately, this was enough to satisfy her ambitions.
Luna returned to the main town, and sought out a blacksmith. With no questions asked, she tasked the local blacksmith with sharpening the cake knife into a blade, melt down the silver plates into bullets, and to keep any of the leftover metal as payment. He succeeded in welding two silver bullets out of the plates for her M1873 Colt 45, otherwise known as “The Peacemaker”, and her cake knife evolved into a beautifully crafted threatening dagger. It was then that she rented a loft, above the loudest and most popular saloon in town, under the false identity of Madam Moon.
Luna knew that she could hunt the beasts down, but it was going to take quite some time and Luna simply did not have the income for the chase. Back in the desert, she learned that it was better to set up some bait, and wait for her prey to fall right into her lap – and she did just that. She made sure to boast to as many people in town of a “large fortune” she inherited from a “distant relative”. And since wolves typically walk along the same path, she knew the beasts were to catch wind of it sooner rather than later. And she was right.

Some weeks later, on the eve of her twenty-first birthday, Luna mingled with the rowdy folks of the saloon below her. It was then that she saw him through the crowd, the beast man with the long curly hair, walked in through the entrance. Her face had turned red and her back solidified.
This prompted the gaudy woman she had made false company with to ask her, “Doll, you okay? You don’t look so good.”
Luna snapped out of the body lock and returned to character, “Why yes, of course darlin’! This spiced corned beef has a tad bit more kick than I recall. Excuse me, while I fetch myself a drink.”
Luna walked up to the bar where Carter and his three lackeys sat themselves. She noticed he was the only who didn’t have a drink. She ordered herself a whiskey, and turned to him with a wide smile, “What’s the matter sugar? No drinks tonight?”
Carter turned his head, and gawked at Luna’s gorgeous facial features, followed by eying her up and down. He responded, “Why no ma’am. I keepin’ my head clear tonight, got some important business tonight.”
Luna smirked, “Important business huh? Well, well… your men don’t seem to be holdin’ back,” she nodded her head towards the rambunctious lackeys who chugged beer and jumped around.
Carter chuckled, “They just kids, no stoppin’ them. That’s for damn sure.”
Luna retorted, “So what’s stoppin’ you from havin’ a drink with the fine lady in front of ya?”
Carter paused, “What’s your name sweet cheeks?”
Luna chastised, “Mighty rude to ask for a name before givin’ your own,” Carter opened his mouth to say something but Luna interjected, “No matter, you’re a handsome fella,” she winked and downed her whiskey, “The names Madam Moon, but the gals call me by my first name, Cecile.”
Carter’s eyes lit up and screamed jackpot, “Mighty fine name for a fine thing like yourself.”
Luna said coyly, “Oh please, you’re makin’ me all flushed.” 
Carter leaned in closer to her, “Now I’m thinkin’ I can’t be rude not sharin’ a drink with a beautiful broad like yourself, can I? The names John”
Luna leaned in closer, pushed her breasts against his shoulder, and whispered in his ear, “Well…John… How’s about we have drinks upstairs, I got a bottle in my room.”
“Mighty fine idea,” Carter outstretched his arm, “After you ma’am.”
Luna took his hand and led him upstairs, the very touch of his skin made her skin crawl.
Two glasses of whiskey on the rocks soothed the broiled atmosphere. Luna freed her feet from her maroon cowboy boots, and lifted the edge of her dress up towards her upper thigh that exposed her white tights. Carter ogled the length of her legs as she stretched them out on his leather sofa.
Luna dramatically used the back of her hands to lift her large black curls up off her naked shoulders. This allowed the breeze to constrain the sweltering heat. She sipped her clinking drink, her red lipstick deeply rooted in the translucent glass.
Luna’s breath escaped her mouth with a sigh, “Oh my,” Her teeth peeked through her smirked lips, “My head’s a swimmin’.”
Carter’s hair was slicked back, but a few strands had fallen down his scarlet face. His cigarette embers had spread orange fire up the paper towards his fingers, and expired into the ash tray. He turned his back to gather up ice into a damp towel. Luna took this chance to pour the wolf’s bane from the little vial she had been hiding between her breasts. She swiftly looked away and went back into character as he went to kneel beside her. She handed him his glass, they said cheers, and they gulped down the rest of their drinks.
Gingerly, he stroked her hair back, and placed the chilled cloth against her neck. Her skin seared from its touch. His chapped hands and shaking fingers lifted her face towards his. Sweat dripped down his unshaved chin. His foul staggered breath fell on her face, and she watched as he closed his eyes, and his dry tongue licked his cracked lips that reached out to meet her red supple mouth.
Luna then quickly reached for her pistol she had strapped to her inner thigh, put the barrel to his temple, and pulled the hammer back.
“No hard feelin’s, John. Or shall I call you by your real name, Carter…”
He croaked out, “Wha --- !” Luna covered his mouth with her hand and he growled under her palm.
She chastised, “Ah, ah, ah. Let’s not make things difficult Carter. Otherwise, my finger just might slip,” She dug the barrel harder into his temple, “and this silver bullet here will blow a hole through that brain of yours.”
Carter became silent, and stopped jerking. He stood still and fought the shudders in his spine. Keeping the gun pressed to his head, Luna uncovered his mouth and put her index finger on his lips that motioned for him to shh, she said, “Hush little piggy.”
She stood him up and pulled at his belt buckle, gave him a provocative look, and pulled out the whole belt in one quick motion. She then spun him around and tied his hands up with it, and forced him to sit down.
She pinched his cheek, “That’s a good boy. We don’t want your friends downstairs to come in and ruin all the fun, do we? Not that they’d hear you anyway. Did ya know that is the rowdiest saloon in all of Comfort, Texas? Now, listen here closely Carter. I’m not gonna blow your head to bits, cause’ if you don’t have it, I can’t get what I want. You see?” Carter jerked and Luna shoved her handkerchief down his throat. She stared right through him with murder in her eyes and threatened, “But, that don’t mean I won’t find a way to hurt you. And if you do as I say, and tell me what I want to know, then maybe you get to live. Do we have a deal?”
Carter hesitated, growled, and then nodded his head. Luna fingered her rabbit foot necklace in her pocket and paced back in forth in front of him.
“Okay, Carter, be honest ya hear? Guessin’ you don’t have much choice, seein’ as the moon isn’t quite full yet. That and I fed ya some Wolf’s Bane in that whiskey… Just be safe.” Carter’s bloodshot eyes sprung open and Luna’s smile widened, “That’s right. You should be feelin’ it by now. Seein’ as I already know who you are… and what you are…”
Luna could read the fire in Carter’s eyes. He tried to tug on the restraint, but the drugs had taken full effect and he lost all motor functions.
“Don’t be stupid Carter, that Wolf’s Bane will last a while, and there’s more where that came from. Better get comfy… sweet cheeks” She lightly tapped him in the nose with the barrel of her gun. She threw her hands up and twirled around in her dress. The trim was a tethered white lace that matched the large offset silk bow tied around her waist, and the body of dress was a deep red.
“What ya think? Refresh any memories? It’s a bit different than last you saw it. It’s the dress you tore off my mother before you raped her, and ate her. Had to do a lot of sewing of seein’ as you practically ripped it apart. And of course, it used to be all white, but I couldn’t get the damn blood to lift… no matter how hard I scrubbed. So I jus dyed the whole damn thing blood red. It serves as a nice reminder of what you took from me.”
Luna ripped the gag from his mouth and said, “Why did you burn down my house, and slaughter my family?!”
Carter gasped and drool was dripping down his face and he laughed, “ Ha ha ha! I ain’t tellin’ you s***, b****”
Luna whipped him across the face with the handle of her pistol, and shoved the gag back into his mouth. Grabbed a fistful of his hair, forced the barrel up under his chin, and whispered in his ear, “Five years I’ve been waitin’ for you to show that ugly face of yours round here again. You murdered my parents…You burned down my home,” she tightened her grip and pushed up harder with the pistol, “And you murdered my sister, n’ if you don’t fork over the truth, I’ll jus have to beat it outta you.”
Carter’s flesh was overwhelmed with the stinging of Luna’s angry punches and kicks, while her mouth moved in slow motion as she spit out mute words of anguish that hung in the silence of their chaotic clashes.
Luna panted, her hands at her side were gloved in Carter’s blood. He was curled up on the floor bleeding everywhere, and his ugly face now unrecognizable. His nose was beaten and jagged. His eyes were bloodied and swollen shut. What was left of his teeth were either broken or kicked out. Luna smashed his fingers and fractured a rib or two. He whined pathetically on the floor.
Luna brushed her bangs back with her bloody fingers. She went over to the tea table and poured herself a whiskey.
She asked, “Need a drink?”
Carter rolled around and spat, “F*** you!”
“No? Suit yourself, more for me.”
Luna downed her first glass, and her second glass.
“You jus had to make it difficult didn’t you? Now look at ya.” She spat at him and laughed, “You look like horse s***.”
Carter had begun to pass out, and Luna poured her drink again and went over to him and poured it on his face. She knelt down and slapped him on the cheeks.
Luna mocked, “Wake up Carter! You wanna sleep away the final act? But you’re the star of the show!”
Carter coughed up blood and started to move around a little bit.
“Now are you gonna tell me why you burned down my home and ate my family?” She picked up her gun, walked over to Carter, and pressed it hard into chest right above his heart. “Or are you just gonna keep squeelin’ like the pig you are? Maybe you need a little more Wolf’s Bane to job your memory?”
Carter spat, “No! Stop. Okay, okay I’ll tell you everything,” Luna retracted the gun from his chest, “it was my boss’s order. He never said why we was goin’ to your house. But Earl, the boys and I do what we gotta do. I don’t think it was supposed to go down like it did. He went into the house for a while, we heard some touslin’ and yells. Next thing I know the boss was draggin’ your parents outside and tellin’ us to rough up the place n’ to take whatever we want, n’ blindfolded em. He was mad n’ was spoutin’ all kinds s*** to your parents; askin’ for you n’ your sister. Threaten’ them if they didn’t tell him. I don’t f*n’ know, but they never f*in’ gave in.”
Luna interjected, “Whose your boss n’ how does he know who me and my family are?!”
Carter pleaded, “I swear, I don’t know. Boss keeps things to himself. But, jus before he took off lookin’ for ya. He told your momma ‘this is your doing Leanne. You can’t keep me from her.’”
Luna’s brain swam in a funk, her thoughts bumped into each other and rattled her train of thought. She continued to prod, “You’re boss, what’s his name?”
Carter said, “His name is William Woosley, but we all know him as jus Bill.”
“Where can I find him?”
“F*** if I know.”
Luna kicked him in the stomach and Carter yelped, “Alright, alright! We’re supposed to meet up at Canyon Lake in two days’ time for the Blood Moon Solstice!”
Luna pondered, and then asked, “So he’s the one who told you and your pals to kill my parents?”
Carter chuckled, “He didn’t say nothin’ about what we could and couldn’t do. We get a little carried away, it was a full moon and we’re f*in’ animals,” Carter smiled exposing his blood filled broken smile, “And honey, your momma was jus lookin’ damn good, and tasted like cherries.”
Luna snapped, “Shut up you bastard! You vile mangy mut! It’s high time I put you down.”
Carter begged, “Whoa! Wait a second doll I told you everything you wanted to know! Please, don’t kill me. You said you’d let me go if I told you what I knew! Jus, please let me go.”
Luna mocked, “Yeah right, you bastard! ‘Please’ isn’t gonna save ya… Nothing like a good old fashion groveling to end the night, right Carter?” both hands wrapped around her pistol. Her blue dead eyes looked Carter square in his shadowed eyes. “And nobody likes a dog who begs.”
The atmosphere paused as the energy between them grounded time to a standstill. Tears flooded down Luna’s rosy cheeks and she let out a scream as she pulled the trigger; the gun cracked like lightening. The bullet busted through his chest and pierced his heart. 
A small ray of the moons light escaped through the ominous clouds, and shone down onto Luna, who stood still in the minute of death. Her hot silver bullet lodged into Carter’s chest. She look up through the blood in her hair to see his mangled face once more. Tears dripped down to the corner of Luna’s smile, rushed down her chin, and fell onto the steaming pistol she held in her hand. Her other hand fingering her rabbits foot once more.
Luna sighed, “Rest in peace mother.”
Luna heard the multiple footsteps of men below. The clouds cut off the ray of light that shadowed her in a bitter darkness. Luna had only a few minutes before someone was bound to bust the door down, be it some drunk again, or Carter’s men. She didn’t have much, but she rushed to pack up a few pairs of pants, shirts, socks, boots, and a water canteen into a leather duffel, followed by the silver blade and money. She had to take the dress off and put on more mobile clothes on before she could make her break for it. She slipped out of the dress and tossed it in the duffel with everything else. She slipped on her pants and boots, and grabbed Carters leather gun holster, buckled it around her waist, and threw his gun in the bag with everything else. She was about to reach for her shirt when the door busted open, and there stood an extremely intoxicated Earl. His eyes were droopy, and the bags below them hung like arm fat of an old woman. It was obvious to Luna that he hadn’t even looked at the ground to see his comrade dead and bloody on the floor. 
Earl shouted and slurred, “Hey! Carver! D’ya f*** that b**** n’ get’er money yet?”
Luna reached for her gun with the last silver bullet in it. Earl was just as guilty as Carver for eating her father, but she had been hoping to save it for precautionary use against Bill who was most likely the alpha wolf of the pack. She needed a quick getaway, she had no choice but to use it. Earl was able to focus just enough to notice that Luna was completely topless.
“Oh s***, it’s the b****, n’ you’re naked! Ha! Where’s Carver?” asked Earl.
Luna aimed, cocked it, “He’s in hell, and you’ll be joining him,” and fired the bullet that shot him dead between the eyes.
Earl’s limp body collapsed to the floor, and his blood gushed out mixing with Carver’s blood. Luna knew someone was going to investigate the gunshot, especially the lackey boys, so sheathed her gun and threw a shirt on; hopping out the window with her duffel in hand. She landed on the first floor roof, and jumped down onto her horse below. Feet in the stirrups, reins in one hand, her duffel in the other, dug her heels into her horse’s ribs and high tailed it out of town. Luna headed east towards Canyon Lake at full speed to meet with a William Woosley, for her path of retribution for the slaughter of her family only left more questions; and she was going to get answers.


To Be Continued…

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