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Destiny: The Road of Tomorrow

July 24, 2014
By starforcebigbang SILVER, Beijing, Other
starforcebigbang SILVER, Beijing, Other
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The world sucks a lot because there's war and terrorism and death, and we humans have to suffer through all of it. But it's also very beautiful because of the perseverance in humans, who will always fight even after time's end.


In a near future world, virtual reality games have come into existence. Players can battle each other in this new game, "Cyber-Battle," along with their PartNets, government-issued Artificial Intelligences that help people in their daily lives. In this world, one youth struggles to recover his past and throw away the guilt which came from the death of his best friend, by attempting to become strong through the medium of human emotions called "Cyber-Battle."


Destiny: The Road of Tomorrow

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