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The Daisy of Surprise

March 11, 2014
By kittycatgirl BRONZE, ferndale, Michigan
kittycatgirl BRONZE, Ferndale, Michigan
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Don`t see a FAIL as the END, see it as a LESSON to be LEARNED!


Capri’s life was perfect. She had great friends, good grades and a whole lot more. Everybody loved her, especially her BFF Emily Wilson. She had brown hair, and chocolate brown eyes. She was skinny, average height and owns every known heel style created. Capri doesn’t even know why she was even friends with or talked to her. She doesn’t follow any trends and hated heels. That’s probably why she left her behind like a shirt out of style after her dad died. “Why would I hang out with you?” she said. “You don’t follow any trends.” When Emily said that, Capri’s heart broke. The night her dad died, murdered actually, was the worst.

Becky W.

The Daisy of Surprise

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