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Chasing The Dealer

January 30, 2014
By Sabrina100, jackson heights, New York
Sabrina100, Jackson Heights, New York
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A spy story with different intersecting points of views. The spy agency known as the Headquarters, picks out 3 agents for a A-Level dangerous mission.

Anna, a newbie agent part of the Canadian Agency picked because of a map.

Ryan, a long-time American Agency agent adopted with a foster mother. Picked for skill and experience.

Addison, the French-American who ties all these three together. Picked for computer skill and experience.

Originally, these three were supposed to catch a specific person. Later on, they discover there is always more to the story and everything is never what it seems.

Family, relationships and trust is tested all leading up to a shocking twist leaving you wanting more.

Sabrina K.

Chasing The Dealer

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