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Raised by Apaches MAG

March 6, 2009
By RAVISHING BRONZE, Laveen, Arizona
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Favorite Quote:
"People often say that we as Native Americans walk in two worlds, but that's not true. I believe that we only walk in one, but we have two paths in which we can take." Chance Rush

I was raised by cow butchering,
Always yelling,
Cow roping,
Biscuit eating,
Apache speaking,
“Cook some tortillas
And make 'em good!”

Some crazy stunting,
Cliff jumping,
Grass rolling,
Acorn eating,
Playing with rez dogs,
“What happens if I get
That bull mad?”
Kind of cousins.

I was raised by loving,
Responsibility taking,
Apache speaking,
“Traditions are important.”
Multicultural parents.

I was taught by a nail painting,
Eyelash curling,
Always drawing,
Thread and leather beading,
“Is my makeup all right?”
Kind of sister.

A knee scraping,
Stick fighting,
BB gun shooting,
Knife carrying,
Horse riding,
Love camping,
“You start a fire this way …”
Kind of brother.

I was raised by frybread eating,
Tamale eating,
Tortilla flapping,
Acorn dumpling making,
Pageant running,
“Family is everything,
Learn your language and traditions.”

I was raised by Apaches.

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