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March 1, 2018
By zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
zach11 BRONZE, Park Rapids, Minnesota
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Art is a very interesting thing, whether it be paintings, drawings or even sculptures. Sculptures are my favorite piece of art because I like to see the models popping right out at me. The sculpture I am writing about is called the “Crust Formation IV” by Christopher Harrison.

The crust formation looked like a big circle that was filled in with two J’s coming out of the bottom. There is two little island type things off to each side that looked like pop cans. The big island shape one was orange, and right as I saw that it reminded me a little of of a desert. Then, looking at the small green island, I thought right away that it had lots of vegetation on it. Finally, the brown island reminded me of a volcano.


Then I kept thinking of different things and realized this reminds me of when I was a little kid playing in my sandbox. When I was little I played out in my sandbox all the time I never wanted to come out.

While looking at this piece is brought me back to my childhood and memories started to flow in my mind. All the times at daycare when we were able to go outside and play my buddies and I would try to see if we could dig to China. My daycare lady would keep telling us to dig deeper and see if we could ever find it. While in that sandbox we made many different sculptures also, like roads and houses. When I saw this sculpture I soon remembered my little days and soon felt all happy again. I love being outside and building thing so I am not surprised today when I take all these woods classes to build things.

Art is a very clever thing. The artist draws the picture on how he or she sees it. Then people like me go and see the drawing totally different than they did. That is why I think art is such an interesting thing. Art sometimes can be things we don’t even realize. Anything you build can be a work of art. If a dot on the wall is a piece of art anything can be art.

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