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Fantasy Land

December 23, 2016
By moneygang BRONZE, Sacramento, California
moneygang BRONZE, Sacramento, California
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  When i told my best friend Vanessa i was going to disneyland for couple of days she was happy for me. It was 3:00 in the morning and my family and i were ready to leave. I was in the car and i realized i wasn't as excited to go to disneyland as how my friend Vanessa was for me. Once we arrived to Anaheim we stayed in the BW hotel across disneyland. My mom got off to go check our room in. Once we got our key to the room we took our own league and took it to the room we were staying in. I was tired from sitting down those 6 hour drive , even though i slept the whole way i still felt tired. We ate and showered and we started getting ready to go to Disneyland. It was so cold once i stepped outside. “ can we just stay in, it's too cold and i'm tired “ i yelled. Of course they all ignored me.

We were walking to disneyland entrance and i seen a big line of people waiting to get their purse or backpack checks, for those who had one. Everyone still needed to get check tho just for safety. Once we got checked we got inline so they can check our ticket, as soon as they did we finally got in. We started walking around and as we did we saw a lot of diverse people. People were already getting in line to get on rides. It was so crowded. I wonder what people mean when they say “ Disneyland is the most happiest place on earth” do they actually mean that.

We went and got on the dumbo ride because my 3 month baby brother was able to get on. They only had about 6 rides for kids my age or older. Their wait lines tho omg they're about 80 to 100 min long. Even with a fast pass the wait line was about 30-40 mins so we would get a fastpass for the long rides and go on the rides that weren't so long. The pass would have a wait time like it can be between 3-5 and so we could use it anytime between those hours but after 5 it'll expired and we won't be able to use that fastpass anymore .Each ride has its own fastpass but you're not able to get two for a ride you can only use one or one ride. Sometimes a ride can ran out of fastpasses and you'll just have to wait in the regular line. 

Their music  is so nice. They play christmas songs on some speakers around stores. They make me want to dance because the songs had a good beat. Also in parades they have musicians, not like any park. They have groups and in each character has their own musicians. Its fun to mess around with your family and dance.

Disneyland food is so expensive but good. Main  reason why i really wanted to go to disneyland is for the food. They're corn dogs,churro,ice cream,and pizza are bomb. A churro cost $4.35. A ice cream cost $3.50 and a pizza with 8 slices cost $50. Like i said it's good but its expensive. Afterall i spent my day good with my family, it was a great little vacation. Before i got to disneyland i wasn't as excited to go but i guess i just thought it wasn't going to be fun for me but i ended having lots of fun. 

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this inspired me to write about this because i just visit disneyland

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