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Setting Foot in New Orleans

December 23, 2016
By Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
Obeyin.1 SILVER, Sacramento, California
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Setting foot in New Orleans has a whole new different vibe to it. My first time walking to New Orleans ground. It's so refreshing and feel like it's a whole entire new world to me. As I'm walking out of the plane I stare into the distance of the town. “It’s a wonderful view” I say, Then as me and my friends walk the streets. Smelling the food and many delicious snacks. Hopefully I get to eat all those delicious snacks and food I smell. Then while walking we finally arrived to the hotel. As I slowly walk in and wait on the side of the hotel. We wait for one of my friends to order our rooms.


Then after waiting for a couple of moments, we got to our rooms and started unpacking our stuff. It was so tiring and warm. About a couple hours later, here I am standing in front of the french quarter. It was fantastic and amazing, There was all these buildings like a Voodoo shop and other restaurants, Then we decide to walk into the Voodoo shop and see all this cool designs of many objects. Then moments later we start heading out and going on our way back again. Walking down the streets again and then we saw all these tall and old building’s. Then about a couple hours as it gets dark. We start getting back to the hotel and quickly before the parade starts. We rushed to the hotel and after entering the hotel we wait for the elevator to come down. Then as we start to walking in the fancy elevator. We than get to our rooms and quickly ran to the beds and we shut the lights off and slept.


In the morning, We start talking about going on another walk again. But first we all went to the cafe and started ordering some cafe au lait. Which was amazing, The texture of the coffee was yummy and delicious. As we eat, We see a band of some type just playing some soft warming music. Which made it even better than usual. It's very amusing and soft playing. After their first song everyone clapped and cheered at them. Then when we finished eating our food we start to head out for more places.

Then when we got out of the cafe, we start walking around the french quarter and it was absolutely amazing, couldn't believe my eyes. As we walk towards it, people were playing music. Using instruments such as tuba and trumpets. Then after passing all those people we decided to go to this one voodoo shop and the scent was amazing. It was like a old lady's perfume. It was one of the best smells ever, like a peach ish strawberry scent. It was so perfect and wonderful, we continued off to find these mask parades. It had came in with all these colorful designs and it was so bright and shining. But then we started heading out again and it was getting cold and I was shivering. But it was okay, wasn't that cold anyways.

Few hours later, we decided to go to the cemeteries. We saw all these creepy looking x’s on the cemeteries. And we was freaked out and curious but it was all good. It was kinda creepy and all but quiet at the same time. All these graves were topped on each other and wasn't really new at all. It all looked old and cracked, ready to tip or fall down on each other. Then it got colder and then we decided to leave the cemeteries. The weather was so cold that everyone was inside with warm blankets and cocoa. We than walked to the hotel and packed our stuff because it was our last day there.


Then about a few hours later around 9 or 10 in the morning. We start heading out and turning in our cards for our room. We then went to the airport and bought our tickets and waited for our plane to arrive. Then a few hours later, we start going to the plane and as the plane starts flying we see all the buildings we went too. It was epic place, It would have been better but i was so sleepy. Then I fell asleep and couples hours later, I was home.

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