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The Incredible Expirience in New York.

February 16, 2009
By paula moreno BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
paula moreno BRONZE, Cape Coral, Florida
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Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock! The watch was almost ready to strike 9pm and our GPS was letting us know that finally after 12 long hours traveling by car we were in the most beautiful city of New York. To what would become, one of the most excited Christmas of my short life. Even though everything did not started perfectly, because my dad had the greatest idea of not following the GPS for a few minutes. Making the whole family to be in serious panic because we had no idea how to get to my dads' families apartment. We did enjoy every part we could of the city.
New York was like a totally different world. Lights everywhere you could imagine, from the cars, streets and even the underground tunnels were decorated with shinny yellow lights. The apartments were small and old, but it made me feel like I was in another century. Even the elevator was not like the modern usual one, the elevator of the apartment was like a small room, that you had to close a door by hand and had a small little window. Our family visit was only three days short, but those three days I learned, how a whole world can come all together in one place. I was impressed that there was more than one culture and religion and everyone was ok with it. There was a place just for Chinese people, this was called Chinatown. There was also another place for the Italian but, anyone could travel and visit these places.
My favorite part from the enormous city was Manhattan. In one day I felt I was in two different places at once. During the day the sun shines the city and you can see all the different kinds of people walking by. Tourist from Asia, Europe, Latin America and from different places of the US. Walking and taking pictures of the most important and most famous places. Like the fifth avenue or the statue of liberty. I think everyone just stares at it, because it gives people the feeling that they are here in the U.S living like free people. While at night everything changes, all the lights come out and the city shines. The buildings are so huge and tall that seem like they can touch the stars. Everyone comes out and it feels like a magic place, the ice skating park or the amazing Rockefeller makes everyone to enjoy the whole night. Something that is true is that wit h all this commotion, places to see and plays to watch the last thing in our list was to go to sleep. I guess that is why is called the city that never sleeps.
The last day of our visit I could not believe I was leaving such an incredible atmosphere. I remember looking out the window to a living city and promising myself that one day, I would come back to live once again the amazing two places at once experience. The walking with the crowd, because there are so many people that you must keep moving and to the amazing feeling of no discrimination, because anyone can live here without problems, like it should be all over the world. All kinds of people like friends, living and enjoying their life. That is the most beautiful part of the city, that it brings everyone together in one place.

The author's comments:
I hope the reader will get out of this article that sometimes people can be so much different. Like from different places, races, languages, they may even look completely different but, at the end everyone always has the same love or feeling for something. New York makes anyone fall in love with it. So, at the end people may seem different, but in their inside have something that is the same.

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