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December 3, 2008
By Anonymous

What does a Quinceañera mean to you? Well for many Hispanic girls it means many things. Anyone who has had one has a different feeling towards what’s happening because some families celebrate the party’s differently.

Before my family and I left to Mexico we were talking if I was going to have my quinceañera. My dad told me that if I wanted to have a quinceañera that we weren’t going to Mexico, but I really wanted to have one. After my dad told me that, I started to think about it, and I decided to go to Mexico. I was sad at first, but then my mom and dad told me that they might make me one in Mexico instead and I got happy again.

My family and I left for Mexico on March 7th. I thought that when we got there my parents were going to start making arrangements for my 15, but they didn’t. With all the fiestas, weddings and other parties going on I thought that they weren’t going to make one after all. There was a lot going on throughout our stay there. Finally after the month was over the fiestas was almost done and there wasn’t much to do. My dad told me that he wasn’t so sure anymore if I was going to have my 15 because we spent a lot of money on all the shopping we did for the whole family and on the Fiestas.
The last week that we were there, my parents told me that I was going to have a Quinceañera. They went to talk to the priest, and he said that there was room for me. That same day, my parents, my aunts and I went shopping for my dress, crown, shoes, jewelry and other important things that we had to buy. My uncles went shopping too, but they went to buy food, drinks, my cake, and things to decorate the house. I was so excited.
The day before the party, I got very sick and I had to go to the doctors I was nervous because I thought that I wouldn’t be able to have my quinceañera. The doctor gave me some medicine. I fell asleep for a while, and then after a few hours I felt better.
Finally it was the day of my part and I was very happy. I woke up at 7 so I could go get my hair done. After that, I came home and I got ready with the help of my aunts. Then we got into my truck and we went to church. The priest gave me his blessing. At the party there was a lady recording my party. There were a lot of people there. While we all ate, the mariachi came and they started to sing to me and sing for the people. After a while, I danced the waltz with my daddy. While I was dancing it, my mom, my grandma’s, my aunts all stared to get all emotional and they all started to cry. Then I danced with my grandpa, all my uncles and all my cousins.
In conclusion I was very happy that I had a quinceañera. I learned that the smallest things in life can make a big different and make everyone happy at the same time. I was very thankful for all my family that helped make me the party. I didn’t need to have a huge party for me to feel happy or satisfied. I was happy to have a small party.

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